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Clan Dragon Power Tokens

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Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png
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These are awarded in exchange for purchase-only gem packs, which means they are only obtainable in exchange for real money, in USD.

Clan Dragon Power Tokens Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png are tokens used to activate Clan Fortress powers. One token activates the chosen power once, and power activation is one of several benefits obtained by being a member of a Clan. These tokens can also be used as a purchase method for items in the Clan Shop.


Gift Giver Icon.png

Clan members receive a gift of a Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Clan Dragon Power Token whenever another Clan member purchases 50 or more Gems, during a Gift Giver promotion. There are five different gifts in such promotions, and the gift awarded depends on the number of Gems purchased. This promotion is made available occasionally for a limited time, usually no longer than 3 days. Clan Dragon Power Tokens have also appeared in the Main Shop's Promotions tab for sale for real money.

Box Gem Purchase
Gifts Awarded
Food Gold Gems
Bronze Gift.png 50-250 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png n/a Gold Icon.png 5,000 n/a
Silver Gift.png 251-500 2 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png n/a Gold Icon.png 10,000 n/a
Golden Gift.png 501-1,200 3 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 5,000 Gold Icon.png 10,000 Gems Icon.png 2
Platinum Gift.png 1,201-3,000 5 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 10,000 Gold Icon.png 20,000 Gems Icon.png 5
Diamond Gift.png 3,001-10,000 7 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 15,000 Gold Icon.png 40,000 Gems Icon.png 10


Clan Dragon Power Tokens are held in the All and Consumables tabs of the Inventory Icon.png inventory.


Tokens are used by selecting the Clan Fortress from within the Clans interface, pressing the Powers Button.png button, then the   Use Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png  button. Tokens can also be used from Inventory Icon.png Inventory by pressing the   USE   button on their Inventory snapshot.

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