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There Is a Template Solution in the Works for These

Breeding Token (Legendary) - Template Coming

This we currently can't do/fix because legendary tables are hard to make. Also, it's a bit of an outlier (so maybe it stays with a manual table that needs to get updated periodically when there are new outcomes?):

Legendary Element = all Elements possible (at least no combination but only 1)

Warlord Dragon LegendaryMetalShadow

Enchantment Dragons (Legendary) - Template Coming

These may have missing outcomes because they are manual lists (and this is hard to template for).

I have to catch Double Elements in the template - not done yet

Rhino Dragon LegendaryEarthMetal
Orca Dragon LegendaryWaterVoid
Crumbly Dragon LegendaryLightEarth
Briar Dragon LegendaryPlantEnergy
Skully Dragon LegendaryPlantShadow
Sandshade Dragon LegendaryLightFire
Plushie Dragon LegendaryShadowFire

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