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Anniversary Events

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Anniversary events are Events intended to celebrate another year of the game's creation. Anniversary events don't always fall on the same day, but rather appear roughly within a month of the anniversary date. Dragon Mania Legends was released on the 7th of January, 2015.

Year Anniversary Dragon Event
2016 1st Bundt Dragon Icon.png Bundt Dragon Dragon of the Week
2017 2nd Cupcake Dragon Icon.png Cupcake Dragon Anniversary Treat (16/12/29)
2018 3rd Marshmallow Dragon Icon.png Marshmallow Dragon Anniversary Event (18/01/06)
2019 4th Quartern Dragon Icon.png Quartern Dragon 4th Draco-Versary (19/01/04)
2020 5th Fifth Dragon Icon.png Fifth Dragon Anniversary Challenge (20/01/10)
2021 6th Sixth Dragon Icon.png Sixth Dragon 6th Anniversary (2021/01/11)
2022 7th Seventh Dragon Icon.png Seventh Dragon Birthday Battles (22/01/13)
2023 8th Eighth Dragon Icon.png Eighth Dragon Treasure Hunt: Birthday Anniversary (23/01/11)

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