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Dragon Fury Essence

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Dragon Fury Essence Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png is a consumable resource that refills the Dragon Fury meter immediately, for use in battle, without paying Gems Icon.png Gems.


Dragon Fury Essence is obtained in several ways, typically it is won from Events and regular in-game activities.

Method Amount Notes
Daily Rewards Icon.png Daily Rewards 1 As reward items on multiple days.
To-Do-List Icon.png To-Do-List 2 As a reward in multiple chapters of To-Do-List Quests
Friendship Points Icon.png Friendship Points 1 At the second milestone of the Totem of Friendship.
Dragon League Icon.png Dragon League 2-3 Achieving a win-streak of 15 gives 2 bottles, a streak of 20 gives 3 bottles.
Whale-Mart Icon.png Whale-Mart Various Can be given as an offer.
Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop
Other Shops
Various Offered as part of Bundles.
Clan Shop 5 Available weekly.
Max Level Reward Icon.png Max Level Reward 1 Awarded randomly, reaching or repeating the Experience Icon.png Experience necessary for the maximum level.
Events Various Awarded as prizes in events.
Dungeon Chests 1 Offered as a reward choice from chests opened on the Bottomless Dungeon Map.
Clan Chests 5 Awarded when certain chests are opened.
Gifts Various Gameloft occasionally gives free bottles to Trainers, usually to celebrate a game-related milestone.
The DRAGON FURY ESSENCE refills your Dragon Fury bar immediately in the midst of the most intense battle! Collect as many as you can!


Dragon Fury Essence Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png cannot be bought in packages as some In-Game Currencies can, it can only be gained from the methods above, or gained through purchases of bundles or in various Shops.

See Charging Dragon Fury for other methods of refilling Dragon Fury.


Any bottles of Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png Dragon Fury Essence won in Events or bought from bundles appear in the Consumables tab of the Inventory Icon.png Inventory. The item's Inventory snapshot displays the count owned and the i button, which provides information about the item.


To use Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png Dragon Fury Essence in battle to refill Dragon Fury, press the Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png button, then the Use   1 Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png button. The Dragon Fury meter is filled immediately for attack use.

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See Dragon Fury for history notes.

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