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Story of the Ancient

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All Dialogues from the Ancient Events are gathered here in chronological order.

The First Fire[edit source | VE]

Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Ned.png I couldn't get that prophecy out of my head, ever since I touched it on the wall in the Rift... But now the Rifts are closed, and Chronos isn't giving me any answers.
Chronos Icon.png (That's right, pup. I've given you enough to work with -- the rest is yours to figure out.)
Ned.png AND its VOICE won't get out of my head either! AGH! I feel like I'm going nuts!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... It's a good thing I found you before Chronos transported us here. I don't know what it was thinking, but...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Now that you're, er, yelling at yourself, I don't know if I'd trust you navigating this strange place alone.

Ned.png I've... never seen a dragon like that before -- at least, not in Dad's Codex.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (What is a "Codex"? Is it edible? And what are your names? Who are you? Are you edible?)
Ned.png Wait, wait, wait! I can hear YOU, too?! Otto -- help! There are dragons in my brain! This is LITERALLY my worst nightmare!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Sorry... I'm not sure what to do. I've flown the great seas in my balloon, but I've never encountered anything like THIS...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (There's nothing to be afraid of, little human. The magma here makes life good for your kind and mine. It's what New Dragolandia is famous for.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (Did you not know that? What else do you not know? Will I find out if I battle you?)

Ned.png That dragon we fought told us we're in "New Dragolandia"... Otto, have you ever been to a place like that?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I can't say I have... But maybe we'll get some answers from this creature -- it looks like it wants to tell you something, boy!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (Your guardian is correct! I am called Zoli -- here on behalf of the Divines of the Pyramid. They wish to deliver you a message, hatchling.)
Ned.png I don't wish to hear it!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (When you touched the ancient prophecy, the age-old bond between yourself and my kind was restored. Hooray!)
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (It is good, because we will need human help in the future. The future that your kind have irrevocably marred...)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Hello! Are you the new Scaleless? We're all very confused about you. Some are happy, some are scared. Me? I'm neither -- I'm Ik'ez.)
Ned.png I-I'm... um... I'm Ned. A-And this is my friend, Otto. (I can't believe I'm doing this...)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Okay! I'm gonna fight you and scare you away now. My hatcher will surely praise me if I do!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if I don't, my hatcher might be angry... They're scary when they're angry. It's bad! That's why I have to beat you!)
Ned.png I really don't like that logic!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Are you okay, Ned? Hoggie would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you.
Ned.png I wish Dad were here right now, honestly. He'd handle this way better than I ever could. I bet he'd give up his Codex to have this power I don't even want!
Amazon Dragon Icon.png (Quiet your noisy snout, Scaleless! Your kind is so loud, so disruptive, so ungrateful! I can't stand your kind!)
Ned.png W-Wait, what? Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad -- I don't really know what to do about my... scaleless-ness.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png It's rare for a dragon to show true anger at a human. How odd... Or is this how dragons have thought all along?!

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello, sweet little humans! It's nice to see your species thriving, but I do hope you're not here to dig up my nice earth, like some of your kin...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png This one seems a little friendlier than the last. What's it saying, boy?
Ned.png W-We're not here to dig up anyth-- Wait... YOUR earth?
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Well, I made it, didn't I? All the soft soil and soaring mountains -- those're mine! So please don't hurt them, okay?)
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Of course, my nice earth would be nothing without magma and heat. That's why I have to battle you, before I let you meet my leader!)

Rathorn.png There you are! Are you two the newcomers that've got our dragons all worked into a tizzy? Ah -- and Audo, is that you?
Ned.png RATHORN?! What in Dragolandia are YOU doing here? And who's Audo?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ...
Rathorn.png Eh? Who is this "Rathorn"? My name is Delith, and it seems like I've misnamed you, my familiar-looking friend.
Rathorn.png Well, confusion aside, I'm sure you two are here for some of New Dragolandia's famous dragon battles.
Rathorn.png Unfortunately, I've only got time to entertain you with a single one! Strange things are afoot, and my presence is needed elsewhere.

Ned.png So, either Rathorn's got another personality, and I'm hallucinating all this, or dreaming, or... Have I lost my mind, Otto? I'm scared.
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (Scared? Of me?)
Ned.png Huh...? NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT: YES! I am VERY scared of you, and I want to go home!
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (I have never understood your human fears. Why fear the dark -- especially when it cools the oppressive heat around you?)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I don't know what that Darkfire Dragon is saying, boy, but we don't need to fear it. When we battle dragons, we understand them better...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And if you take a moment to understand someone, no matter what they look like, you'll find you're less afraid...

Ned.png *sigh* I've been thinking about what you said, Otto... I'll try to understand dragons -- I mean, I have that ability now, I guess.
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Can you understand? That's good -- my human can't! I used to be able to talk with her, but she can't hear me anymore...)
Ned.png That's--! (Take a deep breath, Ned, you can do this...)
Ned.png *sigh* That's really sad, actually. It hurts to be misunderstood by someone you love. Um... is there anything we can do to, uh, help?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png (Yes! Way to go, boy! Ah, if only Hoggie could see you now...!)
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Well, you could tell my human I'd like more fruit for breakfast... And you can battle me! My human never knows when I want to play anymore!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (You must be the strange Scaleless from another realm, new to my lively caldera your kind call "New Dragolandia.")
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hm. This one looks important. What's it saying, Ned my boy?
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (I am called Oyar. It was I who crawled forth from the earth's egg, split the land, and created this place where Scaleless and Scaled co-exist.)
Ned.png Um... Otto, I think we're meeting God.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Not God -- Oyar! You Scaleless can be so presumptuous. Come now, battle me so that I may know who you truly are!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (It is strange -- I cannot get a proper read on you. I know the rest of the Scaleless here like the pads of my claw, but I sense chaos in you two...)
Rathorn.png Oyar! Are you bothering these humans? You must remember to treat them as equals, with respect and empathy.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. It is difficult, Delith, when so many of them turn away from us in favor of their futile industry. Why, we cannot even speak as we used to.)
Rathorn.png I apologize, Audo, and you, young man. Oyar is frustrated that we humans have recently had difficulty "hearing" our dragon compatriots.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I... *sigh* It's Otto, not Audo. Otto.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Let us battle again. I want to know more about these Scaleless. I sense they are from farther away than I once thought.)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello again! Did you just battle my hatcher, Oyar? No wonder you look like wobbly hatchlings!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if you battled Oyar, and you're still here, that must mean you're "good." Good Scaleless can stay. I like them because they're fun -- like me!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (I LIKE playing with their machines. Sometimes, I make them explode, and the Scaleless run all around like ants! Say, Tall One, can I make YOU explode?)
Ned.png Um, Otto, you might want to step back. This one's a little unstable...
Ned.png Yeah, I think I'm beginning to understand why it's so important for people and dragons to understand each other.

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see you two've mingled with my more brutish comrades. They've become especially annoying since our understanding of humans grows thinner.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (It's a shame for me, too. I enjoy learning about your kind. I always want to know more.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (But I am young, and I'm told that before I was hatched, humans and dragons spoke much and were tightly intertwined.)
Ned.png If... if it makes you feel better, where I'm from, I have lots of friends who love your kind, and take care of them...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see. It sounds like a beautiful future I can only dream of. Now, allow me to battle you. I am growing fond of you two.)
Ned.png *sigh* All right... Wait, future--?!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Fill me in, Ned. It seems we've stumbled on quite a complicated situation -- and by some miracle, you're the one bearing the brunt of it.
Ned.png Based on everything we've been told... AND everything I've read in what little written history I can find...
Ned.png I think we're FAR in the past, like, at the beginning of everything we know... And I think that humans and dragons were ALL able to talk to each other.
Ned.png But the humans can't really hear the dragons anymore, and it's making everyone sad, and confused...
Ned.png Speaking of... Otto, you've been acting a little weird around Delith (and don't get me started on that Rathorn lookalike!) What's that abou--?
Warden Dragon Icon.png (Hey! Your clumsy claws are tromping too close to my nest! You Scaleless never listen to anyone but yourselves, do you?!)

Ned.png Otto, you... Will you tell me what's going on? Why does Delith keep calling you "Audo"? Who IS Delith?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... There are a few things you and your dad don't know about me. What I can tell you is: I think-- no, I KNOW Delith is a distant relative of Rathorn.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm sorry, boy, I'm not ready to say much more. And I've got no clue what made Delith's descendants eventually turn their backs on dragons...
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Ah-ha! Humans! I positively adore humans! They used the caldera's magma to give my scales this GORGEOUS shape! Isn't it magnificent?)
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Won't you battle me, you darling humans? It'll be such fun to show off my moves!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (You're looking less fearful than the last time I saw you, little human. I'm glad, although it makes me want to give you a fright...)
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me. As a being of shadow, I enjoy a trick or two! But I am much more interested in unusual specimens like you and your guardian, and Delith...)
Rathorn.png And I am grateful for your fondness, Molim! This dragon is an excellent ally in my efforts to ease the growing divide between our species...
Rathorn.png Alas, this crusade of understanding is why I've been so busy. How can we live together when humans and dragons look ever-away from each other?
Ned.png This... this is exactly what Dad fought for all those years ago! Delith, I think I understand you, and I think I get why dragons are so special...
Molim Dragon Icon.png (The hatchling is growing before my eyes. Won't you humans entertain me with a battle of brain and brawn, in celebration?)

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Delith! My earthquake made a whole new island! I think I'll call it "Arto." Will you ask the other humans to start planting trees upon it?)
Ned.png Arto! Otto, did you hear that? They just MADE Arto! Is this really how the Dragolandian islands began?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Delith, this might be hard to understand, but... Ned and I are from the far future of Dragolandia. We've been sent here, but we're not sure why.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And the boy's suddenly been given the ability to understand dragons, as you can see. It's... probably a good thing, but there's a lot we don't know.
Rathorn.png That's... er... quite a lot to take in, although it's in line with Oyar's suspicions of you.
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Enough of this serious talk -- I'm so excited, I want to battle!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (Hatchling Ned, I sense great reluctance, but also great resolve in you. I am drawn to creatures like you and your guardian, who exist between worlds.)
Ned.png That's pretty spot on... I think I know what I have to do now. Like the prophecy said, I need one -- or all -- of you guys to come with us to the future.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (It's as I thought. The oddest of us always have the best stories. I can only urge you to do what's right with your knowledge and your gift.)
Ned.png I... I will. I'll try.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Come, it does no good to frown. Let us have a rollicking battle to send you off on your great destiny!)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Molim told me you two are leaving, so Oyar is going to put me in charge while they accompany you!)
Ned.png Oyar is coming with us...? Wow-- Wait, YOU'RE gonna be in charge?!
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Yeah. Yamad doesn't think I can do it, but I can! I can help humans with their machines, and make sure everything's hot, and... stuff.)
Ned.png Um, Ik'ez, right? I know what it's like to be different from your dad. Or hatcher. It's hard, but I hope you do what's right. And not explode stuff.
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (If that's what it means to be a good leader, then... I guess I'll try! Hey, Ned, will you battle me again?)

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I hear Oyar is going to the future with you two. I'm worried what it will mean for us, but I know it's important.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I like to worry, and I like to think. Others say that's unusual, but I don't care. I want to see the future one day. I hope it's interesting.)
Ned.png It's... definitely interesting. And I think it's good to think hard about stuff, Yamad! Here, I'll give you one of my books so you can study the future.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (... Thank you. I like you, Ned, and your quiet guardian. Will you battle me before you go?)
Ned.png Yeah -- we'd be happy to!

Ned.png Oyar, if my thinking is right, we need your help to stop a really bad future from happening -- a future that threatens dragons, and all Dragolandia.
Rathorn.png *sigh* I can't help but be anxious about all this, but I know it's for the best. Tell me, at least, has my work mattered at all in your future?
Ned.png It... ... Actually, yeah, it has. It mattered a lot, a-and I'll make sure it continues to matter, Delith!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Come on, Ned. We've got a lot of work to do.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Indeed. I'd like to battle one last time before we get to it! Scaleless-- no, humans, let us celebrate!)

Origin of Metals[edit source | VE]

Ned.png Well, we're back. Back, or wherever THIS is! I thought Chronos would send me and Otto back to the past to unravel more mysteries, but...
Ned.png Now I'm stuck in this wasteland, with ELIZA of all people! What in Dragolandia could Chronos be thinking?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm. Probably something along the lines of "that very talented Viking warrior ALSO touched the ridiculous wall paintings that let her hear dragon thoughts"!
Eliza the Masculine.png At least I can use my new abilities to become more powerful...unlike a certain spineless Trainer I know! Now, let's try to get out of here in one piece.

Copper Dragon Icon.png (Hullo humans--)
Eliza the Masculine.png AAHHHH! I CAN HEAR IT IN MY HEAD!
Ned.png Don't mind her-- Wait, dragons aren't calling us "Scaleless" anymore?
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Oh, some of us do, but we're not s'posed to anymore now that Grolim's in charge. He says it's disrespectful.)
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, haven't you two got any treats for me? I've been working in the mines all day, and if I can't have a treat, at least gimme a battle!)
Ned.png H-Hold on - who's Grolim?

Eliza the Masculine.png Ahem! Let me try this whole 'psychic communication' thing again... Hello, dragon, as you can see, I understand you perfectly, and--
Dark-Tech Dragon Icon.png (!#%^&((%%$#^)
Eliza the Masculine.png Huh--!? Did I do it wrong? I can barely tell what it's saying at all... Its thoughts are as jumbled as oatmeal on a stormy sea!
Ned.png I don't like this at all - this place, these dragons, OR that weird metaphor!

Ned.png that you? What are you doing with that dragon?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Otto? I know no Otto. I am GROLIM, leader of the industrial capital of the world: Tyrantlandia!
Ned.png ...WHAT!?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I do not detect a satisfactory level of simpering and groveling. I fear I'll have to sic one of my synthetic dragons on you!
Eliza the Masculine.png What HAVE you gotten us into, Ned?

Eliza the Masculine.png So, somehow, Chronos has sent you and me to a place that doesn't exist, ruled by a crazed Tyrant that looks exactly like your dungeon-crafting friend...
Ned.png Ugh... I wish Otto were really here. He always knows the right thing to say, or the best time for an awkward silence...
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (Children! Are you unhurt? I was commanding the wind to move the smog clouds away when I saw your conflict with Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Commanding the wind? Hm! I was wondering whether the air had gotten clearer, or if I was simply relieved Ned was interrupted by a dragon god.
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (It is difficult making sure we can all breathe...but it's a talent of mine, so I must do it. Would you kindly allow me to blow off steam with a battle?)

Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (You. I know you. You were a friend of my parent - Molim.)
Ned.png "Were"? "Friend"? "Parent"? ... You mean the Ancient Dragon of Fire and Shadow? THAT Molim?
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (Oyar's flame! You're a nervous one. Yes, of course. And you are Ned of the Future...with a companion in tow.)
Eliza the Masculine.png "Companion" is pushing it. So is "in tow".
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (I have no time nor pity for human nonsense, but I owe you my parents' gratitude, so before we battle I will say one thing: "Seek Carnelia".)
Ned.png That's two things!

Eliza the Masculine.png Who is this "Molim" you mentioned, and "Carnelia"? And why did that dragon call you "Ned of the Future"? More importantly, when can I go home?!
Ned.png It's, uh...a lot to explain. Basically, I think we might be in the past, again, and chatting with the descendants of dragon gods that I met last time.
Ned.png But as for Carnelia...I'm just as lost as you are!
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (Move along, humans! I've got to clean up all the toxic tar Ashkelon leaks, or I'll never hear the end of it from Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Grolim fellow has his own personal dragon cleaning crew?! Intriguing...
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (I say it's a bother! Every day there's more slime and sludge from Grolim's mines and factories... It's enough to make me want a battle!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png You two! Have you seen that bothersome brute Ashkelon around? I have reason to believe it's been collaborating with Carnelia Carnage...
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, we just--
Ned.png N-Nope! Who the heck is ash-canyon? We're, uh, just a couple of mindless tourists! (Sorry, Eliza, but I don't trust this guy...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Well, no matter. I've bred this weaponized dragon specifically to target Vikings, so it will lead me to her in no time! Now, allow me to test it on YOU.
Eliza the Masculine.png (Wait - Carnelia is a VIKING?!)

Eliza the Masculine.png A Tyrant at war with a Viking, and all in the distant past...
Ned.png Ugh. A past like this doesn't give me much hope for the future. I just hope everything back home is still intact...
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (Battle me! Battle meeeee!)
Eliza the Masculine.png O-Okay?!
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (I used to be a Potion Dragon 'til I splashed around in that toxic lake - now I look AMAZING, and I can't wait to try my new powers!)
Ned.png Dad's gonna have a field day with this one...

Eliza the Masculine.png I can accept time travel, toxic mutants, et cetera... But what is a LOKI DRAGON doing here!?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I seek your attention, child! And I offer this bit of advice: despite what anyone may say, trust Carnelia, even in the future.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Or not! You are, after all, masters of your own fate. Or perhaps I am your master! Who knows? The march of time is baffling, and you've made it more so.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I think you two deserve a bit of punishment for your chronological shenanigans. Just a bit!)
Ned.png But, i-it's not our fault, it was Chronos who sent us here! Ugh, never mind, I am NOT arguing with a Divine Dragon.

Eliza the Masculine.png MOTHER?! What are you doing here?! If this is about the blind date I stood up--
Gunhilda.png Odin bless ye, poor lost duckling - I ain't yer mother! Though If I DID have a daughter like ye, perhaps it'd make my work a little easier!
Gunhilda.png Now scoot! I'm tryin' ta make this wee dragon tell its boss to let me invade Tyrantlandia. If I were in charge, there'd be big changes!
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png (Loud ancient human, I am merely implying that my Lord Koth'ez might not approve of an "invasion"... )
Gunhilda.png Why shouldn't Koth'ez approve? It's a dragon, for sea's sakes! Ach - you two wide-eyed whelps are distracting me! Leave me be!

Eliza the Masculine.png We should find Carnelia again, and soon. I have a good feeling about her...
Ned.png You're just saying that because of your mommy issues... But I guess two big, scary-looking dragons did ALSO tell us the same thing.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, YOU'RE one to talk, little mister daddy issues--WHOA!!
Ned.png (sigh) Look, I know it's bad, you don't have to yell...
Eliza the Masculine.png No, you fool - look! There's an angry dragon on our tail!

Missile Dragon Icon.png (Target locked. Preparing to initiate Grolim's orders: exterminate!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! I suppose he's sending his dragon goons to attack us directly now. No more beating around the radioactive bush...
Eliza the Masculine.png Buck up, Neddie - it's time to fight! Or do you ALWAYS wear that expression around dragons?
Ned.png It's not that, it's just-- It feels weird that someone who looks just like Otto is doing all this awful stuff.
Eliza the Masculine.png I think your quiet friend might be hiding something from you. Trust me, I have a lot of experience on the subject.

Ned.png Don't get too close, Eliza - that Toxic Dragon is potent!
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (Is that any way to treat a creature who has simply come to check on your wellbeing?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, Ned, jeez. And don't patronize me! Also...what?
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (I come on behalf of Ashkelon to test your mettle. Ashkelon believes you are worthy of saving dragon-kind, but wants to make sure your hearts are true.)

Gunhilda.png Ahoy, you two! I see you've been busy dealing with Grolim's nonsense, eh? And pretty lamely at that!
Ned.png Hey...! We've been doing just fine!
Eliza the Masculine.png Is that an Elkhound Dragon? I thought they only lived far to the north, up by Vikolandia...
Gunhilda.png Little missy's a brainy one! Truth be told, the Vikings've just been blessed by a new tribe o' dragons callin' themselves the Northern Divines...
Gunhilda.png With our new power, I plan on overthrowin' the Tyrants and invading this land for the glory of Vikolandia! Care to join us, wee pups?
Gunhilda.png O' course, ye'll have to prove yerselves first! Eehehehehe!

Eliza the Masculine.png I love to be the bearer of bad news, but, Ned, I think we have to join forces with Carnelia.
Eliza the Masculine.png Aside from being a FAR superior mother figure to my own, I believe she's our only ticket to saving this place, and ourselves.
Ned.png I don't know... The Tyrants are really bad, but to side with you guys... I mean, Vikings invaded our homeland, and scared the pants off of me, NUMEROUS times.
Rust Dragon Icon.png ((cough cough) Excuse me, could you guys battle with me real quick? The water around here makes my body rust, so it's hard to move and get exercise...)
Ned.png ...In retrospect, I see your point about joining the Vikings and saving this place.

Gunhilda.png Oho, it's you again! I'd stop to gab, but this Geiger Dragon and I're markin' off radioactive bits o' land. Safety first, invasion second!
Eliza the Masculine.png Gunhild-- I mean, Carnelia! We'll join your cause, for Viking and dragon-kind!
Ned.png AND for, um, other people, too! Point is, we want to help you save the world... ANYTHING is better than this.
Gunhilda.png Ehehehe! That's great news, my little hatchlings! You're strong, and methinks you're hiding even stronger secrets! Now, let's have a celebratory battle!

Eliza the Masculine.png There's one thing that worries me (and you KNOW I am not prone to worry)...
Eliza the Masculine.png The Northern Divines disowned my people sometime between now, and the present... It was before my time, but now, maybe, I can fix it.
Ned.png Changing the past to affect the future? I don't know. That's risky...
Eliza the Masculine.png Neddy boy, I believe that's what we've been sent here to do anyway.
Northern Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Do you have a message for my Divines? Battle me first and then we'll talk. After all, to Northern Divines and Vikings, strength is everything!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png That's enough! I'm sick of you two little mice running around and causing trouble! It's pure lunacy to even THINK of standing up to a Tyrant!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png The Viking uprising is meaningless! Tyrants will forever rule over people and dragon-kind! Even the Ancient Fire Dragons turned tail and fled...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And my pathetic ancestor Delith was powerless when his precious Oyar left! NOBODY can dethrone me!
Ned.png Oh...Chronos above, I was the one who made this happen! I convinced the Ancient Fire Dragons to come to the present...and Grolim rose to power!
Ned.png I don't know how to fix my mistakes...or if they were even mistakes in the first place...but I can start by beating you, you jerk!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. Let's defeat this blowhard and pave the way for the rise of the Vikings!

Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Ned of the Future, and Eliza the Viking, I have been hearing tales of your exploits... I am Koth'ez, the lord of metal.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (My parent, Ik'ez, raised me to value humans and dragons as equals, but it's clear that Grolim has taken advantage of my beliefs, and of the land itself.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Please, battle me so I may know you are worthy. If you defeat me, I will do anything I can to help, with dragon-kind by my side.)
Ned.png W-Well, uh...thank you, Koth'ez. We'll need all the help we can get if we want to stop Grolim's influence from messing up the future.

Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Excuse me, are you Ned? If you are, I want to thank you: the book of knowledge you gave my ancestor Yamad has taught me much.)
Ned.png O-Oh! Um, you're was just an old history book I had sitting around.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (It gave me knowledge of the future. I am just one dragon, but, because we understand each other, I can share my knowledge...and help save our world.)
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (I will teach Carnelia, and I will accompany you to the future with my family. Whatever happens, I must protect this land's precious life...)
Eliza the Masculine.png I've got to hand it to you,'ve been remarkably composed for someone dealing with a world-altering prophecy.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Nobody can resist destiny. Also, nobody can resist a battle. How about one, before we get to work?)

Origin of Water[edit source | VE]

Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the Endless Sea, strange ones! We don't usually see creatures like you anymore. How lucky for me! )
Ned.png Um, th-thank you, but that sounds pretty ominous... Did Chronos send me to the past again, or is this a whole other planet?!
Arya.png What sounds ominous? Wait, Ned... are you... actually TALKING to that dragon?
Ned.png A-Arya?! What are you doing here?! Don't tell me you followed me to the past...?
Arya.png I had to do something! You've been acting so WEIRD, Ned! But this is on a whole other level...!
Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Your kind sure are talkative. I hear you're good at battling, though! I'd love to find out for myself!)

Ned.png I'm so lost. That Tropic Dragon said this place is called the "Endless Sea," but if Chronos sent us to the past... Well, where in the past did it send us?
Arya.png So, Chronos has been sending you back in time! But why YOU, Ned? I thought you were terrified of dragons -- you always have been.
Ned.png W-well, I still am, SORT OF, but--
Angler Dragon Icon.png (Hello. You two look pretty tasty. Glad I crawled out of the sea in time to meet you!)
Ned.png EEEEK!!!

Arya.png That's the Neddy I know -- jumping straight out of his Cowpoke Dragonhide boots at the very sight of wings and fangs!
Ned.png Arya, quit it!
Arya.png ... Huh?
Ned.png I might still be afraid -- heck, I might ALWAYS be afraid -- but Chronos chose ME, for whatever reason. S-so please don't treat me like a kid...!
Arya.png ...
Aquatic Dragon Icon.png (So it's true what they say about humans: loud and so rowdy! Always fighting! If I send you two packing, I'm sure I'll be rewarded.)

Ned.png Um... Arya, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I'm pretty confused, and the dragons here act weird...
Arya.png No, Ned! It's okay. You were right... I didn't really think about your feelings. You know, I'm pretty confused, too...
Ned.png Heh, I guess we're in the same boat then, for once.
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (Humans?! What are you two doing? You shouldn't be here! I thought there were almost none of you left...)
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (What to do...? Ah-ha! Quick, before somedragon reports to Baha'jir, let's make it look like you were battling me!)
Ned.png W-wait! Who is Baha'jir? And why don't I like the sound of it?!

Arya.png *sigh* I wish I could understand what the dragons are saying... I thought becoming a Dragon Master would help, but--!
Ned.png You've got me around for that! Honestly, though, all I can gather is that they really don't seem to want us here...
Ned.png And they're telling us to watch out for someone -- or something -- called Baha'jir...
Arya.png "Baha'jir"? Is that a person, do you think? You did mention meeting some pretty interesting folks in the ancient past.
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (To think of the mighty Baha'jir as a mere human! Laughable! I should whip up a storm and send you two right back to the bottom of the Dragon's Throat Whirlpool!)
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (I, Oi'ra, dragon of raging sea storms and disciple of Baha'jir, will keep troublesome humans where they belong: at the bottom of the Endless Sea!)

Arya.png Earth to Ned? You look pale as a Cloud Dragon! I know it must've been bad, but you gotta tell me what that dragon Oi'ra said to you!
Ned.png I-it... *gulp* it hinted at why there are no other humans around. According to Oi'ra, people like us are all "at the bottom of the sea"... under that huge whirlpool.
Ned.png And it seems like whoever this Baha'jir is, it wants us to STAY down there!
Arya.png WHAT?! That's horrible! There's no WAY dragons would do that to humans! Unless...
Spinefin Dragon Icon.png (Maybe humans aren't as dumb as I thought -- Baha'jir said they can't think straight, but this one's trying to figure out why we exiled them!)
Ned.png ... I'm not gonna translate. I think this dragon's just overdue for a good Arya-style battle.

Arya.png We have to get more info on just what's going on here! Ned, c'mon, go talk to that dragon over there.
Ned.png B-but--! *sigh*
Ned.png Um, hey there. We're wondering why you guys sorta exiled all humanity to the bottom of the sea? S-sorry, bit of an abrupt request.
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (Hmph! That's an easy one -- with your stinking machines and factories, your kind were ruining our world! So, Baha'jir flooded it.)
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (All the smog made my lovely coral crown shrivel up. It's back to normal now... but I'm still not over it! Now, I hope you won't get over this battle!)

Arya.png Ned? You okay...?
Ned.png This Baha'jir... it FLOODED Dragolandia because of what the Tyrants did...! Th-this is horrible!
Ned.png I tried to fix things last time, but here everything's worse than before. Or better? And what does it mean for OUR time?!
Arya.png You've always thought so hard about stuff, Ned. Sometimes TOO hard! I think Chronos knows what it's doing... and we'll figure out just how to help.
Arya.png Besides, can't you understand what the dragons are thinking? I mean, if I could do that, too...
Ned.png I WISH you could! Then YOU'D be the one dealing with that unhappy Leviathan Dragon who wants a piece of us!

Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Are you the humans everyone's been gabbing about? I'm supposed to take you down the whirlpool to be with the other humans -- on behalf of Ho'mala.)
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Frankly, I'm surprised you even made it to the surface. That's a whole lot of swimming for weak creatures like you!)
Ned.png J-just hold on a second! Who's Ho'mala? Is it anything like Baha'jir? And if so, can I opt out of meeting it?
Arya.png Don't look so worried, Ned! I might not be able to speak dragon... but I can speak "battles" -- and I think this dragon is looking for just that!
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Ooh? What's this? Maybe you humans aren't as weak as I thought! Let's battle!)

Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png WOW! Check this dragon OUT, Ned! It looks so FANCY! Can you ask it if it wants to battle? Heh, it probably already does.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... *blush*)
Ned.png Uh, this one's not super-talkative, believe it or not.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I am not supposed to be here. I, Ho'mala, rule over the bottom of the sea. But when I heard of you two, my curiosity overcame me...)
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I have a special feeling about you humans. You are strong, smart, and kind. I would like to battle you... before I get in trouble with Baha'jir.)

Ned.png So that last dragon we battled was Ho'mala -- the one who APPARENTLY rules over... humans like us, trapped at the bottom of the ocean.
Arya.png I can't believe it! I just can't believe there was a time where people and dragons didn't get along...
Ned.png Speaking of, there's a dragon over there, giving us the stink-eye, but...
Ned.png It's weird. I can't hear this one talking in my head like with the other dragons we've met. Maybe it's... shy?
Arya.png It sure doesn't LOOK shy! I'd know that body language anywhere -- this dragon's looking for a battle.

Ned.png ACK!!! A-Arya, it's coming right at me, and I don't know what it's thinking!
Ned.png It's got claws... EVERYWHERE!!!
Arya.png It's okay, Ned! I can tell it's just looking for some treats. Even in an age like this, dragons still love their fruit. That NEVER changes!
Ned.png Oh... Y'know, Arya, you can tell what a dragon is thinking just as well as I can. And you didn't need any weird magic prophecy to do it.
Arya.png Ha, well, that's sort of a relief...! N-not that I was jealous or anything!
Arya.png ANYWAY, this Coco Crab Dragon TOTALLY wants to battle -- so let's dispense with the chit-chat and get on with it!

Arya.png Any luck with this one, Ned? Can you hear it?
Ned.png No... I can't. This is bad, Arya!
Ned.png How are we supposed to save our future and defeat the Tyrants when we don't even know how to get the dragons on our side?!
Arya.png It's okay -- dragons can tell when somebody wants to help. We need to have faith in them, too!
Arya.png This Narwhale Dragon seems like it wants to lead us somewhere... I bet it'll help us after an entertaining battle!

Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Ah, good, I see you've found me! I've been looking for you, little humans!)
Arya.png Poseidon Dragon! I remember you from when Professor Hogwin and I went to Mount Dragolympus, and kicked Rathorn's butt!
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Hmm? Erm... perhaps you are confusing me with some other Poseidon Dragon? There are no humans on Mount Dragolympus, but...)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (My kind are very keen to ally with yours... You interest us. We're no longer content to see humans waste away at the bottom of the sea.)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (But we needed to make sure there were still humans who were pure of heart -- fine warriors and smart thinkers. Please battle me so I might know!)
Ned.png Arya, I know you can't understand what it's saying -- but I can! And I guarantee you'd be happy about it!

Ned.png I wonder why I can't understand some dragons, but hear others just fine. Like the Poseidon Dragon... it had a lot to say about helping us.
Ned.png If only the Ancient Dragons here could feel the same way...
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (...? Hello? You... hear me?)
Ned.png Huh?! Uh, yeah, I can hear you! Do you... need help?
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (I Momo'tu. I make land... for humans. And dragons! We live... together. Someday! On Momo'tu's islands...!)
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu... is new. But Momo'tu understands you... because I open heart to humans. I... Momo'tu... want to play with humans, too!)

Arya.png If that battle with Momo'tu was anything to go by, it seems like we DO have some tried and true allies here!
Ned.png I guess we do. I wonder if Momo'tu will eventually remake the Dragolandian archipelago... Or if it's already started!
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (You humans talkin' about Momo'tu? I advise you to keep your voices down, or Baha'jir might hear you and put a stop to it!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu has been a big help to us dragons who like to live on land. Not every dragon wants an endless sea, after all!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (So I guess you and me are kind of alike. Say, do ya like to battle as much as I do?)

Ned.png So Momo'tu HAS been making islands on the Endless Sea... against this Baha'jir's wishes. I had no idea dragon politics were so brutal...
Arya.png You're telling me! I bet everyone would get along a lot better if we all just remembered the staples of human-dragon relations...
Ned.png Let me guess... battles and fruit?
Sea Turtle Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Whazzat? You young humans say somethin' about battles and fruit? Well, what're you waiting for?)

Ned.png Huh... Arya, do you hear that...?
Arya.png You mean the relaxing roar of the waves? 'Cuz I could get used to it!
Ned.png N-no, it's like... something's calling me to the water...
Siren Dragon Icon.png (Come to the ocean, human... Let me... take you down... deep down...!)
Arya.png Hey! That Siren Dragon's acting real fishy! Stand back, Ned -- sometimes a good battle solves everything!

Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Say, you two the humans everydragon's been whispering about? Rumor has it you've got the Ancients all in a hubbub!)
Ned.png Is that... a good thing?
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Couldn't rightly tell ya. All I know is that, er, Baha'jir wants to see you two. I'll take you to Baha'jir, but first...)
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Do y'think I could battle ya? Everydragon's saying you're great at it, and I hear there's nothin' like battling a Trainer!)

Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Ah, the humans are here. I do so enjoy your kind. I also enjoy my own kind, so I'm at a bit of an impasse.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Lucky for you two, I can translate your thoughts to Baha'jir. It's closed its heart off to humans and can no longer hear your wishes.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (But you've made such a splash here, I can tell our Ancient leader is intrigued...)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, you'll have to battle me before I take you to your final trial!)

Ned.png H-holy Chronos... THIS is Baha'jir?!
Arya.png HEY! You! Listen up: I know we humans are messy, and sometimes we get things wrong, but YOU'RE not perfect either! We've got to work together!
Ned.png ARYA! W-what she means, is... Baha'jir, there's a whole future that's in danger... f-for both humans AND dragons. We'd, um, we'd love your... help.
Baha'jir Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png Go on, Ned. Tell Baha'jir what else we'd love. Don't worry. Between me, you, and all the dragons we've met, I'm sure it'll understand.
Ned.png O-o-okay... We'd... also love to share some fruit with you, a-and a battle.

Origin of Light[edit source | VE]

Ned.png Back to the past - AGAIN! I wonder how many times Chronos is gonna do this to me...and if it knows I get indigestion.
Arya.png Where - or WHEN - could Chronos have sent us this time? It's nothing like the water world we had to paddle through--
Ned.png WHOA! Watch your step, Arya! W-We're so high up, I can't even see the ground from here...!
Arya.png ACK! How does anybody live up here, I wonder?'s just dragons?
Light Dragon Icon.png (Hello. Welcome to the world of light. Now...LEAVE!)

Ned.png A world of light, huh? I guess Chronos could've sent us to worse places, for sure. As far as time traveling goes, this doesn't seem too bad...
Arya.png Maybe. But something about this place just doesn't feel right!
Soft Dragon Icon.png (I can hardly believe my eyes. We've not seen creatures like you for hundreds upon hundreds of years!)
Soft Dragon Icon.png (I'd like to help you...but I'm not sure if I trust you. A battle will decide my course of action for me!)
Arya.png What's it saying, Ned?
Ned.png (sigh) Exactly what you'd expect it to.

Arya.png What's wrong? You've been making this scrunched up sort of face ever since we battled the Soft Dragon.
Ned.png Erm... said something weird. It hadn't seen "creatures" like us for hundreds of year.
Ned.png Are human beings gone in this part of the past? And...did our time meddling cause it?
Solar Dragon Icon.png (Of course human beings are gone. This is a place for beings of justice and light ONLY!)
Solar Dragon Icon.png (So I'll have to send you two creatures away with a great flick of my righteous tail!)

Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (Humans! You ARE humans, right? You must be from down on earth! Oh, this is so exciting...)
Ned.png C-Can you tell us more about that? Are you from earth too?
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (Yes, I am. I live in the swamps down below, but the Great Lysk let me into the world of light, on account of my good behavior!)
Ned.png The...the "Great Lysk"? Arya, do know anything about that?
Arya.png If anybody did, it'd either be you or your dad. I'm in the dark here!
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (No, no, you're in the light! Ugh, I guess what they say about human intelligence is true. But what about human battle prowess?)

Ned.png A-Arya - I don't think we're welcome here.
Arya.png What are you talking about? This looks like the friendliest place in the world! Besides, the Ancient Dragons from the Great Sea didn't trust us either, right?
Ned.png Maybe you're right... I mean, it IS really nice here. It's all warm, and colorful. There's nothing scary in sight...besides the dragons, of course.
Arya.png Aw, Ned - what's so scary about a Sunfeather Dragon? Isn't it so cute and soft? I'm gonna go give it a hug!
Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png (Begone, foul sinners!)
Ned.png Uh - you might want to back away from that dragon, Arya.

Ned.png Phew...I thought for sure that Sunfeather Dragon we met back there was gonna bite your head off...
Arya.png Don't worry, Ned - I've got a hard head, even without a helmet like yours. But I wonder what's making these dragons so aggressive...
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (Are you running into trouble here, humans? How strange - and how strange, too, to see folk like you.)
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (We don't usually have trouble here in the clouds. We all like to flit amongst the rainbows, sing songs, eat til our bellies are full...)
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (But I've never battled with humans or trained dragons before... Say, can I try it?)

Golden Dragon Icon.png (I see humans! Out for a stroll, maybe? Not for long, though...)
Ned.png Huh?
Golden Dragon Icon.png (The dragons of the world of light are all whispering about you. You're causing a bit of a stir!)
Golden Dragon Icon.png (In fact, I hear Valkov is on the lookout for you. I'd love to get a battle in before it finds you two!)
Arya.png Ned? You're getting all pale again!

Arya.png Hey, hey, are you okay, Ned? You've gone as pale as that Cloud Dragon!
Ned.png Someone, or something, named "Valkov" is after us... And no matter how pretty this "world of light" is, I'm terrified!
Arya.png But we've never met this Valkov before, right? What if they're super nice? What if they want to make us honorary world of light-ers?
Cloud Dragon Icon.png (Oh...I don't know about that. Valkov is pretty strict. Valkov is Lysk's guardian, after all - it protects us from dark thoughts.)
Ned.png B-But we don't have any dark thoughts! At least, I don't think we do...! Do we, Arya?
Arya.png Dark thoughts? I'm just thinking of battling this dragon!

Arya.png I know you're scared, Ned. I don't really know what's going on either, but we don't need to jump to conclusions or anything!
Ned.png Chronos always sends us back in time for a reason... I just wish we knew what it was before "Valkov" or "Lysk" or whoever catches us!
Indigo Dragon Icon.png (Pssst... Over here...)
Arya.png Hold on - I hear something whispering from under that archway. A dragon...?
Indigo Dragon Icon.png (I see you're asking questions. Good! If you start letting your mind wander, you'll be facing down Valkov in no time. And I'd like to see what you can do!)

Valkov Dragon Icon.png (THERE you are!! Mischievous humans, scuttling about the world of light like little bugs!)
Ned.png H-Hey! That's not...really nice...
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (Your dark thoughts have upset the Great Lysk, and that is the one thing I cannot abide!)
Ned.png Dark thoughts?! Wh-What's all this about dark thoughts?! We're GOOD guys! We don't have dark thoughts!
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (ALL humans have dark thoughts. Even dragons. But this world of light is no place for creatures like that. )
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (I will cast you down to the world below - for the glorious Lysk and the world of light!)

Arya.png That Valkov dragon REALLY didn't seem to like us... It's pretty unusual to run into that kinda hatred in dragons, Ned. What was it saying?
Ned.png It kept mentioning how people and dragons with "dark thoughts" aren't welcome here...that dark thoughts bother the "Great Lysk"...
Ned.png B-But how can I make these dragons understand that we don't have dark thoughts!?
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png (Of course you do.)
Ned.png Now where'd YOU come from?!
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png (All living things have dark thoughts. Even the desire to battle can be a dark thought - and that's what I'd like to do right now!)

Ned.png I'm so confused! What the heck are "dark thoughts"?! Are they good or bad?! Are WE good or bad?!
Arya.png Um...I feel like the dragons are really getting to your head, Ned-- YOW!
Arya.png It's okay! This Rogue Dragon just poked me...! But, it's sort of strange - there aren't many dragons that look like the Rogue Dragon around here...
Rogue Dragon Icon.png (You two're interesting! Fight me!)

Witch Dragon Icon.png (Hehehe! How wonderful! If humans like you can tromp around in the world of light, then so can dragons like me!)
Ned.png A-Are you saying you're...evil? You ARE a Witch Dragon, after all...
Witch Dragon Icon.png (Silly human boy! There's nothing evil about witches - or humans, or dragons like me! Although some dragons here don't quite understand that.)
Witch Dragon Icon.png (It's all a bit hypocritical - considering this world was created from the Solar Rock: stolen from human witches!)
Ned.png WHAT?! These dragons stole the Solar Rock from witches down on earth?!
Arya.png Huh? The same Solar Rock they worship on Illumina back in our time? This is amazing, Ned!!

Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Is it true? Is it true? Some humans have come from down below to shake things up in the world of light?)
Ned.png Well, not exactly "down below", a-and we didn't want to shake things up!
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Too late for that! Just by being here you have made many dragons remember things that the Ancients prefer we forget...)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (...Things about humans, and different ways of thinking. Many dragons love to think, you know! About all kinds of things!)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (In fact, I believe Luzra will be paying you a visit soon. Luzra is like me - Luzra believes you must have a bit of mischief in life.)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Human boy, I think your friend agrees with me. She's been itching to battle this whole time, and I have too!)

Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Hello, humans. I thought at first you'd come to return the Solar Rock to the witches down below, but now I see you were unaware of our stolen magic.)
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps it's better this way: you two can figure out on your own what you want to do in this world. Mistakes are good. Doubt is good.)
Ned.png Um...there's a powerful dragon we know who sent us here to get your kind to help us in the future. At least, that's what I thought, but now I'm not so sure.
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (How interesting. Instead perhaps it is you that will help us. My kin must understand that they cannot have light without shadow.)
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Permit me a battle with you, if you please. I do so love creatures like you!)

Arya.png So you're telling me that the Ancient Light dragons have made the world of light SO perfect, that there's no room for any other ways of thinking?
Arya.png You can't play any tricks or make mistakes or... I guess if I thought this way, I'd never have become friends with Eliza.
Ned.png And maybe dragons would never have become friends with humans... And then, my dad would kinda be out of a job.
Ned.png And I never would have met you...
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png (UGH, are you two done squawking? We dragons of light have a perfect world up here, and we don't need you muddling it!)
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png (Oops - I had a dark thought!)

Ned.png WHOA! That arrow nearly hit me!
Arya.png What're you-- ACK! Me too!
Arya.png The culprit couldn't be that innocently whistling Cupid Dragon, could it?
Cupid Dragon Icon.png (Tee hee! If you're scared now, just you wait until the Great Lysk gets ahold of you!)

Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Ah, humans, breaking the peace - just like back in the old days, when we dragons coexisted with you on earth.)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Funnily enough, life was rather exciting down there. It's peaceful up here, but, well...)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (I shouldn't be entertaining these thoughts, but perhaps I miss some of the old ways. Humans like you, at least, made life a joy.)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Battle me, won't you? Win or lose, it'll be an experience!)

Ned.png I keep wondering why Chronos sent us here. Maybe it was to fix things? To get the dragons here to return to earth?
Arya.png And embrace other kinds of dragons? And people like us? I didn't even know there was a time in history like this...
Ned.png Maybe I could write about it!
Arya.png Ned, that's a great idea!
Twilight Dragon Icon.png (I hear the sounds of new ideas! Well, not so much new as not heard in a long time. I've always enjoyed sounds like this!)
Twilight Dragon Icon.png (And I haven't had the opportunity to stretch my wings against humans in a while. Shall we battle?)

Arya.png Ned, don't look now, but this dragon's been following us for a WHILE now - I think it's finally got the courage to talk to us...well, talk to you.
Solden Dragon Icon.png (I've been watching you two this whole time. I think you're finally ready to confront the Great Lysk, and perhaps change its mind. )
Solden Dragon Icon.png (My name is Solden - I am the only Ancient Light dragon born on earth, and not here in the clouds. Long have I tried to get our kin to return to our origins.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (With your coming, perhaps it is finally time to return the Solar Rock to the humans, and rejoin our old friends down below.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (But before all that, I'll need to give you one last test - to see if you are ready to face Lysk. Lysk will read your thoughts and know all your intentions.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (Now, face me, if you are ready!)

Lysk Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Ned.png Urrgh... I can't understand this dragon. It's's thinking in images, or maybe feelings - but not words!
Arya.png It's OK Ned! If we just be ourselves, it'll know what our intentions are.
Arya.png I know you're afraid of dragons, and Lysk is afraid too - but there's a lot of love in both of you. And I love you, and dragons, too!
Ned.png *blush*
Ned.png L-Lysk's thoughts are's saying that it might enjoy a battle...and befriending new sorts of people...

Origin of Plants[edit source | VE]

Ned.png CHRONOS!!! I'd really appreciate it if you didn't send us to the ancient past in the middle of new year's breakfast!
Arya.png I don't think Chronos can hear you anymore, Ned... And anyway, we don't know exactly where we are, do we?
Arya.png Wherever we are, it MUST be important. And HOT! Ugh, suddenly I feel overdressed. Is this that infamous humidity I keep hearing about?
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Oh, my! What unusual-looking humans I see. The ones that scamper around our woodlands look much different.)
Pitaya Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps they are new to the Foros Jungle?)
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Impossible -- Foros Jungle is the whole world! Come, let's chase them away!)

Ned.png So, we're in the Foros Jungle... but apparently, the whole WORLD is the Foros Jungle? Does that make you uneasy, or is it just me...?
Arya.png At least we're not in that stuffy light land, like last time. Speaking of, I wonder what happened to that dragon city in the clouds?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (If the human is referring to the world of light, it has been 100 summers since it fell, returning the Solar Rock to Terra.)
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png (Many of my kind blame you creatures for the fall. I, for one, think it was well-warranted, but, well -- a job is a job!)
Ned.png A-A job? What do you mean?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have hired us to hunt you down... in exchange for their juiciest fruits, of course!)

Arya.png That was close! I don't get the feeling those last dragons were playing around, Ned. They REALLY wanted to fight!
Ned.png I didn't think dragons could be any unfriendlier than the ones from the world of light, but... Well, I don't want to jinx myself.
Arya.png Hey, those dragons look a bit out of place, too -- don't they? I wonder if they can help us get our bearings...
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have been very gracious to us, letting us wander around their territory!)
Avalanche Dragon Icon.png (Unfortunately, to thank them, we can't extend the same courtesy to these human creatures!)
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (Lords of the jungle! We've found them! And now we attack!)

Ned.png Whoa! What happened? My head's spinning...
Arya.png Did we just time travel, again? Or get transported elsewhere? These dragons don't look anything like the ones from Foros Jungle.
Arya.png What are they saying, Ned? They seem rowdy! Like they wanna party!
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (Welcome! Could you two be here for the New Year's celebration?)
Bamboo Dragon Icon.png (Do come join us. All are welcome to ring in the New Year.)
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (And we celebrate by battling!)

Arya.png Ned! Look up! Isn't it beautiful? A Jiang Dragon is dancing in the sky!
Ned.png You're missing out -- there's a Fut San Dragon dancing right in front of us!
Arya.png A battle is kinda like a dance, isn't it? I wonder if these dragons will treat us to more of one or the other!
Ned.png S-Sure, but I'd rather dance with you than battle--
Arya.png Oh, awesome -- they heard us! Here they come!
Ned.png *SIIIGH*

Ned.png If I remember Dad's Codex entry correctly... that Azure Dragon heralds tidings of spring. It's super important to a New Year's celebration.
Arya.png And springtime must be super important to dragons from the Foros Jungle, but...
Arya.png Where are they? I thought for sure the "lords of the jungle," whoever they are, would be here to celebrate.
Ned.png If this is like our other time travelings, those "lords" SHOULD be the Ancient Plant dragons.
Arya.png But, so far, this isn't quite like any of our other time travelings!
Azure Dragon Icon.png (Alas! Too much talking -- not enough partying! Let us rectify that!)

Ned.png Correct me if I'm wrong, but there sure seem to be a lot of VIDs here, you know? "Very Important Dragons."
Arya.png Nice wordplay, Ned! But you're totally right. I get the feeling this celebration is a big deal.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (The human would be correct. This is our first New Year celebration, for the first EVER new year!)
Ned.png WHOA... Arya, we are DEFINITELY still in the ancient past.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (Travelers, I see. You've come a long way. Would you like a customary New Year's battle?)

Arya.png Hey, it's a Green Lion Dragon! You can always trust one of these, Ned. Maybe it'll answer a question for us...
Arya.png I mean, if this is the first New Year's celebration EVER, that's a pretty big deal. So...
Ned.png Where are the Ancient Plant dragons, right?
Green Lion Dragon Icon.png (Ancient Plant dragons? We know of no such creatures.)
Sunrise Dragon Icon.png (If they existed, surely they'd come to our celebration!)
Arya.png Now THIS is a problem...!

Ned.png Could it be possible that the Ancient Plant dragons don't EXIST where we are?!
Arya.png I wonder if any of these dragons would know what happened...? Speaking of, I think the star of the party is over that way -- maybe it has an answer!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (Humans! What a wonderful surprise! Welcome to my party -- can I help you? Or... perhaps you can't understand me?)
Ned.png W-We were actually wondering what happened to the Ancient Plant dragons, from Foros Jungle...!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (I see. The legends say they disappeared after failing to make peace with humankind. Beyond that, we don't know what happened to them...)
Rat Dragon Icon.png (But let's save such sorrowful discussion for another day. For now, we'll celebrate the new year with a battle!)

Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Oh! Humans! Out of thin air! Are you two witches, perhaps?)
Tree Dragon Icon.png (Now, now, I'm sure they can't hear you.)
Ned.png N-No, I can! I can hear you! Um, are we by any chance back in Foros Jungle?
Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Indeed, we are all in Foros Jungle -- the most wonderful place in the world for dragons like us!)
Ned.png Arya... we're back, I think. But if that's the case, where WERE we?
Arya.png We were about to treat these dragons to a battle, I think!

Ned.png We know Chronos enjoys shuffling us around in space and time, right?
Ned.png I wonder if Chronos was showing us an alternate timeline to let us know the Ancient Plant dragons are in danger...
Arya.png So, we'll have to make sure the Ancient Plant Dragons learn to coexist with humans, or else they'll disappear. Right?
Ned.png Right. *sigh* No pressure or anything...
Arya.png No worries, Ned -- I noticed a dragon flying around nearby. Let's ask if it'll get us a meeting with the Ancients!
Ned.png Somehow I think it'll just get us into a battle...

Ned.png (A-Arya! Hide! I think one of the Ancients just found US!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (Oh. Humans. I felt as though Foros' pure waters were being sullied, and now I have spotted the source of the impurity.)
Arya.png Ned, what's it saying? It doesn't seem too fond of us, but it's making the river all sparkly and clean!
Ned.png (Whatever you do, DON'T mention the purplemon juice I accidentally spilled in the water when we first got here!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (I am Íolhan, and my purified waters keep Foros lush and endlessly thriving. I cannot allow your kind to risk sullying our world again.)
Arya.png I think we better take responsibility for that juice, Ned!

Ned.png The Ancients don't like us because they're afraid humans will ruin their jungle... I guess I can't blame them, considering what the Tyrants did.
Ned.png A few hundred years before this, they almost poisoned the entire world! I saw it with my own eyes thanks to Chronos, Arya... Arya?
Arya.png Sorry, Ned! This Skullhelm Dragon is sooo friendly. It really wants to play, and I am not about to refuse!
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I'm a friend to the humans of Foros! Many of us wish for the unity of humans and dragons, you know...)
Ned.png D-Do you think you could tell your friends to spread the word?
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I will. But first, may I battle you and your companion?)

Arya.png I've noticed something interesting. The fruits on the trees here are HUGE! Any explanation for something like that, science boy? Magic?
Ned.png Actually, uh, I think the plants and fruits got so big because of the water's purity. Or something like that. I've been taking notes for my books.
Arya.png That's great, Ned! Are you gonna show Doctor Hogwin?
Ned.png Y-Yeah, I think I will. I'd like to write about everything we've been through in the ancient past...
Arya.png Well, I've got my own theory about the big fruits. I'm thinking maybe they evolved into dragons at some point. I mean, check THAT out!
Peach Dragon Icon.png (Huh?)

Arya.png Look at that! I wonder if one of the dragons from that alternate dimension managed to sneak through as well.
Ned.png U-Um... Hey, dragon, are you, uh, from around here?
Ox Dragon Icon.png (One moment I was at a party, and the next, I find myself in a lush jungle...!)
Ox Dragon Icon.png (If THIS is what the Ancients can do with their powers, then... I wish they hadn't gone away back where I'm from.)
Ned.png Don't worry. We'll do our best to make them stick around this time.
Arya.png But before that, how about we bring the party to us with a battle?

Arya.png It's already humid in this jungle, but... did it just get even hotter? ... Ned, duck!!!
Ned.png Huh? OOF! W-What... Oh, th-the big scary flaming dragon. I see it now...
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Fear not, little hatchlings. Though my power is ferocious, I mean you no harm.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I am Íosghar. My fires terrify, but using them wisely, I clear the rotted old growth and make room for new life in Foros.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Much in the same way, my companions have been stuck in their ways for too long. Their prejudice must be burned, and new thoughts must arise from the ashes.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I feel that you two can help me achieve this goal, but first, I must test your abilities...! Can you face the flame, little ones?)

Budding Dragon Icon.png (Pardon me, are you humans?)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I think they are...!)
Budding Dragon Icon.png (We have learned much from your kind -- how to make various things, and find all kinds of delicious treats!)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I help out -- it's nice being bipedal!)
Ned.png O-Oh, well, it's sure nice to be appreciated, too! Maybe you guys can help us make sure the Ancients and humans get along?
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (We'd be happy to, but first -- might we have one of those delightful battles we've heard so much about?)

Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (There they are... the humans...)
Ned.png Um -- hi there. Y-You don't have to be afraid of us.
Arya.png We're on a diplomatic mission, you see!
Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (We've alerted the lords of the jungle to your location... We're sorry, but we can't risk allying with you.)
Ned.png *sigh* Hold off on the diplomacy, Arya -- I don't think it's gonna fly here.
Arya.png They just haven't experienced my unique and slightly brutal style of friendship yet. We'll win 'em over!

Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (You are unlucky to run into one such as I: Puenwyn, who sacrificed my body to soak up the poisons your ilk carelessly left behind!)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (For hundreds of years I have been absorbing human-made poison, clearing the way for the great Foroskke's lush jungles and forests...)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (I will protect Foroskke, the Ancient Divine of the Plants, with my whole being. Prepare to be eliminated, along with all of your kind!)
Ned.png N-No! Wait! G-Great Puenwyn, please... w-we humans may be shortsighted sometimes, but we learn from our mistakes...
Ned.png And my books will help us make sure that humans will never hurt you so badly again! I'll do everything I can!!!
Arya.png Ned... you're really growing up. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. Let's show this Ancient how we feel with a battle!

Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Amazing. You humans survived an encounter with Puenwyn. You must be either incredibly strong, or incredibly persuasive.)
Ned.png W-We, um... we just want to help. We hope all of you in Foros, and the humans, can be friends again.
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (A lofty goal! I will take you both to Foroskke if you can prove your worth in battle.)
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Just make sure you don't screw anything up! Foroskke makes such delicious trees to gnaw on!)
Arya.png Somehow, I get the feeling we can help make this dragon's hopes into reality.

Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Humans. I see you approach me with a book. A compendium of the crushed remains of my trees. No matter. I will grow more.)
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (I am Foroskke, and you walk in a world of my creation. I have heard of your plight, and I wish to hear it again, from your own mouths.)
Arya.png I can't understand you like my friend can, but I hope you'll hear us out: In the future we come from, dragons and humans love each other very much!
Arya.png I may not be able to speak with you, but I want to show you what's in my heart! I want to show you how much I love dragons!
Ned.png F-Foroskke... I understand why you don't trust us. I promise, I'll keep writing and I'll keep listening -- and I'll help make sure we stay friends!
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Fascinating creatures you are... I will leave it to a final battle to cement the fates of the so-called "love" between our species. Let us commence!!!)

Origin of Earth[edit source | VE]

Eliza the Masculine.png Well, here we are again, Nedders. I won't pretend to know WHY Chronos decided it was MY turn to accompany you instead of Arya...
Ned.png Um, I mean, Arya has a sort of... "personability" that you kinda... lack? B-But you can understand dragons REALLY well! So I'm sure that's why Chronos--
Eliza the Masculine.png FAH! I've got PLENTY of "personability"! Watch -- I won't even make fun of that Cowpoke Dragon's ridiculous mustache!
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the New Dragolandian Settlement, travelers! We don't often get new humans, so this is a cause for celebration!)
Ned.png Let me guess -- to celebrate, you guys...?
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (That's right. We have a rootin'-tootin' battle! YEEHAW!)

Eliza the Masculine.png What's wrong? You look more worried than usual. Are you thirsty? It IS pretty dry around here...
Ned.png It's just, the last time Chronos sent us to the past, everything was covered in this big, lush forest... But now that's all gone.
Ned.png I hope nothing bad happened. When Arya and I left the forest, there were still tensions between the Ancient Dragons and people...
Eliza the Masculine.png And now, the trees are gone, and Dragolandia is a prairie. Certainly a dramatic change.
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (Nothin' dramatic about good, fertile earth, little humans. And with the farmin' knowledge your kind passed on to us, life's never been better.)
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (In fact, the only thing that'd make this day better is a rousing battle! What d'you two think? I could use a break from fieldwork anyhow!)

Ned.png Th-This is amazing... Dragons, tending the land? Using technology?! Dad would be totally blown away...
Eliza the Masculine.png You'd mentioned things were still messy between humans and dragons in the past. Could this mean that the conflict has been... patched up?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Oh, good day to you, humans. If you're talking about our troubled history, it's not much of a concern anymore.)
Garden Dragon Icon.png (I mean, we've got the great Fundiju to watch over your kind and make sure they don't start making trouble...)
Eliza the Masculine.png The "great Fundiju"? Sounds just interesting enough to spell trouble. Say, could you point us to this... Fundiju?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... well, I AM pretty busy with these flowers, but I'd give you a pointer in exchange for a battle!)

Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Say, you're the humans they say are looking for Fundiju, right? No surprise there -- Fundiju knows how to handle you scaleless ones.)
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (You're in luck! I was just going to deliver some ore to Fundiju. It'll smelt that ore into metal so the humans can make new tools.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Fundiju sounds powerful indeed... Are they a dragon by any chance?
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Oh yes, and powerful indeed. Fundiju is an Ancient Earth Dragon!)
Ned.png An Ancient Dragon is helping make tech for humans? I almost can't believe it!
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Careful! Fundiju gets touchy over language like that. In fact, I should probably make sure you're worthy before you meet!)

Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (SO! You've sought out Fundiju, Ancient Earth Dragon of Metal, have you? Well, where are your offerings for the great melter of metals?)
Ned.png O-Oh, um, we don't have any -- we were just sort of wondering what you, er... do around here?
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (What I DO? I am not some TOOL! I am a force of creation! You dare speak to me in such a casual tone?!)
Heinrich the Hideous.png EASY, Great Fundiju! These little humans aren't wise to your ways just yet -- they mean you no disrespect.
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. While I trust your words, Ouro, I just won't feel better until I show these scaleless children why dragons will always reign supreme!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No way -- is that Heinrich? And why is this bossy dragon calling him "Ouro"? I suppose I won't be getting any answers without a battle!

Ned.png Eliza, wait up! You're walking REALLY fast, and my boots are about to give out!
Eliza the Masculine.png You'll just have to keep up, Ned. I want to put as much distance between myself and that Heinrich lookalike as possible!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Oi! Hold it, both of you! I don't know who this "Heinrich" person is, but he's got nothin' to do with me.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I'm a descendant of people who used to be known as Tyrants... Together, my brother Prato and I are tryin' to atone for our ancestors' mistakes.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Working with the dragons of this land, we want to create a new world where technology helps all life. The fertile land is a happy bonus.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It makes for newcomers of all kinds -- like this Golem Dragon, who fancies a battle with you!

Ned.png You know, my dad once told me that the Tyrants didn't always used to be evil. For a while, their inventions really did help Dragolandia...
Ned.png I wonder if we're seeing all that history begin, firsthand. What if we could stop the bad stuff from happening afterwards?
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Hah! All that talk of innovation and change -- it's useless! Nothing good can come of it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png The dragon has a point, all things considered...
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Agree with me or not, I still don't trust your kind. Get offa my turf, or face my claws and fangs!)

Eliza the Masculine.png It's a strange and complicated moment in time we've been tossed into, it seems...
Ned.png For sure. But I wish I knew what happened to the Plant Ancients. It'd make me feel better about all this... tree-less expanse.
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Forest Lord Foroskke and the Ancient Plant tribe were my ancestors -- I know a little bit about their history!)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Well, rumors, at least. The legends say they decided to leave these lands to avoid fighting with humans -- the tension was just too much.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (No dragon knows where they went, but without their nurturing, the forests disappeared.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (But I don't really mind -- this kind of climate is perfect for me! It makes me peppy enough to wish for a rousing battle!)

Eliza the Masculine.png I see you writing away in that journal of yours. Trying to piece together where the Ancient Plant tribe may have gone off to?
Ned.png Yeah... I think it'd be really valuable to get history straight from the source. Plus, a lot of the dragons here are willing to talk to us. Like these guys!
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (The Ancient Plant tribe! We worship them as our ancestors -- they played a very important role.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (Even though they're gone, their forests left the land able to support life, and paved the way for the Ancient Earth tribe.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (We honor their legacy with exciting battles! Won't you join us, humans?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Put down your pen, Ned -- it's time to get scrappy.

Eliza the Masculine.png We haven't seen another Ancient Earth dragon in a while. I know you want to research the Ancient Plant tribe some more...
Eliza the Masculine.png But we should figure out what's going on here and now! After all, Chronos sent us to this specific time in history for a reason... I should HOPE.
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (You wanna know what's going on? I'll tell ya -- they say Polveles is gonna wipe this settlement off the map.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm! Jot that down, Ned!
Ned.png I-I would, but my hand's started shaking s-suddenly!
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (Yep, most of us are preparing for the worst. Beware Polveles, and get your battles in while ya can!)

Eliza the Masculine.png Steady your feet, Ned -- a Quake Dragon is approaching us. Many a house of cards have been rattled to pieces by their antics.
Quake Dragon Icon.png (I come only to give you a warning: Take all the humans you can find and go somewhere else far away, before Master Polveles takes action.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps the mines will make a fitting home for your kind, since you humans seem so interested in them.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (You'll find Tezacueva of the Shadows skulking around in there. I know at least Tezacueva is sympathetic to your plight!)
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Somehow I'm feeling brave enough to take this dragon's down a notch.
Ned.png Weird. I just feel like running!

Eliza the Masculine.png I don't enjoy following orders issued by mouthy dragons, but I think we should at least investigate the mines, and this "Tezacueva" character.
Ned.png I'll agree with you there... Besides, we might ACTUALLY have to hide in there if Polveles -- whatever it is -- decides to attack!
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Going to the mines, are you? They're a popular destination! I'll escort you two, if you'd like.)
Ned.png O-Oh, thanks! That's nice of you! Actually, we--
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (But I WON'T take you through Ruby's territory! No way, no how, am I dealing with that stuck-up dragon!)
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Grrr! Just THINKING of Ruby really grinds my gems! Hey, you two better battle me so I can blow off some steam, you hear?!)

Ned.png That Emerald Dragon sure took us far after we battled it, but it left us in the middle of nowhere...
Eliza the Masculine.png What a strange creature. I wonder if we're in the territory of the Ruby Dragon it was complaining about incessantly?
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello -- did Emerald bring you here? I assume you humans needed an escort to the Riquezas Mines.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Indeed we do. It's odd -- for how ornery the Emerald Dragon was, you sure seem like a calmer specimen.
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, Emerald's silly rivalry -- getting jealous of me for no reason. The mines sometimes have that effect on dragons... and humans, too.)
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (I admit I AM jealous that Emerald got to battle you two. Could I get a taste of that as well?)

Ned.png I hate the dark. I hate tunnels. I hate this!!!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, be quiet! Your whining echoes in these mine shafts, you know!
Cave Dragon Icon.png (Shh... Both of you, please growl and holler just a bit less... These tunnels are made for quiet appreciation.)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (But if you're here for an audience with Tezacueva... I guess I could take you there...)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (I know I may seem shy... But I'll have to test you before you can meet the shadowy keeper of these caverns...!)

Ned.png Oh, c'mon! What's with that face, Eliza? I KNOW you're just trying to s-scare me...!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ned... Behind you...!
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (There is no need to fear, little humans. So long as I, Tezacueva, the Ancient Earth Dragon of Shadow, control the darkness here, you are safe.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (While my siblings have left the cool confines of the earth to walk above, I much prefer the comfort of caves... and so do many others.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (I sense that things have become volatile aboveground... I advise you to seek my parent, Enroja, who filled these tunnels with riches.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (Yes... it would be wise to gain Enroja's trust before you confront my raging sibling Polveles. But first... you must gain my trust.)

Ned.png Tezacueva told us to get Enroja's help against whatever Polveles is planning... *sigh* All this is wreaking havoc on my nerves, but we don't have much choice.
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (HEY!!!)
Ned.png Ahh! My nerves!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (I see you two sneaky humans, sneaking out of the mines! You've stolen our gems, haven't you?!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No, we haven't -- and even if we did, don't you CLEARLY have enough gems of your own? Sheesh. I thought dragons only got greedy around fruit!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (Don't play dumb -- the Riquezas Mines make us all a little more... possessive!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hoy there! You must be the kids my brother Ouro was telling me about! I'm Prato. Maybe you two can help me wrangle the rest of the humans in the settlement.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png We've been trying to work together with the Ancient Earth tribe for the benefit of all, but it's mighty hard...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Seems like it's always one step forward, two steps back. In times like these, it's wise to know when to duck and run.
Ned.png Yeah, we'll help, by finding Polveles and Enroja. Someone's gotta talk to them, and we have... some experience.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hmm... Looking at the two of you, I get the feeling you might be telling the truth.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png But if you're gonna talk big like that, I'll have to test you -- with one of our state-of-the-art dragons!

Ned.png Whenever Chronos sends us to the past, there's always trouble going on. It makes me wonder if dragons and humans would be better off separate...
Eliza the Masculine.png I've wondered the same thing, but... who would I be without dragons? Certainly a LOT less cool and powerful...
Ned.png Yeah, sorry, it was a silly thought. Everyone I know -- heck, every dragon I know -- really wants to coexist. In the present, anyhow...
Eliza the Masculine.png Let's hope we don't mess that up with our time-traveling. Presumably, Chronos knows best, but--
Cyantail Dragon Icon.png (Lots of complicated things on your minds, huh, humans? I find that most of life's big questions can be answered with a battle!)
Eliza the Masculine.png At least ONE thing never changes.

Ned.png Hey, it's a Dust Dragon! These guys are pretty common back home. What are you doing here, fella--?
Dust Dragon Icon.png (SILENCE, MORTAL!)
Ned.png Uhh--
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I know not of what you speak, for I am the first Dragon of Dust -- or Dust Dragon, as you say! I am risen from the divine dust of Polveles itself!)
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I sense a strange energy from you two, so I will take you to my life-giver... But only after a ROUSING BATTLE!!!)
Ned.png N-No! Take us to Enroja instead! Argh, these dragons don't listen!

Polveles Dragon Icon.png (You little humans must be brave to approach me. A dust storm is coming to level the New Dragolandian Settlement, and I have no intention of stopping it...!)
Eliza the Masculine.png We don't care if you're a Divine Ancient, we--
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (Divine? No -- I am the Ancient Earth Dragon of Wind! But the fact that you called me Divine tells me everything I need to know.)
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (I am more powerful even than my master! Oh, you humans do tickle me! Here... I'll give your kind one more chance to prove your resolve.)
Ned.png Fine! If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!

Enroja Dragon Icon.png (The dust storm is raging... Polveles refused to listen to me, or anyone else. I suppose only I, Enroja, the Divine Ancient Earth Dragon, can stop it.)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (I made the earth rich in nutrients and metals for the benefit of all life, but I can't help but wonder...)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Is it only natural for dragons to be masters of the earth? I've always done what I thought was right, but it ends in strife...)
Ned.png There's still hope, Enroja! My friend and I have seen the future, and we promise it'll turn out okay, as long as humans and dragons live together!
Eliza the Masculine.png If there's one thing I can't stand, it's that defeatist attitude -- coming from an Ancient Divine, no less! Come on, Enroja, show us YOUR strength!
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Very well. Show me your strength, and prove to me that you truly believe what you say -- that we can find peace together!)

Origin of Shadow[edit source | VE]

Ned.png A-Arya...?! W-W-Wake up! I don't think we're in Numa anymore!
Arya.png Uuurgh... just five more minutes... I haven't finished digesting all the pie I ate last night at the Feast of Rebirth...
Eliza the Masculine.png He said "w-w-wake up," fool! We're in real trouble here -- we can save the digesting for later!
Reaper Dragon Icon.png (Oh, the human is not dead? That's a little disappointing.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Nonsense! I know these little humans -- they'll be much more entertaining alive, for now.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Come, let's gift them a customary ghoul gourd, and treat them to a customary battle!)

Furnace Dragon Icon.png (Yes! Glom is good! Glom is great!)
Ned.png Did that dragon just say "Gloamis is great"? If we're in Gloamis right now, I would very much like an explanation...
Furnace Dragon Icon.png (Glom's power has turned this pile of human-made rags into a living, breathing dragon! Praise Glom!)
Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png (Is this my new body, then? It's a little burlap-y, but it will do.)
Eliza the Masculine.png No... this place is much too creepy, even for Gloamis. In fact, it's much too creepy for ME. How do we get OUT of here?
Arya.png Not so fast, you two. I know an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime battle when I see one, and something tells me this Scarecrow Dragon is VERY unique!

Arya.png Doesn't this place remind you of a Witch's Illusion world, Ned? I wonder if your dad took the liberty of seasoning our food with one of his potions...
Ned.png *sigh* That's what I thought, too. But I helped my dad with all the Feast of Rebirth preparations, and I didn't notice him doing anything weirder than usual!
Eliza the Masculine.png So, this isn't just an awful dream...? That's for the best. I'd be awfully embarrassed to dream about YOU two.
Fallen Dragon Icon.png (This place is not a dream, nor an illusion. So you two witches must make sure your human guest is on its best behavior...)
Fallen Dragon Icon.png (Or I'll take it down into the deepest caverns below the Spirit Citadel!)
Arya.png Huh? Ned, Eliza, why are you guys looking at each other like that? Let's battle this weird-looking dragon already!

Eliza the Masculine.png ARRGH! I can't TAKE this place!!! It's all my worst fears rolled into one awful, cold, dark NIGHTMARE!
Ned.png Hmm. Maybe having somebody around who's more afraid than I am, is making me LESS afraid...
Horror Dragon Icon.png (There's no need for a witch to fear the Spirit Citadel! Cold darkness is the norm around here, and we like it just fine.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (... Or don't you know where you are? I figured you two were witches, since we seem to understand one another.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (The golden-maned one is a mystery to me, however. She looks a bit too lively to be Shade Folk.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (My interest is piqued! Let me battle you!)

Arya.png So the dragons here think I'm one of the Shade Folk who live beneath Gloamis? But... this can't be Gloamis, can it? I know we haven't been there in a while...
Arya.png Unless... Oh boy, maybe we're in ANCIENT Gloamis!
Eliza the Masculine.png Arya... I don't mean to alarm you, but your shadow just moved without you.
Umbra Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me -- I was merely curious. I wanted a final look at some human beings before Myrkur's Void swallows you all up.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Myrkur's WHAT? This just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER, doesn't it?!
Umbra Dragon Icon.png (I agree! Us beings of shadow will be very comfortable, I think. But please, first indulge my curiosity...!)

Arya.png Well HEL-lo, Hel Dragon! Fancy seeing you here!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh. Please forgive her. We're a little lost, Hel Dragon -- perhaps you can help out your allies...?
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Allies? Unless you are souls in my domain, I know not who you are.)
Ned.png That proves it -- we MUST be back in time again. Maybe ACTUALLY in ancient Gloamis!
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Glom is...? Well, I'm sure Glom must be battling the void, but I, for one, believe a bit of nothingness would make a fine addition to my Underworld.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Maybe not so "fine" for humans... and yet, I have a funny feeling about you three. Won't you show me how you'd alter destiny?)

Eliza the Masculine.png Let me see if I've got this straight... "Myrkur's Void" is threatening to take over this awful place. And meanwhile, "Glom" is... what, exactly?
Arya.png Yes, we're in Gloamis! Ancient Gloamis! Oh, wait, we still don't know who Glom... is.
Obsidian Dragon Icon.png (Glom is our savior. Glom brought our world back from the brink of destruction...)
Lily Gem Dragon Icon.png (Really, Glom brought life back from death. When the sun disappeared, and the plants died...)
Lily Gem Dragon Icon.png (... Glom made sure we could bloom again. Now, dragons like me are able to enjoy battling once more!)

Ned.png I can't believe it... At some point, the SUN disappeared? Just what in Chronos' claw happened after we left the Ancient Earth Dragons?
Eliza the Masculine.png One has to wonder if our meddling had anything to do with it...
Arya.png No way. Each time we've gone to the past, we've brought dragons and people together -- we helped stop awful things from happening!
Ned.png I guess not even WE could stop the sun from shining... Right?
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png (Who needs the sun? We love the shadows -- and we don't need that big fire in the sky to grow and play!)
Briar Dragon Icon.png (We even have plenty of your kind running around. Darkness is life, so won't you play in the shadows with us?)

Arya.png Check out the Pumpkin Dragon! Maybe it can tell us why there are so many adorable little pumpkins popping out of the ground...?
Ned.png Or why there's a freezing miasma of ectoplasm seemingly struggling to crack this whole Citadel open?
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* The dragon says... the pumpkins look like that because they're... l-literally haunted b-b-by the gh-ghosts of d-d-dead plants--
Arya.png Eliza! Oh, Ned... she fainted. She totally HATES ghosts, but don't tell her I told you that!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I can still hear you, numbskull!!!
Ned.png Wow! I wonder if this explains why we grow pumpkins and make effigies of Pumpkin Dragons for the Feast of Rebirth...!

Arya.png Ned? What's wrong...? You look like you've seen a-- WHOA! P-Professor Hogwin...?!
Professor Hogwin.png Hogwin...? I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else. My name is Felos. Felos Hogvanhog. I am a witch, a researcher, and liaison to the Ancient Shadow Tribe.
Eliza the Masculine.png Nedders? He's still unresponsive... ANYWAY, maybe you can tell us a bit about where we are, WITHOUT the customary dragon vagueness.
Professor Hogwin.png Of course! As you surely know, the sun disappeared when the Lunar Rock was unearthed from the caverns of the Ancient Earth Tribe...
Professor Hogwin.png There was... well, there was quite a lot of destruction. Luckily, my Ancient friend Hausk here was able to channel the souls of dead plants back to our world.
Hausk Dragon Icon.png (Indeed. Now humans and dragons can survive the dark... but judging from your dumbstruck faces, I see you three may need a wake-up call.)

Eliza the Masculine.png I've been slapping Ned's cheeks nonstop since we met Felos, but I can't get that blank expression off his face...
Ned.png Th-The Ancient Shadow Tribe can literally bring dead things back to life... Do you guys realize what that means? All the implications...?
Arya.png Honestly, Ned... I think it's something we'd better leave in the past. We should focus on getting to the bottom of this Myrkur stuff.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oho. A disagreement between you two? I never thought I'd see the day...!
Fungus Dragon Icon.png (The yellow-maned human has a point. There's a reason most of us don't have dealings with what our Shadow Tribe already has a handle on...)
Fungus Dragon Icon.png (Our world is held in a precarious balance. I'll respectfully ask you to leave it alone!)

Ned.png I just can't stop thinking about it. We could bring people back from the dead! Maybe even my mom...!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll admit, the amount of power such an ability would grant--
Arya.png No! Stop it, you two -- can't you see this place is already in trouble? How long can you keep bringing stuff back from the dead?
Eliza the Masculine.png Wow. Arya, I didn't expect that reaction--
Ned.png That's easy for YOU to say, Arya! Your mom's not dead! If you knew what it was like--
Eliza the Masculine.png HATE to interrupt, but we appear to be getting chased by some denizens of the Spirit Citadel...!

Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh... Look, I'm a terrible mediator. Can't you two just talk to each other? You LOVE to talk!
Arya.png ... I just think we shouldn't mess with the forces of nature.
Ned.png You don't know what you're talking about! You can't even understand what these dragons have to say about it!
Arya.png HEY! I understand plenty, Ned! That's low...
Ned.png Nightmare Dragon, have you seen any HUMAN ghosts around? Has Hausk or... Glom ever tried to channel a human spirit? It should be possible, right?
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png (H-Human ghosts? I'm s-s-scared of human ghosts! Please leave me alone!)

Professor Hogwin.png There you are! I hear you three have been poking around the Spirit Citadel, asking questions. I applaud that sort of curiosity. In fact...
Professor Hogwin.png I have been studying the possibility of channeling human spirits, myself. But... I caution against it. After many years, I may have to stop my research.
Ned.png B-But you can't! If there's even a tiny possibility...!
Professor Hogwin.png These dragons don't owe us a debt as big as that. In any case, things are getting somewhat more dire than usual around here... Oh, Darkfire Dragon!
Professor Hogwin.png I'd like you to take these children to Reisk, for protection. What's that? You'd like to battle them, too? Well, I can hardly turn down a request from a friend...

Reisk Dragon Icon.png (You'll be safe with me, hatchlings. At least, until I am called to action to stop the spread of Myrkur's Void.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (I know you have many questions and desires. In truth, Glom's efforts are only temporary. Simply restoring plant life has rendered the Spirit Citadel unstable.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (With the channeling of dragon souls, our world has begun to crack at the seams, as you can see. The void, the "underworld," threatens to break through.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (At great risk, we Shadow Ancients have tampered with a natural cycle. It could never go on forever. I ask for your understanding.)
Ned.png It isn't fair. We humans have died, too. We want to see our loved ones again, too...
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (As a descendant of the great Lysk, I understand your pain. But know this: Your grief is what makes you strong. Please, show me your strength.)

Undying Dragon Icon.png (Look at it! The sea of souls threatens to bubble over! And Myrkur is hastening it along...)
Undying Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps, once it does, we will all be merely souls, or nothing at all. Or perhaps we will NEVER stop existing!)
Eliza the Masculine.png This dragon's rambling is making my head hurt. On the plus side, I think this "immersion therapy" has cured me of my ghost phobia.
Undying Dragon Icon.png (Well, after tumbling into all that ectoplasm, I surely doubt I'll ever experience a real death. Isn't it curious, humans?)
Eliza the Masculine.png *SHUDDER* Never mind, I'm still creeped out. PLEASE go away, Undying Dragon!

Eliza the Masculine.png Look -- that dragon appears to be on a warpath... Hello? I know you two aren't speaking, but I CAN'T be the only one commenting on things!
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png (Glom has enlisted me to find Myrkur and stop it. I will go, since Glom has taken such good care of us creatures of shadow.)
Ned.png Y-You're going to see Myrkur? Um... will you let us tag along?
Arya.png That's right -- we have to stop whatever Myrkur's doing!
Ned.png OR figure out what it has planned for this "underworld" or "sea of souls" or... whatever!
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png (Erm... I suppose I could let you follow me. But I'll have to see if you scrawny scaleless are up to the challenge.)

Ned.png M-Myrkur...? Is that--?
Arya.png It's a Cultist Dragon... but it seems like it's REALLY interested in us, judging by that... uh... silent, penetrating stare...
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (You desire the purest darkness known to life. The sweet nothing amidst which unknowables move in silence.)
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (Down, down, down, where no eyes can see -- there at last, we shall be free.)
Eliza the Masculine.png UHH--?!
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (Very well. I will take you to Myrkur. A simple battle is the only fee I ask. You humans are so fond of fees, are you not?)

Eliza the Masculine.png H-Hey, you two, I... I could really use s-s-some HELP right about n-now...!
Ned.png A-Arya? ... ARYA?!
Arya.png I... I... I'm... SCARED!!!
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (...? You scared? Why? The void is nice. It quiet. Peace, at last.)
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (I only want to help. Everyone go to sleep -- no fight, no fear.)
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (I show you. Not because I hate you. Because I love you!)

Bone Dragon Icon.png (Are you humans all right? It seems Myrkur's Void is receding. Many of us ghostly dragons will have to return to the Underworld with Hel and Muerte.)
Ned.png S-So it's over...? No more ghosts? No chance of...
Eliza the Masculine.png Easy, now. I think we accomplished what Chronos sent us here to do, or witness. Arya, are you okay?
Arya.png I... uh... I think so. Myrkur just freaked me out a little, that's all... I-I think that idea of "nothing" really scared me...
Ghost Dragon Icon.png (Silly human. Even the dead don't cease to exist. Here, I'll prove it by battling you right now!)

Glom Dragon Icon.png (I was wondering when you would find me. I've been hiding in your shadows for a while now. Thank you -- I had a nice nap.)
Arya.png This dragon seems so TIRED... but the power surrounding it is making a-all my hair stand on end! Who, or what, IS this?!
Glom Dragon Icon.png (I am Glom. Glom is me. The stress of sustaining this world is immense, but with sweet young Myrkur taught a lesson, I can focus on restoring balance.)
Ned.png Then... there's really no chance that you'll bring humans back from the dead? Felos failed, and so did I...?
Glom Dragon Icon.png (Hehe... Silly young human -- ghosts have been all around you this whole time. I made sure of that. I cannot give them all bodies, but rest assured, they "visit.")
Glom Dragon Icon.png (I leave you with this parting eulogy: Nothing that is dead is ever really gone. That creeping feeling can be a comfort. Now, how about a final scare?)

Origin of Wind[edit source | VE]

Ned.png I-I can't look... Arya, tell me, is it a thousand times more awful than the land of the Shadow Ancients? Chronos is just toying with me at this point...
Arya.png Wow...!
Ned.png Oh, it's horrible, isn't it? Just give it to me straight, I...I can take it...I think...but just barely...!
Arya.png Ned! Open your eyes, silly! It's BEAUTIFUL up here!
Ned.png Up...? WHOAH--!
Ladybug Dragon Icon.png (Outta the way, you two! You're gawking in the middle of my flight path!)

Ned.png Sheesh! What's the rush? The dragons here are all zipping through the sky like Otto's flying machines...
Arya.png Yeah, that Ladybug Dragon back there nearly bowled you over! And at this altitude, I'd hate to see a mid-air collision...
Ned.png We ARE up pretty high...and moving pretty fast! What could've happened to Dragolandia this time...?
Arya.png Okay, that's two questions, and I've got a third - who's that black and gold dragon following us?
Unknown Dragon Icon.png ... ... ...
Caramel Dragon Icon.png (S'cuse me, s'cuse me! Coming through! Wow, you two sure like to stand in the way!)

Ned.png Aaah! Arya, all our time meddling created a society of dragons that don't slow down for anything!
Arya.png ...I'm not sure that's it, exactly - but I've been wrong before!
Arya.png Hey, that High Priestess Dragon looks pretty composed. Why don't we ask it what's going on?
The High Priestess Dragon Icon.png (You are confused, I gather. Look inward. The answers are inside your heart.)
Ned.png N-No, we really sorta just want to know what's going on OUTSIDE of our hearts.
The High Priestess Dragon Icon.png (Oh. In that case, you've arrived just in time for the annual Sky City Race. Shall we see how fast we can battle?)

Ned.png Look, a Wasteland Dragon... Whenever we see these guys, I can't help but feel like disaster is right around the corner.
Arya.png It's so FESTIVE here, though. Hey, Wasteland Dragon, are you preparing for a catastrophe?
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (I'm ALWAYS preparing for a catastrophe...but I can take a little break for the Sky City Race.)
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (Not that I'm a contender. The Race's only for dragons who fly...)
Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png (Hey, Wasteland! I thought I told you - you can ride on my back during the big race!)
Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png (Now, let's dispense with the chit-chat - we've got training to do!)

Ned.png I've got no idea why Chronos sent us here. It seems like things are going pretty well... I mean, at least we're learning about this big race?
Arya.png Check it out, there's a ton of dragons gathered around that frosty-looking fellow. And people, too!
Ned.png H-Humans too? You mean...dragons and humans are getting along?
Arya.png Maybe Dragolandia's history is starting to look up, Ned!
Frostwind Dragon Icon.png (Hey, you two! Want an autograph? I can slap my clawprint on anything you like!)
Frostwind Dragon Icon.png (Or don't you recognize last year's Sky City Race champion? Ha, just wait, I'll show you my strength right here, right now!)

Ned.png Brrr! That haughty champion dragon really chilled me to the bone when it flew by!
Arya.png Doesn’t look like things are gonna warm up anytime soon - there's a Berry Frost Dragon flying nearby!
Arya.png Thtat's strange though...if I remember Hogwin's notes, Berry Frost Dragons live deep in snowy forests, not up in cloud cities!
Berry Frost Dragon Icon.png (The straw-maned human is very astute. Unfortunately it is still impossible to return to the forests below.)
Ned.png W-What...? Hey, that sounds bad--!
Berry Frost Dragon Icon.png (It is not so bad. Venchu of the Pure Wind makes life easier for us all, and entertains us with delightful events. Shall we celebrate?)

Spotty Dragon Icon.png (Hey, check out the humans! Think one of 'em wants to ride on my back during the race?)
Gryphon Dragon Icon.png (You're always askin' me that! Why don't you ask THEM? I hear their kind and our kind've been understanding one another more and more.)
Ned.png This is amazing! I think we might've stumbled across the first instance of dragon riding in history! Dad's gonna lose his mind!
Arya.png And all for a grand race! Oooh, I wonder if any of these dragons will let us ride them?
Spotty Dragon Icon.png (Look! It's speaking my language! Of course, I gotta see if they're STRONG enough to take a ride on a dragon's back, first!)

Ned.png Sorry you fell off that Spotty Dragon, Arya... But I have to admit, it was a LITTLE funny.
Arya.png Yeah, well, it's a good thing the ground here is so soft, and cloudy, and snowy!
Ned.png Weird - it's like I totally forgot how cold it is way up here. Maybe the festive atmosphere is warming me up!
Arya.png Or maybe the altitude is getting to you! I'm feeling a little loopy myself...!
Arya.png No,'s just powder from a Fairy Dust Dragon's wings. It must be all over the city by now, what with all that wing-flapping!
Fairy Dust Dragon Icon.png (Gotta keep Sky City happy!)

Arya.png Oh, wow, a Borealis Dragon! It's so bright and cheery up here, I was wondering when I'd see a reminder of the night sky.
Ned.png What do you mean? I'm sure Sky City experiences night time just like any other town. But, if they're up in the air all the time...hmm...
Arya.png Well, our starry friend doesn't have wings, but it sure seems to be making a hasty getaway! Wait up!
Asteroid Dragon Icon.png (Please, leave my friend alone. Dragons like Borealis make themselves scarce in Sky City.)
Ned.png Huh? Why's that?
Borealis Dragon Icon.png (Never mind, Asteroid. These humans seem kind - let's entertain them with a battle before we report to Nulvind.)

Ned.png A-Arya... Can you do me a favor, and give me a pinch? I think I might be, uh, dreaming? Or...seeing things?
Arya.png I think you should believe your eyes, Ned... That's an Ancient Water Dragon standing before us, in Sky City of all places!!
Arya.png Come on! We've GOT to investigate! I didn't realize the Ancient Water Tribe was even still around!
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (Bah! What is happening? The last thing I remember is a flash of blinding light, and now I find myself high above my precious sea!)
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (You there, you relentless little humans...I remember you. Are you responsible for spiriting me away? Humans will always be nothing but trouble!)
Ned.png I have a terrible feeling about this... And not just because an old god wants to beat me up!

Arya.png Phew! We managed to escape "Weirdra", but what could it be doing here? Maybe it came to see the race?
Ned.png That's "Oi'ra", Arya... And according to my notes on the Water Ancients, it presided over storms. Did it come to ruin this sunny weather? But...
Ned.png Argh! I just can't figure it out!
Arya.png Ned, it's okay...we'll get to the bottom of it, but only if we understand everything that's going on here. And that means, we need to keep celebrating!
Ned.png I...I guess. I mean, we haven't even met any of the Wind Ancients yet. I'm sure they'll have some answers.
Cockatrice Dragon Icon.png (The only answer Sky City needs is who's gonna be this year's champion - and I'm here to take out the competition!)

Ribbon Dragon Icon.png (Did you hear, Witchy? A most unusual dragon has appeared to watch the Sky City Race. I hope it notices me!)
Witch Dragon Icon.png (I did indeed hear as much, Ribbon! A very powerful dragon, not unlike our illustrious Venchu, or darling Haumi!)
Ribbon Dragon Icon.png (Oh, I do hope it's good news! But it seems as though storm clouds are gathering around Sky City...and just before the race, too!)
Arya.png Ned? Ned! C'mon - tell me what they're saying!
Ned.png Well NOW they're upset that we happen to be particularly loud eavesdroppers!

Spellwork Dragon Icon.png (An omen... I'm certain of it. The appearance of the one called Oi'ra is an omen.)
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (Of what, pray tell? I trust your magical knowledge, Spellwork.)
Spellwork Dragon Icon.png (A cautionary omen. It means that the past will return to haunt us, or teach us a lesson.)
Unknown Dragon Icon.png (They're right, you know.)
Arya.png H-Huh?
Ned.png N-No! I'm sorry! We didn't mean to eavesdrop again! Argh!

Earth Spirit Dragon Icon.png (Hey! Are you the ones asking our citizens about that big water dragon?)
Ned.png U-Us? Well--
Earth Spirit Dragon Icon.png (We cannot allow Sky City to collapse in panic - not with the race about to start, and not any other time, either!)
Earth Spirit Dragon Icon.png (You two...come with me, there's someone you should meet!)

Haumi Dragon Icon.png (Welcome, welcome! I don't believe we've met! I am Haumi, of the Ancient Wind Tribe - distributor of seeds and progenitor of earthly forests!)
Haumi Dragon Icon.png (As I disperse enchanted seeds from above, I do my best to keep Sky City's spirits high, while my partner Venchu works to keep the rest of it high!)
Ned.png Um-- That's great! Really! But we were just wondering--
Haumi Dragon Icon.png (My human friend...our citizens are very diligent. They have faced much hardship over the years. This event allows them to forget their troubles.)
Haumi Dragon Icon.png (We will deal with the stranger in our midst...but I must ask you not to disrupt the festivities! ...If you please!)

Arya.png What an interesting Ancient Dragon. Haumi seemed really friendly, and strong, too!
Unknown Dragon Icon.png (Haumi is as powerful as it is kind, but it looks too far into the future, instead of honoring the past.)
Arya.png Ack! There's that mysterious dragon again!
Ned.png Hey! You! Quit following us and being intentionally vague!
Arya.png Aaand it's gone again...
Ice Lady Dragon Icon.png (Just who are you humans yelling at? Watch your tone, or you'll never be allowed to ride a dragon at the race!)

Unknown Dragon Icon.png (Sorry I've been sneaking around... It's just, my parent told me about you two, and I thought you'd understand...)
Ned.png Understand...what exactly?
Unknown Dragon Icon.png (Why the Sky City Race is a sham!)
Arya.png It's NOT a sham! Look at how happy everyone is, human and dragon alike! I haven't seen this many smiles under an Ancient Dragon's rein in...EVER!
Ned.png A-Arya...? Did you just talk back to that dragon...?
The Fool Dragon Icon.png (Excuse us, we're on our way to the starting line! The race is about to start!)

Nulvind Dragon Icon.png (Fovan! There you are! Have you been skulking around in the shadows of these humans? You know you must do your part to keep Sky City afloat.)
Fovan Dragon Icon.png (N-Nulvind...I'm sorry. But after everything that's happened, I cannot stand such celebration. These two knew my parent, Glom! They should understand--)
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png (We've all seen hardship, Fovan. We know the sacrifices our parents made to bring us this peace. Why Void is feared, and why we turn toward the light...)
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png (You met my ancestor as well: Myrkur. I'm not proud of it, but I still hear its voice in my head...)
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png (I am thankful you do not fear my kind, like so many others, though they have good reason... I cannot show my face at the race, but...)
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png (Will you do battle with me? It would be a pleasure to stretch my wings.)

Ned.png Whoa...
Arya.png Yeah...
Ned.png I guess there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye... The Shadow Ancients really did everything they could for humanity and...dragon-...anity?
Ned.png And was it just me, or did you totally understand what Fovan was saying?!
Arya.png M-Maybe?! I could sense it felt really hurt, and then... Y'know what, Ned? Let's just watch the race for now.
Swift Pixie Dragon Icon.png (That's a great idea. Keep your eyes on me, you two! I think I've got it in me to beat the Frostwind Dragon this year!)

Fovan Dragon Icon.png (Sorry. I've been weird. It's a weird day for me. Today's the day Venchu's wind finally blew the darkness away, and my parent Glom's work was done.)
Fovan Dragon Icon.png (I wanted to see if I could get you two to stop the race, but I didn't expect that Water Ancient to show up, and when even THAT could not disrupt us, well...)
Fovan Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me. Maybe it's true - we need a little celebration, a little peace and unity. Perhaps this is a good way to celebrate.)
Ned.png *Sigh* Fovan, I understand how you feel. I think my friend does, too. Sometimes she has to remind me that, even when you're gloomy...
Ned.png A good dose of cheer can really put things in perspective!
Arya.png And I think I know JUST how we can cheer our friend Fovan!

Venchu Dragon Icon.png (Humans of great destiny, I see you've been enjoying our festivities. I am glad! Happiness is the greatest strength we possess, with darkness on the horizon...)
Venchu Dragon Icon.png (I am glad to see Fovan participating, and even Nulvind... It is a great amount of work, to ensure so many smiles, but I must do what I can.)
Venchu Dragon Icon.png (I must keep Sky City airborne until we can return to Dragolandia, and I must keep human and dragon alike in high spirits, despite the fear of the unknown.)
Arya.png Say, Venchu...if you'd like to take a little break, I think you could use a smile, too...
Ned.png Okay, okay...we'll have a "fun" battle with the big Divine Ancient Wind dragon, and then we're talking about whether or not you can "speak" dragon!
Arya.png Fine, fine, fine! But fun first, Ned! Fun first!

Origin of Energy[edit source | VE]

Ned.png Ha! Landed right on my feet. I'm used to this now, Arya-- Wait... Arya? ... Eliza? Anybody?
Ned.png Hold on a second, I'm not used to being ALONE in the ancient past! Wh-Where is everybody? Hello...?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm right here, boy. Seems it's just the two of us. We haven't been on a trek like this since we met the Ancient Fire Tribe.
Ned.png Otto! What a relief! I-- WHOA!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Careful! There's lightning striking down all around us, and far more than twice, at that.
Lightning Dragon Icon.png (Invaders should think twice before setting foot on Mount Hope! Allow me to test your intent with an old-fashioned battle!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Do you know where Chronos has sent us this time? We'll need to get our bearings if we're to survive. ... No pressure, lad.
Ned.png I-I think we're somewhere called "Mount Hope." But... we're up so high, I can't even tell if that's Dragolandia below us!
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (It's Dragolandia all right, but we can't go down yet. It's still too dangerous.)
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (If you humans came from down there... you've got my respect. How about a battle, in celebration?)
Eel Dragon Icon.png (I'll join in! I want to see how tough humans and dragons from the surface REALLY are!)
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (So long as we don't mention it to the Energy Tribe...!)

Ned.png S-So here's what I know, Otto. We ARE in Dragolandia... but it's a good thing we're way up high on Mount Hope, because apparently it's too dangerous to go down.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Interesting... The history of the archipelago is even more volatile than I'd realized...
Dynamo Dragon Icon.png (Excuse me. Greetings. I must ask you to halt. And stop. The dragon in your company must return to my care. Immediately.)
Ned.png Wh-What dragon? Oh... the one following us around? I mean, I'VE got no objections!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Not so fast... Is it just me, or does our strange companion wish to stay with US instead?
O'won Dragon Icon.png ... ... ...

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Looks like we lost that Dynamo Dragon... and picked up some other strange beast as a companion. It hasn't made a peep.
Ned.png It has... but I can't get a read on its thoughts at all! It's just kind of... humming.
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png (Amazing... I have never seen Ancient-01 leave Zolto's side, even for an instant!)
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png (I wonder -- could this be an omen of strange things to come?)
Ned.png I, uh, didn't understand a word of what you just said.
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png (No matter! Your appearance is indeed an omen... of a fantastic battle ahead! How refreshing!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Fascinating dragons live on this mountain. Ol' Hoggie would have a field day up here.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Like this Runic Dragon here. You know your dad seems to think it comes from another dimension. Maybe he's right.
Ned.png Hey! I can ask it right now!
Ned.png Runic Dragon, where are you from? Did you come from some sort of space-time rift? Another time? Another place?
Runic Dragon Icon.png (Where are YOU from? A dimension where humans are very rude and ask pointed questions?)
Ned.png S-Sorry!

Frankie Dragon Icon.png (Humans! You look confused! We don't often get visitors, but I wonder if I can help you.)
Ned.png Oh, well, I guess... we want to know more about your home... And why we're in constant danger of being struck by lightning.
Frankie Dragon Icon.png (Danger? Heavenly Energy is a blessing! And we're abundant with it here on Mt. Hope!)
Frankie Dragon Icon.png (Now, maybe not everyone's as appreciative of a good ZAP as I am, but that's why the Energy Tribe helpfully channels it!)
Frankie Dragon Icon.png (Still, being zapped by the sky keeps dragons like me thriving! Here, I'll show you what I mean...!)

Ned.png This is nuts... The dragons up here LIKE being struck by lightning?
Crash Dragon Icon.png (Life is harsh up here, human -- we've gotta be tough to survive it!)
Ned.png C-Can't you go anywhere else?
Crash Dragon Icon.png (The Energy Tribe tells us the surface is still too dangerous. If the Wind Tribe worked so hard to keep us up here, there must be a reason.)
Crash Dragon Icon.png (And for daredevils like you, who must come from the surface... Well, I've GOT to test my strength against you!)

Sentinel Dragon Icon.png (... ...)
O'won Dragon Icon.png (... ...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png What's going on...? Is this Sentinel Dragon having a conversation with our tag-along friend?
Ned.png I... think so? I can't tell what they're saying. It sort of just sounds like static...
Sentinel Dragon Icon.png (You are in the presence of 01. I don't know why, but 01 has decided to trust you.)
Sentinel Dragon Icon.png (Of course, I must make sure you can handle the responsibility!)

Shuriken Dragon Icon.png (Stand aside! 01 approaches!)
Gryphon Dragon Icon.png (01 is here? I want to see!)
Ned.png I'm, uh, beginning to think our mechanical friend is pretty important. From what I can tell, its name is... "oh-won"?
O'won Dragon Icon.png (!!!)
O'won Dragon Icon.png Oh-won. Battle!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png H-Holy Chronos! Did that dragon just speak?!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png I-I can't believe it. Our dragon companion spoke -- clear as day! This... this is completely unprecedented.
Ned.png I heard it! It spoke a human word! It said "battle"!
O'won Dragon Icon.png Bat-tle...!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Frothin' dragon spit... I think I need to sit down.
Ned.png Not so fast, Otto -- there's a Dark-Tech Dragon and its friends flying right at us!
O'won Dragon Icon.png Bat-tle... Battle!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png You're writing this down, aren't you, boy? We might be seeing history in the making...!
Ned.png Of course I am -- this is a HUGE development in the history of Dragolandia! It could change the way we see the past... AND dragons!
O'won Dragon Icon.png Hiss-tory. Dra-gon.
Droid Dragon Icon.png (I can't believe my ears! 01 is speaking human tongue! Come, we must tell Zeilk!)
O'won Dragon Icon.png Zeilk? ... Zeilk! Zzzt!
Ned.png H-Hold on, I don't think we want to meet this "Zeilk" just yet!

Ned.png I can't get a good read on this place. The dragons aren't too hostile, but they're not friendly, either. It feels different...
Copper Dragon Icon.png (We've known, for a long time, that when humans and dragons are together, it only brings strife...!)
Copper Dragon Icon.png ('Course, I don't think that way. I miss the way it was when the Earth Tribe ruled Dragolandia... diggin' in the dirt alongside humans was fun!)
Copper Dragon Icon.png (But it's not that we hate humans up here. Some of 'em even live here on Mt. Hope. The Energy Tribe just wants to protect them.)
Ned.png Hmm... I don't exactly feel protected.
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Well, maybe a battle will put you at ease!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Look -- a Craggy Dragon. They're mountain-dwellers, Ned. Maybe it can tell us more about Mt. Hope. I don't think we'll get much out of 01...
Craggy Dragon Icon.png (Well! I've lived on these cliffs since before the Energy Tribe arrived, even before the Wind Tribe steered their floatin' city to the mountaintop.)
Craggy Dragon Icon.png (Now THAT was a surprise! Seein' humans and dragons work together to try and make a life up here. It was hard...)
Craggy Dragon Icon.png (The Wind Tribe was tired. Heard they disappeared with the breeze one day. The Energy Tribe started appearin' from the sky, the caverns, even the surface!)
Craggy Dragon Icon.png (Just like that Wind Tribe, they spend a lot of... energy... makin' sure Mt. Hope is livable for humans and dragons. They're like our parents!)
Craggy Dragon Icon.png (Now, how about a battle in return for all my great advice? Just don't let Zolto know we've been roughhousin'!)

Ned.png If I'm getting all this correctly... it seems like the Ancients here are working really hard to protect humans and dragons, and keep the peace...
Ned.png But, even though they're Energy Ancients, they're exhausted!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png In a situation like this, I think even an Ancient Dragon could use a helping hand, don't you, Ned?
Ned.png I... I guess I agree. If only we could find them! All I've heard are their names, and even then, I'm not sure... Zeilk, Zolto...
Golem Dragon Icon.png (And don't forget Lamulyn, who serves as our link to the surface! I could point you in the right direction... If you'll offer me a battle.)

Ned.png I'd rather NOT meet more terrifying, mysterious Ancient Dragons, but if they need help, well... I can't just ignore that.
Ned.png Hey, Horn-Fin Dragon! Can you tell us how to get to the, uh, Energy Tribe...? Wherever they are?
Horn-Fin Dragon Icon.png (That's easy. They'll come quick to break up any fighting. All we have to do is cause a ruckus!)
Ned.png But we've been fighting ever since we got here!
Horn-Fin Dragon Icon.png (How strange. I wonder if they're letting little 01 spread its wings a bit! It's always had an affinity for your kind.)
Horn-Fin Dragon Icon.png (Well, no harm in testing my theory, eh? Let's battle!)

Warlock Dragon Icon.png (I've come with a message. You've attracted the attention of the Energy Tribe, and even 01's favor.)
Warlock Dragon Icon.png (The reason for their caution will soon become apparent to you. But I will give you a hint to ruminate upon...)
Warlock Dragon Icon.png (You must have seen many sorts of powerful dragons in your travels. But have you ever met the Void Tribe?)
Ned.png Th-The Void Tribe...? No... but I've heard some "interesting" opinions on Void Dragons lately...
Warlock Dragon Icon.png (Hmm! I wonder why that is, human. Keep an eye and an ear out -- and an open mind.)

Ned.png Ugh... weird rumors and the most reclusive Ancient Dragons I've ever NOT seen. What's going on?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png It seems these Ancient Energy Dragons are particularly hard-working. They're protecting the mountain, keeping things up here, where it's safe...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Or maybe, keeping something down below from coming up...
Ned.png Could it be? Something to do with Void...?
Storm Dragon Icon.png (You'll get the chance to ask them soon! They've been looking for 01, y'know! It's a very special dragon!)
O'won Dragon Icon.png Special... zzzt! Bat--tle!

Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (O'won! There you are! Do you realize you've had us worried sick?)
O'won Dragon Icon.png Zzzt...?
Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (Oh, good, you look unharmed. Apologies, humans, but I must collect my young friend here. We try to keep your kind and ours at a healthy distance.)
Ned.png B-But why? We're learning from each other. We might even be able to help you--
Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (No. Your kind may have aided Zolto, and O'won, in the past, but nothing you can do will make a difference. WE will handle things...)
O'won Dragon Icon.png No! O'won! Battle!

Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (O'won... you really insist on keeping these humans around? I know it is our duty to protect them, but...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png If things keep up like this, we can't guarantee dragons and humans getting along in the future... Time for my secret weapon, I suppose.
Ned.png Huh? Otto? Where've you been hiding something like that--
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hey, dragon -- don't want this spread all over town, but I'm descended from the folks who helped you. The ones who built O'won's body. The Tyrants.
Ned.png Wh-WHAT?!
Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (... Really? I thought their lineage had fallen. This could be good news... Well -- allow me to test you!)

Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (This is the one, Zeilk -- the human who claims to be of relation to those who helped create forms for O'won and Zolto.)
Zeilk Dragon Icon.png (Truly?! And you say you want to help us? We are indebted to your kind, you know... It's why we planned to spend our lives protecting you.)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png We ain't the only ones who need protection. We can help you. I see it all the time, in the future where I'm from.
Ned.png Otto! Where's this coming from? Y-You're a Tyrant?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Easy, Ned. I'll explain it all in due time. Just you remember, lad, I'm on your side.
Zeilk Dragon Icon.png (Maybe I'd better take you to Zolto... But first, there's no better way to test someone's skill than a good battle!)

Zolto Dragon Icon.png Xrzsxzzt... Zxxtttcx...
O'won Dragon Icon.png Zzt! Zol-to. Hu-man. Friend!
Zeilk Dragon Icon.png (These two are parent and child -- beings made of pure energy. They don't communicate quite like other dragons, but... clearly, they have been touched by humanity.)
Zeilk Dragon Icon.png (It will take time, but perhaps you CAN help us. Against what's coming, humans may be more helpful than we'd ever thought...)
Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png (Then, finally, we can rest...! But first, it looks like O'won has something to say--)
O'won Dragon Icon.png Zol-to! O-won! Bat-tle!

Origin of Void[edit source | VE]

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