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Time Rift III

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Time Rift III.png

Time Rift was a small island located south of the Main Island that was once again visible between the 31st of July and the 2nd of September 2019, this time with the Egypt Divine Theme reloaded. The island could also be accessed through the Divine Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Time Rift was the hub for the Chronosian Divine Thematic, which took place between the 1st and the 31st of August 2019.

The period of time during the appearance of Time Rift, the event displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Various Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or some from bundles, although independent of the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards, even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Time Rift events, the Chrono Isis Dragon and the Apep Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as a result of the other Time Rift events. To get the Chrono Isis Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Guardian Goddess collection and to get the Apep Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Snake Charmer collection.

Divine Chest Button - Chronosian (Time Rift III).png Chest Milestones Button (Time Rift III).png
Events Button (Time Rift III).png
Collection Button (Time Rift III).png Special Offers Button (Time Rift III).png

The main features were the Divine Chest, River Raid event with the Dile Dragon, the Motley Fruit event with the Mosaic Dragon, the Boss Challenge with Black Hole Dragon, the National Treasure event, Caretaker's Quest and the Afterlife Adventure event with the Chrono Apep Dragon, Anubis Dragon, and Cherry Wyrm Dragon. The Divine Chest offered the Trainer a chance to obtain several prizes, such as decorations, Dragon Fury Essences and Dragons while the Boss Challenge offered the Black Hole Dragon as its main reward, once it was completed.

Events[edit source | edit]

The main events of the Time Rift III were:

Tap the arrows ▲▼ to sort by columns, shift-click additional arrows to sort by more than one column.
Year Month Day Event Type Prize Notes
2019 August 1 Guardian Goddess Collection Events Chrono Isis Dragon Icon.png Chrono Isis Dragon
Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 16 Farming Fanatic Food Gathering Events Chestnut Dragon Icon.png Chestnut Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 1 Chest Milestones Milestone Rewards Events Typhoon Dragon Icon.png Typhoon Dragon
Castle Dragon Icon.png Castle Dragon
Ironfire Dragon Icon.png Ironfire Dragon
Deco Dragon Icon.png Deco Dragon
Osiris Dragon Icon.png Osiris Dragon
Hippo Dragon Icon.png Hippo Dragon
Isis Dragon Icon.png Isis Dragon
Priestess Dragon Icon.png Priestess Dragon
Chrono Seth Dragon Icon.png Chrono Seth Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 30 Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Events Hippie Dragon Icon.png Hippie Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 30 Farming Fanatic Food Gathering Events Perfume Dragon Icon.png Perfume Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 23 Dinnertime! Feeding Events Jester Dragon Icon.png Jester Dragon
2019 August 23 Afterlife Adventure Castle Events Anubis Dragon Icon.png Anubis Dragon
Chrono Apep Dragon Icon.png Chrono Apep Dragon
Cherry Wyrm Dragon Icon.png Cherry Wyrm Dragon
Sapphires Icon.png Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 19 Caretaker's Quest Solo Events Nurture Dragon Icon.png Nurture Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 16 Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Events Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Rock Snake Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 2 Farming Fanatic Food Gathering Events Jester Dragon Icon.png Jester Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 12 Boss Challenge Relay Events Black Hole Dragon Icon.png Black Hole Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 9 Golden Gatherer Gold Collecting Events Block Dragon Icon.png Block Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 9 Dinnertime! Feeding Events Envy Dragon Icon.png Envy Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 8 Motley Fruit Arcade Events Mosaic Dragon Icon.png Mosaic Dragon
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png Prickly Pear Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 2 Snake Charmer Collection Events Apep Dragon Icon.png Apep Dragon
2019 August 2 River Raid Solo Events Dile Dragon Icon.png Dile Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 2 Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Events Sparkler Dragon Icon.png Sparkler Dragon
Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png
2019 August 1 Divine Chest Chest Opening Events Deco Dragon Icon.png Deco Dragon
Osiris Dragon Icon.png Osiris Dragon
Envoy Dragon Icon.png Envoy Dragon
Fennec Dragon Icon.png Fennec Dragon
Mau Dragon Icon.png Mau Dragon
Tundra Dragon Icon.png Tundra Dragon
Bonewing Dragon Icon.png Bonewing Dragon
Chrono Seth Dragon Icon.png Chrono Seth Dragon
Dragon Pieces Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png

Divine Tickets[edit source | edit]

Pile of Divine Tickets (Time Rift III).png

Divine Tickets Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png were available throughout the whole event and had the sole purpose of opening the Divine Chest. These could be purchased in exchange for Gems or could be obtained from various bundles, from the Boss Challenge, from Pangu's Totem, Otto's Lotto, from other events running during the period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png

Divine Ticket

Sack of Divine Tickets (Time Rift III).png

Sack of Divine Tickets

Bucket of Divine Tickets (Time Rift III).png

Bucket of Divine Tickets

Chest of Divine Tickets (Time Rift III).png

Chest of Divine Tickets

Cave of Divine Tickets

Island of Divine Tickets

1 Divine Ticket for 10 Gems 15 Divine Tickets for 150 Gems 55 Divine Tickets for 500 Gems 175 Divine Tickets for 1,500 Gems
Not Offered

Divine Chest[edit source | edit]

Divine Chest (Time Rift III).png

The Divine Chest button allowed the Trainer to access the Chest Room where Tickets could be exchanged to open Divine Chests. The Divine Chest button itself displayed the time remaining in the event. In the top left-hand corner was a i button which could be pressed to display rewards held in the Divine Chests and the number of items awarded for each chest opened (the information card also displayed a i brought up the awarding stats).

Milestones[edit source | edit]

The Milestones button allowed the Milestone Rewards section to be accessed directly to view progress rewards, and displayed the currency generator associated with the event.

Premium milestone rewards were activated only through the purchase of the event's currency generator. Once activated, additional Milestone Rewards become available.

Chrono Seth's Totem[edit source | edit]

A Chronosian totem that grants you beautiful hand-painted Divine Tickets every so often.

Chrono Seth's Totem.png

Chrono Seth's Totem generated Divine Tickets at 1 per 6 hours, and it held a maximum of 4 Tickets.

Dialogues[edit source | edit]

Professor Hogwin.png Interesting tidings, my young Trainer friends. Can you guess what they are?
Ned.png Please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say...
Arya.png Oh, boy! It's another Space-Time Rift, isn't it?
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed it is! And this time, an unusual friend has shown up to deliver us the news. I don't believe I recognize this beastie...
Arya.png I do! It's the Anubis Dragon. Eliza and I met it at the Golden Pyramid. What have you come to show us, old pal...?

Ned.png I REALLY don't like the looks of this place. W-why are those statues' eyes glowing?!
Arya.png No need to be afraid, Ned. The Anubis Dragon will protect us. After all, it led me safely through the underworld!
Ned.png Yes, Arya. I will trust the big scary dragon who dragged you to the underworld. *sigh* How do I always get caught up in this craziness?!

Arya.png Huh? What's that awful sound?
Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* Oh, hello you two. I've *TWANG* been trying to get this dragon to sing along with my lute, but it just doesn't sound right...
Ned.png That's one heck of an understatement! Can't you cut it out before our ears fall off?
Dunkelviking.png Cut it out? You can't censor my art, insolent whelp!

Dunkelviking.png Pah! If you don't like my sound, I'll go practice elsewhere! *TWANG*
Arya.png How weird. The Osiris Dragon is supposed to judge peoples' souls. Is it saying the Dunkelviking is on to something with his terrible tune?
Ned.png It may be a great judge of souls, but it's a terrible judge of talent! I don't know what the Osiris Dragon wants... but I know I don't like it!

Ned.png Hm, looks like the Anubis Dragon found something... N-no, I don't wanna play fetch with you!
Arya.png Looks like you two are getting along great! But we probably shouldn't play fetch with that key -- it'll help us get deeper into the temple!

Ned.png Hot springs in space-time?! Tell me you're seeing these gravity-defying pools of spring water, too...
Arya.png I sure am. And I wanna take a cosmic dip! Think I can outdo my cannonball splash radius record?
Ned.png Looks like I won't have to stop you this time. The Anubis Dragon seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping you on track...!

Dunkelviking.png Tweedleedlee! Oh, it's you two again. Come to rag on my art, you philistines?
Arya.png Actually, no! You're sounding a little better now, Dunky. What's your secret?
Dunkelviking.png This powerful dragon showed me some patience and kindness, and suddenly my sound... changed. Let me show you hatchlings what I've learned!

Dunkelviking.png *TWAANG* ARGH! You made me break a string!
Arya.png But that Hathor Dragon believes in you, and it's a Divine Dragon of love, so... that must count for something!
Dunkelviking.png Maybe you're right, Dragon Girl. Perhaps it's telling me to... write a love ballad? I need to go think!
Ned.png Wait! It's not safe! *SIGH* How come nobody ever listens when I say that? Hello? Are you listening? Is anyone listening? Ahhhhh...

Ned.png I know it's kind of redundant to say that something weird's going on in a Space-Time Rift, but... something WEIRD's going on!
Ned.png Why do these Ancient Divines seem so invested in the Dunkelviking's lute-playing skills? I just don't get it...
Arya.png For now, let's just follow the Anubis Dragon's lead. It hasn't led us astray in the past OR present. Plus, it just helped us find a key to the next chamber!

Ned.png Wh-whoa! This room is totally collapsing! Watch your step, AryaaAAAGH...!
Arya.png Whoops! Don't worry, Ned; I got you!
Arya.png But you're right -- we DO need to be careful. The Anubis Dragon looks pretty on edge, too...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* *SKRRTCH* You Trainers won't believe it. This dragon's opened up a whole new world of sound for me! Hear that beautiful dissonance? *SKREECH*
Ned.png Ow, my ears! There's nothing beautiful about it, Dunkelviking! G-get away from that dragon before someone gets hurt...!
Arya.png I don't know, Ned... there IS something sort of appealing about that wild sound... But the Apep Dragon of Chaos isn't an ideal jam partner!

Dunkelviking.png Amazing! My sound keeps evolving with each fight! Listen, I've got a bandmate deeper inside that I've got to meet up with, but I'll catch up with you folks later!
Arya.png Play us some more weird stuff when you do!
Ned.png Arya, I can handle scary dragons and space-time and near-death experiences, but I will not stand for another measure of dissonance! I WON'T STAND FOR IT!

Ned.png Arya, I REALLY don't like ANY creature of chaos having influence over the Dunkelviking's music...
Arya.png Well, the Apep Dragon gave us trouble for sure, but it's not EVIL. It just makes sure chaos exists along with order. Everyone needs a bit of BOTH in life.
Ned.png ... That was a surprisingly deep thought! I guess I'll trust your judgment for now.
Arya.png Trust is the ticket, Ned! Now, let's use this key to figure out what ol' Dunky's up to!

Ned.png And I thought the LAST temple chamber was falling apart. This place looks like it was totally torn up...!
Arya.png And it's DARK, too. I can't even see the stars anymore... Let's be careful, Ned.
Dunkelviking.png *twang* ... *twang* ...
Ned.png D-did you hear something...? Something... twangy?

Dunkelviking.png Ha! All I did was strum a bit, and this amazing dragon made all the lights go out AND tore up the temple! I wonder what else I can make it do with my tunes...
Ned.png Th-this is no joke, Dunkelviking! That Ra Dragon protects light and order, and we can't let you snuff either of those out!

Dunkelviking.png *GADUNKADUNK* GRAH! Just when I had found an enthusiastic audience! Well, I won't let that Apep Dragon's lessons go to waste! *TWAAANG*
Arya.png I know your musical career is important, Dunky, but don't you think you're going too far? Your sound is unique, but it's starting to make the Divines batty!
Dunkelviking.png But, Dragon Girl, imagine if I could create unique music, AND command the Divines! Huh, conquest sounds pretty good right about now.

Arya.png I'm so disappointed...! I thought for sure Dunky had finally given up on his awful family business...
Ned.png All this has got me thinking: What if order and chaos aren't two sides of the same coin, but more of... a balancing scale?
Ned.png Could the Apep Dragon and... whoever it's working with... be using the Dunkelviking's music to tip the scale? Could chaos be trying to topple order?!
Arya.png Nice thought, Ned! See? Having you along on adventures is "key"! Ha! Get it? I just found one.

Ned.png Agh! Is that smoke?! That building's on fire! And what are those creepy glowing tendrils?! I wanna go home already!
Arya.png Haha, I can't believe you aren't used to this kind of thing yet.
Ned.png I'm a sensitive little boy with a brave little heart. Now let's just set things right and get out of here before the Dunkelviking's lute destroys the universe...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG-TA-TWANG TWANG* Guten tag, shmoopies! The moon heralds tidings of melon-tasting bonanzas and deep dark dolphin dugouts!
Ned.png ... I think he's lost it. Ugh -- whatever that dragon is, it's making MY mind all fuzzy too!
Arya.png That MUST be the Chrono Apep Dragon -- the Apep Dragon from the future! Its helmet is... gumdrop good like a fishing pole security scarf!
Ned.png Say WHAT?! Oh, no. N-not you, too, Arya! Anubis Dragon, please help?

Ned.png We defeated the Chrono Apep Dragon, but the Dunkelviking and Arya are as loopy as ever!
Ned.png Poor Arya... Let's get her to safety.
Arya.png Wheeeeee!

Ned.png Arya, will you please stop tap dancing for HALF a minute?!
Arya.png My toes are hatching and I gotta set 'em free!!!
Ned.png *SIGH* At least YOU'RE keeping a level head, Anubis Dragon... Huh, never thought I'd get along with a dragon.
Ned.png What's that? You've found a key to the next chamber? Hey, you really are a steady creature.

Ned.png Eep... it's so dark in here... But I've got to be brave!
Ned.png Arya can't help me in the state she's in... Anubis Dragon, I'm putting all my trust in you, okay?
Ned.png Help us solve this mystery, and save all our friends!

Dunkelviking.png *tweedle-twang* Owl flower peanut power! Prepare to be masticated, young larvae! *strummm*
Ned.png What NOW?! Arya, please, I don't know what this dragon does! I can't--
Ned.png Wait... did the Dunkelviking's music just get a LITTLE easier on the ears?

Dunkelviking.png Whuh? Huh? What happened? I feel like my ears just popped... *strumm* Lute sounds good, though.
Arya.png Hogwin's beard! Ned, did we just fight the Chrono Seth Dragon?
Arya.png The Seth Dragon is a dragon of chaos, like the Apep Dragon, but it KNOWS the importance of balance!
Arya.png Chrono Seth Dragon, were you trying to "balance the scale"...? (Speaking of, I feel WAY sturdier on my feet!)

Ned.png I'm so glad you're doing better, Arya! I was worried...
Arya.png Well, thanks to you and the Anubis Dragon, I'm safe. And is it just me, or do I see you two getting along?
Ned.png I... I guess we are! But, uh, can we talk more about how I kept you safe and--
Arya.png Let's go find Dunky! I'm still a little worried about his apparent change of attitude...

Arya.png Oh Dunkyyyy, where are youuuu? We want to hear more tunes!
Ned.png Actually, we want to rescue the Divines and get out of here, Dunky-- I mean, Dunkelviking...
Arya.png Wherever he is, we might as well take our time. This chamber is HUGE! There's so much to explore!

Dunkelviking.png This is the biggest chamber yet, so you must be the head honcho, dragon! I have... *deedleestrum* come to play you a song.
Arya.png This must be the Chrono Isis Dragon! It's supposed to guard fate itself... but something's wrong with it. Now THAT'S foreboding!
Ned.png Arya, I say we let the Dunkelviking play his song. I've got a feeling it'll help the Chrono Isis Dragon feel a little less chaotic...

Dunkelviking.png "Chrono Isis Dragon, you are free to fly. You hold our fates in your clawed hands, and... we should share some pie!" *strum-de-dum* *TWANG*
Ned.png Weird lyrics, weird melody, but... like you said, Arya, life needs a bit of order AND a bit of chaos.
Arya.png And it looks like the Chrono Isis Dragon is all evened out. Whew! Now let's explore the rest of the Rift before heading home!

Arya.png The Divines are all calmed, Dunky's come to his senses, and all's right with space-time.
Ned.png Actually, Arya... *gulp* I think space-time is in for a rude awakening. Remember the prophecies you found at the Golden Pyramid? I found one that's... different.
Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Arya.png Burning fires... PROTO Dragons? What on Dragolandia does THAT mean?! We'd better get everyone out of this Rift and warn Professor Hogwin -- c'mon!

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