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Dragon Mania Legends is a strategy game, created in 2015 by Gameloft, that takes place in the mystical realm of Dragolandia. It is a multifaceted game with several Gameplay Elements in which the overall mission goal is to work alongside the Dragon Trainers to rebuild and reclaim the land during this ongoing battle against the Vikings.


There are three officially supported major operating systems (platforms), namely Android (including Kindle Fire OS), iOS and Windows. In the vast majority of cases, only Trainers on the same platform and server can interact with one another, but there are instances, albeit extremely rare, when cross-platform and cross-server functionality is available, such as Community Events.

Each operating system has two retail servers, namely apa-gold and eur-gold. In some cases, the suffix "eur" might not be displayed. In order for a Trainer to find their server, they must press the Options Icon.png button then go to the     Info     menu and then to the     About     menu. The name of the server is written below Save Data Server.

There is a third server, namely the-gold, which is available only to Android users in China. Trainers from the same country on the other platforms still make use of the apa server.

Raising and Training Dragons

The adventure begins on the mainland of the Archipelago. The Archipelago is a grouping of islands that are the home and base of operations for Dragons and their Trainers. All new Trainers will receive a welcome gift, then the game will start with a short tutorial in which Trainers learn about the basic aspects of the game.

Obtaining and raising Dragons is a major part of building a great army to fight the Vikings. The first Dragons available in the game are Base Dragons, which can be bought in the Main Shop that is found by tapping on the coin icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Before hatching any Dragons, Habitats must be purchased and built for them to live in.

Once the Codex is retrieved, Trainers will have the key to breeding hybrid Dragons: Bi-Elemental Dragons, Tri-Elemental Dragons, and Breedable Legendaries. Though there are many possible outcomes when breeding two Dragons, there are some Guaranteed-Breedable Dragons. There are hundreds of Dragons to obtain and many can be bred through various mating combinations or bought through the Main Shop. Some can only be obtained as a reward, from battles, through the Bottomless Dungeon, through events or through other means.

Breeding Den - Level 1.png

Breeding and hatching takes time. However, these timers can be greatly reduced by spending Gems to purchase VIP Status. Active VIP Status is indicated by VIP Status Icon.png and will offer many other perks as well.

Dragons come in many body shapes with various attributes. Each Dragon has a classification type representing their level of rarity. When a Dragon is born, it will be imbued with one or more Elements. The combination of a Dragon's rarity and Elements is what determines its stats. Stats are the formulas used to determine a Dragon's strength, productivity, and endurance. Stats will increase slightly each time a Dragon is leveled up. Farms must be built to grow Food for the Dragons to eat. Each time a Dragon gains a new level, it will require more food, with four feedings being required for each level. There is a cap on how high a Dragon can be leveled. The cap can be increased by building Temples, but even Temples have limits. Each Temple is specific to only one Element and can be leveled a set number of times, with each level offering a slight increase in the Dragon-leveling cap.

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When going into battle, a Dragon's attacks, strengths, and weaknesses are affected by the Elements they were born with. By paying with a combination of Gold and Scrolls, their natural-born abilities can be honed at the Dragon Academy to master the skills that lay within them. Some Dragons have hidden skills that can only be awoken upon reaching a certain maturity (levels 20 and 30).

Introduction Videos

Video - CGI Trailer 2016.jpg Click the image above to view the official video on Youtube.

Video - Overview (Teaser Trailer).jpg Click the image above to view the official video on Youtube.

Battle Vikings

Trainers will use the Ancient Portal to reach the Campaign Map, which includes various levels of difficulty: Normal Mode, Heroic Mode, and Nightmare Mode. The goal is to rescue and work alongside or against characters to retake the outer islands. There are many battles to be fought on the main path through these islands, each set leading to a big Boss battle. Once one of the Boss Dragons is defeated, it can be purchased in the shop to help produce more Gold in the Habitats. Branching from the main path, there are other quests to complete as well.

The different Campaign modes become available as further battles are won. Heroic Mode and Nightmare mode are more difficult versions of Normal Mode in which each quest costs two Portal Energy. On these maps, there are no operating mines to retake, but each quest allows the earning of bigger rewards.

After reaching Level 16, a Dungeon run by Otto the Dungeon Master is opened up. The Bottomless Dungeon contains a shop that sells special decorations, Dungeon Dragons, and specialty items. Trainers can also participate in brawls to hone their battles skills. Stepping Stones, awarded from performing certain tasks in the brawls, will allow them to explore the bowels of the Dungeon itself to seek Dungeon Tokens and other various treasures.

Other Goals

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Logging in each day rewards the Trainer with many Daily Rewards. Any completed task earns the Trainer experience points, which help them to level up and earn rewards.

There are several ongoing tasks available through the main screen in the Archipelago to earn rewards, including In-Game Currency. A Trainer's current total of Gems, Gold, and Food can be seen along the top of the screen.

Pressing the Dragon Codex Button.png button located middle-right of the main screen accesses the Dragon Codex, a feature that provides information for almost every Dragon in the game. The Codex also includes various collections. Each collection is made up of a grouping of Dragons. Upon obtaining all the Dragons in a given collection, the listed reward of Gems can be collected.

On the left of the main screen the To-Do-List Button.png button that can be selected to reach the Achievements, Daily Tasks, Quests, and badges sections. The Achievements section shows a selection of objectives that can be completed for Gem rewards. Each badge can be obtained upon reaching certain milestones in the game. Daily Tasks Provide opportunities to get various rewards, as well as Season Points for Dragonmaster Pass when the event is active.

The ruins scattered throughout the islands can each be explored regularly, by a group of three Dragons, to search for hidden treasures. Each ruin also conceals three shards that, when reassembled, make a Chronosian seal. Once all the seals have been acquired, they can be used to awaken Chronos. After Chronos is awoken, he can be leveled-up four times. Each level requires the seals to be collected once more.

Selecting the To-Do-List Button.png button on the left-hand side of the screen will bring up the To-Do-List, which displays different goals in a vertical bar, each offering various rewards for completion. Once a goal is completed, a new goal replaces it.

The smallest island in the Archipelago contains the Lighthouse which can be used to add friends who are on the same platform and server. Every Trainer is given a unique recruitment code to use when inviting friends, and multiple new Trainers can sign up using the same code. However, only one referral code may be submitted per person. Having friends in the game can be advantageous when it comes to gifts and is necessary for earning the friendship points which are needed to reach the goals for receiving rewards offered by the Totem of Friendship. Friends can be accessed by pressing the Friend Button 2.png button. Gift collecting can be done by pressing the Inventory Icon.png button and selecting Gifts.

Two buttons can be found on the bottom of the Campaign Map screen on the left-hand side.

The first button when pressed Free Button 2.png allows the Trainer to watch a limited number of videos daily in exchange for free items, which can include Stepping Stones, Otto's Lotto prizes, Enchantment Materials, and Card Packs.

Bottomless Dungeon Button.png The second button is for the Bottomless Dungeon. Upon entering the Dungeon, there are three options; visiting the Dungeon Shop, battling in Dragon Brawls or exploring the dungeon maze. The Dungeon Shop only accepts Yellow Dungeon Token Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png, which can only be earned by opening chests in the maze. Opening Chests in the maze offer not just Dungeon Tokens, but other rewards as well.

There are a few items in the various shops which have no tactical purpose and are solely there for the fun of it. Decorations are solely to beautify islands. The Fountain of Youth, though listed as one of the buildings, is used to give a Dragon the form of a baby, without altering any other attribute or ability.

Global Events

Be sure to stay aware of current events as these can provide great rewards!

Events are regular competitions for game Trainers that are held on either a global or national basis, depending upon the purpose of the event being held. Each event uses a level modifier system which determines difficulty, the ranking of a Trainer in the competition, and what rewards will be received. This allows for a more balanced reward system for Trainers that are at different levels of the game.

There are two different leagues in which Trainers can pit their Dragons against other Trainers. The Dragon League is a continuously occurring event in which Trainers participate in a single arena battle against their opponent. This league can be accessed by pressing the Battle Button.png in the bottom-left corner of the main screen and then selecting the Arena option. Arena Energy is needed to participate in these battles and will automatically regenerate over a time. The Dragon League allows Trainers to compete against one another to win trophies towards chests containing Dragon Pieces, Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png Enchantment Materials for enchanting Dragons, and Enchanted Trinkets Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png (which are used to fuse Enchantment Material and to upgrade the Breeding Den. This league is accessed by pressing the Battle Button.png at the bottom-left of the main screen and then selecting the Arena option.

Dragon of the Week and Dragon of the Month are non-competitive, continuously recurring events which allow Trainers to potentially breed some Limited-Time Dragons that are unavailable for normal breeding. The information for a current event can be accessed by selecting the pier or by pressing the Dragon of the Week button located at the bottom of the right-hand side of the screen.

All other events occur on an alternating schedule.

Solo Events are events in which Trainers do not compete against one another. Instead, in these events, Trainers compete against a clock to complete several levels of predetermined goals. Calendar Events let Trainers earn prizes by logging in daily during the limited period of the event. Castle Events are events with two parts. Trainers compete against a clock to get through different levels of a maze, collecting puzzle pieces for the grand prize. Each level of the maze has many spaces that must move through to find the key to the next level, but Trainers must first perform various tasks to earn special event currency, which is necessary to move through each space (each space offers a small reward).

Feeding Events, Food Gathering Events, Gem Spending Events, Gold Collecting Events, Gold Spending Events and Hatching Events are all ranking events in which rewards are given based on positioning on the leaderboard at the end of the competition. Each of these events also has side goals called milestones, which guarantee a specific reward for completion regardless of ranking on the leaderboard.

Trainers can join a Clan to participate in Clan Events such as The Great Dragon Race to earn various prizes and Dragon Pieces.

Help and Support

Gameloft has regular updates that provide new content, keeping the game fresh and interesting. On the top right of the main screen, there is a Options Icon.png button for accessing the Options Menu and for accessing the Gameloft newsfeed, support and forums and many others. Additionally, the game is designed to enable a quick resume whenever the player is outside the game for a brief period of time. The game will also indicate whenever the game is running on a weak connection Internet Connection.png.

Dragon Mania Legends Wiki

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