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Template documentation
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The {{documentation}} template includes documentation from its /doc subpage, on a main template page. This allows template documentation to be updated without having to edit the template itself.

Template Page

At the bottom of a template page put:

<!-- Add categories to the /doc subpage -->

Next, preview the page (if no /doc page exists) which displays a redlink, click that to get the doc page started.

Subpage (/doc)

At the top of the /doc page put the following:

<noinclude>{{documentation subpage}}</noinclude>
<!-- Plain text descriptions, then examples, then template data here -->
* <code><nowiki></nowiki></code> gives:
<!-- result here if not live query -->

<!-- delete if not needed 
To convert this query to non-live while retaining its row formatting, set:
<code>|template = <pre >Name-CargoRow</ pre></code> 

==See Also== 
* {{template|Template}}, the template that does something as related to this one, for easy finding.
* {{ctg|Dragons}}, a category (or page or something) related to this template's use (if applicable/helpful when working on the template or its docs).  

<!-- Categories below this line -->


Move Doc Text & Data

Next, move existing non-template content after the first {{documentation}} line, and before the <includeonly>:

  • Necessary text blurbs go first (unless it is just template data, see below).
  • Examples go next, under an ==Example(s)== heading.
  • Template data goes next (before the <includeonly> section).


Categories are moved into the <includeonly> section of the /doc page. These categories are then applied to the template page from the /doc page via transclusion. The only exceptions to this are when:

See Also

This template is for linking to documentation moved to a /doc subpage, particularly useful when a template already has significant content and documentation/template data clutters up the template too much.

Template parameters

No parameters specified
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