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Tribal Dragon

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Tribal Dragon.png
Tribal Dragon.png
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This dragon may look pretty tough with its war paint on, but this trainer once had to remove a splinter from its paw and it didn't look very tough then.
Highbred Dragons

Rarity: Rare (classification) Icon.png
Elements: Fire (Element) Icon.png Earth (Element) Icon.png Wind (Element) Icon.png
Health: 206 Health Icon.png
Attack: 63 Damage Icon.png
Gold/Hour: 330 Gold Icon.png
Experience: 10 Experience Icon.png
Selling Value: 75 Selling Icon.png
Base DCP: 55 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability: Standard
Method: Breeding or Purchasing
Unlocked: Trainer Level 4
Cost: 850 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time: 1 Hour & 30 Minutes
Hatching Time: 2 Hours
VIP Breeding: 1 Hour & 12 Minutes
VIP Hatching: 1 Hour & 36 Minutes
Game Update: Release 1.0


The Body Shape of the Tribal Dragon is Leonine. It has a rust colored body with a tan underbelly. It wears a feathered headpiece and anklets with white tribal markings on the face, neck, shoulder, and hip. It also has narrowed, blue eyes, with a small marking beneath each. The feathers on its headdress are white and red-tipped, with a strip of sky blue along the middle. They are all held together by a red band with white lines while two small light blue-tipped feathers hang off a light blue and red-lined circle at the side of the band. The marking on the face is heart-shaped, with a dot at each edge and two dashes below it. Several crack-like scars appear on the Dragon's body, being thicker and parallel at the underbelly. The neck markings are three straight,parallel stripes, with the lower one becoming vertical and running along the chest. Its anklets are leather strips with similar white feathers lining it. The white markings on its shoulder and hip resemble paw prints, and three short, light cream claws appear on each foot. A slight curve, along with four dashes above it, make up the front thigh marking. This Dragon's design is a reference to the ways and culture of a member of a tribe, a group of people that have not integrated themselves into modern society. In its Habitat, it can be seen performing a rain call dance, as evidenced by the storm cloud appearing atop it while it is "dancing".

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star 1.png Enchantment Star 2.pngEnchantment Star 2.png Enchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.png Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png Enchantment Star 5.png Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png Enchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.png Enchantment Star 9.png Enchantment Star 10.pngEnchantment Star 10.png Enchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.png Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png
10 Average Materials - Fire.png 15 Good Materials - Fire.png 18 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 18 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 37 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
15 Fair Materials - Earth.png 23 Average Materials - Earth.png 23 Good Materials - Earth.png 28 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 28 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 37 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
15 Fair Materials - Wind.png 30 Fair Materials - Wind.png 33 Average Materials - Wind.png 35 Good Materials - Wind.png 28 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 33 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 37 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 206 63 330
10 1,063 326 1,158
20 6,582 2,013 2,078
30 40,750 12,462 2,998
40 252,311 77,163 3,918
50 1,562,242 477,773 4,838
60 9,672,990 2,958,245 5,758
70 59,892,604 18,316,670 6,678
80 370,839,219 113,411,994 7,598
90 2,296,138,701 702,217,175 8,518
100 14,217,085,627 4,347,943,662 9,438
120 545,048,940,832 166,689,724,623 11,278
125 1,356,256,180,452 414,777,375,575 11,738
120 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 43,329,672,367,715 13,251,307,568,767 11,278
125 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 107,818,090,346,030 32,973,493,649,515 11,738


The Tribal Dragon is a Normally-Breedable Dragon which can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Fire (Element) Icon.png Fire, Earth (Element) Icon.png Earth and Wind (Element) Icon.png Wind Elements or through purchasing it from the Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop in exchange for 850 Gems Icon.png Gems. Both methods require the Trainer to have reached Trainer Level4.

Breeding Breeding Icon.png for this Dragon takes 1 hour and 30 minutes while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 2 hours. With an active VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 1 hour and 12 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 1 hour and 36 minutes.

No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

Available Combinations

Breed the Fire Dragon with any of the following:

Although any combination of the required elements can be used, breeding a single-element Dragon with another that has the remainder of the required elements (and no extras/duplicates) can have better odds and/or fewer unintended outcomes. For combination odds, try the Breeding Planner.

Other Combinations

Choose the Earth Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Choose the Wind Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Normal Gilded Mine 9
17 12
21 (x2) 11
55 21
72 26
93.1 (x3) 30 (x2) & 31
102 (x2) 32
161.1 51
Heroic 38.1 41
42 40
77 50
207 72 Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png
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