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Other stuff

{{#switch: {{{type|}}}
|Collection = slider-bg-collection
... etc
background-image: url("{{filepath:Event Slider Collection.jpg|nowiki}}");
  • sigil-contest

Static (CSS/images/wikitext)

Note: This is not for the mainpage. Also, no background images used here yet, because these can't be set inline, only globally, I have to do that later. Also, non of the styles have been moved to MediaWiki.css because there's no point in doing that until I'm done playing with these items.

Feeding Event.png
Fire Dragon.png
LTD Icon.png
12h 12m

Working Timer=

Progress bar not set to work in this, proper progress bar to test later using something like {{percentage}} (modified to look right though lol).

  • slider-bgimg-dragon-dice
  • slider-bgimg-dragon-dice
link={{{1}}} (23/06/06)
Fire Dragon.png
LTD Icon.png

Another test

Gems Icon.pngRelic of Farming Icon.pngRelic of Breeding Icon.png
Relic of Hatching Bundle
Gems Icon.png Relic of Hatching Icon.png Relic of Breeding Icon.png
100 x1 x1
USD 2.99
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