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See Hatching for more information.

Hatchery - Level 5.png
Your dragon eggs will hatch here.
Allows Dragon eggs to be incubated and hatched.

Cost: Free initially, variable to upgrade.
Requirements: None
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

6 x 6

The Hatchery is a building and the only place where Dragons can be incubated before hatching. The Hatchery starts with one nest, but is upgradable using Gems Icon.png Gems to increase the number of nests, allowing multiple eggs to be incubated simultaneously.

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Upgrade Button.png Upgrade – to upgrade the Hatchery (appears if an upgrade is available).
  2. Purchase Egg Button.png Purchase Egg – to buy and incubate an egg (appears if a nest is available).
  3. Hatch Button.png Hatch or Speed Hatching Button.png Speed Hatching – to hatch or speed whatever Dragon appears on the button (appears if eggs are ready to hatch or incubating).


The Hatchery has 5 levels, each upgrade adds a nest, and earns the Trainer Experience Icon.png Experience. Upgrading the Hatchery is done by selecting the Hatchery, pressing the Upgrade Button.png Upgrade button, then the Instant Upgrade Gems Icon.png button. Each upgrade costs Gems Icon.png Gems, adds a nest, and earns Experience. Upgrading can take place even when eggs are incubated.

Hatchery Level Size Eggs Held Gem Gem Cost Experience
Hatchery - Level 1.png 1 5 × 5 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 1 None n/a
Hatchery - Level 2.png 2 5 x 5 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 2 Gems Icon.png 150 Experience Icon.png 1,660
Hatchery - Level 3.png 3 6 x 6 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 3 Gems Icon.png 450 Experience Icon.png 5,000
Hatchery - Level 4.png 4 6 x 6 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 4 Gems Icon.png 1,000 Experience Icon.png 11,110
Hatchery - Level 5.png 5 6 x 6 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 5 Gems Icon.png 2,500 Experience Icon.png 27,770

Purchasing Eggs

Eggs are purchased through the Hatchery by pressing the Purchase Egg Button.png Purchase Egg button, which takes the Trainer to the Dragons tab of the Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop. From this location, Dragons are purchased using Gold Icon.png Gold or Gems Icon.png Gems, and are immediately sent to the Hatchery. Dragons from other Shops, from Inventory Icon.png Inventory, or purchased from the Dragon Codex Icon.png Dragon Codex are hatched by pressing the Hatch button.

Note: Dragon eggs are sent to the hatchery from the All and Eggs tabs of the inventory.


When a Dragon incubating, its egg stays in the nest. Selecting the Hatchery displays the icons of the Dragons in their baby form. The time remaining until a Dragon hatches, appears underneath its egg. The Hatchery displays only the two highest units of time; thus the Hatching Length may differ slightly from the time displayed. For example, if the Trainer's VIP Level is 1 or inactive, and an Ancient Dragon is incubating, the time displayed at incubation start is 4 days and 19 hours, instead of 4 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes (the actual hatching time).

If the Hatchery is full when trying to incubate an egg coming from the Breeding Den or Inventory Icon.png Inventory, a notice states nests must be freed first. If a Dragon (that begins in egg form) is purchased or won elsewhere while the Hatchery is full, the egg goes directly into inventory.

Incubation takes different amounts of time depending on different factors.

See Hatching for information about incubation times, which are included there under hatching times.


Dragon eggs that are ready to hatch begin jumping in the nest, and the Hatch Notification Icon.png Hatch Notification appears above the Hatchery. Pressing the incubated Dragon's Hatch Button.png Hatch button opens a window to crack open the egg through repeated tapping. The hatching screen displays a New (Purple 2) Icon.png icon for Dragon species not previously hatched. After hatching, the Dragon is placed inside a fitting Habitat or the Dragon Vault by pressing the Place button, or sold by pressing the Sell Icon.png Sell button. Text appears above the baby Dragon if there are no empty, fitting Habitats, or empty slots in the Dragon Vault, to place the Dragon in. An egg occupies a spot in the Hatchery until some action is taken to move the egg out of it.

See Hatching for more information.

Time Reduction

Dragons in the Hatchery may have the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png icon on the bottom of their Speed Hatching Button.png button. Pressing the icon opens a window with a close-up image of the egg, the incubation time remaining, and options to skip increments of 30 minutes in exchange for watching videos. The Video Icon.png Skip, or skip all remaining time using Gems Skip All Gems Icon.png buttons allow the time to be skipped. When an advertisement video is available for the Hatchery, the Time Reduction Notification Icon.png icon appears above the building.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.44) * 0.15 * TimeInSeconds and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, by 5 if between the 10-100 range, by 25 if between the 100-200 range, and by 50 if between the 200-1,000 range. For example:

Outside the Hatchery, hatching time is also reduced through:

  • Active Level 2 VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status, which reduces hatching and breeding time by 20% (except for Clan Dragons).
  • Forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos Icon.png Chronos's power, actions which reduce several ongoing timers by 6 hours.
  • Activating the related Clan Fortress Power, which reduces all ongoing hatching processes, depending on Clan Fortress and Clan League level.
  • Timer Boosts, bonuses offered by visiting Trainers, which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes. This bonus also applies to a random ongoing hatching upon being collected.
Relic of Hatching

Hatching time is influenced by the Relic of Hatching Icon.png Relic of Hatching, which is used by pressing the Hatchery, selecting one egg to speed up, then pressing the   Skip Relic of Hatching Icon.png button. Once activated, the relic decreases the one hatching egg timer by 8 hours. A maximum of 10 can be obtained through the use of regular In-Game Currency for storage in Inventory Icon.png Inventory, more can be stored if obtained by other methods such as event prizes.


A single object is moved by pressing and holding it until move options activate, indicated by X Edit Mode Icon.png Check Mark Icon.png buttons below it and move arrows on each side. Green move arrows indicate sufficient space in the currently chosen area to place an item, gray arrows indicate not enough. Move the object by dragging, or by pressing the move arrows or the destination, then press the Check Mark Icon.png or X button to accept or cancel.

Edit Mode moves multiple objects, once move options are activated as described above, after pressing the Edit Mode Icon.png button. Moving or swapping instructions appear:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and pressing the Swap Icon.png button.
  • Store multiple objects in inventory by selecting them and pressing the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button (for eligible buildings or objects only).

Dragging or pressing a destination a does not move objects in Edit Mode, the initial state is selection-only; instead, pressing the Move Icon.png Move button enables these options, the base of all objects turns green or gray indicating if there's enough space to move the items to as a unit.

  • Selected objects are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, any destination must have the corresponding spaces freed for a successful move.
  • The Inventory Icon.png Inventory button only appears if all selected items are eligible for inventory storage, and appears below the last item selected.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


See Also

  • Hatching, for information about incubation times.


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