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Categories Needed

Not existing:

All = [[Category:Images:Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Small Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Medium Decoration]]
- [[Category:Images:Large Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Main Shop Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Paths]]
- [[Category:Images:Natural]]
- [[Category:Images:Sculptures]]
[[Category:Images:Event Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Divine Event Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Ancient Event Decorations]]
- [[Category:Images:Divine Shrines]]
- [[Category:Images:Seasonal Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Dungeon Shop Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Dragon League Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Enchantment League Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Mentoring Program Decorations]]
[[Category:Images:Whale-Mart Decorations]]
[[Category:XP Needed]]

Existing and needed:

[[Category:Images:Ticket Generators]]
[[Category:Images:Ancient Shrines]]
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