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Stepping Stones

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Pile of Stepping Stones.png

Stepping Stone Stepping Stone Icon.png are an In-Game Currency specific to the Bottomless Dungeon, which are used to progress through the Dungeon Map and open Dungeon Chests for rewards. Stepping stones are earned by completing Dungeon Tasks, and they must be used each week before they are automatically exchanged at the end of the dungeon iteration.

Version Pile of Stepping Stones.png
Pile of Stepping Stones
Sack of Stepping Stones.png
Sack of Stepping Stones
Bucket of Stepping Stones.png
Bucket of Stepping Stones
Chest of Stepping Stones.png
Chest of Stepping Stones
Cave of Stepping Stones.png
Cave of Stepping Stones
Island of Stepping Stones.png
Island of Stepping Stones
4.6-current 400 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 35 Gems Icon.png 2,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 175 Gems Icon.png 6,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 350 Gems Icon.png 12,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png 675 Gems Icon.png 36,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 1,700 Gems Icon.png Unknown
Important Icon.png
Stepping Stones should be spent before the end of the weekly dungeon iteration, as they do not roll over from one event to the next. Remaining Stepping Stones are automatically exchanged for Dungeon Tokens Icon.png Dungeon Tokens at event end. Dungeon Tokens, on the other hand, remain in the Trainer's possession.


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