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The Energy Element is the seventh Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 19. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Metal or Primal and weak when used against Energy or Shadow. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Void and Light and is resistant to attacks by Fire and Energy. Most Energy-Element Dragons can live in the Energy Habitat, with the exception of Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant Dragons.

The Energy skill is Electric Jolt, which deals additional damage to one other Dragon in addition to the enemy Dragon it is used upon, with an additional chance to damage all opponents.

The base Dragon is the Energy Dragon. There are currently 282 Dragons with the Energy Element.

Energy-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy Dragon (edit) Common Energy 400,000 Gold Icon.png
Flame Dragon Icon.png Flame Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyFire 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Meteor Dragon Icon.png Meteor Dragon (edit) Uncommon EnergyFire 450 Gems Icon.png
Samurai Dragon Icon.png Samurai Dragon (edit) Uncommon EnergyWind 8 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Lightning Dragon Icon.png Lightning Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyWind 950 Gems Icon.png
Brick Dragon Icon.png Brick Dragon (edit) Uncommon EnergyEarth 425 Gems Icon.png
Soccer Dragon Icon.png Soccer Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyEarth 975 Gems Icon.png
Rainbow Dragon Icon.png Rainbow Dragon (edit) Uncommon EnergyWater 475 Gems Icon.png
Tololoche Dragon Icon.png Tololoche Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyPlant 1,100 Gems Icon.png
Tesla Dragon Icon.png Tesla Dragon (edit) Common EnergyMetal 300 Gems Icon.png
Digital Dragon Icon.png Digital Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyMetal 1,010 Gems Icon.png
Witch Dragon Icon.png Witch Dragon (edit) Common EnergyVoid 350 Gems Icon.png
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png Shadowpuff Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyLight 150 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Cheerleader Dragon Icon.png Cheerleader Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyFireWind 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Lynx Dragon Icon.png Lynx Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyFireEarth 1,000 Gems Icon.png
Cupid Dragon Icon.png Cupid Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyFireWater 1,420 Gems Icon.png
Hot Pepper Dragon Icon.png Hot Pepper Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyFirePlant 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Imperial Egg Dragon Icon.png Imperial Egg Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyFireMetal 1,691 Gems Icon.png
Stocking Dragon Icon.png Stocking Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyFireShadow 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Leopard Dragon Icon.png Leopard Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWindEarth Unbuyable
Violin Dragon Icon.png Violin Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWindMetal 1,771 Gems Icon.png
Storm Dragon Icon.png Storm Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWindVoid 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWindVoid 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Toucan Dragon Icon.png Toucan Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWindLight 1,860 Gems Icon.png
Ace Dragon Icon.png Ace Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthFire 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Rune Tech Dragon Icon.png Rune Tech Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthWind 1,666 Gems Icon.png
Superhero Dragon Icon.png Superhero Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthWater Unbuyable
Copper Dragon Icon.png Copper Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthWater 1,661 Gems Icon.png
Warthog Dragon Icon.png Warthog Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthMetal 1,749 Gems Icon.png
Present Dragon Icon.png Present Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyEarthLight 2,000 Gems Icon.png
Perfume Dragon Icon.png Perfume Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWaterFire 1,610 Gems Icon.png
Bundt Dragon Icon.png Bundt Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWaterPlant 1,815 Gems Icon.png
Romance Dragon Icon.png Romance Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyWaterMetal 1,717 Gems Icon.png
Tiger Dragon Icon.png Tiger Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyPlantFire 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Green Lion Dragon Icon.png Green Lion Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyPlantWind 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ratatoskr Dragon Icon.png Ratatoskr Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyPlantEarth 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Sweet Treat Dragon Icon.png Sweet Treat Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyPlantWater 1,899 Gems Icon.png
Wind-Up Dragon Icon.png Wind-Up Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalWind 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Festival Dragon Icon.png Festival Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalEarth 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Oracle Dragon Icon.png Oracle Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalWater 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png Halcyon Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalWater 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Golden Crow Dragon Icon.png Golden Crow Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalPlant 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Posh Dragon Icon.png Posh Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalVoid 2,017 Gems Icon.png
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png Sovereign Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyMetalLight 1,950 Gems Icon.png
Underlord Dragon Icon.png Underlord Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyVoidFire 1,720 Gems Icon.png
Craggy Dragon Icon.png Craggy Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyVoidWater 1,757 Gems Icon.png
Crystal Brute Dragon Icon.png Crystal Brute Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyVoidPlant 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Shuriken Dragon Icon.png Shuriken Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyVoidMetal 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Crash Dragon Icon.png Crash Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightFire 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Hockey Dragon Icon.png Hockey Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightFire 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Gem Dragon Icon.png Gem Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightEarth 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Gardener Dragon Icon.png Gardener Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightPlant 1,899 Gems Icon.png
Butterfly Dragon Icon.png Butterfly Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightPlant 1,980 Gems Icon.png
Diva Dragon Icon.png Diva Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightMetal 1,900 Gems Icon.png
Astrologist Dragon Icon.png Astrologist Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyLightVoid 1,942 Gems Icon.png
Vivid Dragon Icon.png Vivid Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowWind 1,877 Gems Icon.png
Vulture Dragon Icon.png Vulture Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowWind 1,801 Gems Icon.png
Wood Witch Dragon Icon.png Wood Witch Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowWater 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Budding Dragon Icon.png Budding Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowPlant 5,900 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Empress Dragon Icon.png Empress Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowPlant 2,100 Gems Icon.png
Strawhat Dragon Icon.png Strawhat Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowPlant 1,900 Gems Icon.png
Spectral Snake Dragon Icon.png Spectral Snake Dragon (edit) Epic EnergyShadowVoid 1,958 Gems Icon.png
There are 62 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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