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Sweepstakes are occasional, official, out-of-game contests hosted or sponsored by Gameloft. The prize offered most often is Gems, but there have been giveaways that included Dragons. Winner(s) is/are either chosen by Gameloft committee (in accordance with certain rules and requirements) or drawn at random. Some contests share the same theme and date, but are held on different platforms (with winners selected separately). Furthermore, the majority of the contests take place on the Dragon Mania Legends' official Facebook page.

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Out-of-game Sweepstakes and Community Challenges are not tracked on this wiki, as this wiki concerns in-game events, activities, and features only.


Note: This page is not updated as the events are external to the game (this wiki documents game features), though the information can be found on the respective (external) Facebook page.

More Past Examples
Promotion Sweepstakes Interval Participant
Me & My Dragon Sweepstakes Promotion.jpg Me & My Dragon 29 January - 15 February 2015 Photograph themselves playing the game, and gather the most Facebook likes for it. Any Dragon (that existed in-game) of their choice.
Draw a Dragon Sweepstakes Promotion.jpg Draw a Dragon Contest 7-22 January 2016 Create their own Dragon and e-mail it to Gameloft. The winning drawing was later turned into an actual Dragon.
Titan Dragon Promotion (DML in the City! - Sweepstakes).jpg DML in the City! - Facebook 13-20 July 2016 Photograph themselves playing the game. A randomly selected winner in 1st place was awarded Titan Dragon.
DML in the City! - Instagram Photograph themselves playing the game and post it with hashtag #DMLintheCity.
Bundt Dragon Promotion (Memories of Dragolandia - Sweepstakes).jpg Memories of Dragolandia - Facebook 6-9 January 2017 Share a memory of their game experience on the contest thread. 10 randomly selected winners were awarded Bundt Dragon.
Memories of Dragolandia - Instagram Post an image of any game element, write in its description their favorite memory of playing, and tag it with hashtag #DMLFavoriteMemory.
Memories of Dragolandia - Art 10-17 January 2017 Turn their favorite memory of playing the game into a piece of art. 10 chosen winners were awarded Bundt Dragon.
Memories of Dragolandia - YouTube 12-19 January 2017 Answer, in the comment section of a YouTube video, what made them start playing the game and why they are still playing. 3 randomly selected winners were awarded Bundt Dragon.
Archangel Dragon Promotion (Dynamic Dragon Duo - Sweepstakes).jpg Dynamic Dragon Duo - Facebook 10-14 February 2017 Post the names of two Dragons they think would make the most 'dynamic duo' on the contest thread. 3 randomly selected winners were awarded Archangel Dragon.
Dynamic Dragon Duo - Instagram Post a picture of two Dragons in the Breeding Den they think make the perfect couple, tagging it with hashtag #DMLDynamicDuo. A randomly selected winner was awarded Archangel Dragon.
Root Dragon Promotion (Mentors of Dragolandia - Sweepstakes).jpg Mentors of Dragolandia 17 November - 8 December 2017 Post comments in existing threads or create new threads related to Dragon Mania Legends in the Official Forum (now closed). A winner in 1st place was awarded Root Dragon.
Ice Cream Dragon Promotion (Summertime Sweepstakes!).jpg Summertime Sweepstakes! 8-12 June 2018 Follow the official Instagram account and like the submission post. 3 randomly selected winners were awarded Ice Cream Dragon.
Lantern Dragon Promotion (Big Kick Cup Sweepstakes).jpg Big Kick Cup 29 June - 3 July 2018 Follow the official Facebook account of Dragon Mania Legends and like the submission post. 1 randomly selected winner was awarded Lantern Dragon.
Heimdall Dragon Promotion (The Trials of Odin - Sweepstakes).jpg The Trials of Odin 5-12 November 2018 Like the representative picture and to comment on it, specifying the third Element of the Heimdall Dragon. 1 randomly selected winner was awarded Heimdall Dragon.
Aphrodite Dragon Promotion (Goddess of Love - Sweepstakes).jpg Goddess of Love 14-18 February 2019 Follow the official Instagram account, like the representative picture, and then comment on it specifying the correct answer to the riddle. 3 randomly selected winners were awarded Aphrodite Dragon.
Pisces Dragon Promotion (Pisces Sweepstakes).jpg Pisces Sweepstakes - Facebook 29-31 January 2020 Comment on the announcement post their favorite Dragon from the Zodiac Collections. 1 randomly selected winner was awarded Pisces Dragon.
Pisces Sweepstakes - Instagram

Community Challenges

Community challenges are occasional, official, out-of-game challenges or contests hosted or sponsored by Gameloft.

Community MVP

Community MVPs are community members, typically originating on social media, selected by Gameloft to receive MVP rewards. Community members are selected for criteria such as: being regular contributors, providing polite feedback on the game, helping out other players with questions, or "simply making us smile". Community members who receive Community MVP rewards receive the Community MVP Badge.png Community MVP Badge. Volunteers on the fan-created DML Wiki can also be nominated to win MVPs rewards and receive the badge for routinely helping to maintain the site.

Fan Art Contests

Fan art contests are contests hosted or sponsored by Gameloft that celebrate DML-related artistic achievement, or sometimes are contests for designing dragons. Winners of Fan Art contests receive the Fan-Art Club Badge.png Fan-Art Club Badge.


Occasionally, Gameloft may do a survey that is promoted in-game but leads to an out-of game activity that gives rewards to community members in exchange for survey completion.

Quizzes and Other Activities

Community Gifts

Occasionally, Gameloft may provide gifts to the community of players.

See Also

  • See also Community Events, for in-game community events that may involve cross-platform events.


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