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Story of the Tyrants

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All Dialogues from the Tyrant Islands are gathered here in chronological order.

Prisoners of the Northern Lights[edit source | edit]

Arya.png I can't believe it...! I'm not JUST meeting my greatest hero and biggest inspiration -- I'm escorting her on a top-secret dragon-finding mission!
Arya.png AND I'm about to introduce her to my... g-girlfriend! Ah! Oh gosh, suddenly I'm as bashful as Ned!
Portia Penanze.png Easy there, kiddo. I'm sure I don't need to remind you -- this is no joyride. If my research is sound, we're about to deal with some tough customers, and I'm not just talking about the--
Paola Rodrigo.png V-Vikings! Ms. Portia, please -- leave me here and save yourself!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ah, a nice warm welcome to offset the Vikolandian chill. Arya, what's with the pipsqueak and the, uh... *ahem* N-Nice to meet you, ma'am.
Arya.png Eliza! This is the legendary, iconic, super-mega-powerful, awesome Dragon Trainer AND war hero, Ms. Portia Penanze... and her research student, Paola!
Dunkelviking.png Dragon Girl's enthusiasm is blinding as always, but she's right. Mind your manners, Eliza -- you're in the presence of a truly legendary warrior!
Portia Penanze.png Hmph. I didn't think humility or honor were concepts that Vikings understood. Especially not the Dunkelviking himself.
Dunkelviking.png I go by Duncan these days... but this isn't about me. Come! I hope you brought some powerful beasts with you -- the path to our destination is long and treacherous!

Dunkelviking.png Everyone accounted for? Good. We made it in one piece... to the most secluded spot in Vikolandia: Eliza's bachelor pad!
Eliza the Masculine.png Don't judge me, brother! I have to hide away from Mother's meddling SOMEhow. Besides, it's not so bad if you don't let the terrifying, mysterious howling in the woods get to you.
Portia Penanze.png That howling, young lady, is the reason we're here today. You certainly picked a dangerous place to shack up. We're not far from the Lake of Tears, are we?
Eliza the Masculine.png N-No... we're not. It's nearby, but nobody goes there. The frozen cavern on the lake has been cursed for hundreds of years. ... It's the only way I could get my mom to leave me alone.
Portia Penanze.png Well, Paola? What do you think? I'm sure you gave it a good listen on the walk here... Curse, or dragon?
Paola Rodrigo.png ... It's too sad to be a curse, I think. It's a dragon. But I'd need to get closer to make sure.
Dunkelviking.png How do you know that, lass? Stories of the ghosts that haunt the Lake of Tears and the Howling Cavern reach back to before Mama Gunhilda's time!
Portia Penanze.png Paola is an expert in dragon empathy. If she thinks it's a dragon, she's probably right. In fact, one of them's been following us through the woods this whole time.
Arya.png I think Paola's on to something, but I've never felt a dragon presence like this before! Our dragons will need a rest before we try to handle it...
Portia Penanze.png I agree. We'll put on some tea, let our dragons nap, and make our way to the Lake of Tears... You DO have tea here, don't you?
Eliza the Masculine.png Erm... Does grog count?

Arya.png Huh... No wonder you guys never come around here. It really does feel haunted, and poor Eliza's afraid of ghosts!
Eliza the Masculine.png D-Don't tell them that! Besides, if it's just a dragon haunting this place, I've got nothing to worry about.
Portia Penanze.png I wouldn't write off our threat just yet, little Viking. Ghosts can't hurt you, but dragons can, and will.
Paola Rodrigo.png N-No, Ms. Portia! We mustn't fight these dragons! They've suffered enough already...
Portia Penanze.png Dragons, and humans, cope with their suffering in many different ways, Paola. Some find comfort in combat. More importantly -- is there a way inside this structure?
Daemonia Dragon Icon.png ...
Portia Penanze.png Get behind me, everyone!!! This could be our quarry.
Arya.png Wait! I'll try to understand what it's saying...
Arya.png Ugh... this is weird. It's friendly, I think, but I can't make sense of its words.
Eliza the Masculine.png I can't either. It sounds ALMOST like an Ancient Dragon... but not quite. At most, I can tell it wants us to follow it. I don't suppose we have a choice?

Arya.png Wow... This place is beautiful! But more than that, it's HUGE. Did the Vikings really have no idea a cavern like this existed?
Portia Penanze.png I believe secrecy is the point. Somebody, long ago, wanted to keep these dragons hidden away.
Portia Penanze.png And if those "somebodies" were ancient Vikings, well... that would be in character for thoughtless conquerors, wouldn't it?
Eliza the Masculine.png Feh! Thoughtless? One does not conquer the entire Dragolandian archipelago without using their brains! Tell her, Dunky!
Dunkelviking.png Huh? Listen, sister, I'm not interested in arguing with the Hero of Numa -- I'm too busy enjoying the acoustics of this cavern...!
Dunkelviking.png FA LA LA LA LA~!
Prisma Dragon Icon.png !!!
Portia Penanze.png Oho! Perhaps I've underestimated you people -- I'd no idea the Dunkelviking indulged in opera. Dragon-approved, no less! I think you've just discovered our way forward.
Dunkelviking.png We've gotten a bit more complicated than you may remember, Portia Penanze!

Eliza the Masculine.png Th-This is incredible...! An ancient Viking throne room! Dunky, I had no idea this existed!
Dunkelviking.png I didn't either... and Mother drilled me on Viking history until I could recite it in my sleep. This place could be completely undiscovered!
Eliza the Masculine.png Could it have belonged to Carnelia Carnage -- the first Viking queen?
Arya.png You know, Ned's been compiling his notes on the ancient past... He might be able to shed some light on this, but he's all the way back in Numa!
Paola Rodrigo.png I, um... I could sketch the room in my notebook, so we can show him when we return...! I sorta, uh, specialize in details like this.
Arya.png You're an artist, Paola? Oh, wow! Let me see--!
Portia Penanze.png History will help us figure out what these dragons are, but remember: Our number one priority is getting them out of here safely... Stay focused.
Paola Rodrigo.png I agree, Ms. Portia... But I have to tell you, in this room, the dragons seem very calm. It's almost as though... this was a sanctuary.
Aureum Lumen Dragon Icon.png ...
Paola Rodrigo.png But, sanctuary or not, there's still something wrong... We should follow this one. I-I think it needs help.

Paola Rodrigo.png U-Ugh...! This is it... this is where the wave of sorrow is coming from...! The howling sound... it's from the wind rushing through its frozen spines...
Portia Penanze.png Gather around, team. We're freeing this dragon.
Eliza the Masculine.png Are you kidding? We don't even know what it is! What if it's been frozen for a reason? I don't want this thing ravaging Vikolandia!
Portia Penanze.png No dragon deserves this. No matter what it's done, it deserves the chance to live, and it's my life's work to provide that. I think you may understand what I mean, young lady.
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I wouldn't even be here if Arya didn't take a second chance on me. Fine. I'll help. Let's free this beast.
Dunkelviking.png I'll lend you the power of my immense muscles! Our Fire Dragons can't handle a job this mighty on their own!
Portia Penanze.png Thank you, both of you. I clearly misjudged you. I'd be grateful for any help you could give us...
Portia Penanze.png We'll need strong hands to transport these dragons back to Numa. They can heal at my Dragon Sanctuary... and I'm sure my old comrade Hogwin will want a look at them.
Arya.png I get the feeling they hold more secrets than we think... And I can't wait to figure out how THEY think!

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