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Totem of Friendship

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Totem of Friendship.png
Awards Friendship Points towards rewards, for actions completed when interacting with other Trainers.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Completion of Normal Mode Quest 2
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

7 x 7

The Totem of Friendship is a Building located on the smaller island branching down from the Main Island, placed next to the Clan Fortress and Dragon League. The Totem of Friendship does not need to be assembled or bought, and it unlocks after beating Normal Mode Quest 2 (Mountain Trail). Friendship Points are earned after actions are completed for interacting with other Trainers. Collecting enough Friendship Points yields rewards. 

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Friendship Point Button.pngFriendship Points, for viewing reward milestones.
  2. Upgrade Button.pngUpgrade, for upgrading the Totem of Friendship (appears if upgrades are available).
  3. Information 2 Button.pngInformation, for a tutorial/guide about the Totem of Friendship.

Friendship Points

Friendship Points are earned by performing various social interactions. The number of points given varies depending on the level of the Friendship Totem. Starting at Level 2, the number of Friendship Points received per action is multiplied by an additional x1, from the Level 1 Totem's base stats. Points received are cumulative and unlock rewards when certain milestones are reached.

Action Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Gifting a Friend 5 Friendship Point Icon.png 10 Friendship Point Icon.png 15 Friendship Point Icon.png 20 Friendship Point Icon.png
Help with time reduction 5 Friendship Point Icon.png 10 Friendship Point Icon.png 15 Friendship Point Icon.png 20 Friendship Point Icon.png
A friend used your Helper Dragon in battle 20 Friendship Point Icon.png 40 Friendship Point Icon.png 60 Friendship Point Icon.png 80 Friendship Point Icon.png
Help a friend open a Rusty Gate 25 Friendship Point Icon.png 50 Friendship Point Icon.png 75 Friendship Point Icon.png 100 Friendship Point Icon.png
Help a friend upgrade their Totem 25 Friendship Point Icon.png 50 Friendship Point Icon.png 75 Friendship Point Icon.png 100 Friendship Point Icon.png
Hire a friend's Dragon 50 Friendship Point Icon.png 100 Friendship Point Icon.png 150 Friendship Point Icon.png 200 Friendship Point Icon.png


Rewards consist of the prizes shown in the milestones below. Progress towards rewards can be viewed through the Friendship Point Button.png option.

The amount of Gold and Food received is the amount listed multiplied by the Level Modifier of the Trainer's current level. Leveling up after earning the Gold or Food will not reward the Trainer with extra resources.

Gold Icon.png

Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Balloon Dragon Icon.png
Portal Energy Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Mountain Dragon Icon.png
Portal Energy Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Gems Icon.png
3 every 15,000 points
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 50
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 450
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 1.1k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 2.4k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 4.5k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 7.5k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 12k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 17k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 23k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 32k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 40k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 52.5k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 65k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 80k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 100k
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 100k +

* Amount times the Level Modifier


The totem and be upgraded a total of 3 times to unlock better rewards, the maximum level being level 4. To upgrade the building, select the totem and press the Upgrade Button.png Upgrade button. A window appears displaying how many friends need to be asked for help to upgrade the building, or providing the option to pay 5 Gems per friend instead of asking for help. Pressing the Ask for help button opens Friends List with the Ask! option beside each friend's name, pressing this option sends a request to the friend's inbox. Once the conditions for upgrade are met, the totem is upgraded by opening its interface, then selecting the Upgrade button. Each increase in level boosts the Friendship Point multiplier by 1.

Level Friend Requests
Friendship Point
Experience Reward
Totem of Friendship.png
None x1 Base Friendship Point Actions None
Totem of Friendship Level 2.png
3 x2 Base Friendship Point Actions 400 Experience Icon.png
Totem of Friendship Level 3.png
10 x3 Base Friendship Point Actions
Totem of Friendship Level 4.png
20 x4 Base Friendship Point Actions

Information Button

The Information 2 Button.png Information button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:


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