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Update 5.0

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Release Date

  • Android, iOS & Windows - 6 January 2020

Noteworthy Changes

Page(s) Change(s)
Anniversary Events (edit)
Arcade Events (edit)
  • Made Happy Dragons only give 1 point.
Badges (edit)
  • Introduced the Master Dungeon Badge.
Clan Dragon Power Tokens (edit)
Clan Dragons (edit)
  • Changed Clan Dragon powers.
    • Introduced Power Boosters.
    • Made Amoura's power no longer reduce ongoing breedings.
    • Moved Ruptia's Power to become the Clan Fort power, making it available for use once a day for use.
Clan Fortress (edit)
  • Added ability to reduce the timers on all ongoing hatchings (when the power moved to the Fortress when Clan Dragon powers were revamped).
Clans (edit)
  • Added a drop-down list to the Clan Profile to sort Clan members by MVP Score, Dragon Collector Points, Last Online, Clan Rank, and gave Leaders an Applicants list.
Divine Islands (edit)
Dragon Codex (edit)
  • Dragons with secondary Elements locked no longer have the Unknown Element Icon.png icon, and are instead marked with the Red Lock Icon.png icon.
    • Replaced the name of the Elemental with the name of the Element if skill level is above 1.
    • Moved attack next to the Damage Icon.png icon instead of displaying individually for each Element
    • Added a tooltip menu for extra skills info on the Codex Entry Dragon Info Screen.
Enchantment System (edit)
  • Discontinued Potions.
Events (edit)
  • Revamped Event Screens, gave Leaderboards a transparent background and a streamlined visualization of the player’s position, and provided better clarity for events such as the value of hatched dragons in Crowded Nursery events.
    • Added Clan Events to the Event slider with regular Events.
Hatching (edit)
  • Modified Ruptia's power, meaning it no longer reduces any ongoing breeding.
Power Boosters (edit)
  • Introduced.
Resources (edit)
  • Discontinued Potions.

Former Clan Dragon Powers

Formerly, Clan Dragons had the following powers, which were replaced with Powers relating specifically to Clan Events. The previous powers were as follows:

Dragon Previous Effect New Effect
Chip CDP - Gold Icon.png Boost Gold production by 15% Decreases the time to craft a Fireball in the Clan Siege event, reducing further with each level.
Ruptia CFP - Hatching Icon.png Reduce active hatching time by 60 minutes Provides a percentage chance (increasing per level) to earn double points when feeding a dragon in the Great Dragon Race.
Striker CDP - First Strike Icon.png Increase first-strike damage by 50% for one Dragon in battle Decreases the time for War Energy to regenerate in Emerald Wars, further decreasing with each level.
Gravelis CDP - Shield Icon.png Protect a Dragon from the first hit in battle Generates a Legendary quest after the clan completes a certain number of quests (rerolling does not count). Reduces the number of required quest completions per level from 40 down to 4 (at max level). This works in parallel with normal Legendary recipe generation.
Amoura CDP - Breeding Icon.png Reduce active breeding time by 60 minutes Provides a percentage chance (increasing with each level) to refund a Fireball after shooting.
Brimstone CDP - Gems Icon.png Award 1 Gem Increases the chance (increasing per level) of receiving a Legendary Recipe in the Great Dragon Race.
Kutter CDP - Quests Icon.png Skip Clan Quests refresh timer Increases the Winstreak Score during Emerald Wars by a percentage based on level.
Boone CDP - Chest Icon.png Give random rewards Provide a chance (increasing chance percentage per level) to earn double points when feeding a dragon in the Sugar Rush event.
Feather NEW! Increases the points earned in every event by a percentage, increasing with each level.

New Dragons

The number of unique Dragons increased from 660 to 670.

Displaying 10 Dragon(s).
Note: Only Dragons with data entered on their pages can appear.

Bug Fixes

  • Bottomless Dungeon - The Skills behaving improperly in the Dungeon were fixed.
    • Divine Blessing (both masteries) should now work as intended
    • Metal element mastery Final Vengeance will now correctly activate if killed through damage-over-time skills like Poison or Shadow
    • Kills taken by Damage over Time in Dungeon should now apply x3 token multiplier
  • Emerald Wars
    • Resolved the issue that caused rollbacks when revitalizing War Energy.
    • Removed the ability to regenerate War Energy through the process of quitting and then rejoining clans.
  • General fixes
    • The third skill of the dragon from slot 0 being hard to use in fight screens.
    • VIP level being hidden for clan members on member list even when it's set to public.
    • The unlocked dragon skill being displayed as locked in the Breeding Den dragon list.
  • Ancient Event fixes
    • Leaderboard overload where leaderboard position is refreshed after each dice roll in the board game event.
    • Double trouble "tutorial" reminder becoming stuck on the server and causing users to experience huge rollbacks (server doesn't save during tutorial).
    • Desync when a user presses the Roll button again 5 seconds after the first press while the server hasn't responded with the roll results (bad connection).
    • Crash in Arena main screen when League Promotion reward is a decoration item.
    • The Mass Leech Mastery not increasing allies damage.
    • Crash when tapping the info button of Toby's Top Dragon.
    • Crashing caused by redirection from the welcome screen to Ancient Chest Screen when there was no event active (or events haven’t been loaded yet).
    • Crashing caused by missing DLC check for Collection Event.
    • The board game tutorial could be interrupted when exiting the section while waiting for the roll result, which could eventually lead to server crashes.
    • Reward counters appearing prematurely.
    • Icons enlarged in Dragon Dice key conversion popup.
    • Ancient element strengths and weaknesses displayed in prefight element info screen.
    • Bad damage/HP display in dragon info for dragons in Codex with locked elements.
    • Bad damage display in dragon info for opponents with two elements in prefight screens.

Other Updates

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