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Season Points

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Season Points Icon.png

Season Points Season Points Icon.png are Limited Currencies awarded only during Dragonmaster Pass Events. The points are used to unlock milestone rewards when certain amounts are reached.



During a Dragonmaster Pass event, points are earned for every Dragon bred or hatched, and Daily Tasks Daily Tasks Icon.png award 5 Season Points Icon.png Season Points for every task completed. Completing 6 Daily Tasks awards 40 additional points.


Unlike other types of In-Game Currency, Season Points cannot be bought in packages. The only way to buy points is to purchase the Premium Pass Plus Icon.png Premium Pass Plus. Points bought are directly applied to the associated Dragonmaster Pass event.


Season points accrue as they are collected and are directly applied to the milestones     Season Points Icon.png 5     Season Points Icon.png 10 progress bar (they are never held in the Inventory Icon.png Inventory). Points earned also appear in the My Score Season Point Icon.png display of the Dragonmaster Pass event window, to the left of its milestones. Like other Limited Currencies, Season Points collected during an event disappear when the associated event ends.

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