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In-Game Currency.png

In-Game Currency is the primary means of obtaining the items Trainers need to progress in the game. Except for Gems and Gold, most currency is restricted to specific uses, and the ways of obtaining it are usually fixed.

Some currency is purchased using other in-game currency or real money. In-Game Currency purchased via real money always has the Costs real money! message in its selection screen.

Main Currencies

Main currencies are those available any time, and represent the majority of the in-game transactions. These currencies are typically purchased by pressing the + button next to the desired currency. The Shop serves as an additional access point for purchasing Gems and Gold when offered in a promotion, defaulting to the Gems-purchasing screen when no promotion is available.


Gold Gold Icon.png is the most encountered currency and has a very diverse use. It is used for buying Base Dragons, Food, most buildings, and more. Aside from earning gold, Gold can be purchased in exchange for Gems.

Version Pile of Gold.png
Pile of Gold
Sack of Gold.png
Sack of Gold
Bucket of Gold.png
Bucket of Gold
Chest of Gold.png
Chest of Gold
Cave of Gold.png
Cave of Gold
Island of Gold.png
Island of Gold
1.2-current 300,000 Gold Icon.png for 15 Gems Icon.png 1,130,000 Gold Icon.png for 50 Gems Icon.png 2,400,000 Gold Icon.png for 100 Gems Icon.png 6,750,000 Gold Icon.png for 250 Gems Icon.png 21,000,000 Gold Icon.png for 750 Gems Icon.png 45,000,000 Gold Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png

See Gold for more information.


Food Food Icon.png is one of the most important resources and is the only means of increasing Dragon levels. The main method for acquiring Food is to produce it in Farms, though it can also be bought. The amount of Food needed per level increases as the Dragon's Level increases. In addition to producing food, food can also be purchased using Gems Icon.png Gems.

Version Pile of Food.png
Pile of Food
Sack of Food.png
Sack of Food
Bucket of Food.png
Bucket of Food
Chest of Food.png
Chest of Food
Cave of Food.png
Cave of Food
Island of Food.png
Island of Food
1.2-currently 30,000 Food Icon.png for 15 Gems Icon.png 105,000 Food Icon.png for 45 Gems Icon.png 270,000 Food Icon.png for 100 Gems Icon.png 675,000 Food Icon.png for 250 Gems Icon.png 1,880,000 Food Icon.png for 650 Gems Icon.png 3,000,000 Food Icon.png for 1,000 Gems Icon.png

See Food for more information.


Gems Gems Icon.png are a premium currency and the most valuable currency. The primary use of Gems is to speed the progress of various tasks or timers. The fastest way of obtaining Gems is by spending real money.

Important Icon.png
The amounts shown below apply to the majority of Trainers. Discrepancies among Trainers based on their country and platform can exist in some cases. Additionally, values can change depending on promotions and sales.
Version Pile of Gems.png
Pile of Gems
Sack of Gems.png
Sack of Gems
Bucket of Gems.png
Bucket of Gems
Chest of Gems.png
Chest of Gems
Cave of Gems.png
Cave of Gems
Island of Gems.png
Island of Gems
1.0-1.1 Missing Data
1.2-1.6 50 Gems Icon.png for 1.99 USD 130 Gems Icon.png for 4.99 USD 275 Gems Icon.png for 9.99 USD 600 Gems Icon.png for 19.99 USD 1,700 Gems Icon.png for 49.99 USD 3,800 Gems Icon.png for 99.99 USD
1.7-current 20 Gems Icon.png for 0.99 USD 100 Gems Icon.png for 3.99 USD 300 Gems Icon.png for 9.99 USD 600 Gems Icon.pngs for 19.99 USD 1,800 Gems Icon.png for 49.99 USD 3,800 Gems Icon.png for 99.99 USD

See Gems for more information.

Enchantment Tickets

Enchantment Tickets Enchantment Ticket Icon.png are an In-Game Currency used to purchase Enchantment Chests, for which there are two rarities. The more rare a chest is, the more and better Enchantment Materials are awarded from it. Enchantment Tickets are obtained from Shops, Events, the Dragon League leaderboard, the Dragon Collector Leaderboard, Daily Rewards, completing some Codex Collections, or by owning the Ticket-Master Dragon.

These Tickets can be bought individually or in in exchange for Gems Icon.png Gems. Purchasing Enchantment Tickets activates a confirmation window, and the Trainer has to confirm the choice by pressing the   OK   button.

Version Pile of Enchantment Tickets.png
Pile of Enchantment Tickets
Sack of Enchantment Tickets.png
Sack of Enchantment Tickets
Bucket of Enchantment Tickets.png
Bucket of Enchantment Tickets
Chest of Enchantment Tickets.png
Chest of Enchantment Tickets
Cave of Enchantment Tickets.png
Cave of Enchantment Tickets
Island of Enchantment Tickets.png
Island of Enchantment Tickets
2.3-current 1 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 25 Gems Icon.png 10 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 225 Gems Icon.png 45 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 999 Gems Icon.png 100 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered

See Enchantment System for more information.

Dragon Piece Tickets

Dragon Piece Tickets Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png are tickets that open Regular Card Packs for containing Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces. Tickets can be bought individually or in a bundle in exchange for Gems. Purchasing these tickets activates a confirmation window pop-up and the user has to confirm the choice by pressing the   OK   button. These tickets can also be earned through the Whale-Mart and Dragon Collector Leaderboard, various events or other occasions.

Version Pile of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Pile of Dragon Piece Tickets
Sack of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Sack of Dragon Piece Tickets
Bucket of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Bucket of Dragon Piece Tickets
Chest of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Chest of Dragon Piece Tickets
Cave of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Cave of Dragon Piece Tickets
Island of Dragon Piece Tickets.png
Island of Dragon Piece Tickets
2.0-current 1 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for 25 Gems Icon.png 10 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for 225 Gems Icon.png 45 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for 999 Gems Icon.png 100 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png for 1,999 Gems Icon.png Not Offered

See Main Shop for more information.


Scrolls Scrolls Icon.png are used to train Dragon skills at the Dragon Academy or make purchases in the Whale-Mart.

See Scrolls for more information.

Dragon Pieces

Dragon Pieces Dragon Pieces Icon.png are used to obtain Card-Segment Dragons or Clan-Exclusive Dragons and can only be gotten from Card Packs.

See Dragon Pieces for more information.

Enchanted Trinkets

Pile of Enchanted Trinkets.png

Enchanted Trinkets Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png are used to fuse Enchantment Materials and to upgrade some buildings. They can only be obtained from Enchantment-related activities.

See Enchanted Trinkets for more information.

Sigil Trinkets

Pile of Sigil Trinkets.png

Sigil Trinkets Sigil Trinket Icon.png are an In-Game Currency used to equip, change, remove, or fuse Sigils in the Sigil System. Sigil Trinkets can be obtained as a reward for winning Sigil Campaign battles and opening Sigil Chests. Sigil Trinkets received are held and displayed on the Sigil System screen only, which is accessed by tapping the Sigil Tower, they do not appear in inventory.

See Sigil System for more information.

Clan Currencies

Clan Coins

Clan Coins Clan Coins Icon.png are used to buy Card Packs or activate the powers of Clan Dragons. They are only obtained from Clan-related activities.

See Clan Coins for more information.

Clan Trinkets

Clan Trinkets Clan Trinkets Icon.png are an In-Game Currency collected by members of a Clan. These trinkets allow Clan members to reach Clan Quest milestones and obtain keys for Clan Chests.

See Clan Trinkets for more information.

Power Boosters

Power Boosters Power Boosters Icon.png are the currency used to power up and activate the powers of Clan Dragons. Boosters are earned by individual trainers in Clans in exchange for completing Clan Quests, though they can only be earned between Clan Events, not during them.

Pile of Power Boosters.png

Pile of Power Boosters

Sack of Power Boosters.png

Sack of Power Boosters

Bucket of Power Boosters.png

Bucket of Power Boosters

Chest of Power Boosters.png

Chest of Power Boosters

Cave of Power Boosters.png

Cave of Power Boosters

Island of Power Boosters.png

Island of Power Boosters

2,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 15 Gems Icon.png 7,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 45 Gems Icon.png 18,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 100 Gems Icon.png 45,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 250 Gems Icon.png 125,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 650 Gems Icon.png 200,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 1,000 Gems Icon.png

Dungeon Currencies

Dungeon Tokens

Dungeon Tokens Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png are an In-Game Currency exclusive to the Bottomless Dungeon. These tokens are used for purchasing exclusive Dungeon Shop Dragons, Decorations, and Special Offers. They are also used for purchasing and clearing certain islands.

The only way to obtain Dungeon Tokens is by opening dungeon Chests, though none are awarded if a Dragon is found inside the chest. The Dungeon resets every week; thus Tokens can be earned every day. Between 16 and 350 Dungeon Tokens are given per Dungeon Chest.

Important Icon.png
The maximum number of Tokens a Trainer can keep in the inventory is limited to 10,500.

See Bottomless Dungeon for more information.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Stepping Stone Icon.png are an In-Game Currency specific to the Bottomless Dungeon, which are used to progress through the dungeon Map and open dungeon Chests for rewards. Stepping stones are earned by completing dungeon Tasks, and they must be used each week before they are automatically exchanged at the end of the dungeon iteration.

Version Pile of Stepping Stones.png
Pile of Stepping Stones
Sack of Stepping Stones.png
Sack of Stepping Stones
Bucket of Stepping Stones.png
Bucket of Stepping Stones
Chest of Stepping Stones.png
Chest of Stepping Stones
Cave of Stepping Stones.png
Cave of Stepping Stones
Island of Stepping Stones.png
Island of Stepping Stones
4.6-current 400 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 35 Gems Icon.png 2,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 175 Gems Icon.png 6,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 350 Gems Icon.png 12,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png 675 Gems Icon.png 36,000 Stepping Stone Icon.png for 1,700 Gems Icon.png Unknown
Important Icon.png
Stepping Stones should be spent before the end of the weekly dungeon iteration, as they do not roll over from one event to the next. Remaining Stepping Stones are automatically exchanged for Dungeon Tokens at event end. Dungeon Tokens, on the other hand, remain in the Trainer's possession.

See Bottomless Dungeon for more information.

Limited Currencies

Limited-time currencies are only available when Events are ongoing. These are obtained by performing tasks required by the respective event, and can only be used during that event, meaning they are permanently lost once the event is over. They are purchased only in exchange for real money, by pressing the + Icon.png next to their count. The amount of in-game currency offered is usually the same for all platforms, servers, and countries, but the cost in real currency varies.

Dragon Dice Event Currencies

Dragon Dice Event currency is used to buy Dice rolls. These currencies are also obtained through the shrines associated with each event, in addition to the usual methods available to all Dragon Dice Events. Another related currency is Silver Horn Icon.png Silver Horns, used in the event's associated Ancient Market.

Event Offers
Dragon Dice (First Fire) Pile of Emberstones.png
Pile of Emberstones
Sack of Emberstones.png
Sack of Emberstones
Bucket of Emberstones.png
Bucket of Emberstones
Chest of Emberstones.png
Chest of Emberstones
Cave of Emberstones.png
Cave of Emberstones
Island of Emberstones.png
Island of Emberstones
Not offered 1,500 Emberstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Emberstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Emberstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Emberstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Emberstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Metals)
Dragon Board (Oyar Returns)
Pile of Malletstones.png
Pile of Malletstones
Sack of Malletstones.png
Sack of Malletstones
Bucket of Malletstones.png
Bucket of Malletstones
Chest of Malletstones.png
Chest of Malletstones
Cave of Malletstones.png
Cave of Malletstones
Island of Malletstones.png
Island of Malletstones
300 Malletstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Malletstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Malletstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Malletstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Malletstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Malletstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Water)
Dragon Board (An Ancient Celebration)
Pile of Waterstones.png
Pile of Waterstones
Sack of Waterstones.png
Sack of Waterstones
Bucket of Waterstones.png
Bucket of Waterstones
Chest of Waterstones.png
Chest of Waterstones
Cave of Waterstones.png
Cave of Waterstones
Island of Waterstones.png
Island of Waterstones
300 Waterstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Waterstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Waterstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Waterstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Waterstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Waterstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Light)
Dragon Board (Koth'ez Returns)
Pile of Lightstones.png
Pile of Lightstones
Sack of Lightstones.png
Sack of Lightstones
Bucket of Lightstones.png
Bucket of Lightstones
Chest of Lightstones.png
Chest of Lightstones
Cave of Lightstones.png
Cave of Lightstones
Island of Lightstones.png
Island of Lightstones
300 Lightstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Lightstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Lightstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Lightstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Lightstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Lightstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Plants)
Dragon Board (Koth'ez Returns)
Pile of Leafstones.png
Pile of Leafstones
Sack of Leafstones.png
Sack of Leafstones
Bucket of Leafstones.png
Bucket of Leafstones
Chest of Leafstones.png
Chest of Leafstones
Cave of Leafstones.png
Cave of Leafstones
Island of Leafstones.png
Island of Leafstones
300 Leafstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Leafstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Leafstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Leafstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Leafstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Leafstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Earth)
Dragon Board (Ancient Troublemakers)
Pile of Earthstones.png
Pile of Earthstones
Sack of Earthstones.png
Sack of Earthstones
Bucket of Earthstones.png
Bucket of Earthstones
Chest of Earthstones.png
Chest of Earthstones
Cave of Earthstones.png
Cave of Earthstones
Island of Earthstones.png
Island of Earthstones
300 Earthstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Earthstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Earthstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Earthstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Earthstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Earthstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Shadow)
Dragon Board (Oyar Returns)
Pile of Shadowstones.png
Pile of Shadowstones
Sack of Shadowstones.png
Sack of Shadowstones
Bucket of Shadowstones.png
Bucket of Shadowstones
Chest of Shadowstones.png
Chest of Shadowstones
Cave of Shadowstones.png
Cave of Shadowstones
Island of Shadowstones.png
Island of Shadowstones
300 Shadowstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Shadowstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Shadowstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Shadowstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Shadowstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Shadowstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Wind) Pile of Windstones.png
Pile of Windstones
Sack of Windstones.png
Sack of Windstones
Bucket of Windstones.png
Bucket of Windstones
Chest of Windstones.png
Chest of Windstones
Cave of Windstones.png
Cave of Windstones
Island of Windstones.png
Island of Windstones
300 Windstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Windstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Windstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Windstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Windstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Windstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Energy) Pile of Energystones.png
Pile of Energystones
Sack of Energystones.png
Sack of Energystones
Bucket of Energystones.png
Bucket of Energystones
Chest of Energystones.png
Chest of Energystones
Cave of Energystones.png
Cave of Energystones
Island of Energystones.png
Island of Energystones
300 Energystone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Energystone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Energystone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Energystone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Energystone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Energystone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (Origin of Void) Pile of Voidstones.png
Pile of Voidstones
Sack of Voidstones.png
Sack of Voidstones
Bucket of Voidstones.png
Bucket of Voidstones
Chest of Voidstones.png
Chest of Voidstones
Cave of Voidstones.png
Cave of Voidstones
Island of Voidstones.png
Island of Voidstones
300 Voidstone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Voidstone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Voidstone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Voidstone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Voidstone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Voidstone Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Dice Pile of Lucky Stones.png
Pile of Lucky Stones
Sack of Lucky Stones.png
Sack of Lucky Stones
Bucket of Lucky Stones.png
Bucket of Lucky Stones
Chest of Lucky Stones.png
Chest of Lucky Stones
Cave of Lucky Stones.png
Cave of Lucky Stones
Island of Lucky Stones.png
Island of Lucky Stones
300 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Lucky Stones Icon.png for $99.99 USD
Dragon Board (An Ancient Celebration) Pile of Birthdaystones.png
Pile of Birthdaystones
Sack of Birthdaystones.png
Sack of Birthdaystones
Bucket of Birthdaystones.png
Bucket of Birthdaystones
Chest of Birthdaystones.png
Chest of Birthdaystones
Cave of Birthdaystones.png
Cave of Birthdaystones
Island of Birthdaystones.png
Island of Birthdaystones
300 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $0.99 USD 1,500 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $3.99 USD 4,000 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $9.99 USD 8,000 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $19.99 USD 25,000 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $49.99 USD 55,000 Birthdaystone Icon.png for $99.99 USD

Castle-Event Currencies

Castle Event currency is used to advance through the available tiles, skip battles, and open chests. These currencies are also obtained through the shrines associated with each event, in addition to the usual methods available to all Castle Events.

Event Currency Offers
Forgotten Castle Pile of Dice.png
Pile of Dice
Sack of Dice.png
Sack of Dice
Bucket of Dice.png
Bucket of Dice
Chest of Dice.png
Chest of Dice
Cave of Dice.png
Cave of Dice
Island of Dice.png
Island of Dice
Dice 200 Dice 600 Dice 1,300 Dice 2,500 Dice 8,000 Dice
Get Meched 200 Dice 500 Dice 1,500 Dice 3,750 Dice 10,000 Dice
The Trainer Trials Pile of Kotinos.png
Pile of Kotinos
Sack of Kotinos.png
Sack of Kotinos
Bucket of Kotinos.png
Bucket of Kotinos
Chest of Kotinos.png
Chest of Kotinos
Cave of Kotinos.png
Cave of Kotinos
Island of Kotinos.png
Island of Kotinos
200 Kotinos 500 Kotinos 1,500 Kotinos 3,750 Kotinos 10,000 Kotinos

Chills and Thrills
Costume Quest
Haunted Heroes
Sinister Quest

Pile of Pumpkins.png
Pile of Pumpkins
Sack of Pumpkins.png
Sack of Pumpkins
Bucket of Pumpkins.png
Bucket of Pumpkins
Chest of Pumpkins.png
Chest of Pumpkins
Cave of Pumpkins.png
Cave of Pumpkins
Island of Pumpkins.png
Island of Pumpkins
200 Pumpkins 500 Pumpkins 1,500 Pumpkins 3,750 Pumpkins 10,000 Pumpkins

Holiday Cheer
Frosty Foes
Cinnamon & Ice
Blizzard Buddies
Holiday Reunion

Pile of Gift Boxes.png
Pile of Gift Boxes
Sack of Gift Boxes.png
Sack of Gift Boxes
Bucket of Gift Boxes.png
Bucket of Gift Boxes
Chest of Gift Boxes.png
Chest of Gift Boxes
Cave of Gift Boxes.png
Cave of Gift Boxes
Island of Gift Boxes.png
Island of Gift Boxes
200 Gift Boxes 500 Gift Boxes 1,500 Gift Boxes 3,750 Gift Boxes 10,000 Gift Boxes
The Great Egg Hunt
The Great Hatchling Hunt
The Great Eggs-pedition
True-Blue Challenge
Easter Adventure
Pile of Egglets.png
Pile of Egglets
Sack of Egglets.png
Sack of Egglets
Bucket of Egglets.png
Bucket of Egglets
Chest of Egglets.png
Chest of Egglets
Cave of Egglets.png
Cave of Egglets
Island of Egglets.png
Island of Egglets
200 Egglets 500 Egglets 1,500 Egglets 3,750 Egglets 10,000 Egglets
Dragolympus Rising Pile of Ambrosia.png
Pile of Ambrosia
Sack of Ambrosia.png
Sack of Ambrosia
Bucket of Ambrosia.png
Bucket of Ambrosia
Chest of Ambrosia.png
Chest of Ambrosia
Cave of Ambrosia.png
Cave of Ambrosia
Island of Ambrosia.png
Island of Ambrosia
200 Ambrosia 500 Ambrosia 1,500 Ambrosia 3,750 Ambrosia 10,000 Ambrosia
Divine New Year Pile of Lampions.png
Pile of Lampions
Sack of Lampions.png
Sack of Lampions
Bucket of Lampions.png
Bucket of Lampions
Chest of Lampions.png
Chest of Lampions
Cave of Lampions.png
Cave of Lampions
Island of Lampions.png
Island of Lampions
200 Lampions 500 Lampions 1,500 Lampions 3,750 Lampions 10,000 Lampions
Golden Pyramid I Pile of Ruby Scarabs.png
Pile of Ruby Scarabs
Sack of Ruby Scarabs.png
Sack of Ruby Scarabs
Bucket of Ruby Scarabs.png
Bucket of Ruby Scarabs
Chest of Ruby Scarabs.png
Chest of Ruby Scarabs
Cave of Ruby Scarabs.png
Cave of Ruby Scarabs
Island of Ruby Scarabs.png
Island of Ruby Scarabs
200 Ruby Scarabs 500 Ruby Scarabs 1,500 Ruby Scarabs 3,750 Ruby Scarabs 10,000 Ruby Scarabs
Golden Pyramid II Pile of Azure Scarabs.png
Pile of Azure Scarabs
Sack of Azure Scarabs.png
Sack of Azure Scarabs
Bucket of Azure Scarabs.png
Bucket of Azure Scarabs
Chest of Azure Scarabs.png
Chest of Azure Scarabs
Cave of Azure Scarabs.png
Cave of Azure Scarabs
Island of Azure Scarabs.png
Island of Azure Scarabs
200 Azure Scarabs 500 Azure Scarabs 1,500 Azure Scarabs 3,750 Azure Scarabs 10,000 Azure Scarabs
Trials of Odin Part I Pile of Emerald Runestones.png
Pile of Emerald Runestones
Sack of Emerald Runestones.png
Sack of Emerald Runestones
Bucket of Emerald Runestones.png
Bucket of Emerald Runestones
Chest of Emerald Runestones.png
Chest of Emerald Runestones
Cave of Emerald Runestones.png
Cave of Emerald Runestones
Island of Emerald Runestones.png
Island of Emerald Runestones
200 Emerald Runestones 500 Emerald Runestones 1,500 Emerald Runestones 3,750 Emerald Runestones 10,000 Emerald Runestones
Trials of Odin Part II Pile of Arctic Runestones.png
Pile of Arctic Runestones
Sack of Arctic Runestones.png
Sack of Arctic Runestones
Bucket of Arctic Runestones.png
Bucket of Arctic Runestones
Chest of Arctic Runestones.png
Chest of Arctic Runestones
Cave of Arctic Runestones.png
Cave of Arctic Runestones
Island of Arctic Runestones.png
Island of Arctic Runestones
200 Arctic Runestones 500 Arctic Runestones 1,500 Arctic Runestones 3,750 Arctic Runestones 10,000 Arctic Runestones
Year of the Pigsy
Journey of the Rat
Pile of Lampions.png
Pile of Lampions
Sack of Lampions.png
Sack of Lampions
Bucket of Lampions.png
Bucket of Lampions
Chest of Lampions.png
Chest of Lampions
Cave of Lampions.png
Cave of Lampions
Island of Lampions.png
Island of Lampions
200 Lampions 500 Lampions 1,500 Lampions 3,750 Lampions 10,000 Lampions
Heaven & Hades
A Dragolympian Stroll in Space-Time
Pile of Stones.png
Pile of Stones
Sack of Stones.png
Sack of Stones
Bucket of Stones.png
Bucket of Stones
Chest of Stones.png
Chest of Stones
Cave of Stones.png
Cave of Stones
Island of Stones.png
Island of Stones
200 Stones 500 Stones 1,500 Stones 3,750 Stones 10,000 Stones
Divine Allies Jade Souls Icon.png
No (proper) image available
No images available
200 Jade Souls 500 Jade Souls 1,500 Jade Souls 3,750 Jade Souls 10,000 Jade Souls
Afterlife Adventure
A Snake in the Golden Pyramid
Pile of Sapphires.png
Pile of Sapphires
Sack of Sapphires.png
Sack of Sapphires
Bucket of Sapphires.png
Bucket of Sapphires
Chest of Sapphires.png
Chest of Sapphires
Cave of Sapphires.png
Cave of Sapphires
Island of Sapphires.png
Island of Sapphires
200 Sapphires 500 Sapphires 1,500 Sapphires 3,750 Sapphires 10,000 Sapphires
Heaven & Earth
True Blue
Pile of Red Petals.png
Pile of Red Petals
Sack of Red Petals.png
Sack of Red Petals
Bucket of Red Petals.png
Bucket of Red Petals
Chest of Red Petals.png
Chest of Red Petals
Cave of Red Petals.png
Cave of Red Petals
Island of Red Petals.png
Island of Red Petals
200 Red Petals 500 Red Petals 1,500 Red Petals 3,750 Red Petals 10,000 Red Petals
A Chilly Redemption Pile of Rift Trinkets.png
Pile of Rift Trinkets
Sack of Rift Trinkets.png
Sack of Rift Trinkets
Bucket of Rift Trinkets.png
Bucket of Rift Trinkets
Chest of Rift Trinkets.png
Chest of Rift Trinkets
Cave of Rift Trinkets.png
Cave of Rift Trinkets
Island of Rift Trinkets.png
Island of Rift Trinkets
200 Rift Trinkets 500 Rift Trinkets 1,500 Rift Trinkets 3,750 Rift Trinkets 10,000 Rift Trinkets
The Final Journey Part I Pile of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Pile of Emerald Rift Orbs
Sack of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Sack of Emerald Rift Orbs
Bucket of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Bucket of Emerald Rift Orbs
Chest of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Chest of Emerald Rift Orbs
Cave of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Cave of Emerald Rift Orbs
Island of Emerald Rift Orbs.png
Island of Emerald Rift Orbs
200 Emerald Rift Orbs 500 Emerald Rift Orbs 1,500 Emerald Rift Orbs 3,750 Emerald Rift Orbs 10,000 Emerald Rift Orbs
The Final Journey Part II Pile of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Pile of Azure Rift Orbs
Sack of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Sack of Azure Rift Orbs
Bucket of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Bucket of Azure Rift Orbs
Chest of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Chest of Azure Rift Orbs
Cave of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Cave of Azure Rift Orbs
Island of Azure Rift Orbs.png
Island of Azure Rift Orbs
200 Azure Rift Orbs 500 Azure Rift Orbs 1,500 Azure Rift Orbs 3,750 Azure Rift Orbs 10,000 Azure Rift Orbs
Divine Party Drama
A Stroll About Dragolympus
Pile of Red Jewels.png
Pile of Red Jewels
Sack of Red Jewels.png
Sack of Red Jewels
Bucket of Red Jewels.png
Bucket of Red Jewels
Chest of Red Jewels.png
Chest of Red Jewels
Cave of Red Jewels.png
Cave of Red Jewels
Island of Red Jewels.png
Island of Red Jewels
200 Red Jewels 500 Red Jewels 1,500 Red Jewels 3,750 Red Jewels 10,000 Red Jewels
Divine Party Foul
A Stroll About Midgarden (23/09/11)
Pile of Green Jewels.png
Pile of Green Jewels
Sack of Green Jewels.png
Sack of Green Jewels
Bucket of Green Jewels.png
Bucket of Green Jewels
Chest of Green Jewels.png
Chest of Green Jewels
Cave of Green Jewels.png
Cave of Green Jewels
Island of Green Jewels.png
Island of Green Jewels
200 Green Jewels 500 Green Jewels 1,500 Green Jewels 3,750 Green Jewels 10,000 Green Jewels
Divine Party - Rooftop
A Stroll About Midgarden (23/09/22)
Pile of Azure Jewels.png
Pile of Azure Jewels
Sack of Azure Jewels.png
Sack of Azure Jewels
Bucket of Azure Jewels.png
Bucket of Azure Jewels
Chest of Azure Jewels.png
Chest of Azure Jewels
Cave of Azure Jewels.png
Cave of Azure Jewels
Island of Azure Jewels.png
Island of Azure Jewels
200 Azure Jewels 500 Azure Jewels 1,500 Azure Jewels 3,750 Azure Jewels 10,000 Azure Jewels
Divine Party - Basement
Journey to Dragon Mountain
Pile of Amber Jewels.png
Pile of Amber Jewels
Sack of Amber Jewels.png
Sack of Amber Jewels
Bucket of Amber Jewels.png
Bucket of Amber Jewels
Chest of Amber Jewels.png
Chest of Amber Jewels
Cave of Amber Jewels.png
Cave of Amber Jewels
Island of Amber Jewels.png
Island of Amber Jewels
200 Amber Jewels 500 Amber Jewels 1,500 Amber Jewels 3,750 Amber Jewels 10,000 Amber Jewels
Divine Party - Winter Sun
Wandering Through the Marble Halls
Pile of Frozen Jewels.png
Pile of Frozen Jewels
Sack of Frozen Jewels.png
Sack of Frozen Jewels
Bucket of Frozen Jewels.png
Bucket of Frozen Jewels
Chest of Frozen Jewels.png
Chest of Frozen Jewels
Cave of Frozen Jewels.png
Cave of Frozen Jewels
Island of Frozen Jewels.png
Island of Frozen Jewels
200 Frozen Jewels 500 Frozen Jewels 1,500 Frozen Jewels 3,750 Frozen Jewels 10,000 Frozen Jewels
Divine Party - Frozen Hearts Pile of Thawed Jewels.png
Pile of Thawed Jewels
Sack of Thawed Jewels.png
Sack of Thawed Jewels
Bucket of Thawed Jewels.png
Bucket of Thawed Jewels
Chest of Thawed Jewels.png
Chest of Thawed Jewels
Cave of Thawed Jewels.png
Cave of Thawed Jewels
Island of Thawed Jewels.png
Island of Thawed Jewels
200 Thawed Jewels 500 Thawed Jewels 1,500 Thawed Jewels 3,750 Thawed Jewels 10,000 Thawed Jewels
Divine Party - Spring's Renewal Pile of Blooming Jewels.png
Pile of Blooming Jewels
Sack of Blooming Jewels.png
Sack of Blooming Jewels
Bucket of Blooming Jewels.png
Bucket of Blooming Jewels
Chest of Blooming Jewels.png
Chest of Blooming Jewels
Cave of Blooming Jewels.png
Cave of Blooming Jewels
Island of Blooming Jewels.png
Island of Blooming Jewels
200 Blooming Jewels 500 Blooming Jewels 1,500 Blooming Jewels 3,750 Blooming Jewels 10,000 Blooming Jewels
Divine Party - Spring's Stand Pile of Verdant Jewels.png
Pile of Verdant Jewels
Sack of Verdant Jewels.png
Sack of Verdant Jewels
Bucket of Verdant Jewels.png
Bucket of Verdant Jewels
Chest of Verdant Jewels.png
Chest of Verdant Jewels
Cave of Verdant Jewels.png
Cave of Verdant Jewels
Island of Verdant Jewels.png
Island of Verdant Jewels
200 Verdant Jewels 500 Verdant Jewels 1,500 Verdant Jewels 3,750 Verdant Jewels 10,000 Verdant Jewels
Divine Party - A Birthday Pile of Birthday Jewels.png
Pile of Birthday Jewels
Sack of Birthday Jewels.png
Sack of Birthday Jewels
Bucket of Birthday Jewels.png
Bucket of Birthday Jewels
Chest of Birthday Jewels.png
Chest of Birthday Jewels
Cave of Birthday Jewels.png
Cave of Birthday Jewels
Island of Birthday Jewels.png
Island of Birthday Jewels
200 Birthday Jewels 500 Birthday Jewels 1,500 Birthday Jewels 3,750 Birthday Jewels 10,000 Birthday Jewels
Divine Party - A Farewell Pile of Ame's Jewels.png
Pile of Ame's Jewels
Sack of Ame's Jewels.png
Sack of Ame's Jewels
Bucket of Ame's Jewels.png
Bucket of Ame's Jewels
Chest of Ame's Jewels.png
Chest of Ame's Jewels
Cave of Ame's Jewels.png
Cave of Ame's Jewels
Island of Ame's Jewels.png
Island of Ame's Jewels
200 Ame's Jewels 500 Ame's Jewels 1,500 Ame's Jewels 3,750 Ame's Jewels 10,000 Ame's Jewels

Arcade-Event Currencies

Arcade Event currency is used to provide extra plays in classic arcade-game-like Events.

Dragon Runner Event Currencies

Dragon Runner Events use a currency called Flower Icon.png Flowers, which is collected during runs. Collected flowers accumulate during the event and count towards event milestones to earn milestone rewards, which usually consist of event tickets.

Dragon's Delight Events

Event Currency Offers
Dragon's Delight
Young Fun
Screaming Eagles
Pile of Dorbs.png
Pile of Dorbs
Sack of Dorbs.png
Sack of Dorbs
Bucket of Dorbs.png
Bucket of Dorbs
Chest of Dorbs.png
Chest of Dorbs
Cave of Dorbs.png
Cave of Dorbs
Island of Dorbs.png
Island of Dorbs
Dorbs 200 Dorbs 500 Dorbs 1,500 Dorbs 3,750 Dorbs 10,000 Dorbs

Typical cost Dragon's Delight Events

250 Dorbs 1,350 Dorbs 3,350 Dorbs 8,500 Dorbs 20,000 Dorbs
Dragon's Delight
Dragon's Delight
Pile of Dorbs.png Sack of Dorbs.png
Sack of Berries
Bucket of Dorbs.png
Bucket of Berries
Chest of Dorbs.png
Chest of Berries
Cave of Dorbs.png
Cave of Berries
Island of Dorbs.png
Island of Berries
Berries Not Offered 700 Berries 2,100 Berries 6,500 Berries 15,000 Berries
Metamorph Mania Pile of Cupcakes.png
Pile of Cupcakes
Sack of Cupcakes.png
Sack of Cupcakes
Bucket of Cupcakes.png
Bucket of Cupcakes
Chest of Cupcakes.png
Chest of Cupcakes
Cave of Cupcakes.png
Cave of Cupcakes
Island of Cupcakes.png
Island of Cupcakes
Cupcakes 200 Cupcakes 700 Cupcakes 2,100 Cupcakes 6,500 Cupcakes 15,000 Cupcakes
Dragonboat Bash Pile of Lampions.png
Pile of Lampions
Sack of Lampions.png
Sack of Lampions
Bucket of Lampions.png
Bucket of Lampions
Chest of Lampions.png
Chest of Lampions
Cave of Lampions.png
Cave of Lampions
Island of Lampions.png
Island of Lampions
Lampions Not Offered 700 Lampions 2,100 Lampions 6,500 Lampions 15,000 Lampions
'Go Green' Day Pile of Globes.png
Pile of Globes
Sack of Globes.png
Sack of Globes
Bucket of Globes.png
Bucket of Globes
Chest of Globes.png
Chest of Globes
Cave of Globes.png
Cave of Globes
Island of Globes.png
Island of Globes
Globes 300 Globes 1,750 Globes 4,000 Globes 10,000 Globes 25,000 Globes

Other Event Currencies

Season Points

Season Points Season Point Icon.png, available during Dragonmaster Pass Milestone Rewards Events, are collected from tasks to reach milestone rewards.

Community Events

Community Event currency is used to contribute to the given community representatives and their Dragon.

Golden Paws Golden Paws Icon.png were a currency offered for the

Event Currency Offers
Stronger Together Community Event Flowers Icon.png Pile of Community Event Flowers.png
Pile of Community Event Flowers
Sack of Community Event Flowers.png
Sack of Community Event Flowers
Bucket of Community Event Flowers.png
Bucket of Community Event Flowers
Chest of Community Event Flowers.png
Chest of Community Event Flowers
Cave of Community Event Flowers.png
Cave of Community Event Flowers
Island of Community Event Flowers.png
Island of Community Event Flowers
Community Event Flowers 25,000 Community Event Flowers 100,000 Community Event Flowers 500,000 Community Event Flowers 1,500,000 Community Event Flowers 4,000,000 Community Event Flowers 10,000,000 Community Event Flowers
Show Your Paws! (16/06/16) Golden Paws Icon.png n/a
Golden Paws

Treasure Hunt Events

Treasure Hunt Event currency, typically representing a shovel, is used to open tiles on the map and gain the rewards hidden there. Amulets Amulet Icon.png are the reward that when found progress the Trainer to the next level, they are also traded in for Dragon prizes.

Event Currency Offers

Typical cost Treasure Hunt Events

Shovel Icon.png Pile of Shovels.png
Pile of Shovels
Sack of Shovels.png
Sack of Shovels
Bucket of Shovels.png
Bucket of Shovels
Chest of Shovels.png
Chest of Shovels
Cave of Shovels.png
Cave of Shovels
Island of Shovels.png
Island of Shovels
Shovels Not offered 25 Shovel Icon.png for $9.99 USD 70 Shovel Icon.png for $24.99 USD 160 Shovel Icon.png for $49.99 USD 280 Shovel Icon.png for $79.99 USD for $79.99 USD
Treasure Hunt: Animals Golden Paw Shovels Icon.png Pile of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Pile of Golden Paw Shovels
Sack of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Sack of Golden Paw Shovels
Bucket of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Bucket of Golden Paw Shovels
Chest of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Chest of Golden Paw Shovels
Cave of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Cave of Golden Paw Shovels
Island of Golden Paw Shovels.png
Island of Golden Paw Shovels
Golden Paw Shovels Not offered 25 Golden Paw Shovels Icon.png for $9.99 USD 70 Golden Paw Shovels Icon.png for $24.99 USD 160 Golden Paw Shovels Icon.png for $49.99 USD 280 Golden Paw Shovels Icon.png for $79.99 USD
Treasure Hunt: Birthday Anniversary Birthday Shovels Icon.png Pile of Birthday Shovels.png
Pile of Birthday Shovels
Sack of Birthday Shovels.png
Sack of Birthday Shovels
Bucket of Birthday Shovels.png
Bucket of Birthday Shovels
Chest of Birthday Shovels.png
Chest of Birthday Shovels
Cave of Birthday Shovels.png
Cave of Birthday Shovels
Island of Birthday Shovels.png
Island of Birthday Shovels
Golden Paw Shovels Not offered 25 Birthday Shovels Icon.png for $9.99 USD 70 Birthday Shovels Icon.png for $24.99 USD 160 Birthday Shovels Icon.png for $49.99 USD 280 Birthday Shovels Icon.png for $79.99 USD


Talismans Talisman Icon.png are a time-limited currency earned in Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant events, they can be exchanged for Dragon Pieces. Like Tickets, talismans come in many colors, often themed to the event.

Important Icon.png
Important: When these events end, their associated talismans disappear.

See Images:Talismans for a gallery of all talismans.

See Also

  • Resources, for other types of in-game resources such as consumables.




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