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Update 2.8

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Release Dates[edit source | VE]

  • iOS - 4 April 2017
  • Windows - 5 April 2017
  • Android - 11 April 2017

Noteworthy Changes[edit source | VE]

  • The maximum Trainer Level has been increased to 130.
  • Support for Google+ log in has been dropped and replaced by the option to sign in and play using the new Gamer ID, a unique username linked to a Trainer's Google account. Thus, starting with this update, Trainers can no longer befriend themselves through Google+.
  • The maximum amount of Portal Gems a Trainer can have in their inventory has been decreased from 1,500 to 200. However, Trainers will be able to spend any Portal Gems over the limit of 200 from the old system until the next update. With the launch of Update 2.9, all excess Portal Gems will be converted into Gold. Furthermore, gifts are now listed from oldest to newest rather than newest to oldest.
  • Various visual and graphical changes:
    • The game can be zoomed out even further, while navigation through the game has been made smoother.
    • The notifications for when Clan Quests, Daily Quests and To-Do-List tasks are completed are more visible and the animation for spinning for chests after ruin explorations has been slightly altered.
    • The top-left event bar now cycles through the available events, replacing the old bar. Events Bar.png Additionally, the pop-up notification announcing when new events started was discontinued and was replaced by the event list popping up whenever new events appear while displaying the "New Events" message on its top border.
  • The gifting system has been replaced with Mystery Gifting, where Trainers can no longer choose what to gift, the gifts being random now.
    • Apart from the traditional three gifts, pieces for the Enchantress Dragon can be gifted through the new system.
    • The Trainer can only claim 100 gifts within a 24-hour period. Additionally, the Trainer can only have a maximum of 100 claimed and unclaimed gifts in the storage. A counter has been introduced that shows both the claimed and the unclaimed gifts.
    • The Messages Tab.png tab no longer holds gifts needed to be claimed, as these have been moved to a new tab Gift Tab.png.
  • Pop-up windows offering videos to watch in exchange for rewards no longer appear after winning battles on the Campaign Map and in the Clockwork Dungeon, but have been replaced by the More Rewards Button.png option. Additionally, in the Dungeon, pop-up windows for refilling the Dragons' stamina no longer appear after a battle, but, instead the option has been consolidated under the Revive All Button.png button that appears in the pre-battle screen.
  • When accessing the menu for hiring Dragons from friends, the Trainer will now also see the Enchantment Level of the Dragons.
  • In the Clockwork Dungeon, changes made to the team of Dragons no longer reflect on teams used for battles outside of the Dungeon.

New Features[edit source | VE]

  • A new island added to the game called Hatchling's Playpen.
  • New decorations added to the game.
  • The ruins menu now has several buttons for when a recommended Dragon is unavailable to explore because they are busy elsewhere. The button will sometimes indicate the activity that keeps the Dragon busy and will take the Trainer to where the Dragon is.
  • Clan Ranks are introduced which give attributes to certain members of a Clan.
    • Additionally, if the leader of a Clan shows no activity within 2 weeks and there is no active co-leader, the MVP is automatically promoted to co-leader.
  • New notifications have been added under the    Notifications    menu:
    • One for when potions are ready to be collected.
    • One for when Weekly Dragon Pieces are added for another Dragon and also occasional reminders about it.
    • One for when the Gift Chest can be obtained again.

New Dragons[edit source | VE]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 378 to 391.

Sub-Updates[edit source | VE]

Update 2.8.1[edit source | VE]

  • Only for iOS & Windows.
  • Various bugs fixed and small patches.

Other Updates[edit source | VE]

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