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Time Rift

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Time Rift.png

Time Rift was a small island located south of the Main Island that was visible between the 22nd of February and the 1st of April 2019. The island could also be accessed through the Divine Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Time Rift was the hub for the Chronosian Divine Thematic, which took place between the 1st of March and the 8th of April.

The period of time during the appearance of the Time Rift displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Various Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or some from bundles, although independent of the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards, even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of the Time Rift events, the Chrono Aphrodite Dragon and the Root Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as result of the other Time Rift events. To get the Chrono Aphrodite Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Timeless Beauty collection and to get the Root Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Growing Power collection.

Divine Chest Button - Chronosian (Time Rift).png Collection Button (Timeless Beauty).png Events Button (Time Rift).png Special Offers Button - Chapter I (Time Rift).png


The Divine Chest offers the Trainer a chance to obtain prizes such as decorations, Dragon Fury Essences, and Dragons. The other events offer a variety of rewards including event tickets and various Dragons.

The main events of the time Rift were:

Tap the arrows ▲▼ to sort by columns, shift-click additional arrows to sort by more than one column.
Year Month Day Event Type Prize Notes
2019 March 1 Nature's Grace Solo Events Springtime Dragon Icon.png Springtime Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 1 Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Events Go Green Dragon Icon.png Go Green Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 1 Dinnertime! Feeding Events Turf Dragon Icon.png Turf Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 1 Timeless Beauty Collection Events Chrono Aphrodite Dragon Icon.png Chrono Aphrodite Dragon Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 1 Growing Power Collection Events Root Dragon Icon.png Root Dragon
2019 March 1 Divine Chest Chest Opening Events Molten Dragon Icon.png Molten Dragon
Hellion Dragon Icon.png Hellion Dragon
Sunset Dragon Icon.png Sunset Dragon
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png Poseidon Dragon
Fairy Dragon Icon.png Fairy Dragon
Chrono Zeus Dragon Icon.png Chrono Zeus Dragon
Cyber Dragon Icon.png Cyber Dragon
Runic Dragon Icon.png Runic Dragon
Dragon Pieces Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 7 Light of the Party Arcade Events Torch Dragon Icon.png Torch Dragon
Revelry Dragon Icon.png Revelry Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 8 Farming Fanatic Food Gathering Events Rosie Dragon Icon.png Rosie Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 8 Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Events Dainty Dragon Icon.png Dainty Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 11 Boss Challenge Relay Events Flutterby Dragon Icon.png Flutterby Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 15 Dinnertime! Feeding Events Perfume Dragon Icon.png Perfume Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 15 Golden Gatherer Gold Collecting Events Xylophone Dragon Icon.png Xylophone Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 18 Petals O' Plenty Gem Spending Events Phoenix Dragon Icon.png Phoenix Dragon
Petal Dragon Icon.png Petal Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 22 Heaven & Hades Castle Events Hermes Dragon Icon.png Hermes Dragon
Chrono Hades Dragon Icon.png Chrono Hades Dragon
Vivid Dragon Icon.png Vivid Dragon
Stones Icon.png Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 29 Dinnertime! Feeding Events Go Green Dragon Icon.png Go Green Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 March 29 Golden Gatherer Gold Collecting Events Axolotl Dragon Icon.png Axolotl Dragon Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png


Pile of Stones.png

The Enter the Divine Castle button accessed the current Castle Event. This option had the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. The button typically displayed a castle background or Dragon, and the time left until the event ended.

Divine Tickets

Pile of Divine Tickets (Time Rift).png

Divine Tickets Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png were available throughout the entire event and had the sole purpose of opening the Divine Chest. These could be purchased in exchange for Gems or could be obtained from: bundles, the Boss Challenge, Zeus's Totem, Otto's Lotto, from other events running during that period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Pile of Divine Tickets (Time Rift).png
Pile of Tickets
Sack of Divine Tickets (Time Rift).png
Sack of Tickets
Bucket of Divine Tickets (Time Rift).png
Bucket of Tickets
Chest of Divine Tickets (Time Rift).png
Chest of Tickets
Cave of Tickets (Not Offered).png
Cave of Tickets
Island of Tickets (Not Offered).png
Island of Tickets
1 Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png for 10 Gems Icon.png 15 Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png for 150 Gems Icon.png 55 Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png for 500 Gems Icon.png 175 Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png Not Offered Not Offered

Divine Chest

Divine Chest (Time Rift).png

The Divine Chest button allowed the Trainer to access the Chest Room, where Tickets could be exchanged to open Divine Chests. The Divine Chest button itself typically displayed the chest or the main reward Dragon. In the top corner was a i or I Icon.png button that could be pressed to display all possible rewards held in Divine Chests. It also displayed the number of items awarded for each chest opened, and the information cards also displayed a i button that could be used to bring up the awarding stats.

Prize Amount/Card Chance
Chrono Zeus Dragon.png
Chrono Zeus Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.39 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.32 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.05 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.02 %
120 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.002 %
Poseidon Dragon.png
Poseidon Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.39 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.37 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.05 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.02 %
120 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.006 %
Hellion Dragon.png
Hellion Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 14.77 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.85 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.65 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.37 %
80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.05 %
Cyber Dragon.png
Cyber Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 11.08 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.48 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.55 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.19 %
80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.03 %
Molten Dragon.png
Molten Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 14.77 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.85 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.74 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.37 %
Runic Dragon.png
Runic Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 12.93 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.29 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.65 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.32 %
Sunset Dragon.png
Sunset Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 14.77 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.85 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.65 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.37 %
80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.05 %
Fairy Dragon.png
Fairy Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.85 %
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.46 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.32 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.14 %
100 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.02 %

Zeus's Totem

A Chronosian totem that grants you beautiful hand-painted Divine Tickets every so often.

Zeus's Totem.png

Zeus's Totem generated Divine Tickets at 1 per 6 hours, and it held a maximum of 4 Tickets.



Heaven & Hades

Professor Hogwin.png Ned! Arya! Come quick! I've received some news of dire importance!
Arya.png What's going on, Professor? Is it about dragons? I hope it's about dragons...
Professor Hogwin.png How did you guess? In any case, I was given a message by the Hermes Dragon: It appears that Chronos, the dragon master of time, is in need of our help.
Professor Hogwin.png The events at the Golden Pyramid appear to have caused a RIFT in space-time! We need to make sure nothing dangerous comes through.
Professor Hogwin.png While Chronos tries to fix it, I'm sending you two and your Trainer friend into the Rift to investigate. Who KNOWS what sorts of wonders await you within?!
Ned.png "Wonders" is an interesting way of saying "dangers," Dad. *sigh* At least we have another powerful Trainer with us... Are you ready?

Arya.png Holy Chronos, Ned! We've been on a lot of crazy adventures, but I've NEVER seen anything like this! It's like Mount Dragolympus, but... mashed together!
Ned.png I REALLY don't like the sound of that!
Arya.png Aw, Ned, don't be scared. The Hermes Dragon is here to help us... and our Trainer friend too! Now let's explore!

Arya.png Brant! Is that you? How did you manage to get inside the Rift? It's too dangerous for you to be here!
Brant.png Quiet, Dragon Girl! I snuck in alongside you because I'm... conveniently sized!
Ned.png M-m-more importantly... what in the name of Dragolandia is THAT?!
Brant.png You mean this dragon I found? I dunno! But it looks powerful, and if I can beat you and take it back to the Vikings -- I'll finally be a REAL villain!

Brant.png Drat! I guess this dragon's no good. Just you wait -- I'll get you, and capture all the weird dragons in the Rift for the Vikings!
Ned.png Brant, wait! I'm too scared to chase you!
Arya.png The Hermes Dragon seems confused... Oh! I get it. Brant's dragon looks a lot like the Hades Dragon Hogwin and I found on Mount Dragolympus!
Arya.png Hermes Dragon, you know the Hades Dragon, don't you? But this one looks so strange... Is it even really the Hades Dragon we know?

Arya.png Wow! Have you guys ever seen dragons like these? Even the Hermes Dragon is in disbelief!
Ned.png I wonder... Dad said this Rift was caused by a break in space-time. Maybe that means dragons from other dimensions were able to get inside...
Arya.png Fighting super-cool dragons from another dimension? How can I pass THAT up?! Come on; let's go!

Ned.png Whew. We're lucky those dragons didn't use any crazy, mind-breaking alternate dimension attacks or anything...
Arya.png A dragon is a dragon is a dragon -- no matter what dimension they come from! I hope we can meet them all again.
Ned.png *sigh* I guess it's what Dad would want...

Ned.png Look, guys! I found a key... I wonder if doors here work like normal or if they'll send us into some endless space vortex or, or--
Arya.png Only one way to find out! Here, Ned, your hand is shaking -- why don't we let our friend do the honors?

Arya.png How about that, Ned? We didn't get sucked into the vacuum of space after all!
Ned.png Darn. I was kind of hoping that door would just lead us back home...
Arya.png Let's keep searching the Rift. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, Trainer!

Ned.png EEEEEK! Wh-wh-what kind of dragon is THAT?!
Arya.png Oh, Ned! It's just the Poseidon Dragon -- the Divine Dragon of water from Dragolympus. I wonder what it's doing here. Any ideas, Hermes Dragon?
Brant.png It's here to do MY bidding! That's right, scaredy-Ned, I've got a dragon GOD under my thumb, and it only sprayed water at me TWICE!

Brant.png Ugh, you useless dragon--! Uh, um, I-I mean-- BYE!
Ned.png Brant, you can't keep tangling with Divine Dragons like this! That Poseidon Dragon isn't gonna tolerate it!
Arya.png He'll get in trouble if we don't catch up with him... But at least the Poseidon Dragon is safe. Hermes Dragon, do you think it got lost in the Rift?
Ned.png I wonder if the Rift has been drawing the Divines to it? Like moths to a flame... or dragons to a really, really big vacuum.

Arya.png Found another key, Trainer? Thanks!
Ned.png Let's go to the next area, then...

Arya.png Wooooow. This place is beautiful!
Ned.png Arya, watch your step! The floor tiles are coming apart!
Ned.png Sheesh. It's like a full-time job watching over her... Huh? You think I should worry less?

Brant.png NOW you're gonna get it, you simpletons! THIS dragon looks super cool, and it's gonna crush you! Agh! Stop licking me, Vivid Dragon!
Ned.png Considering the context, I'm not sure you should be calling us "simpletons"...
Arya.png That Vivid Dragon is from another dimension, Brant. Are you sure you know what you're doing...? How about a nice how-do-you-do first?

Brant.png ARGH! Can't you guys just let me take ONE cool dragon back to the Vikings?!
Arya.png Not if you're gonna force them to battle! They're visitors here, you know!
Brant.png Bad guys aren't nice to visitors, doofus! Whatever -- I'll be back with even COOLER dragons!

Arya.png Look Ned, the Vivid Dragon wants to come with us! I can't wait to show it around Dragolandia!
Ned.png H-hi Vivid Dragon... Do you come in peace?

Arya.png Whoa. This is ALMOST exactly like depths of Mount Dragolympus! If Hogwin saw this, it'd knock his socks off!
Ned.png Speaking of socks coming off, it's HOT in here! Where's all that lava coming from? Aren't we in space?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

Brant.png Guess who, chumps? I'm back with the Hades Dragon! God of... um... stuff that's underground, maybe!
Ned.png Brant, that's not the Hades Dragon! The Hermes Dragon doesn't even recognize it. It's from... somewhere else! We don't know what it's capable of!
Arya.png We should probably call it something else, right? Oh, how about... Chrono Hades! You know, because of Chronos!

Arya.png Go free, Chrono Hades! And Brant, you go on home! I'm sure your parents wouldn't want you playing in a time Rift!
Brant.png I'm NOT playing and you CAN'T catch me!!!
Ned.png *sigh* Somehow he's worse than the Vikings...

Arya.png Let's see. Did we pick up a key? Yup! Lead the way, Hermes Dragon!
Ned.png And not a moment too soon. I'm sweating like a Piggy Bank Dragon!

Arya.png Wow, just look at that, guys! A beautiful, lush temple in a place like this... I wonder which Divine Dragon it's for?
Ned.png I'd rather not stick around and find out, if the Divine Dragon looks anything like Chrono Hades...
Arya.png It's okay, Ned. I don't think the Chrono Divines are interested in hurting us. I bet Chrono Hades just wanted to play with Brant!

Brant.png U-um... g-g-guys? I... I tried getting this dragon to fight you, but it started shooting blue lightning everywhere! I-I can't stop it! I'm scared!
Ned.png Th-the Hermes Dragon is frightened too -- and let's not even get STARTED on me! What do we do, guys?
Arya.png I had a hunch when I saw that that temple... This must be the Chrono Zeus Dragon! The only thing we can do is try to fight it and calm it down!

Brant.png I-I'm sick of this place AND of you losers! I'm out of here!
Arya.png Brant, wait! We're running out of places to chase you!
Ned.png Whew... At least the Chrono Zeus Dragon seems to have calmed down. I wonder if it was just as frightened as us, being in a totally alien place...

Arya.png Now that we have a key, let's finally grab Brant and go home to give our findings to the Professor!
Ned.png Sounds good to me. I've been taking notes to show Dad... which is easier said than done considering, you know, all the trembling...
Arya.png You're doing great, Ned. And you too, Trainer!

Arya.png Braaaaaant! Where aaare yooou? It's time for dragons and Trainers and wannabe Vikings to go home!
Ned.png You know, the more we walk around the more I get used to this place. It really IS fascinating!
Ned.png Or maybe it's just the fact there are no narrow walkways over endless abysses in this part of the Rift...

Arya.png THERE you are, Brant! Are you in trouble with another Chrono Divine?
Brant.png N-no... It saw me get scared and tried to take me under its wing...
Brant.png I think it wants to battle you to make sure you're strong enough to take me home... N-not that I need to be chaperoned!

Arya.png See, Chrono Aphrodite? We don't want to hurt Brant -- we just wanna take him home. And we want to thank you for watching over him!
Ned.png A-and if you and the other Chrono Divines need a place to stay, well, Dragolandia is pretty nice!
Arya.png Wow, Ned -- that was really brave of you! And I agree! The dragons here could have gotten lost. Why don't we give them homes?
Ned.png (I kinda just wanted to ask the Chrono Aphrodite Dragon who my soul mate might be, actually...)

Professor Hogwin.png Welcome back! I'm glad to see Chronos retrieved you all in one piece... and with new friends! Your excursion was fruitful!
Arya.png It was absolutely amazing, Professor! We saw dragons from all different dimensions!
Ned.png But we still don't know where they came from, or even what they are exactly... and we have no idea what could come through that Rift into our world!
Professor Hogwin.png Quite right, Ned -- the whole thing bears further study... of the serious sort! For now, let's welcome our new dragon guests.

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