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The Dragon Mania Legends Wiki does its utmost to be as informative as possible as well as ensure accuracy. Be advised that this site is run by volunteers and relies mostly on its contributors, both anonymous and registered, therefore, we can not guarantee the validity of any information provided by such. Be further advised that regardless of the fact that content is continuously scrutinized, said contributions may be outdated, incomplete, offensive, false, untrustworthy or vandalism. We do not assume any responsibility for information present herein. All users of the Dragon Mania Legends Wiki must be 16 years of age or older to participate on the wiki. If you are not, please refrain from creating an account, joining or editing.

No person in connection with the Dragon Mania Legends Wiki, be it a staff member or a regular user, can be held responsible, through any means, for anyone's handling of the content, either as part of or taken from the wiki.

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