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See Hatchery for hatching options.

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Hatching is the process through which Dragon eggs are moved from Inventory Icon.png Inventory to the Hatchery to be incubated and then hatched into fully grown, adult Dragons. Incubating and hatching Dragons is only possible in the Hatchery.

Moving Eggs to the Hatchery

Dragons purchased from the Hatchery, using the Purchase Egg Button.png button, are automatically moved to an available Hatchery slot. A Dragon egg is moved from Inventory Icon.png Inventory to the hatchery by pressing the  Hatch  button on a Dragon's snapshot. In either case, if the Hatchery is full, a Hatchery Full message appears, prompting the Trainer to free up space before they can hatch an egg.

Incubation & Hatching

Incubation time depends on what Dragon is hatched, the higher the rarity and the more advanced its Elements, the longer incubation takes. Incubation times vary from instant for Boss Dragons to 4 days and 19 hours for Divine, Ancient, or Tyrant Dragons, and are affected by VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status.

Once incubation is complete, the Dragon is hatched by selecting the Hatchery, selecting the Dragon's icon, then repeatedly tapping or swiping its egg to crack it open. Afterward, Experience Icon.png Experience points are awarded, Dragons that take longer to breed give more experience. The resulting Dragon is then placed in a habitat by pressing the Place button, or sold by pressing the Sell Icon.png Sell button.

First of Species Hatching

A Dragon species hatched for the first time displays a New (Purple 2) Icon.png icon, the Dragon's Dragon Collector Points value, and the Ranking Icon.png button (except for Clan Dragons) at hatching. After the new species is placed in a Habitat, the Codex fills in that Dragon's snapshot. If the Dragon is part of a Dragon Codex collection, its snapshot is filled in the Collections menu instead. Dragons that are part of an ongoing Collection Event have its snapshot is filled in the collection screen. Finally, a secondary window appears, informing a new Dragon was collected.

If the Hatchery is full, a notice appears that a nest must be freed before hatching can commence. If the Dragon is a duplicate of an already housed Dragon, the Sell Icon.png button appears under it to sell for gold, though it is noteworthy that duplicates can be Ascended for Enchantment Materials.


A hatched Dragon is placed either in a Habitat or the Dragon Vault using the Place button. This option takes the Trainer to the closest fitting Habitat or the Dragon Vault (if owned). If there are no empty, fitting Habitats or no free spots in the Dragon Vault, the Sell button is replaced by the Shop button, and pressing it brings the Trainer to the Habitats tab of the Main Shop. However, if there are fitting Habitats that can be upgraded for additional spots, or one just finished building with a Yellow-Bordered Experience Icon.png shown above it, an Upgrade button appears instead of the Shop button.

Egg Shell

The shell of the eggs are themed to match the appearance of the Dragon. All Dragons have a unique egg, except Boss Dragons, whose eggs are that of their regular counterpart. Boss Dragons incubate instantly when sent to the Hatchery and displayed directly in their adult form after hatching, as they do not have a baby form.

Community Hatching

Community Hatching is an exclusive hatching method and the only way Clan Dragons are incubated. This involves one or more members of a Clan incubating and hatching a certain number of eggs belonging to the same Dragon, to fully hatch and use that Dragon.

See Clan Dragon and Clan Dragons for more information.


See Hatching Events and Solo Events for more information, and for the individual events.

  • Hatching Events are events whose sole objective is hatching Dragons to win the prizes offered. Points are given based on a Dragon's rarity, where the higher the rarity, the more points are given. Boss Dragons and Clan Dragons give no points.
  • Solo Events require hatching Dragons as one of their objectives.


See Breeding for more information.

Breeding is the primary way to obtain Dragon eggs. Pairing two adult Dragons in the Breeding Den produces a Dragon egg after breeding finishes, which is then sent to the Hatchery to incubate and hatch.

Hatching Length Calculation

The time it takes for a Dragon to hatch is determined by its Elements and breeding time, while an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher reduces the amount of time by 20%.

Time Required (in minutes) = (RoundUp(Breeding Time (in minutes) * (Sum Elemental Factors) / Number of Elements)) * VIP Factor

The rounding up applies only to the last digit.

Elemental Factor

This only applies to Elements of Dragons that do not require awakening. Thus, only the base Element applies to these Dragons because their secondary Elements need to be awoken. As such, all Dragons with that base Element have the same hatching time, regardless of their other Elements.

VIP Factor

  • Active VIP (VIP Level 2 or higher) = 0.8
  • Inactive VIP/VIP Level 1 = 1


First Example
The Storm Dragon possesses the Wind, Energy & Void Elements and has a breeding time of 1,320 minutes (22 hours).

  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1320 * (1.6 + 1.2 + 1.2) / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1320 * 4 / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(5280 / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1760) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = 1760 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the hatching time is 1 day, 5 hours and 20 minutes (in the game, only the first two units of time are displayed) while with VIP, the hatching time is 23 hours and 28 minutes.

Second Example
The Titan Dragon possesses the Legendary Element and has a breeding time of 2,880 minutes (48 hours).

  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(2,880 * 1.2)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(3,456) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = 3,460 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the hatching time is 2 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes, while with VIP, the hatching time is 1 day, 22 hours and 8 minutes (in the game, only the first two units of time are displayed).


The following Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own hatching time.

Time Reduction

Dragons in the Hatchery may have the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png icon on the bottom of their button. Pressing the icon opens a window with a close-up image of the egg, the incubation time remaining, and options to skip increments of 30 minutes in exchange for watching videos. The Video Icon.png Skip, or skip all remaining time using Gems Skip All Gems Icon.png buttons allow the time to be skipped. When an advertisement video is available for the Hatchery, the Yellow-Bordered Time Reduction Icon.png icon appears above the building.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.44) * 0.15 * TimeInSeconds and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, by 5 if between the 10-100 range, by 25 if between the 100-200 range, and by 50 if between the 200-1,000 range. For example:

Outside the Hatchery, hatching time is also reduced through:

  • Active Level 2 VIP Status, which reduces hatching and breeding time by 20% (except for Clan Dragons).
  • Forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, actions which reduce several ongoing timers by 6 hours.
  • Activating the related Clan Fortress Power, which reduces all ongoing hatching processes, depending on Clan Fortress and Clan League level.
  • Timer Boosts, bonuses offered by visiting Trainers, which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes. This bonus also applies to a random ongoing hatching upon being collected.


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