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Farm - Level 4.png
A way to a Dragon's heart is through its belly. Grow Food here. Upgrade your Farms to grow better Food and make your Dragons happy!
Produce Food to level Dragons.

Cost: 1,000 Gold Icon.png (plus upgrades)
Requirements: Player Level 2
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: Yes

5 x 5

Farms are buildings used to produce Food, a resource needed to feed and level up Dragons. Farms are unlocked upon reaching Player Level 2, and a maximum of 15 can be built. Farms in inventory count toward the Farm limit.

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Upgrade Button.pngUpgrade, for upgrading a Farm (appears if farm is idle and an upgrade is available).
  2. Farming Button.pngPlanting, for growing food (appears if idle).
    • Speed-Up Button.pngSpeed-Up, for speeding an ongoing planting, which is when it appears.
  3. Sell Button.png & Inventory Button.pngSelling & Storing, for selling or moving a Farm into Inventory Inventory Icon.png (appears if idle).


Upgrading unlocks superior types and amounts of Food that can be grown. Upgrading is performed by selecting an inactive Farm, pressing the Upgrade Button.png button, then selecting an option:

  • Instant Upgrade  Gems Icon.png — in exchange for Gems.
  • Upgrade  Gold Icon.png — in exchange for Gold, taking a set amount of time to complete.

There is a limit to how many Farms can be built, and a Trainer Trainer Level requirement that needs to be met to build additional Farms. Upgrade cost also varies depending on Farm level.

Farm Level Cost Building
Trainer Level
Farm - Level 1.png
1,000 Gold Icon.png 15 seconds 40 Experience Icon.png Level 2 250 Gold Icon.png
Farm - Level 2.png
10,000 Gold Icon.png 1 hour 400 Experience Icon.png Level 8 2,750 Gold Icon.png
Farm - Level 3.png
200,000 Gold Icon.png 5 hours 8,000 Experience Icon.png Level 20 52,750 Gold Icon.png
Farm - Level 4.png
2,500,000 Gold Icon.png 1 day 100,000 Experience Icon.png Level 60 677,750 Gold Icon.png
Total / Farm: 2,711,000 Gold Icon.png 1 day, 6 hours
and 15 seconds
108,440 Experience Icon.png -
x 15 Farms: 40,665,000 Gold Icon.png 1,626,600 Experience Icon.png - 10,166,250 Gold Icon.png

Level Requirements

Trainer Level requirements gradually increase up to the maximum:

Trainer Level Farm Limit
Level 2 1
Level 4 2
Level 5 3
Level 7 4
Level 10 5
Level 13 6
Level 16 7
Level 19 8
Level 22 9
Level 25 10
Level 28 11
Level 30 12
Level 60 13
Level 80 14
Level 100+ 15


Hungry Dragon.png

Farming is performed by selecting a farm, pressing the Farming Button.png button, and then selecting an available type of Food to grow. Different types of Foods are produced, divided into four tiers for each level of a Farm. Food that is currently locked by Player Level appears grayed out and cannot be selected. When ready to be harvested, the Yellow-Bordered Food Icon.png icon appears above each Farm, tapping it collects the food.

At Player Level 25, if four or more Farms are built, the Multi-plant option appears. When selected, this option is used to plant the same type of Food on all idle farms, and displays the number of Farms that will produce it. Members of clan, have the option to plant Clan Food requiring the same amount of time and Gold as their original form, but yielding more Food.

Farming Calculator

The DML Planner Farming function provides a way to calculate what types of Food to Farm, based on:

  • Farm level
  • Gold possessed/budgeted
  • Numner of farms owned
  • Minimum to-harvest duration
  • Maximum to-harvest duration
  • Farm Gold production per hour
Calculating farming parameters before farming can help optimize production and reduce of gold expense.

Read more about this sister project, the DML Planner made by Toomas, a DML community member.

Farm - Level 4.png

Per Planting Maximum

See Food for other calculations.

Farm Level Food 15 Farms
Food Icon.png Amount[1] Gold Icon.png Cost Experience Icon.png
Farm - Level 1.png
Food - Spiky Cherry.png Spiky Cherry 75 225 15
Food - Purplemon.png Purplemon 375 2,250 90
Food - Sour Cone.png Sour Cone 1,125 11,250 450
Food - Sour Cone.png Clan Sour Cone 1,275
Farm - Level 2.png
Food - Blue Hazel.png Blue Hazel 3,000 22,500 900
Food - Blue Hazel.png Clan Blue Hazel 3,300
Food - Dragonscale.png Dragonscale 6,000 60,000 2,400
Food - Dragolandic Berry.png Dragolandic Berry 22,500 225,000 9,000
Farm - Level 3.png
Food - Star Fruit.png Star Fruit 75,000 900,000 36,000
Food - Star Fruit.png Clan Star Fruit 82,500
Food - Spring Cherry.png Spring Cherry 112,500 3,000,000 120,000
Food - Sweetroot.png Sweetroot 750,000 12,000,000 480,000
Farm - Level 4.png
Food - Squarey Berry.png Squarey Berry 600,000 24,000,000 960,000
Food - Candied Pear.png Candied Pear 1,950,000 37,500,000 1,500,000
Food - Royal Fig.png Royal Fig 1,800,000 54,000,000 2,160,000
Food - Royal Fig.png Clan Royal Fig 1,980,000
  1. The amount is increased by 1.5 whenever a Food Frenzy Day is occurring.

Per Hour Maximum

Type Farm Level Gold Icon.png Price Duration Food Icon.png Food[1] Experience Icon.png Experience Cost/Food Duration/Food Food/Hour Cost/Hour
Food - Spiky Cherry.png Spiky Cherry 1
Farm - Level 1.png
15 30 seconds 5 1 3 6 seconds 600 1,800
Food - Purplemon.png Purplemon 150 5 minutes 25 6 6 12 seconds 300 1,800
Food - Sour Cone.png Sour Cone 750 30 minutes 75 30 10 24 seconds 150 1,500
Food - Sour Cone.png Clan Sour Cone 750 30 minutes 85 30 10 24 seconds 170 1,500
Food - Blue Hazel.png Blue Hazel 2
Farm - Level 2.png
1,500 2 hours 200 60 7.5 36 seconds 100 750
Food - Blue Hazel.png Clan Blue Hazel 1,500 2 hours 220 60 7.5 36 seconds 110 750
Food - Dragonscale.png Dragonscale 4,000 6 hours 400 160 10 54 seconds 66.67 666.67
Food - Dragolandic Berry.png Dragolandic Berry 15,000 12 hours 1,500 600 10 29 seconds 125 1,250
Food - Star Fruit.png Star Fruit 3
Farm - Level 3.png
60,000 1 day 5,000 2,400 12 17 seconds 208.33 2,500
Food - Star Fruit.png Clan Star Fruit 60,000 1 day 5,500 2,400 12 17 seconds 229.17 2,500
Food - Spring Cherry.png Spring Cherry 200,000 1 hour 7,500 8,000 26.67 0.48 seconds 7,500 200,000
Food - Sweetroot.png Sweetroot 800,000 2 days 50,000 32,000 16 3.46 seconds 1,041.67 16,666.67
Food - Squarey Berry.png Squarey Berry 4
Farm - Level 4.png
1,600,000 6 hours 40,000 64,000 40 0.54 seconds 6,666.67 266,666.67
Food - Candied Pear.png Candied Pear 2,500,000 2 days 130,000 100,000 19.23 1.33 seconds 2,708.33 52,083.33
Food - Royal Fig.png Royal Fig 3,600,000 1 day 120,000 144,000 30 0.72 seconds 5,000 150,000
Food - Royal Fig.png Clan Royal Fig 3,600,000 1 day 132,000 144,000 30 0.72 seconds 5,500 150,000
  1. The amount is increased by 1.5 whenever a Food Frenzy Day is occurring.

See Food for an overview of all food types and alternate obtainment methods.

Time Reduction

Sporadically, the Yellow-Bordered Gem Ad Icon.png icon appears above a random Farm and tapping it gives the option to watch an advertisement video in exchange for Gems Icon.png 1.

Selecting a Farm during production provides the Speed-Up Button.png option, displaying the number of Gems needed to skip the remaining time. Selecting the option displays time left until the Food can be harvested, and the Skip All   Gems Icon.png button. Members of Clans can also use a Clan Fortress Power, which reduces all ongoing Farm timers, depending on Clan Fortress and Clan League level.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated using the formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * TimeInSeconds and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, and rounded up by 5 if it is between the 10-100 range. For example:

Additionally, if the Trainer possesses a Relic of Farming, the Skip All
1 Relic of Farming Icon.png
button appears if the timer left is 8 hours or less, while if the timer is over 8 hours, the Skip 8H
1 Relic of Farming Icon.png
appears instead. Using either option skips the respective timer.

Whenever more than one time-reducing option is available, the Speed-Up Button.png button is provided. Outside the Farm, the time can also be reduced through forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, either reducing several timers in the game by 6 hours.

Selling & Storing

Farms can be stored or sold, by selecting a farm and pressing either the Inventory Button.png Inventory or Sell Button.png Sell button, then pressing the Yes button; pressing the No button cancels either action. Selling or storing a Farm is not allowed if Food is being produced by it.

The selling price of a Farm is 25% of the total amount of Gold the Trainer has invested in it. For example, a Level 1 Farm costs 1,000 Gold to build, selling it yields 250 Gold; whereas a Level 3 Farm requires a total of 211,000 Gold from building and upgrading; thus selling yields 52,750 Gold.


All Farms are 5x5 square tiles in size, regardless of level. A single object is moved by pressing and holding it until move options activate, indicated by X Edit Mode Icon.png Check Mark Icon.png buttons below it and colored move arrows on each side. Green move arrows indicate sufficient placeable space, gray arrows indicate not enough. Moved the object by dragging, tapping the move arrows, or tapping the destination, then pressing Check Mark Icon.png. A moved is cancelled by pressing X.

Edit Mode can be used to move multiple objects at once, when move options are activated as described above, press the Edit Mode Icon.png button. Once enabled, moving and/or swapping instructions appear:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and tapping Swap Icon.png.
  • Store multiple objects in inventory by selecting them and tapping Inventory Icon.png (eligible buildings/objects only).

Dragging or tapping does not move objects in Edit Mode, the initial state is selection-only; instead, tapping the Move (Green) Icon.png button enables dragging or tapping, the base of all objects turn green or gray indicating if there's enough placeable space to move the items to as a unit.

Added Edit Mode Notes
  • Selected objects are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, any chosen destination must have the corresponding spaces freed and placeable for a successful move.
  • If all selected items are eligible to moved into inventory, the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button appears below the last item selected, pressing it moves these into inventory; the button does not appear if any item is ineligible for inventory.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


See Also

  • Food, for a complete overview of food types and different obtainment methods.
  • Dragon Leveling, for a complete overview of dragon levelling and food requirements.


  • Update 7.6: Added the Clan Fortress time reduction Power option to the Farms time reduction dialog.
  • Update 6.2: Added Clan foods: Clan Sour Cone, Clan Blue Hazel, Clan Star fruit, and Clan Royal Fig.
  • Update 5.1: Made Farms able to be sped up again when visiting and helping other players.
  • Update 4.7: Introduced relics, one of them, the Relic of Farming, dedicated to reducing the timer on individual Farms.
  • Update 4.4: Added signs above Farms when they are idle.
  • Update 4.0: Increased the Farm limit to 15.
    • Reduced the harvesting time of Candied Pear to 2 days.
  • Update 3.6: Made the Multi-Plant option available from Player Level 7 instead of 20.
  • Update 3.3: Added option to watch videos in exchange for Gems whenever this option appears above Farms.
  • Update 1.8: Introduced the option to store Farms in the Inventory.
  • Update 1.4: Added a new upgrade for Farms and three new Food options.
  • Update 1.3: Added a mass-planting option, meaning the same type of Food can be planted at once on empty Farms.
  • Update 1.0: Introduced.

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