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Hi! I'm an avid Dragon Mania Legends player on Windows. My favorite Dragon is the Academic Dragon, between all the Reward-Exclusive Dragons and breedable Dragons. My current player level is 63, and I currently have a level four Dragon Academy.

Dragons I Have and Progression in Game

I am on quest 82 in Normal Mode and quest 3 in Heroic Mode. I have four Legendary Dragons, all of which are Dragon of the Months. They are, in order, the Pixel Dragon, the Cosmos Dragon, the Berry Dragon, and, most recently, the Comet Dragon.

My Dragons
Dragon Elements Name Level Type
Academic Dragon EarthLvl. 4 PlantLvl. 4 WindLvl. 4 Leon 28 Epic
Clownfish Dragon WaterLvl. 4 EarthLvl. 4 WindLvl. 3 Kojt 27 Rare
Cosmos Dragon LegendaryLvl. 4 EarthLvl. 4 Olom 28 Legendary
Eagle Dragon WindLvl. 4 MetalLvl. 4 VoidLvl. 4 Bale 27 Epic
Jelly Dragon VoidLvl. 3 EnergyLvl. 3 WaterLvl. 4 Gadu 28 Epic
Pixel Dragon LegendaryLvl. 4 FireLvl. 4 Sivo 27 Legendary
Emperor Dragon LightLvl. 4 ShadowLvl. 4 Nito 28 Rare
Mentor Dragon LightLvl. 4 EnergyLvl. 4 WaterLvl. 4 28 Epic
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