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Main Shop

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Main Shop Button.png

The Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop is the largest, most varied shop in the game, it is accessed from the main screen by pressing its button, and features many sections to buy various items.


The shop is broken into several labeled Shop Button.png categories in the left pane, including Promotions, Offers, Dragons, Currencies, Construction, Card Packs, Subscriptions, and Growth Fund. When pressed, a category button takes on a tab-like Shop Active Button.png appearance, pointing to its contents in the right pane. Items in each category have a specific order, with not yet unlocked items displayed at the end.

The contents of the Main Shop tabs are each explained in detail below.

Tab Sections Some tabs are further broken into horizontal sections in their right pane, separated by a white semi-transparent divider. When sections exist, additional buttons Shop Section Button.png appear that, when pressed, advances quickly to that section.


Sale Icon.png

The Promotions tab lists only discounted offers, typically bundles. Bundles usually bundle multiple items together, and those containing Dragons usually include one Dragon, its associated habitat, and another item or two. Items may include:

The Promotions tab can also be accessed, with a large feature promotion displayed first, by pressing the Bundles Button.png Bundles button, as dismissing the initial ad returns the user to the main store Promotions tab. Items featured in a Sale Icon.png Sale are marked with the sale icon.

Promotion snapshots display an image depicting what it offers, the price, quantities, any discounts. An Individual Dragon's snapshot displays its image, species, Rarity Icon.png Rarity, Elements, and a cost button. The i button displays either further information for an item, or a Dragon's full Codex Entry.

Whenever there is a limited-time promotion, the Discount Icon.png Discount sign appears on the Main Shop button (the sign also appears on its sections with discounted items).

Promotions - Generous Offer.png Promotions - Engaging Offer.png Promotions - Attractive Offer.png Promotions - Good-Looking Offer.png Promotions - Insane Offer.png


Main Shop Offers Icon.png

The Offers tab displays other offers. This tab features two sections, Hot Offers, and Special Offers. An Individual Dragon's information box or snapshot displays its image, species, Rarity, Elements, and cost button. For either section, the i button displays either further information for an item, or a Dragon's full Codex Entry.

Hot Offers

In the Hot Offers section, a time-limited Free item may appear, in which the Free must be pressed to claim it before the associated countdown timer ends.

Special Offers


Little Fire Dragon Icon.png

The Dragons tab allows purchasing of Normally-Breedable Dragons, VIP Dragons Icon.png VIP Dragons, Boss Dragons Icon.png Boss Dragons defeated in Normal Mode Icon.png Normal Mode of the Campaign Map, all ongoing Limited-Time Dragons Icon.png Limited-Time Dragons, and any available limited Card-Segment Dragons Icon.png Card-Segment Dragons (plus those for which at least one Dragon Piece was obtained). Any Dragon not obtained and housed on an island appears first, followed by those owned. Card Dragons for which at least 1 Dragon Piece Icon.png Dragon Piece is owned come next, though these do not have to be housed or hatched. All groups are sorted in a combined order of availability, Elements, and Rarity Icon.png Rarity.

Dragons are filtered either by pressing the search field Search Dragon   and entering a name to search, or by selecting one or more of the following filter dropdown options:

  •   Rarity  
    • Common (classification) Icon.png Uncommon (classification) Icon.png Rare (classification) Icon.png Epic (classification) Icon.png Legendary (classification) Icon.png Boss (classification) Icon.png Primal (classification) Icon.png Divine (classification) Icon.png Ancient (classification) Icon.png Tyrant (classification) Icon.png All Icon.png

See Rarities for more information.

  •   Source  
    • Breeding Token Filter Icon.png Boss Dragons Icon.png Dragon Pieces Filter Icon.png VIP Filter 2 Icon.png Limited-Time Dragons Icon.png Hatching Event Icon.png All Icon.png

 Breeding Token Dragons, Boss Dragons, Dragon Pieces, VIP Dragons, Limited-Time Dragons, Unhatched Dragons, and All Sources.

  •   Element  
    • Fire (Element) Icon.png Wind (Element) Icon.png Earth (Element) Icon.png Water (Element) Icon.png Plant (Element) Icon.png Metal (Element) Icon.png Energy (Element) Icon.png Void (Element) Icon.png Light (Element) Icon.png Shadow (Element) Icon.png Legendary (Element) Icon.png Primal (Element) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png Tyrant (Element) Icon.png All Icon.png

See Elements for more information.


Main Shop snapshots differ from Codex snapshots as they aren't owned, so no Sigils Icon.png Sigils, Skills, or Enchantment stars appear. Each snapshot displays a Dragon image, species name, Elements, Rarity Icon.png Rarity, and its button for method of obtainment, which takes the Trainer to where it is obtained. Ribbon colors vary in accordance with Rarity. The second and third Elements of Special Element Dragons are partially grayed out with a Red Lock Icon.png icon on them if they must be awoken. Dragon Rarity is marked in the top-right corner, and the i button at the top-left displays the Codex Entry. Already owned Dragons are marked with a Green Check Icon.png check mark.

Dragons are purchasable in exchange for Gems Icon.png Gems, or Gold Icon.png Gold, those purchasable by Gems are confirmed by pressing the  OK  button. Any Limited-Time Dragons Icon.png Limited-Time Dragons displays the remaining time available to obtain under its snapshot.

Dragons - Common Gold.png Dragons - Hatch.png Dragons - Uncommon.png Dragons - Rare Unlocked.png Dragons - VIP.png Dragons - Epic Sale.png Dragons - Epic Gems.png Dragons - Legendary Pieces.png Dragons - Boss.png Dragons - Divine Pieces.png Dragons - Ancient.png Dragons - Tyrant Pieces.png


Gems Icon.png

The Currencies tab features Otto's Lotto videos (if available), and subsections for Gems Icon.png Gems, Gold Icon.png Gold, Food Icon.png Food, and Dragon Piece Tickets Icon.png Dragon Piece Tickets. The offers for each are outlined below.

Currencies - Otto's Lotto.png Currencies - Daily Treasure 70%.png

See In-Game Currencies for a complete list of all currencies.


The Gems section displays relevant ways to acquire extra Gems, including Otto's Lotto videos, the Clam, and purchasable Gem packages.

Important Icon.png
The amounts shown apply to the majority of Trainers. Discrepancies based on country and platform can exist. Additionally, values can change depending on promotions and sales.
Version Pile of Gems.png
Pile of Gems
Sack of Gems.png
Sack of Gems
Bucket of Gems.png
Bucket of Gems
Chest of Gems.png
Chest of Gems
Cave of Gems.png
Cave of Gems
Island of Gems.png
Island of Gems
1.0-1.1 Missing Data
1.2-1.6 $1.99 USD for
50 Gems Icon.png
$4.99 USD for
130 Gems Icon.png
$9.99 USD for
275 Gems Icon.png
$19.99 USD for
600 Gems Icon.png
$49.99 USD for
1,700 Gems Icon.png
$99.99 USD for
3,800 Gems Icon.png
1.7-current $0.99 USD for
20 Gems Icon.png
$3.99 USD for
100 Gems Icon.png
$9.99 USD for
300 Gems Icon.png
$19.99 USD for
600 Gems Icon.png
$49.99 USD for
1,800 Gems Icon.png
$99.99 USD for
3,800 Gems Icon.png

See Gems for more information.


The Gold section displays buyable Gold packages.

Version Pile of Gold.png
Pile of Gold
Sack of Gold.png
Sack of Gold
Bucket of Gold.png
Bucket of Gold
Chest of Gold.png
Chest of Gold
Cave of Gold.png
Cave of Gold
Island of Gold.png
Island of Gold
1.2-current 300,000 Gold Icon.png for
15 Gems Icon.png
1,130,000 Gold Icon.png for
50 Gems Icon.png
2,400,000 Gold Icon.png for
100 Gems Icon.png
6,750,000 Gold Icon.png for
250 Gems Icon.png
21,000,000 Gold Icon.png for
750 Gems Icon.png
45,000,000 Gold Icon.png for
1,500 Gems Icon.png

See Gold for more information.


The Food section displays buyable Food packages.

Version Pile of Food.png
Pile of Food
Sack of Food.png
Sack of Food
Bucket of Food.png
Bucket of Food
Chest of Food.png
Chest of Food
Cave of Food.png
Cave of Food
Island of Food.png
Island of Food
1.2-current 30,000 Food Icon.png for
15 Gems Icon.png
105,000 Food Icon.png for
45 Gems Icon.png
270,000 Food Icon.png for
100 Gems Icon.png
675,000 Food Icon.png for
250 Gems Icon.png
1,880,000 Food Icon.png for
650 Gems Icon.png
3,000,000 Food Icon.png for
1,000 Gems Icon.png

See Food for more information.

Dragon (Piece) Tickets

The Dragon Tickets section displays buyable ticket packages. Dragon Piece Tickets Dragon Piece Tickets Icon.png are an In-Game Currency used to purchase Card Packs containing Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces.

Tickets can be bought individually or in packages in exchange for Gems Icon.png Gems. They are also occasionally available in the Whale-Mart Icon.png Whale-Mart, other Shops in bundles, or from the Clan Shop.

Version Pile of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Pile of Dragon Piece Tickets
Sack of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Sack of Dragon Piece Tickets
Bucket of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Bucket of Dragon Piece Tickets
Chest of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Chest of Dragon Piece Tickets
Cave of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Cave of Dragon Piece Tickets
Island of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Island of Dragon Piece Tickets
2.0-current 1 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for
25 Gems Icon.png
10 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for
225 Gems Icon.png
45 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for
999 Gems Icon.png
100 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for
1,999 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered

See Dragon Pieces for more information.


Build Icon.png

The Construction tab has 3 subsections including Habitats, Buildings, and Decorations, each outlined in their sections below.


The Habitats section lists all purchasable Habitats Icon.png Habitats (excluding Special Habitats), ordered from lowest to highest Element. On each habitat snapshot is an image, name, description, a purchase button with cost, and a number showing the total number of Habitats placed, separated by a / symbol from the current habitat maximum. The top-left i button displays the type and number of Dragons the habitat holds, and its maximum gold capacity. Pressing the purchase button brings the selected habitat to the closest free island spot, with a Check Mark Icon.png button to confirm purchase and placement, or a X button to cancel.

Most habitats are purchased with Gold, except Boss and Eternal Fruit Tree habitats. Locked habitats are partially grayed out, with a button specifying requirements to unlock at the bottom. If the habitat building limit is reached, the Maximum number
button appears, and the snapshots are partially grayed out on all habitats.

Construction - Habitat Fire.png Construction - Habitat Wind.png Construction - Habitat Earth.png Construction - Habitat Water.png Construction - Habitat Plant.png Construction - Habitat Metal.png Construction - Habitat Energy.png Construction - Habitat Void.png Construction - Habitat Light.png Construction - Habitat Shadow.png Construction - Habitat Legendary.png Construction - Habitat Boss.png Construction - Habitat Divine.png Construction - Habitat Ancient.png Construction - Building Eternal Fruit Tree.pngConstruction - Habitat Tyrant.png

See Habitats for more information.


The Buildings section lists all purchasable buildings except Habitats. On each building snapshot is an image, description, a purchase button with cost or requirements, and the quantity of that building placed separated by a / mark from the current building maximum (there can be only one of each building, except Farms Icon.png Farms). The top-left i button displays the aforementioned information larger. Pressing the purchase button brings the selected building to the closest free island spot, with a Check Mark Icon.png button to confirm purchase and placement, or a X button to cancel.

Most buildings are purchased with Gold Icon.png Gold, except the Eternal Fruit Tree. Locked buildings are partially grayed out, with a button specifying requirements to unlock at the bottom. If a building's quantity limit is reached, Maximum number
(Maximum Number Built!) appears, and the snapshot is partially grayed out. A Take me there! button is shown on already built buildings with a maximum of one, or a Check it out! button on limited-time buildings, pressing the former takes the Trainer to that building with an Indicator Arrow Icon.png (arrow) above it, pressing the latter opens a window allowing the item to be purchased with real money.

Construction - Building Dragon Vault.png Construction - Building Gold Vault locked.pngConstruction - Building Gold Vault.png Construction - Building Farm.png Construction - Building Fountain of Youth.png Construction - Temple Fire.png Construction - Temple Wind.png Construction - Temple Earth.png Construction - Temple Water.png Construction - Temple Plant.png Construction - Temple Metal.png Construction - Temple Energy.png Construction - Temple Void.png Construction - Temple Light.png Construction - Temple Shadow.png Construction - Temple Legends.png

See Buildings for more information.


The Decorations section lists all purchasable Decorations Icon.png Decorations except those available in the Dungeon Shop. Most decorations are unlocked when their associated island is unlocked. On each decoration snapshot is an image, name, size (small 1x1, medium 2x2, or large 3x3), a purchase button with its cost in either Gold Icon.png Gold or Gems Icon.png Gems, or a Take me there! button bringing the Trainer to the associated requirement. Locked decorations are partially grayed out.

Buying a decoration takes the selected decoration to the closest free spot on the islands, with a Check Mark Icon.png button to confirm purchase and placement, or a X button to cancel. If no space exists to place a decoration, it is placed in Inventory Icon.png Inventory.

Sticker - Cry.png
Decorations can no longer be filtered.
Construction - Decoration Granite Tile.png Construction - Decoration White Granite Tile.png Construction - Decoration Black Granite Tile.png Construction - Decoration Round Shrub.png Construction - Decoration Red Flower.png Construction - Decoration Fae Tree.png Construction - Decoration Kooky Carl.png Construction - Decoration Royal Crystal.png

See Decorations for more information about the Main Shop and other decorations.

Card Packs

Five-Card Pack Icon.png

Card packs are packs of cards purchased in exchange for Dragon Piece Tickets Icon.png Dragon Piece Tickets, Clan Coins Icon.png Clan Coins, or watching ad Videos Icon.png Videos.

See Regular Card Packs for images of all three card packs..

Card Pack snapshots have an image, the quantity of cards in the pack, a button for obtaining the pack, and a i button at the right. At the left of the list of snapshots is the Dragon Pieces Tab Button.png option, which takes the Trainer to the Dragons tab, filtering the view to display by Dragon Pieces Filter Icon.png Dragon Pieces.

Card Packs - WDP.png Card Packs - Exclusive Dragon Pieces.png Card Packs - One-Card Pack.png Card Packs - Three-Card Pack.png Card Packs - Five-Card Pack.png

The i button on each Card Pack snapshot opens a window displaying each Dragon Piece that may be obtained, its rarity, the number of pieces required, and another i button showing the odds (drop rates) of each Dragon Card Piece rarity. Any Dragon offered on a promotion displays first, with the weekly offer shown second, then the other Dragons ordered by rarity.

When card packs are Trainer Level locked, an Unlocked at
unlocked at level notice (indicating the necessary level) appears instead of the purchase button. When any card pack is purchased, it must be continuously tapped until it opens and the card flips over.

Regular Card Packs are packs obtainable at any time from the Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop by pressing the Card Packs filter option, and are sometimes prizes in Events. A One-Card Pack Icon.png One-Card Pack can be obtained every 12 hours for watching a Video Icon.png Video. The Three-Card Pack Icon.png Three-Card Pack is available in the Clans interface by pressing the Clan Shop button, then paying the required Clan Coins Icon.png Clan Coins. And, a free Five-Card Pack Icon.png Five-Card Pack is given the first time a Trainer becomes a Clan member.

Image One-Card Pack Icon.png
One-Card Pack
Three-Card Pack Icon.png
Three-Card Pack[1]
Five-Card Pack Icon.png
Five-Card Pack[2]
Cost 750 Clan Coins Icon.png 2,500 Clan Coins Icon.png 4 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png
Player Level
12 25 12
  1. Guaranteed one Rare Card or higher.
  2. Guaranteed one Epic Card or higher.

See Card Packs and Dragon Piece Tickets for more information.


Subscriptions Icon.png

The Subscriptions tab displays two subsections, Daily Treasure (Clam), and Extra Den. These purport to be subscriptions; however, the cost is a lump-sum purchase for feature that last a certain number of days, they must be renewed at the end of the "subscription", they do not auto-renew (currently).

Subscriptions - Daily Treasure.png Subscriptions - Extra Den 30 Days.png

Daily Treasure

The Daily Treasure section displays all Clam deals for Gems Icon.png Gems received daily, gems are put out of the Clam as if they were pearls, for a set number of days.

When subscribed to, the Clam gives the Trainer an initial number of Gems Icon.png Gems and VIP points at purchase, then a fixed number of additional Gems per day upon opening, both in accordance to the subscription. The subscription lasts for 30 days, and Gems collected from are added to the user's VIP Level.

Important Icon.png
The user has 24 hours to collect the Gems for that day, or they are lost.
Subscription Initial Gems VIP Points Gems per Day Total Gems Full Price
Ruby Gems Icon.png 100 VIP Dragons Icon.png 400 Gems Icon.png 10 Gems Icon.png 400 $4.99 USD*
Diamond Gems Icon.png 200 VIP Dragons Icon.png 800 Gems Icon.png 20 Gems Icon.png 800 $9.99 USD*
Emerald Gems Icon.png 550 VIP Dragons Icon.png 1600 Gems Icon.png 35 Gems Icon.png 1,600 $19.99 USD*

* Prices for the same offer may vary by location or even by platform. Occasionally, sale prices are offered for some packages (e.g., $2.99 USD for the Diamond subscription).

See Clam for more information.

Extra Den

The Extra Den section displays all Extra Den "subscription" offers.

See Extra Den for more information.

Growth Fund

Gold Collecting Event Icon.png

The Growth Fund tab, provides an offer to activate a series of "growth" rewards in exchange for an initial purchase using real money. Once unlocked, the Trainer receives rewards that aid their game's growth upon reaching certain game milestones. Growth Funds are varied over time, with examples provided below.

We have a lot of different Growth Funds prepared, so stay tuned!
First Growth Fund
Cost: Unknown
5 Gems Icon.png 100
10 Gems Icon.png 100
15 Gems Icon.png 250
20 Gems Icon.png 250
25 Gems Icon.png 500
30 Gems Icon.png 500
Total: Gems Icon.png 1,700

Level Growth Funds

Level growth funds are growth rewards given upon reaching certain player levels. Such growth funds have several stages, namely Silver, Golden, and Platinum. After the first stage is purchased, the rewards are claimed by pressing the Claim button. Alternatively, all rewards whose requirements are completed can be claimed at once by pressing the Claim All button. Once all rewards are claimed, the next stage is unlocked for purchase.

Important Icon.png
Note: Growth Fund costs, types available, and rewards may vary by platform and region.
Silver Stage
Cost: $14.99 USD
5 Gems Icon.png 200
7 Gems Icon.png 220
9 Gems Icon.png 230
11 Gems Icon.png 240
13 Gems Icon.png 250
15 Gems Icon.png 280
17 Gems Icon.png 330
20 Gems Icon.png 400
Total Gems Icon.png 2,150
Golden Stage
Cost: $14.99 USD
21 Gems Icon.png 250
25 Gems Icon.png 150
30 Gems Icon.png 160
35 Gems Icon.png 170
40 Gems Icon.png 180
45 Gems Icon.png 190
55 Gems Icon.png 200
70 Gems Icon.png 220
85 Gems Icon.png 280
100 Gems Icon.png 350
Total Gems Icon.png 2,150
Platinum Stage
Cost: $14.99 USD
101 Gems Icon.png 250
105 Gems Icon.png 150
110 Gems Icon.png 160
115 Gems Icon.png 170
120 Gems Icon.png 180
125 Gems Icon.png 190
130 Gems Icon.png 200
140 Gems Icon.png 220
150 Gems Icon.png 280
160 Gems Icon.png 350
Total Gems Icon.png 2,150


Shop Backgrounds

Promotion or Bundle Backgrounds


Historical Images


  • Update 8.0: Added additional Growth Funds, including tiered Player Level growth funds.
    • Renamed the Permanent Offers subsection to Special Offers.
    • Made the Promotions tab display bundles instead of a mix of bundles and single offers, reducing its previously unexplained overlap with the Offers tab.
    • Replaced the free Relic of Farming and Relic of Exploration offer, with a 15K free Gold offer.
  • Update 7.9: Revamped the (Main) Shop and its tabs.
    • Added an Offers tab, featuring two sections, Hot Offers and Permanent Offers.
    • Added additional filtering options (Rarity, Source, and Element) to the Dragons tab.
    • Moved the Promotions tab to second place.
    • Added a Currencies tab, featuring Otto's Lotto videos, Gems, Gold, Food, and Dragon (Piece) Tickets.
    • Merged the Habitats, Buildings, and Decorations tabs under a new Construction tab, and added subsections for each. Unfortunately, this also removed the former Decorations type filtering options (Paths, Sculptures, Natural and All).
    • Added a Subscriptions tab for the Clam and Extra Den.
    • Added a Growth Fund tab, initially inactive, which required a purchase to access extra milestone-based "growth" rewards.
    • Introduced an advertisement for a Level 130 Dragon, Bee Dragon, for $24.99 USD despite the maximum level being Level 120 for normal leveling, or Level 125 with Sacred Apple use.
    • Changed the colors and shapes of the Rarity filter buttons slightly.
  • Update 7.8: Added an Anniversary sale that promoted many Dragons for a greatly reduced Gem cost, as well as Sigil Bundles and other offers.
    • Made Dragons sales (available for a reduced gems cost) a monthly occurrence.
    • Added Clan Dragon Power Tokens to the Special Offers section in exchange for real money.
  • Update 7.7: Added a time-limited Free bundle to the Promotions tab.
  • Update 4.1: Introduced the To Arms! Card Pack.
  • Update 4.0: Changed the background color of Boss Dragon snapshots from purple to orange.
    • Made available Dragon Piece Tickets in increments of 100 and 45, in addition to 10 and 1.
  • Update 3.6: Added an "i" button to Card Packs to display drop rates.
    • Moved additional text, such as time left for limited Dragons, below their snapshots.
    • Replaced bundle names with Awesome Offer! text.
    • Added personalized backgrounds to bundles.
    • Added Dragon Elements and Rarity to Bundles offering them, and Not in your collection! text if not owned.
  • Update 3.4: Introduced Dragon Piece Tickets.
  • Update 3.3: Replaced Gems with Dragon Piece Tickets to buy the Five-Card Pack (prior, the pack was 100 Gems and 150 for the limited version.
  • Update 3.2: Added a Take me there! button to buildings that can only be owned once.
  • Update 2.9: Made promotion tab to display the promoted item instead of a flying chest when Dragons weren't promoted.
  • Update 2.7: Added an "i" button to card packs for information.
  • Update 2.1: Added search to the Dragons tab of the Main Shop to search by specific Dragon name.
  • Update 2.0: Added a Card Packs tab, and the option to filter by Dragon Pieces when these were introduced.
  • Update 1.9: Made promotions snapshots display the items featured instead of just a chest.
  • Update 1.8: Added Christmas-themed Decorations.
  • Update 1.7: Made obstacles from Islands available as decorations.
    • Introduced Halloween-themed decorations.
  • Update 1.2: Added the Decorations tab when decorations were introduced.

Bugs and Issues

  • Update 7.9: Changed the Rarity filter button shapes to be more square than rectangle, though didn't re-center the text, causing an issue where the buttons looked "squished".

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