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Tyrant Chest (22/12/19)

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Event Generic Banner.jpg
Open the bottomless Chest with Tickets to claim Dragon parts, Event themed Decorations and other rewards.
Started 19 December 2022
Ended 26 December 2022
Duration 7 Days
Type Chest Opening
Prize Cherry Ice Dragon Cherry Ice Dragon Icon.png

The event took place during the Prisoners of the Northern Lights Tyrant event series.

Holy Shards[edit source | edit]

Amount Chance
1 Holy Talisman (Tyrant Light) Icon.png 44%
3 Holy Talisman (Tyrant Light) Icon.png 47%
5 Holy Talisman (Tyrant Light) Icon.png 8%
50 Holy Talisman (Tyrant Light) Icon.png 1%

Dragon/Other Prizes[edit source | edit]

Prize Amount/Card Chance
Cherry Ice Dragon.png
Cherry Ice Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 9.23%
Snow Queen Dragon.png
Snow Queen Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 21.54%
Snow Globe Dragon.png
Snow Globe Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 24.62%
Decoration - Gift Pile.png
Gift Pile
1 Decoration 1.54%
Decoration - Festive Tree.png
Festive Tree
1 Decoration 5.38%
Decoration - Snowdragon.png
1 Decoration 1.54%
Chest of Gold.png
30,000*(Level Modifier) 21.54%
Chest of Food.png
3,500*(Level Modifier) 9.23%
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png
Dragon Fury Essence
1 Bottle 24.62%
VIP Ticket Icon.png
VIP Ticket
1 Ticket 8.46%
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