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See Template:Update/Values which stores the Cargo table values passed to it by this template.


Single line: * {{update|7.4|Added x feature}} gives a result like:

Note: Notice there's no period on a single line, as a period is always added right before the }}.

Multiple line:

* {{update|7.4|Added x feature.
** Removed y feature.
** Fixed a bug in z that caused a visual glitch on z event screen}}

Gives a result like:

  • Update 7.4: Added x feature.
    • Removed y feature.
    • Fixed a bug in z that caused a visual glitch on z event screen.

Note: Notice there is a period on every line except the last one, as a period is always added right before the }}.

See Also

  • {{UpdateDetails}}, the template that gets page names and History section notes from this template, that have the matching update number.
  • {{UpdateDragons}}, the template that queries/lists Dragon pages that have the matching update number on update pages.
  • {{updates}}, the navbox template used at the bottom of update pages to aid quick navigation between update pages.

Used to specify update numbers the "History" sections of pages, but also feeds these notes to update pages. (Each same-numbered history page (e.g., 7.4) queries all pages that use that number, and lists all {update} template page names and details. So, adding history notes with this template automatically created the update details section on the corresponding update page.)

Template parameters

Update Number1 update

Enter the update number, in float (with decimal) format.

Update Text2 text

Make text as concise and neutral as possible and write in past tense. Begin every text entry with the most appropriate action word such as: "Introduced" (entirely new features), "Added" (additions to existing features), "Renamed", "Replaced", "Increased","Raised", "Enabled", "Decreased", "Discontinued", "Moved", "Dropped support for", "Transferred", "Modified", "Renamed", "Altered x to accommodate y", "Made", "Revamped", "Changed" (too many to list, link to instead), etc. Avoid language like "will", "got", and "in order to". Only use "Trainer" when necessary (players know who they are).


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