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Dragonmaster Pass

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Dragonmaster Pass is time-limited Milestone Rewards Event where points are collected for reaching milestones to obtain rewards. This event works similarly to milestone rewards during Ancient or Divine Events, but it is linked to Daily Tasks and other activities in Dragonlandia. Trainers earn rewards as they hit different milestones, some of which will be collected during regular gameplay.


To progress through the milestones, Trainers need to collect Season Points. Season Point Icon.png Points are awarded for every Daily Task completed (5 Season Point Icon.png per completed task) and for every Dragon bred or hatched. If Trainers complete six Daily Tasks in a day and thus reach the third milestone, they earn an additional 40 Season Point Icon.png points.

Season Points earned for breeding or hatching a Dragon is based on its rarity, though Trainers will also earn 4x the points for breeding the Dragon of the Week or the Dragon of the Month (+300%). If a Trainer breeds an Epic Dragon of the Week, for example, the Trainer would earn 200 Season Points.

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The Season Points earned for each breed or hatching are:

Rarity Points
Common (classification) Icon.png Common 0
Uncommon (classification) Icon.png Uncommon 10
Rare (classification) Icon.png Rare 20
Epic (classification) Icon.png Epic 50
Legendary (classification) Icon.png Legendary 100
Primal (classification) Icon.png Primal 300
Divine (classification) Icon.png Divine
Ancient (classification) Icon.png Ancient
Tyrant (classification) Icon.png Tyrant

Season Pass

Season Pass Icon.png

All Trainers taking part in Dragonmaster Pass events are free "Season Pass" holders, meaning they have access to the top set of Dragonmaster Pass milestone rewards which are awarded for free; though like other milestone rewards in this event type, each reward must be tapped to be collected when reached.

Purchase-Only Passes

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The features below appear to be available as purchase-only, which means they are currently available only in exchange for real money, in USD.

Premium Pass

Season Pass Premium Icon.png

A Premium Pass is available for purchase for $4.99 USD, this allows Trainers to gain access to the bottom set of milestone rewards, and have an opportunity to collect the prize Dragon. Trainers who purchase a Premium Pass also unlock a 20% reduction to hatching time while the current Dragonmaster Pass is active.

Premium Pass Plus

Season Pass Premium Plus Icon.png

A Premium Pass Plus is also available for purchase for $19.99 USD, this allows Trainers to pay more to receive additional Season Points to provide an early reward start (referred to as a "Booster Upgrade"). Purchasers also receive all the rewards given by the Premium Pass, without needing to also purchase that pass.

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  • Update 7.7: The Dragonmaster Pass Dragons are now 100 Dragon Pieces Dragon Pieces Icon.png instead of the former 22.
  • Update 6.9: Introduced Premium Pass Plus available for a significantly higher cost.
    • Added additional Season Points to Premium Pass Plus that are added to the current total to provide an early reward start.
    • Introduced Booster Upgrades for purchase for additional Season Points.
  • Update 6.7: Made hatching Primal Dragons give 300 points.
  • Update 6.6: Removed the discounted price of Premium Pass at event start.
  • Update 5.5: Made Premium Pass reduce hatching times by 20% (previously 10%).
  • Update 5.4: Changed the amount of Season Points earned for Breeding and Hatching Dragons, see Update 5.4 for details.
    • Made purchase of Premium Pass reduce hatching times by 20% (was 10% previously).
  • Update 5.3: Introduced Dragonmaster Pass.

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