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Dungeon Tokens

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Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png

Yellow Dungeon Tokens are an In-Game Currency exclusive to the Bottomless Dungeon. These tokens are used for purchasing exclusive Dungeon Dragons, decorations, and special offers found in the Dungeon Shop. They are also used for purchasing and clearing certain islands.

The only way to obtain Tokens is by winning battles in the Dungeon and then opening the Dungeon Chest(s). Dungeon Chests offer the most number of Tokens, but they are not awarded if a Dragon is found inside the chest. The Dungeon resets every week; thus Tokens can be earned every day. Between 16 and 350 Dungeon Tokens are given per Dungeon Chest.

Important Icon.png The maximum number of Tokens a Trainer can keep in the inventory is limited to 10,500!

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