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The Shadow Element is the tenth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 44. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Fire, Water, Plant and Primal and weak when used against Shadow. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by the Legendary Element, Divine Element, and Ancient Element, and is resistant to attacks by Metal, Energy and Shadow. Most Shadow-Element Dragons can live in the Shadow Habitat, with the exception of Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant Dragons.

The Shadow skill is Creeping Shadows, which deals damage to the opponent over time. 

The base Dragon is the Shadow Dragon. There are currently 238 Dragons with the Shadow Element.

Shadow-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Shadow Dragon Icon.png Shadow Dragon (edit) Common Shadow 1,500,000 Gold Icon.png
Demonic Dragon Icon.png Demonic Dragon (edit) Common ShadowFire 350 Gems Icon.png
Hyena Dragon Icon.png Hyena Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowFire 1,694 Gems Icon.png
Obsidian Dragon Icon.png Obsidian Dragon (edit) Common ShadowWind 290 Gems Icon.png
Rogue Dragon Icon.png Rogue Dragon (edit) Common ShadowEarth 255 Gems Icon.png
Pirate Dragon Icon.png Pirate Dragon (edit) Common ShadowWater 300 Gems Icon.png
Fungus Dragon Icon.png Fungus Dragon (edit) Common ShadowPlant 380 Gems Icon.png
Cappuccino Dragon Icon.png Cappuccino Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowPlant 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Crusader Dragon Icon.png Crusader Dragon (edit) Common ShadowMetal 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Reaper Dragon Icon.png Reaper Dragon (edit) Common ShadowMetal 390 Gems Icon.png
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png Dark Matter Dragon (edit) Common ShadowEnergy 399 Gems Icon.png
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon (edit) Common ShadowVoid 399 Gems Icon.png
Echo Dragon Icon.png Echo Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowFireWind 1,717 Gems Icon.png
Malevolent Dragon Icon.png Malevolent Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowFireEarth 1,645 Gems Icon.png
Galaxy Dragon Icon.png Galaxy Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowFireMetal 1,786 Gems Icon.png
Atramentum Dragon Icon.png Atramentum Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowFireEnergy $14.99 USD
Cockatrice Dragon Icon.png Cockatrice Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowWindEarth 1,642 Gems Icon.png
Fluffmoth Dragon Icon.png Fluffmoth Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowWindPlant 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Haunted Armor Dragon Icon.png Haunted Armor Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowWindMetal 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png Reptilian Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEarthWater 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Shaman Dragon Icon.png Shaman Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEarthPlant 1,825 Gems Icon.png
Mountain Lord Dragon Icon.png Mountain Lord Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEarthEnergy 3,953 Gems Icon.png
Snow Sport Dragon Icon.png Snow Sport Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowWaterFire 1,788 Gems Icon.png
Frostbite Dragon Icon.png Frostbite Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowWaterWind 1,595 Gems Icon.png
Diamondscale Dragon Icon.png Diamondscale Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantWater 1,757 Gems Icon.png
Kelp Dragon Icon.png Kelp Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantWater 1,811 Gems Icon.png
Eikthyrnir Dragon Icon.png Eikthyrnir Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantWater 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Blackberry Dragon Icon.png Blackberry Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantEnergy 2,002 Gems Icon.png
Jade Warrior Dragon Icon.png Jade Warrior Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantVoid 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Wolf Dragon Icon.png Wolf Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantVoid 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Bog Dragon Icon.png Bog Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowPlantLight 45 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Don Dragon Icon.png Don Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalWind 1,972 Gems Icon.png
Bighorn Dragon Icon.png Bighorn Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalEarth 1,832 Gems Icon.png
Mountain Lift Dragon Icon.png Mountain Lift Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalEarth 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Warg Dragon Icon.png Warg Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalWater 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Sentinel Dragon Icon.png Sentinel Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalEnergy 2,016 Gems Icon.png
Rose-Wing Dragon Icon.png Rose-Wing Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalVoid 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Blue Diamond Dragon Icon.png Blue Diamond Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowMetalVoid 1,900 Gems Icon.png
Rocker Dragon Icon.png Rocker Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEnergyFire 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Ba Jiao Gui Dragon Icon.png Ba Jiao Gui Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEnergyWater 1,908 Gems Icon.png
Dark-Tech Dragon Icon.png Dark-Tech Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEnergyMetal 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Dark Sentinel Dragon Icon.png Dark Sentinel Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowEnergyVoid 2,000 Gems Icon.png
Hellion Dragon Icon.png Hellion Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowVoidFire 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Abyss Dragon Icon.png Abyss Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowVoidWind 1,915 Gems Icon.png
Eldritch Dragon Icon.png Eldritch Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowVoidEarth 1,200 Gems Icon.png
Neon Dragon Icon.png Neon Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightFire 1,899 Gems Icon.png
Frosty Dragon Icon.png Frosty Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightWind Unbuyable
Dreamcatcher Dragon Icon.png Dreamcatcher Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightEarth 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Indigo Dragon Icon.png Indigo Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightWater 1,826 Gems Icon.png
Umbra Dragon Icon.png Umbra Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightMetal 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Horn Dragon Icon.png Horn Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightEnergy 2,016 Gems Icon.png
Stardust Dragon Icon.png Stardust Dragon (edit) Epic ShadowLightVoid 2,222 Gems Icon.png
There are 52 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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