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Hello Before everything; thanks for seeing comments from users of world in dragolandia..! Please remove chance to breed the epics dragon Because to get those dragon we must waiting very very much. (Sometimes take a lot of time to get the favorite dragons: 72 hours ~580 hours!)

Please remove again chance to take any dragon who that repeat and repeat breeding den! When we are going to try again to combine those dragon...

For example: I want frostible dragon (an epic dragon) to get this; I trying Shadow+ Ice dragon 43th..! (about 565 hours! = ~23 day)

An other examples: to get Ice Cream dragon = Agave dragon (Lv20) + Wind dragon (Lv16) 36th and until I can't access my favorite (Ice Cream dragon) Is it good? Is it possible? No it's not smart calculating

Thanks again - unsigned comment from PRADA (talk)

this is the wiki here, maintained by people like you and me. Like an encyclopedia. To change sth in the game you'll have to post in the forum in the section "changes". This request will be brushed off btw., I'm quite sure. Regards -Soukupmi (talk) 14:28, 13 September 2017 (UTC)
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