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See Social System and Clans for complete coverage of the topics in this article.

Important Icon.png Read this section carefully before adding your information.

Add Me Promotion (Agent Dragon).jpg

Add Me Promotion (Lava Dragon).jpg

If you are seeking in-game friends, Clans, or Clan Members, you may add your information to the correct list. To do so, log in, press the Actions button (or Mobile Edit Icon.png on mobile), and the Edit source option. Next, find the header matching your platform and add your information on the next empty row (under the last user on that list). To add your wiki username, use: {{user|YourWikiAccount}}.

You must be on the same platform AND server to use a player's code and vice versa. To determine game server, press the Options Icon.png button, go to Info, and About. The server name appears next to Save Data Server. There are only two servers: apa and eur.

Note: Edits to other's entry are reverted. Please no emojis, unnecessary special characters, or all caps.


Add Me Promotion (Candy Dragon).jpg

Befriending other players is done by using their Recruitment Code. To add more than one Recruitment code, use <br> to separate them (example: account1<br>account2). Make sure that each account or Recruitment Code is attributed to the right server and platform.


User Account Server Recruitment Code
orange ivern i'm looking for a clan, online everyday :> EUR b3d80f9
Meierr Hi friends :D EUR bcea2
Vladislav1335 everyday gifts EUR 934c30b
albasan26 Need friends!I send gift everyday:⁠) APA 2bb240
HaiHak Need recruits EUR 118131
VolumeCorruptor Active DML player, I'm happy to help my friends APA 512423
s1nez just looking for friends, always happy to help :3 EUR ec889d
Mirela I am recruiting clan members. people who like clan events EUR d6efe
NutellaNadya Need friends just started! EUR d8fe92
enlyre Need friends :) Possibly clanmates EUR 450833a
Snoowwhitex Need recruits EUR 4f5faf7
Barbie Need friends, gift exchanges don't know android 8e655d
Code xD Need friends :P EUR 223b603
Rogeriopradoamorim nesesito de amigos urgente EUR 6bec9b
What am I doing here? I send gifts every day ;) EUR gd0d81g
Kentor active at almost all time ^^ EUR c54be15
Duck God add me for gifting or clan invite :) EUR (NA) ac36052
darksoul I'm always happy to help :) EUR (eur ~ gold) 952f2d4
hadès add me, I'll always be here to help ^^ EUR 0fcb
Luigui29 New Player? Add me! Always gift and happy to help! EUR 69bdad
Duskky add me!! EUR 24d57
Hornnin New Player:D EUR (NA) ca82d1c
Shiny Add me, if you wish to. o.=.o... eur (eur ~ gold) eaa9c7
stuffy Friendly, all the gifts Eur 04df82
Voicu Maria Alexandra Always connected and needs some recurits. Eur b0c3ecf
snow69 Alaways connected, gift alaways Eur 95cc7
Nomen Add me!!! Eur 7fd564d
LLANDARJKEEE Add me please <3 Eur 9909bfe
Lil Need friends <3 Eur bd94ec7
NuuBright friends <3 EUR d2Oeb24
Emerald Need friends :) EUR Gold ea1f07a
Kristian Need Friends EUR f3abb39
StormPotato Need Recruits/Friends EUR bedf228
LNKN need recruits and friends apa 99f5a68
Grayzen Need Friends EUR 324778d
Diego Need recruits EUR be7aac4
amloiandy friends eur a9a59fb
maestro de dragones need friends eur 014e693
Refusee Friends EUR 781ae7
Shiru Need active friends eur 4c66912
Kimochi(VN) Need active friends EUR ad6fd7
master please recuirt me Apa 2445f5
candice needs recruits eur 66d7264
Amalya need recruits eur 0b68eae
Ciumciubek need recruits EUR 279e10d
KiSSуня need friends eur ebcd64
Vanny Need recruits Eur fd326d2
Vikkin Friends needed EUR c4b0ee2
Ngcobama Need recruits EUR 08c8d
Hunter Need friends:) EUR f5688d5
Kikojiro Need recruits EUR bc871a9
ChaudaCse Need Recruits and Friends APA Android 0112af
Aria friends wanted android eur db8b851
Volteer add me pls android eur bb98e20
Avighna C Cool Man plzz add! android apa 486f55
RoseWolf friends recruits 9/21/2019 android eur 3796285
Drachenmeister 104370 friends recruits android eur 89826e3
Georg L. friends recruits android eur 47f48f9
Karen M. Need friends Android Eur 7e686e
Mars Need friends Android Eur b682c3d
Grey_Dragon Need friends Android Eur 684d36b
Atoia_Crusu Need friends Android Eur 963d93
Bruxi Need friends Android Eur acbbe59
Tamtopia plz add me :) Android Eur 27bec5e
Dragonmaster988576 Yes. Android Eur 5efba3
Syvilia Need friends, very active Android Eur 9c7bf81
wizz friends <3 EUR b3d026
Hoppy Cuter requrits eur 8c05885
HITESH SAGAR Need friends apa~gold 369a1e2
Ras Greeny Add me pls EUR Gold 3197db
Cloppy1988 Pls add me EUR Gold b819f48
L4yz Add me pls apa 3da7afd
Dragonmaster292634 add me please, need recruits eur (eur - gold) 4c400d6
Johni add me please eur 377699e
Sweety suche freunde eur cf56041
Cros suche freunde eur 7023b85
Bo Need friends please <3 eur ~ gold 7f573b0
lycan need recruits, pro gift giving eur f66645
Achim Playing daily, gifting, helping eur e99e80
Dragonmaster555442 Need friend and gifts eur gold 985e07
Firren Need Recruits, I gift daily EUR Gold ec53bb3
Inari Daily gifts, help, & time reduction. EUR 6595a4
Dragon master213921 Please need recruit and friends Eur 985e07
4RC4NUM Need Friends and recruit Eur 364466
AWT Need friends and recruitment APA 5de1b5
ú Need friend and recruitment apa 715ac9
Dolphinboi123 Need friends please Android Eur 4a88a1
Dragonmaster832160 Need friends, gift daily EUR gold android a98717
EpicGamer need recruits and friends apa 172c3e
Geoffrey Need friends/recruit Android Eur 7b02d3c
Friendly 2021 EUR 598a5b
Kačka 2021 EUR e83e33
XxDipstick Need friends, new to game EUR c02584
Emerson Silva Add me -_- ;) Android Eur 280dde
Dragonmaster188671 please add me, gift daily need friends eur gold 760700
MoRay Need friends EUR 6d4ff3
MateoCroatia1950 Gift daily, active, need friends EUR d26e7
Inky Looking for friends to interact with, very active, gift giver! ^^ EUR 2572c91
Mario B. I will gift everyone in my friend list for no reason, but i will rarely reduce time APA d43e24
Jo26188 Need friends to recruit. I send gifts, help, & time reduction. EUR 2c0f599
Yua Looking for friends to recruit - will send gifts and help with time reduction ^^V (added Oct. 2021) EUR cb282ee
EX_Dragoon Add me please EUR 8511e5c
Bester1524 Active Daily - I always gift on CD as well as Time and Gate assists EUR 070e
Athanasia New but active player - plz add - gift all EUR d407efc
Pmonsieurs Need recruits EUR f03f39
Bdz Please add me I'm always playing Apa() ce5ba9
Hello Please recruit me Apa 7193f6
MiltPlayz822 please recruit(wassup my Filipino bois) Android(APA) 46e4a9
Mprove Add me for gifts or friend helps, usually active EUR Android 4b1404e
Sharkeep Returning after a long time, and I need in-game friends <3 EUR() Android 921064a
Berrybon need active friends/recruits EUR() 78c64f
Rasmez New Player, very active, I'm looking for friends EUR 07f2700
Demon Llama Android EUR Seeking active
Amara Been playing a year, still need friends EUR 0ea634
GfriendTwice15 Pls add me, wanting to have friends Apa 6f0283d
Gloomly Active player, added August 2022 EUR 1ba2abb
Edialing add me for gifting and friend required quests :) EUR 0a311b
Catz Active player, need friends/recruits for gifting :) EUR 201475e
Zbb need friends ! thx EUR e32f36
MoonEclipse High-ish level player just looking for some friend eur ace161d
Bee looking for friends, will send gifts and help when asked (added July 2023) eur 77c5de1
Athanasia Returning player looking for more friends - plz add - gift all (added July 2023) EUR d407efc
BigEarsQuake Sorry but I quit playing months ago due to a crash issue that made me mad. Don't expect me to return soon, nor to accept friends who used my recruit code :( EUR e2ad957
ZumoZ Hi friends!! I gift every day (added may 2024) EUR 521975


User Account Server Recruitment Code
DasRaven Add me to your friend list please! EUR 4747fe
Nuttly Pls add my friend code THANKS EUR 9ceebe
Nyc1 Please add my friend code thank you eur b04681
TheRedLibra Please add my code as friend EUR cd772e
.[CatPatter]. Please add me.

Gifts every day

apa a4af30
.[Bubu A]. Please add my code as friend EUR 432c
.[Max]. Need Friends and Recruitments EUR gold bd28af
.[renave]. enouqh friends, but no recruitments EUR gold 973500
(:Sarah-Bee:) Recruits wanted! EUR gold aae2d4
DM965102 Need Recruitments, Friends Fine EUR gold 04059c
Rachel Friends and Recruitments wanted! EUR gold 23cd5f
DM955911 Friends and recruitments wanted EUR gold 94565a
Medusa Friends and recruitments wanted EUR gold a05cfa
Glowio Friends wanted! EUR gold a1f0e1
Layla C. Friend wanted EUR gold 79380e
Oreon Needs Recruitment please EUR b7cc3
oli beed friends and recruitments please EUR bfc0f8
kushkween friends n recruitments EUR gold 262d32
Wiktor Recruitments wanted EUR gold 0c038c
Go friends EUR 83c8c1
Dragonmaster976101 Friends and recruits! EUR 7caa7a
mommam4yhem Friends! EUR gold f9b70
Дракон Friends and recruits! EUR gold 041632
jilly Needs recruits! EUR 71c5d8
Anas Recruits EUR Gold 633698
Skyline GT-R Need friends EUR e69361
Shannondiane Friends and recruits! EUR Gold 76501b
Dragonmaster202429 Need friend and recruitments EUR gold 137bd1
Kelly add for friends and gifts EUR 2e46a5
Michelle Please feel free to add! Thank you! EUR gold 1343a8
Thorne Please add me. Daily gifts EUR gold daeed4
ylrven Need daily gifts also recruitment code users :) EUR 46841
Dragonmaster147077 Need daily gifts also recruitment code users :) EUR 1ffa1d
:) Need daily gifts and recruitment. Eur 627a92
Tatako Daily Gifts

visits, recruitment

EUR gold d4dc9f
Wadden daily gifts, visits EUR gold 66006
Oswaldo Lacerda Need friends and recruits EUR 90accb
Dracodan friends, recruits, daily gifts, thanks EUR gold 892d3
Juan Friends and daily gifts EUR gold f6cab1
Dandy Looking for friends! EUR e53eb4
ad Will attempt to give daily gifts! eur c8a86
Hally4eva add me to give daily gifts eur be670c
MiniD I gift daily! Eur 2d2c12
Dragonmaster170544 Active player and gift daily Eur f0e5e7
Breeza Looking for DragonManiacs EUR 09c472
Sombrose I’ll love lots of new friends ! :) EUR 086cd0
CRX SI Need friends, gifts daily EUR d57ded
Luigi.exe Have been playing since release! Love gifting. EUR f5fa
Jimmy Dragon Just started a few days ago. EUR 0a56e8
Mahmoud add me to give daily gifts EUR 7e0270
MaHmOuD add me to give daily gifts eur 9g2492
kamiilll add me to help each other EUR abea9
Hyoginnie add me 4 support eur adc30e
Nommy Needs Friends, Will send gifts EUR cb67f26
Dylan Need friends, will send gifts and help!! EUR 56cafb
BAM daily player, need friends and recruits Recruit code: 12aaf EUR 34cch
Dan Daily player, need recruits. Recruit code 094f8 EUR 094f8
Frondon new player, need friends. Recruit code 731d3 APA 953f5
Dragonmaster020337 Will gift everyday, will also speed up. apa dc517
Big_Roger_ Add me to your friend list please! EUR 20eg0
Silverflame Need Clan members, friends, love events and will share materials/prizes EUR a4ec38


User Account Server Recruitment Code
glbskf Need friends :) EUR b27ab
DML*Cat Station I need to recruit friends and get friendship points, I play the game everyday. EUR 3113e
OreoFanatic My account's data got wiped. Need some help. Will send gifts when I can in return EUR ecce6
Keyvan Need friends EUR c7543
GoldFredbear754 I am lonely :( will gib daily gifts- EUR c2ca7
superhilly Lost my old acc and am in need of friends :) APA 1f732
Mazzarie I send gifts daily AMR 7c21f1
zopp1e I need friends, I send daily gifts! EUR a76d6d
NeaMihai I need friends, I send daily gifts! EUR 87547a
Coaa Need friends EUR 4f718d
Divanta brand new to game, need friends please EUR a4233f
Alisa I need friends, add me please! Daily gift :) EUR 17188
SyKopath Pls use my recruitment code :) Im active so ill give daily gifts too! ^o^ EUR 63f68e
turtlecool I Need friends ^o^ Eur 05c746
inventa_outro Pls use my recruitment code :) Im active so ill give daily gifts too! uwu EUR 284c6
DarkH25 Add me plz, i will attempt to give daily gifts! EUR db5ff
chaosraven90s looking for friends to complete the tasks with apa f5b00
ROBIN Looking for a few friends to benefit each other's islands :) EUR a65e1
Finsterniss add me eur f7ab0
Bored addicted to friends eur 604d51
Lebküchlie more friends Eur 81f7
Larveyza Enter friend code... EUR d81ea2
Tricky Pancake Use my code plz!! EUR 5fbe3d
TurkeyBacon87 more friends EUR fbd884
jj need friends EUR 2e1f8b
Tsisim need friends EUR af8519
Kieyanna need friends EUR 86f8f
zoo_koala friends apa b65f9
bananflamby friends EU ac7042
HaddiBlaxx24 Clan and Friends eur b16493
Sybille Straßburg friends EU 525fb8
Turkan hasan friends EU 7bbb23
Lothar Heidel friends EU b7b68e
lizards mom recruitments and friends eur 4796b
larry gift friends apa d9c69
Apfele friends EUR dd1d0
Felsi friends EU 95d47e
Ricardo friends EU 9cf998
Masha recruitments and friends EUR 1667bc
Pims Recruitments and friends EUR 8746e
swotime Recruitments and friends EUR edc2a
VenusFisch4 Recruitments and friends EUR 288273
Invictus Need active friends EUR c883d3
SagMeinenNamen Recruitments EUR c405ce
dragonnier Recruitments and friends EUR d0c8b6
Zazu Recruitments and friends EUR f573ab
Dovak Recruitments and friends EUR 77f446
Jean-Claude Recruitments and friends EUR 619eba
Dragonlover friends EUR 46806d
The Useless Dragons Recruiments and Friends EUR e6e3a2
Tsism friends EUR fd6d53
NikitaFox Friends needed EUR a0edae
Line Need nice Friends :-) EUR 13e778
Elvis the King Rock 'N' Roll :-)) EUR 15edb6
Cjmb Code amis EUR f8e5e0
Logan L. Use the Code EUR bddd2
KingsCrown activ friend EUR 12f255
Searin active friend eur d37bb2
Impdaddyzer0 Need Recruits, Friends welcome EUR 1b983
MisterChiferBR Need Friends EUR e287db
louCa ajoutez moi eur 927b0
Dragonmaster703635 Recruitments and friends; active EUR 1a13b6
Aqeel Recruitments and friends; active EUR ffba8c
Javier Santos Hacer Amigos Nuevos EUR aa2bef
SEENU K Please recruit me guys i need your help!!!! APA
SunnyRaven need recruits pls help me, friends welcome EUR 7e8f70
BattleSlasher I really need recruits and friends. Do this and I send tons of gifts. You can borrow my dragons. Use my code before Level 15 and i'll be eternally grateful. Thank You APA b850
Erfan_21051 looking for some friends just got started lvl 13 EUR 231b1f
maitre des dragons 399826 pls add friends EUR 59c488
Melanie Add me please EUR 74f1b3
w0man0nthem00n would like some friends eur a501b
Lucy Wolf Add me please EU ddbed
Liona.F Recruits and friends EUR ce3970
leninpro_14 add me please EUR 47cb41
Dragonmaster need recruits please Eur 6f23c
TB_AWT Need friends and recruitments APA 91b388
Twinklin friends pls EUR 01bc18
Nikette New to the game so I could use the help :) EUR 110c4
Kizo I'm a beginner so plz friend me (;-;) eur 7c37e
Major Pain add me eur d0939
sasalego Please friend me! <3 EUR d3cca
WHALE Looking for friends!! uwu EUR fffc6
Leo I give gifts daily;please friend me EUR 0311a
kong I want freinds :) APA bd6f5
Dragonmaster572268 I lost most of my friends during covid so now im lonely, if you are clanless feel free to join Irbegio! eur cd42c
Baloo add me please EUR aa078c
TroupeMasterGrimm Need recruits and friends uwu <3 EUR 0421f
(GDL)Taigra Preciso de amigos e de membros para o meu clã. EUR dd05a
Dragonmaster883647 I want friends and recruit code and thank u if u used it:) EUR 1c663
Sithula Ninja I want friends. Pls add me. I will send gifts every day to you !!! ;) APA 13145c
Unicorn Pls Add me active vip ty Eur bcb0b
DML Universe Please add and recruit me please APA 126c82
King Daddy Please add me. I am on a ton and help friends all the time and send gifts too! EUR c62431
Norust Add me please i'm begging you APA e435c
MoonEclipse2 Started a new clan. looking for beginner players and those that are active and helpful. Help me hatch the clan dragon! eur gold 26a5d8
Network help me please APA 7c3c59
Fred478 I need friends, Give daily gifts in return. :) EUR f946a1
Lily D I need friends! Help me! eur f25f6
Coffee Bun I need friend , recruitment and "Farmer Dragon" because it cute and look rare.... yeah I need your help, I promise, I will help about your "Friend request" and giving gift to you much as possible apa () c9b3f
Moon I decorated my island please visit and look around be my friends apa 806f40
Elizabeth Active player who sends gifts daily... Eur fc294
Waikikamukau PC Daily Player apa:22dg 00be
Ghost PC Daily Player apa:fh965 df743
Dreamfire Active player; I lost my progress so I need help from new friends Eur 160b0
Nauseous Pirana New, need friends to chat and exchange gifts (maybe create/join clan when I reach that lvl) EUR b536a8


Players can apply to join a Clan, not the other way around, meaning no membership applications are permitted here, only Clan information. To add more than one Clan, use <br> to separate them (example: account1<br>account2).

A Clan name must be specified exactly as it appears in the game, its operating system/platform, and the server. Entries with missing information are removed. You add information about your Clan in the "Notes" column including, but not limited to, your Clan's rank or the minimum player score but no personal identifying information.

Clan Platform Server Notes
The Scout Regiment Android APA Open to all:⁠) Have a fan!
ELITE SAPIENS Android APA Fun and Active Clan, Join Now! :)
Save The Dragons Windows AMR All Players Welcome! :)
DragonCuddles Android EUR All active players welcome!
Divine Lair Android eur Experienced player with New Clan looking for Nice, Helpful, Active players. Great Rewards Available too!
StickyFeets Android EUR Casual play, no minimum requirements, just participate!
deadly dragons Android EUR Established hard-working clan, min player Lvl 70. Reasonable minimums. Great people, lots of prizes!
Wyre Windows EUR Love to play? Join our family, all are welcome
mausiland Android EUR play the game and have fun!
Drachenglas Windows EUR Welcome to all
Galaxy Clan Windows EUR We need help to hatch dragons! Open to all.
Spartacus Windows EUR Open to all. Primary language English. Clan event participation required, but no minimum score
BZH_56 Windows EUR Open to all level. Primary language French. Clan events participation required, but no minimum score
Kimura Windows EUR All levels welcome. Casual play... participation encouraged. No pressure, no drama.
Armifera Fatum Windows EUR We are social and friendly. Fun, helpful and no drama. All level Players are welcome.Inactive without notification will be removed.
Imperiya Drakonov Android EUR New clan looking for social, helpful and active players! Primary language English. Let's be great together!
Angel Power Windows EUR Active clan looking for active players (all levels) who participate in clan events like the rest (mostly 100+).
English+German speaking. We got all the Clan Dragons, btw.
Luca Finn Android EUR Open to all. Language German
Kakariko Village Windows EUR Open to all. Primary language English. Clan event participation required, but no minimum score
драконы подземелья Android Eur 文→A - Translate - Приглашаем в дружный,активный и общительный клан, таких же участников!)) Умеющих и желающих побеждать!Мой никнейм в игре—Grey_Dragon!На время кулдауна клановых акций клан открыт...Ждём всех желающих...)) P.S.добавляйтесь в друзья 684d36b ;-)
The Anti-core Windows EUR A Just For Fun Clan. No minimums. No pressure. Be active, show the clan a little love, and have fun.
the right clan Windows EUR Just for fun new clan, looking for active members. No swearing or bad words/language.
beatemupdragongods windows eur level 15 clan, looking for active members, all levels and nationalities welcomed. Clan chat is in English
Dragons of the night Android EUR Friendly, active level 15 clan. Anyone is welcome, it's also OPEN (not apply/invite) so come check it out.
Resting Clan Windows APA The name of the clan is Resting clan but the players should be active like me, and be friendly, We will take this clan to 1st rank 1 day
Dragon Freedom fighters Android APA accept active members of any level.join by request
Guerreiros da Lua Windows EUR Clã nível 15. Aceitamos membros ativos de qqr nível (ensinamos a jogar), participem de eventos, energizem o dragão, ajudem a chocar os dragões do clã. Tenham vontade de ganhar. Português no chat. Aberto! Basta entrar e fazer amigos.
Bile Demons Android EUR Friendly helpful clan. Only requirement is to contribute to each Clan Event - holidays etc. not a problem, just say. All welcome, but chat is English only
The Clan Masters! Amazon EUR All people are welcome. Join is istant. All languages are welcome. No innapropiate topics in chat please.
Dragons NL Android EUR Nederlandstalige jonge clan. We zoeken actieve clan leden om mee te doen met clan events en elkaar te helpen!
Demon Llama Android EUR Seeking active players, but no specific levels or requirements
Secret Society Windows eur gold We are looking for active and helpful players who enjoy the grueling task of clan events. The only requirement to join is a positive attitude. The clan leader is always there to talk. Please note our clan is set at global so not every player will understand you.
Mystic Spirits IOS EUR We are looking for players interested in working together as a clan to succeed in events. We also have a clan discord server, anyone is welcome to visit the server to learn more!
BigEarsClan Android EUR Don't worry about being kicked out for trivial reasons, just be respectful and good luck in Clan Events !
Mountain Strong IOS EUR Need clan members, especially a co-leader - Love Clan Events and gifting!
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