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Clan Trinkets

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Clan Trinkets Clan Trinkets Icon.png are an In-Game Currency collected by members of a Clan. These trinkets allow Clan members to reach Clan Quest milestones and obtain keys for Clan Chests.


The amount of Clan Trinkets that can be earned per day for each Clan member is limited to 1600. Clan Trinkets are obtained primarily by completing Clan Quests, though they can also be obtained as gifts from other Clan members in Clan Chat when certain milestones are reached.

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Some Clan Quest milestones unlock the ability to gift Clan Trinkets to other Clan members to allow you to collect keys together faster


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This feature currently has multiple issues.

Regular Clan Quest Milestones Clan Trinkets Icon.png  Food Icon.png    Gold Icon.png    Clan Trinkets Gift Icon.png    Food Icon.png   Gold Icon.png appear at the top of the Clan Quests window, between Clan Chest Events, and award Food Icon.png Food, Gold Icon.png Gold, or Clan Trinkets Gift Icon.png Clan Trinket gifts at milestones 100, 300, 520, 740, 960, and 1,200 as indicated by their respective icons. As up to 1,600 Clan Trinkets Icon.png Clan Trinkets can be collected a day, and the milestones require only 1,200 to reach the end, the milestones restart each time the end is reached. Milestone progress continues on the restarted milestones until the daily maximum trinkets is reached, after which time only claiming Trinket Gifts can continue to advance the progress bar as they do not count towards the personal Clan Trinkets limit.

When a trinket gift milestone is reached, the gifting Trainer receives a notification that Clan Trinkets have been sent to every Clan mate. A message also appears at the top of the Clan Chat window, for the other Trainers, which allows the claiming of 10 Clan Trinkets from every member who has recently reached that milestone. The Claim Claim button must be pressed to claim Clan Trinkets gifts.

See Clan Chests for information about how the milestones change during Clan Chest Events.

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