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Fully-automated Template

This template is now fully automated, it should only need editing when an occasional or new event type needs added. Old examples are listed below.

Clan Siege Event.png
Clan Siege (22/10/03)

Gold Collecting Event.png
Golden Gatherer (22/10/14)

Feeding Event.pngVIP Status Icon.png
Dinnertime! (22/10/14)

Solo Event.png
Solo Adventure (22/10/03)

Calendar Event.png
Treasure Days (22/09/30)

Season Pass Premium.png
Dragonmaster Pass (22/09/14)

Extraordinary Materials - Any.png
Arena Season 18

Clan Dragon Silhouette.png


  • Some clan events show both: Event ends in 3d 1h 49m 0s. Event has ended. likely for the same reason.
  • Eventbox would need a parameter added for custom slider icon (just "icon" would be fine)
    • When ( ? ) icon shows up on the slider, it would be a direct visual reminder to change the icon in the event page (though still looking for a nicer generic icon for generic event).
  • Should add a note in Template:Event, Template:EventBox, and Template:EventDurationFromName (maybe also Template:EventTypeFromName), that whenever a new event type and category is added, these need modification for slider. Put on Workflow page.
  • We'd need some extra, alternative generic images (one for milestones events, one for chest opening events etc). Or to rework the template part that determines how to grab these images.

For testing

Selects pages in Category:Events, that are not in Category:Event Ended, whose title has "(22" (current year in it). Excludes categories, or user space pages. Uses a template (dpltablerow) to format the output. Debugging message 0 = off, changes format to fully custom, limits count of output results to 60, sets a cache period.


First Arena season was June 10th 2021, but started late, it should occur on Mondays. This calculates using June 7th 2021 (Monday, as if its first occurrence was on its "proper" Monday just prior, same as the second iteration started on July 5th 2021, which was a Monday). The event reoccurred every 4 weeks thereafter, at the same time/date and thus is calculated as such using Parser Functions in the formatting template {{EventBox.sliderdpltablerow}}

  • Seconds in a day, 86400.
  • Seconds in 4 weeks 86400 * 28 = 2419200.

  • Arena Season {{#expr: ceil (({{#time:xNU|now|UTC}} - {{#time:xNU|7 June 2021|UTC}}) / 2419200)}}

Round up (ceiling): Arena Season 18

  • {{#time:j F Y|7 June 2021 + {{#expr:(ceil(({{#time:xNU|now|UTC}} - {{#time:xNU|7 June 2021|UTC}}) / 2419200 )) * 4}}Weeks}}

Calculated ending time: 24 October 2022

Intended Result:

  • {{Event|Arena Season 18|<!-- Start is automatic -->|24 October 2022|image=Extraordinary Materials - Any |link=Dragon_League}}


Extraordinary Materials - Any.png
Arena Season 18

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