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Red Feather Dragon

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With fuzzy necks and wide, clawed feet, the Red Feather Dragon is suited for life on tall cliffs. Its striking plumage attracts attention, but it's tough enough to deal with anything that comes its way!
Arena Dragons
Base Stats & Attributes

Type Epic
Elements Wind Fire Shadow
Health 186 Health Icon.png
Attack 71 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 530 Gold Icon.png
Experience 1,100 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 11,450 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png


LTD Icon.png Limited-Time Dragon

Availability Dragon League
Method Top 1-3
Breeding Token Limited Breeding Token Icon.png
Unlocked Trainer Level 44
League Legendary Legendary League Icon.png
Cost 1,678 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 20 Hours
Hatching Time 1 Day & 4 Hours
VIP Breeding 16 Hours
VIP Hatching 22 Hours & 56 Minutes
Game Update Update 4.8


The body style of the Red Feather Dragon is leonine. The body is red with white legs and cream-colored horns, belly, claws, and arrow-shaped tail tip. It has pointy elongated ears and there are feathers on the back of the jawline, neck, chest, and thighs.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png
14 Average Materials - Wind.png 21 Good Materials - Wind.png 25 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
14 Average Materials - Fire.png 32 Average Materials - Fire.png 25 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
14 Average Materials - Shadow.png 32 Average Materials - Shadow.png 32 Good Materials - Shadow.png 39 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 186 71 530
10 960 366 1,862
20 5,943 2,262 3,342
30 36,794 14,005 4,822
40 227,815 86,717 6,302
50 1,410,568 536,926 7,782
60 8,733,864 3,324,504 9,262
70 54,077,788 20,584,449 10,742
80 334,835,412 127,453,479 12,222
90 2,073,212,614 789,158,349 13,702
100 12,836,786,051 4,886,260,497 15,182
120 492,131,567,936 187,327,500,053 18,142
125 1,224,580,823,126 466,130,764,932 18,882
120Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 39,122,908,060,169 14,891,945,648,709 18,142
125Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 97,350,314,584,281 37,055,926,196,597 18,882


The Red Feather Dragon is a limited-time Arena-Prize Dragon which is made available on rotation approximately once every three months in its respective league. At the end of a Dragon League iteration it is given as a time limited Breeding Token for the Top 1-3 spots. The Breeding Token is activated instantly upon being received, after which this Dragon can be bred through the pairing of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Wind, Fire and Shadow Elements.

Once the Red Feather Dragon is obtained and then subsequently housed on an island, duplicate eggs can be purchased through the Dragon Codex in exchange for 1,678 Gems. Prior presence on the islands is not necessary in order to buy this Dragon if its Breeding Token is currently active.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 20 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 1 day, 4 hours and 40 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 16 hours while the hatching time is reduced to 22 hours and 56 minutes.

Limited Breeding

During the time the Red Feather Dragon is temporarily breedable, it can be bought in exchange for Gems without prior presence on the islands.


If a Breeding Token is made available for this Dragon, it is activated instantly upon being received, after which the Dragon can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together the Wind, Fire and Shadow Elements. This method requires the Trainer to have reached Level 44.

Wind + Fire + Shadow

Available Combination(s)
Breed the Wind Dragon with any of the following:

Although any combination of the required elements can be used, breeding a single-element Dragon with another that has the remainder of the required elements (and no extras/duplicates) can have better odds and/or fewer unintended outcomes. For combination odds, try the Breeding Planner.

Other Combinations