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Hi friends, I’ll tell you a little about myself, I don’t know English using Google translator, but it doesn’t matter, I like to play dragon mania legends and have my own public VK Легенды Дракономании • Dragon Mania Legends, I make beautiful and informative cards ( pictures) dragon stocks and so on, I can say not all about the game I know, but Pts enough. I will be glad to meet you and help in the matter of the game and any other matter

Here is my table with the list that I edited on this wiki service.

Date Category Editing History
06:32, 2019 мая 19 Events
  1. Boss Challenge (19/05/20)
  2. Crowded Nursery (19/05/20)
  3. Clan Siege (19/05/20)
06:21, 2019 мая 19 Moss Dragon Created a page and made a complete description of the Moss Dragons Moss Dragon Icon.png
14:58, 2019 мая 20 Download Log Moss Dragon Moss Dragon Icon.png Uploaded first version, which has since been superceded by a new version.
07:03, 2019 мая 27 Undo revision 152812 Dragon of the Month
16:00, 2019 мая 27‎ Game Updates Update_4.5
17:44, 2019 мая 28‎ Game Updates New Pages is Added information about the Update_4.6
17:48, 2019 мая 28‎ Furnace_Dragon Changed information about dragon fragments Dragon Pieces Icon.png Furnace_Dragon Furnace Dragon Icon.png
20:44, 2019 мая 28 Dragon of the Month Added the next dragon of the month to the list is LeoLeo Dragon Icon.png
21:04, 2019 мая 28 Leo_Dragon Created a page and made a complete description of the Leo Dragon Leo Dragon Icon.png
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