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Category:Occasion-Specific Events

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This category houses events that are specific to a particular occasion.

Page Name Event Type Occasion
Palate Pleasing (15/07/13)     Feeding Bastille Day
Child's Play (15/06/09)     Solo Children's Day
Holiday Cheer (17/01/05)     Gold Spending Christmas
Festival of Lights (16/02/19)     Feeding Lantern Festival
Luck of the Emerald (16/03/17)     Gold Collecting Saint Patrick's Day
Dragonette's Day (16/06/03)     Solo Children's Day
Lighting the Way (16/02/05)     Solo Chinese New Year
Freedom's Reward (16/07/04)     Gold Collecting Independence Day (USA)
Veteran's Victory (15/11/09)     Food Gathering Veterans Day (USA)
PBS KIDS' New Movie (15/11/21)     Hatching Movie Premiere
Top of the Class (16/09/09)     Solo First day of school
Harmony Day (16/09/19)     Hatching International Day of Peace
Golden Green Glory (15/09/07)     Gold Collecting Independence of Brazil
Sweet Search (16/03/21)     Solo Easter
Goal Glories (16/05/27)     Food Gathering UEFA Euro 2016
Back in Session (16/09/09)     Calendar First day of school
Golden Opportunity (16/11/11)     Gold Spending Singles' Day
Dainty Delights (16/03/07)     Feeding International Women's Day
Sink or Swim (16/09/12)     Feeding Mid-Autumn Festival
Dragon Boat Festival (15/06/19)     Feeding Dragon Boat Festival
Crafty Cookies (16/07/15)     Gem Spending Bastille Day
New Beginnings (17/01/01)     Hatching New Year's Day
Costume Quest (17/10/27)     Castle Halloween
The Great Egg Hunt (17/04/13)     Castle Easter
Blizzard Bells (17/12/15)     Calendar Advent
Lighting the Way (17/02/09)     Feeding Lantern Festival
Brought to Life (17/01/16)     Hatching Art's birthday
Greeting the Dawn (17/01/26)     Solo Chinese New Year
Hearts and Flowers (17/02/13)     Gem Spending Valentine's Day
April Food's Day (17/03/31)     Food Gathering April Fools' Day
Dragon Devotees (16/05/24)     Feeding Geek Pride Day
Happy Children's Day (15/10/08)     Hatching Children's Day
Celestial Sightings (16/06/06)     Hatching Ramadan
Yin Yang Challenge (15/02/23)     Hatching Chinese New Year
Mid-Autumn Event (15/09/29)     Gold Collecting Mid-Autumn Festival
Hatching Hearts (17/06/08)     Hatching Dia dos Namorados
Cosmic Comforts (16/04/11)     Hatching Cosmonautics Day
Shopping Spree (16/11/28)     Gem Spending Cyber Monday
Frost Festival (15/12/18)     Solo Christmas
Nom Nom Momma (17/05/12)     Food Gathering Mother's Day
The Trainer Trials (16/08/12)     Castle 2016 Summer Olympics
Oktober Feast (15/09/18)     Food Gathering Oktoberfest
New Year's Feast (16/01/01)     Feeding New Year's Day
Boating Festival (16/06/09)     Feeding Dragon Boat Festival
Tololoche Day (18/05/03)     Hatching Cinco de Mayo
Holly Days (17/12/22)     Solo Holiday Season
Star Stripe Forever (16/11/11)     Gold Collecting Veterans Day (USA)
Scent of Progress Event (17/11/27)     Gem Spending Cyber Monday
Dragolandia Day (16/04/21)     Feeding Earth Day
Lovestruck (16/02/12)     Gem Spending Valentine’s Day
Anniversary Event (18/01/06)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Soft-Boiled Bonanza (18/06/01)     Hatching Festa della Repubblica
Happy Victoria Day (15/05/18)     Gold Collecting Victoria Day
Ladies' Choice (15/03/06)     Food Gathering International Women's Day
Hocus Focus (15/10/23)     Solo Halloween
Light Up the Night (15/12/29)     Gem Spending New Year's Eve
Soulmate Festival (17/08/24)     Hatching Qixi Festival
Giving Thanks (16/11/23)     Feeding Thanksgiving Day (USA)
Bloom Festival (17/04/06)     Feeding National Cherry Blossom Festival
Fearsome Feasters (17/11/23)     Gold Collecting Thanksgiving
Good as Gold and Green (18/05/10)     Hatching Mother's Day
Hatching Hearts (18/06/07)     Hatching Dia dos Namorados
Frosty Foes (17/12/08)     Castle Holiday Season
Matriarch's Day (16/05/06)     Gold Collecting Mothers' Day
Soaring into Spring (16/03/24)     Hatching March equinox
President Day (16/02/15)     Food Gathering Washington's Birthday
Stars & Stripes Forever! (15/07/03)     Feeding Independence Day (USA)
Gleeful Gobbling (15/11/25)     Feeding Thanksgiving Day (USA)
Big Kick Cup (18/06/15)     Solo 2018 FIFA World Cup
Revolutionary Spirit (15/07/03)     Gold Collecting Independence Day (USA)
Labor of Love (15/09/07)     Food Gathering Labor Day
Cold Runnings (18/01/26)     Solo 2018 Winter Olympics
All in Good Jest (16/03/31)     Gem Spending April Fools' Day
Cyber Special (15/11/30)     Gem Spending Cyber Monday
Screaming Eagles (18/07/05)     Arcade Independence Day (US)
Heavenly Hatching (18/06/14)     Hatching Dragon Boat Festival
Anniversary Treat (16/12/29)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Trainer's Pet (15/09/25)     Gem Spending First day of school
Dragon Dynasty (18/02/16)     Calendar Chinese New Year
Rosie Outlook (17/03/03)     Solo International Women's Day
Metamorph Mania (18/01/11)     Arcade DML's 3rd birthday
Play Day (17/05/26)     Solo Children's Day
Divine New Year (18/02/16)     Castle Chinese New Year
Patriot Pride (16/07/14)     Gold Collecting Bastille Day
Female Fangs Day (18/03/12)     Gem Spending International Women's Day
Dragonboat Bash (18/03/07)     Arcade Chinese New Year
Happy Canada Day (15/07/01)     Gold Collecting Canada Day
Back-2-School Rush (17/09/19)     Gem Spending First day of school
Fireboat Festival (17/10/02)     Gem Spending Mid-Autumn Festival
Peace and Love (15/09/21)     Hatching International Day of Peace
National Day Event (15/10/01)     Hatching National Day (China)
Masked Mischief (16/02/05)     Gold Collecting Brazilian Carnival
Dragonheart Day (18/02/12)     Gem Spending Valentine's Day
Labor of Love (16/05/01)     Gem Spending International Workers' Day
Viking Spring (15/03/24)     Solo March equinox
'Go Green' Day (18/04/19)     Arcade Earth Day
Mid-Autumn Event (15/09/24)     Feeding Mid-Autumn Festival
Baby Day (18/10/11)     Hatching Children's Day
4th Draco-Versary (19/01/04)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Cinco de Mayo (15/05/05)     Gold Collecting Cinco de Mayo
Dragolandia Defenders (16/02/22)     Hatching Defender of the Fatherland Day
Golden Gatherer (16/11/23)     Gold Collecting Thanksgiving Day (USA)
Burning Resolution (15/12/29)     Gold Collecting New Year's Eve
The Great Hatchling Hunt (18/03/23)     Castle Easter
Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01)     Castle Lunar New Year
Pilgrim's Prosperity (15/11/25)     Gold Collecting Thanksgiving Day (USA)
Blizzard Bells (17/12/01)     Calendar Advent
Holiday Cheer (16/12/19)     Castle Holiday Season
Spark Up an Appetite (16/12/29)     Feeding New Year's Eve
Birth of an Empire (17/05/25)     Hatching Dragon Boat Festival
Gem-Dependence Day (17/07/03)     Gem Spending Independence Day
Perfectly Pink (18/04/27)     Solo Golden Week (Japan)
Young Fun (18/05/31)     Arcade Children's Day
Rising High Event (18/01/04)     Gem Spending New Year
Revolutionary Spirit (16/05/30)     Gold Collecting Memorial Day
Draghi Italiani (15/06/01)     Gold Collecting Festa della Repubblica
Chills and Thrills (16/10/27)     Castle Halloween
Snack Attack (17/02/03)     Feeding Super Bowl LI
Tough as Scales Day (17/05/01)     Gem Spending International Workers' Day
Bright Bloom (18/04/30)     Hatching Golden Week
Green Day (18/04/09)     Calendar Qingming Festival
Heavenly Hatching (18/09/21)     Hatching Mid-Autumn Festival
Journey of the Rat (20/01/24)     Castle Lunar New Year
G'Day Day (16/01/25)     Hatching Australia Day
Heaven & Earth (19/09/27)     Castle Mid-Autumn Festival
Blizzard Buddies (19/12/13)     Castle Holiday Season
Whelp Day (17/10/05)     Hatching Children's Day
Happy Mother's Day (15/05/08)     Feeding Mother's Day
Lunar New Year (15/02/16)     Gold Collecting Chinese New Year
Happy Thanksgiving! (15/10/12)     Feeding Thanksgiving Day
Anniversary Challenge (20/01/10)     Solo Anniversary Events
The Great Eggs-pedition (19/04/19)     Castle Easter
Trainer's Luck (17/03/16)     Food Gathering Saint Patrick's Day
Extra Credit (15/10/05)     Gold Collecting World Teachers' Day
Sweet Victory (16/05/23)     Hatching Victoria Day
Holiday Helper (15/12/04)     Feeding Saint Nicholas Day
Tasty Days (20/01/09)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Independence Fray (20/06/29)     Solo Independence Day
Patriot's Pride (17/02/20)     Hatching Washington's Birthday
Easter Egg Hunt (15/04/02)     Solo Easter
Holiday Reunion (20/12/21)     Castle Holiday Season
Delicious Days (21/01/04)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Haunted Heroes (19/10/25)     Castle Halloween
True Blue (21/10/01)     Castle Mid-Autumn Festival
Easter Adventure (21/03/26)     Castle Easter
Happy Earth Day (15/04/22)     Feeding Earth Day
Sinister Quest (20/10/23)     Castle Halloween
Seedling Day (18/04/25)     Hatching Liberation Day
True-Blue Challenge (20/04/06)     Castle Easter
Birthday Blowout (22/01/10)     Calendar Anniversary Events
Treasure Hunt: Birthday Anniversary (23/01/11)     Treasure Hunt Anniversary Events
Birthday Battles (22/01/13)     Solo Anniversary Events
Boss Challenge (22/01/31)     Relay Chinese New Year
Dragon Board (21/01/11)     Dragon Dice Anniversary Events

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