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The Wind Element is the second Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Earth or Primal and weak when used against Wind or Void. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Fire, Light, and Ancient and is resistant to attacks by Wind. Most Wind-Element Dragons can live in the Wind Habitat, with the exception of Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant Dragons.

The Wind skill is Dark Clouds, which reduces the damage dealt by the enemy.

The base Dragon is the Wind Dragon. There are currently 279 Dragons with the Wind Element.

Wind-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon (edit) Common Wind 200 Gold Icon.png
Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png Sunfeather Dragon (edit) Rare WindFire 850 Gems Icon.png
Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon (edit) Common WindFire 30 Gems Icon.png
Dust Dragon Icon.png Dust Dragon (edit) Common WindEarth 60 Gems Icon.png
Envoy Dragon Icon.png Envoy Dragon (edit) Rare WindEarth 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png Breeze Rock Dragon (edit) Uncommon WindEarth 299 Gems Icon.png
Peacock Dragon Icon.png Peacock Dragon (edit) Rare WindWater 840 Gems Icon.png
Ice Dragon Icon.png Ice Dragon (edit) Common WindWater 55 Gems Icon.png
Seed Dragon Icon.png Seed Dragon (edit) Common WindPlant 165 Gems Icon.png
Tornado Dragon Icon.png Tornado Dragon (edit) Common WindMetal 150 Gems Icon.png
Shale Horn Dragon Icon.png Shale Horn Dragon (edit) Rare WindMetal 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Palette Dragon Icon.png Palette Dragon (edit) Rare WindEnergy 980 Gems Icon.png
Origami Dragon Icon.png Origami Dragon (edit) Rare WindEnergy Unbuyable
Cosplay Dragon Icon.png Cosplay Dragon (edit) Rare WindVoid 950 Gems Icon.png
Gazelle Dragon Icon.png Gazelle Dragon (edit) Rare WindLight 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Independence Dragon Icon.png Independence Dragon (edit) Rare WindLight 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Dice Dragon Icon.png Dice Dragon (edit) Epic WindLight 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Felted Dragon Icon.png Felted Dragon (edit) Rare WindShadow 1,111 Gems Icon.png
Masque Dragon Icon.png Masque Dragon (edit) Rare WindFireWater 888 Gems Icon.png
Merchant Dragon Icon.png Merchant Dragon (edit) Epic WindFireWater 1,565 Gems Icon.png
Kangaroo Dragon Icon.png Kangaroo Dragon (edit) Epic WindFirePlant 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png Porcelain Dragon (edit) Epic WindFireMetal 1,550 Gems Icon.png
Caramel Dragon Icon.png Caramel Dragon (edit) Epic WindFireEnergy 1,699 Gems Icon.png
Red Feather Dragon Icon.png Red Feather Dragon (edit) Epic WindFireShadow 1,678 Gems Icon.png
Owl Dragon Icon.png Owl Dragon (edit) Rare WindEarthFire Unbuyable
Gobbler Dragon Icon.png Gobbler Dragon (edit) Epic WindEarthWater 1,600 Gems Icon.png
Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon (edit) Epic WindEarthPlant 1,611 Gems Icon.png
Glacial Dragon Icon.png Glacial Dragon (edit) Epic WindEarthMetal 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Slam Dunk Dragon Icon.png Slam Dunk Dragon (edit) Epic WindEarthVoid 1,640 Gems Icon.png
Swift Pixie Dragon Icon.png Swift Pixie Dragon (edit) Epic WindEarthShadow 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ginger Dragon Icon.png Ginger Dragon (edit) Rare WindWaterFire 905 Gems Icon.png
Rastafari Dragon Icon.png Rastafari Dragon (edit) Rare WindWaterEarth 7 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Box Dragon Icon.png Box Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterMetal Unbuyable
Arctic Dragon Icon.png Arctic Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterMetal 1,505 Gems Icon.png
Tundra Dragon Icon.png Tundra Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterEnergy 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Tempest Dragon Icon.png Tempest Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterEnergy 1,560 Gems Icon.png
Polar Bear Dragon Icon.png Polar Bear Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterVoid 1,785 Gems Icon.png
Snowman Dragon Icon.png Snowman Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterLight 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Crested Blue Dragon Icon.png Crested Blue Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterLight 1,450 Gems Icon.png
Fluffy Dragon Icon.png Fluffy Dragon (edit) Epic WindWaterShadow 1,710 Gems Icon.png
Circus Dragon Icon.png Circus Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantFire 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Hornbill Dragon Icon.png Hornbill Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantEarth 1,598 Gems Icon.png
Painted Dragon Icon.png Painted Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantEarth 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ski Dragon Icon.png Ski Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantWater 1,600 Gems Icon.png
Springtime Dragon Icon.png Springtime Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantWater 1,599 Gems Icon.png
Luck Dragon Icon.png Luck Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantEnergy 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Coconut Dragon Icon.png Coconut Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantEnergy 100 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Golden Sentinel Dragon Icon.png Golden Sentinel Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantLight 5,900 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Blue Bloom Dragon Icon.png Blue Bloom Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantLight 1,855 Gems Icon.png
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon (edit) Epic WindPlantShadow 1,799 Gems Icon.png
Regal Dragon Icon.png Regal Dragon (edit) Epic WindMetalWater 1,440 Gems Icon.png
Veteran Dragon Icon.png Veteran Dragon (edit) Epic WindMetalPlant 1,672 Gems Icon.png
Yi Dragon Icon.png Yi Dragon (edit) Rare WindMetalEnergy 999 Gems Icon.png
Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon (edit) Epic WindMetalVoid 1,690 Gems Icon.png
Aeronaut Dragon Icon.png Aeronaut Dragon (edit) Epic WindMetalLight 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Inner Dragon Icon.png Inner Dragon (edit) Epic WindMetalLight $1.99 USD
Uncle Sam Dragon Icon.png Uncle Sam Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyFire 1,675 Gems Icon.png
Mosaic Dragon Icon.png Mosaic Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyEarth 1,654 Gems Icon.png
Patriot Dragon Icon.png Patriot Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyMetal 1,975 Gems Icon.png
Slopestyle Dragon Icon.png Slopestyle Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyVoid 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Flutterby Dragon Icon.png Flutterby Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyVoid 1,769 Gems Icon.png
Yarn Dragon Icon.png Yarn Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyLight 1,860 Gems Icon.png
Prana Dragon Icon.png Prana Dragon (edit) Epic WindEnergyShadow 1,799 Gems Icon.png
Monk Dragon Icon.png Monk Dragon (edit) Epic WindVoidFire 3,550 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Gryphon Dragon Icon.png Gryphon Dragon (edit) Epic WindVoidEarth 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Kitty Dragon Icon.png Kitty Dragon (edit) Epic WindVoidPlant 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ghost Dragon Icon.png Ghost Dragon (edit) Epic WindVoidMetal 1,725 Gems Icon.png
Icefeather Dragon Icon.png Icefeather Dragon (edit) Epic WindVoidLight 1,828 Gems Icon.png
Hearts Dragon Icon.png Hearts Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightFire 1,877 Gems Icon.png
Cheesecake Dragon Icon.png Cheesecake Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightEarth 1,668 Gems Icon.png
Stump Dragon Icon.png Stump Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightWater 1,699 Gems Icon.png
Snow Globe Dragon Icon.png Snow Globe Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightPlant 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Hippie Dragon Icon.png Hippie Dragon (edit) Rare WindLightPlant 1,300 Gems Icon.png
PBJ Dragon Icon.png PBJ Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightEnergy 1,850 Gems Icon.png
Skyhorn Dragon Icon.png Skyhorn Dragon (edit) Epic WindLightVoid 1,811 Gems Icon.png
Cockerel Dragon Icon.png Cockerel Dragon (edit) Epic WindShadowFire 1,648 Gems Icon.png
Cherry Dragon Icon.png Cherry Dragon (edit) Epic WindShadowPlant 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Azure Dragon Icon.png Azure Dragon (edit) Epic WindShadowLight 1,988 Gems Icon.png
There are 78 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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