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Enchantment Materials

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See Enchantment for information and requirements on enchanting Dragons.

Enchantment Materials are resources used to:

Obtaining[edit source | edit]

Enchantment Materials are mainly obtained from Dragon League Chests, Enchantment System Chests, ascending Dragons, but they can also be won in Events and sometimes bought at the Whale-Mart.

Qualities[edit source | edit]

Enchantment materials often have 5 grades of quality, their shape, and color varies according to material quality and the Element they represent.

Primal, Divine, and Ancient materials are special materials, and the only ones that have only 4 grades of quality (there are no Fair quality materials of these rarities).

Regular Materials
Fair Average Good Excellent Extraordinary
Fire Fair Materials - Fire.png Average Materials - Fire.png Good Materials - Fire.png Excellent Materials - Fire.png Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
Wind Fair Materials - Wind.png Average Materials - Wind.png Good Materials - Wind.png Excellent Materials - Wind.png Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
Earth Fair Materials - Earth.png Average Materials - Earth.png Good Materials - Earth.png Excellent Materials - Earth.png Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
Water Fair Materials - Water.png Average Materials - Water.png Good Materials - Water.png Excellent Materials - Water.png Extraordinary Materials - Water.png
Plant Fair Materials - Plant.png Average Materials - Plant.png Good Materials - Plant.png Excellent Materials - Plant.png Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png
Metal Fair Materials - Metal.png Average Materials - Metal.png Good Materials - Metal.png Excellent Materials - Metal.png Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png
Energy Fair Materials - Energy.png Average Materials - Energy.png Good Materials - Energy.png Excellent Materials - Energy.png Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png
Void Fair Materials - Void.png Average Materials - Void.png Good Materials - Void.png Excellent Materials - Void.png Extraordinary Materials - Void.png
Light Fair Materials - Light.png Average Materials - Light.png Good Materials - Light.png Excellent Materials - Light.png Extraordinary Materials - Light.png
Shadow Fair Materials - Shadow.png Average Materials - Shadow.png Good Materials - Shadow.png Excellent Materials - Shadow.png Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png
Legendary Fair Materials - Legendary.png Average Materials - Legendary.png Good Materials - Legendary.png Excellent Materials - Legendary.png Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png
Special Materials
Average Good Excellent Extraordinary
Primal Average Materials - Primal.png Good Materials - Primal.png Excellent Materials - Primal.png Extraordinary Materials - Primal.png
Divine Average Materials - Divine.png Good Materials - Divine.png Excellent Materials - Divine.png Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png
Ancient Average Materials - Ancient.png Good Materials - Ancient.png Excellent Materials - Ancient.png Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png
Tyrant Average Materials - Tyrant.png Good Materials - Tyrant.png Excellent Materials - Tyrant.png Extraordinary Materials - Tyrant.png

Fusion[edit source | edit]

Lower-quality materials can be fused to obtain higher-quality ones, but they cannot be broken back down into inferior materials, fusing is irreversible.

See Fusion for more information.

Wildcard Materials[edit source | edit]

Occasionally, an Enchantment Material is represented by a wildcard (grey or rainbow) images. These represent any non-special material of the same grade, awarded randomly. Dragon League milestone rewards, which provide Battle Chests containing Enchantment Material cards, are one example of where these appear.

Icon Reward Regular Materials
Fire Wind Earth Water Plant Metal Energy Void Light Shadow Legendary
Fair Materials - Any.png Fair Materials Icon.png Any one of the following: Fair Materials - Fire.png Fair Materials - Wind.png Fair Materials - Earth.png Fair Materials - Water.png Fair Materials - Plant.png Fair Materials - Metal.png Fair Materials - Energy.png Fair Materials - Void.png Fair Materials - Light.png Fair Materials - Shadow.png Fair Materials - Legendary.png
Average Materials Icon.png Any one of the following: Average Materials - Fire.png Average Materials - Wind.png Average Materials - Earth.png Average Materials - Water.png Average Materials - Plant.png Average Materials - Metal.png Average Materials - Energy.png Average Materials - Void.png Average Materials - Light.png Average Materials - Shadow.png Average Materials - Legendary.png
Good Materials - Any.png Good Materials Icon.png Any one of the following: Good Materials - Fire.png Good Materials - Wind.png Good Materials - Earth.png Good Materials - Water.png Good Materials - Plant.png Good Materials - Metal.png Good Materials - Energy.png Good Materials - Void.png Good Materials - Light.png Good Materials - Shadow.png Good Materials - Legendary.png
Excellent Materials - Any.png Excellent Materials Icon.png Any one of the following: Excellent Materials - Fire.png Excellent Materials - Wind.png Excellent Materials - Earth.png Excellent Materials - Water.png Excellent Materials - Plant.png Excellent Materials - Metal.png Excellent Materials - Energy.png Excellent Materials - Void.png Excellent Materials - Light.png Excellent Materials - Shadow.png Excellent Materials - Legendary.png
Extraordinary Materials - Any.png Extraordinary Materials Icon.png Any one of the following: Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png Extraordinary Materials - Water.png Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png Extraordinary Materials - Void.png Extraordinary Materials - Light.png Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 7.1: Introduced Tyrant Enchantment Materials.
  • Update 6.6: Introduced Primal Enchantment Materials.
  • Update 4.9: Introduced Ancient Enchantment Materials.
  • Update 3.1: Introduced Divine Enchantment Materials.
  • Update 3.1: Introduced Light and Shadow Enchantment Materials.
  • Update 2.3: Introduced Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Plant, Metal, Energy, Void, and Legendary Enchantment Materials.

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