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The Attack Icon.png Attack stat formula is used to determine the amount of damage a Dragon deals in battle (and the amount of damage/healing of the Elemental skills), before factoring in Elemental skills. For Dragons with an identical base Attack stat, the stat progression can vary slightly starting with a certain level.

Base Stat Determination

The base Attack Icon.png Attack value is affected by the Elements of the Dragon. Some Elements increase the Attack of a Dragon while others decrease attack, as seen below. The "base" Attack value with no Elements is 60. Any secondary Elements of a Special Element Dragon, that requires awakening, apply after they have been awoken.

Dragons of the rarities Divine (classification) Icon.png Divine and up usually don’t follow this Base Attack formula and have different values - see the Exceptions section below.

The full equation for determining Base Attack from Elements is:

Base Attack = 60 + ROUND(Sum of Element Values)

Element values are:

If the Dragon is a Boss Dragon, the final result is multiplied by 4.


First Example
The Agent Dragon Icon.png Agent Dragon is an Epic (classification) Icon.png Epic Dragon with Metal (Element) Icon.png Metal, Void (Element) Icon.png Void, and Earth (Element) Icon.png Earth Elements.


  1. Base Attack = 60 + Round(MetalValue + VoidValue + EarthValue)
  2. Base Attack = 60 + Round(-1.8 + 2.4 + -1.8)
  3. Base Attack = 60 + Round(-1.2)
  4. Base Attack = 60 + -1
  5. Base Attack = 59

Second Example
The Ash Dragon Icon.png Ash Dragon is an Epic (classification) Icon.png Epic with Fire (Element) Icon.png Fire, Plant (Element) Icon.png Plant, and Wind (Element) Icon.png Wind Elements.


  1. Base Attack = 60 + Round(FireValue + PlantValue + WindValue)
  2. Base Attack = 60 + Round(3 + 1.2 + 1.8)
  3. Base Attack = 60 + Round(6)
  4. Base Attack = 60 + 6
  5. Base Attack = 66


For Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own Base Attack, see Stats Exception Dragons.

Stat Growth

The Attack Icon.png Attack stat grows in an exponential growth format.

The equation for an individual level is fairly complex and is as follows:

Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(Level-1))*(NonRoundedBase/60)


First Example
The Attack stat for a pre-awakened Legendary (classification) Icon.png Legendary at Level 20 is:

  1. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(20-1))*(72/60))
  2. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^19)*1.2)
  3. Attack = Round(1917*1.2)
  4. Attack = Round(2300.4)
  5. Attack = 2300

So the Attack stat for a pre-awakened Legendary at Level 20 is 2,300.

Second Example
The Attack stat for the Zeus Dragon Icon.png Zeus Dragon, with all Elements awoken (Divine (Element) Icon.png Divine, Light (Element) Icon.png Light, Energy (Element) Icon.png Energy), at Level 50 is:

  1. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(50-1))*(82.2/60))
  2. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^49)*1.37)
  3. Attack = Round(455022*1.37)
  4. Attack = Round(623380.14)
  5. Attack = 623380

So the Attack stat for the Zeus Dragon Icon.png Zeus Dragon at Level 50 is 623,380.

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