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Rarity describes different tiers that Dragons and other Gameplay Elements are typed as (in terms of grouping), or are classified into.

Application of Rarity

While Rarities mostly apply to Dragons, they are also attributed to other game features such as Chests, Cards, Ingredients, Sigils Icon.png Sigils and Badges Icon.png Badges. Typically, the lower a feature is classified, the easier it is to obtain, and the more prevalent it is. However, it also displays weaker or inferior characteristics and yields fewer rewards where applicable.

Rarity Classification

There are 9 classifications in terms of Rarity. While not exactly a Rarity, Boss Dragons Icon.png Boss Dragons have a separate classification called the "Boss Rank". Each Dragon or gameplay element having a Rarity, has only one. Rarities can generally be divided into Regular or Special Rarities. The higher the Rarity classification, typically the better stats the Dragon has, or points or value an item gives (if it has a Rarity), though exceptions do occur. Rarities are also given unique colors and icons in the game, and are represented by their first letter.

Regular Rarities

Regular Rarities apply to the most common Dragons or game elements having a Rarity, and include in ascending order:

Special Rarities

Special Rarities are harder to come by, they apply to Dragons, and some apply to gameplay elements, and include in ascending order:

Rarity Attributes

See Notable Formulas or Tables for information on calculating these attributes.

Rarities, along with Elements, influence the attributes of a Dragon including their Stats. Rarities affect Gold production of Dragons that generate Gold. Clan Dragons and Boss Dragons Icon.png Boss Dragons are unaffected by Rarity classification, as they do not produce Gold Icon.png Gold, though some Boss Dragons speed up Gold production of the other Dragons.

When it comes to Breeding Icon.png Breeding, the higher Rarity a Dragon is, the higher the chances it produces rarer offspring. It also typically takes longer to obtain a Dragon of a higher Rarity, depending on how much more rare it is. Additionally, Dragons with a higher Rarity yield more Dragon Collector Points Icon.png Dragon Collector Points, where Clan Dragons give none.

Rarity Regular Special Boss
Common (classification) Icon.png Uncommon (classification) Icon.png Rare (classification) Icon.png Epic (classification) Icon.png Legendary (classification) Icon.png Primal (classification) Icon.png Divine (classification) Icon.png Ancient (classification) Icon.png Tyrant (classification) Icon.png Boss (classification) Icon.png
# Dragons 53 25 109 503 250 31 59 56 27 33
Breeding 0 Hours 2 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours 48 Hours 48 Hours 96 Hours 96 Hours 96 Hours N/A
Gold/Hour 180 190 250 300 450 450 550 550 550 10%
DCP 10 20 50 100 200 300 400 400 400 250


A Special Rarity always matches the Dragon's first, or base, Element. This applies even if the Dragon possess more than one Special Element. Some of these Dragons also have certain restrictions or exceptions applied.

Legendary Legendary (classification) Icon.png, Divine Divine (classification) Icon.png, Ancient Ancient (classification) Icon.png, or Tyrant Tyrant (classification) Icon.png Dragons can only be housed in in their respective (or higher, in that order) Legendary (Element) Icon.png Legendary, Divine (Element) Icon.png Divine, Ancient (Element) Icon.png Ancient, or Tyrant (Element) Icon.png Tyrant Habitat, depending on the base Element. They can also be housed in Premium Habitats. This occurs regardless of awoken Elements (except Clan Dragons who reside in the Clan Fortress and have no Elements). Even if their secondary Elements are not awoken, Enchantment Materials Icon.png Enchantment Materials matching those Elements are still required to Enchant the Dragon, and Temples matching those Elements must still be upgraded. Additionally, when specific Elements are required to access Gameplay Elements or in battle settings (such as in Castle Events), Dragons possessing that Element must have it awoken before access is permitted. The aforementioned Dragons also must have their Elements awakened for various purposes.

Primal Primal (classification) Icon.png Dragons can be housed in any Habitat Icon.png Habitat that fits one of their Elements, they are not Element restricted like other Special Rarity Dragons. There are no Temples associated with Primal Dragons, though Enchantment Materials Icon.png Enchantment Materials matching their Elements are still required to Enchant these Dragon, and Temples matching those Elements must still be upgraded.

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