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Shops are places where items can be purchased in exchange for In-Game Currency, or in some cases real money. There are 5 separate shops accessible in the game.

Shop[edit source | VE]


The Shop is a small building located on the mountainside, underneath Chronos, on the Main Island.

The Shop provides a physical location and alternate access point for purchasing Gems, Gold, and Food. Whenever there is a special offer for any of these items, selecting the Shop take the Trainer to the respective offer. On some occasions, selecting the Shop takes the Trainer to a time-limited Main Shop bundle instead. The Yellow-Bordered Promotions Icon.png icon is shown atop the Shop whenever such offers are available. When there is no offer available, selecting the Shop takes the Trainer to the screen for purchasing Gems.

See Shop for more information

Main Shop[edit source | VE]

Shop Icon.png

The Main Shop is divided into six sections, each section featuring a different category of items for sale. Categories include Dragons, Habitats, Buildings, Decorations, Promotions (the default tab), and Card Packs, with each represented by an image. Items in each category have a specific order, with not yet unlocked item displayed at the end.

Dragons Tab.png Habitats Tab.png Buildings Tab.png Decorations Tab.png Promotions Tab.png Card Packs Tab.png

See Main Shop for more information

Dungeon Shop[edit source | VE]

Dungeon Shop Window Pane.png

This shop contains Regular Dungeon Dragons, dungeon exclusive Decorations, and Special Offers (including other Dungeon Dragons) which are purchased in exchange for Yellow Dungeon Tokens. Dungeon Dragons can only be bought after their highest Element has been unlocked.
See Dungeon Shop for more information

Whale-Mart[edit source | VE]


Whale-Mart Whale-Mart Icon.png is a floating market atop a whale, located south of the Main Island. The market allows resources to be exchanged for other kinds of resources. Whale-Mart is run by Mishiyo, and is only visible between Friday 12:00 UTC and Sunday 12:00 UTC. The time remaining until Whale-Mart departs appears inside the Whale-Mart Notification Bar.png bar.

See Whale-Mart for more information

Sale Whale[edit source | VE]

Sale Whale.png

Sale Whale Sale Whale Icon.png is a separate, special occasional market that appears in place of the regular Whale-Mart. The offers almost exclusively must be purchased in exchange for Gems, and include Dragon Pieces and Breeding Tokens.

The Sale Whale is run by Li Ming, and is only visible between Monday 12:00 UTC and Thursday 12:00 UTC.

See Sale Whale for more information

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