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The Whale-Mart Whale-Mart Purple Icon.png is a floating market atop a whale, located south of the Main Island. The market, run by Mishiyo, unlocks at Player Level 7 allowing resources to be exchanged for offers. The Whale-Mart is visible between Friday 12:00 UTC and Sunday 12:00 UTC, with time to departure appearing inside the Whale-Mart Button.png bar.


Pressing the Whale-Mart opens an interface of offers, displaying a random message from the merchant. Outside, the Yellow-Bordered Mishiyo Icon.png icon appears above the market regardless of offers being in stock or not.

Most trade offers are limited to a set number of times, indicated below each cost button. While some Trainers see the same offers, offers generally vary by Trainer group or level. Typically, Gold Icon.png Gold, Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls, Gems Icon.png Gems, or Food Icon.png Food may be traded in exchange for:

Example Offers

Sale Whale

Sale Whale.png

Sale Whale Sale Whale Icon.png is a separate, special occasional market that appears in place of the regular Whale-Mart. The offers almost exclusively must be purchased in exchange for Gems, and may include Relics, Dragon Pieces, Breeding Tokens, and other "premium" currency items.

The Sale Whale is run by Li Ming, and is only visible between Monday 12:00 UTC and Thursday 12:00 UTC. The time remaining until the Sale Whale departs appears inside the Sale Whale Button.png bar. Like the Whale-Mart, outside the Sale Whale, the Yellow-Bordered Li Ming Icon.png icon appears above it, regardless if its offers are in stock or not.

Example Offers

Black Market

When either market Whale-Mart Icon.png features premium offer items, they are referred to as Black Market in the Events button. For example, Whale-Mart occasionally offers event tickets for Divine or Ancient events. High-value items are typically available in higher or different quantities in exchange for gems than they are on their normal purchase screens.


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