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Stronger Together (19/04/08)

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Stronger Together Event.jpg
Team up with three awesome influencers in this global event and help the three new dragons reach their full power!
Started 8 April 2019
Ended 18 April 2019
Duration 10 Days
Type Community
Prize Sovereign Dragon Sovereign Dragon Icon.png

Team up with Gameloft and three awesome Influencers to support one of the largest and oldest humanitarian aid organizations focused on fighting global poverty:
Care International

Requirements[edit source | edit]

Collect Flowers.png Trainers had to perform various tasks to earn Flowers with a maximum limit of gatherable Flowers of 100 per task per day.
There was no limit to how many Flowers a Trainer could donate. These were used to vote for one or more out of the 3 different YouTubers, each having represented a different Dragon. The Trainer could just gift all currently collected Flowers Icon.png to one of them, with a minimum amount of 50 Flowers. The more Flowers the YouTuber's represented Dragon received, the higher the Rarity of the Dragon became. At the end of the event 100% of the revenue of the bought Flowers and packs was donated to CARE, with a minimum donation of €50,000 from Gameloft. In addition to this, all Trainers who donated the initial 2,500 Flowers and thus reached the first milestone were awarded with all 3 influencer Dragons in the week after the end of the event.

Progress Rewards[edit source | edit]

Flying Creature - Flower.png

Stronger Together (19.04.08) Milestone.jpg

Score 2,500 Flowers Icon.png 8,500 Flowers Icon.png 100,000 Flowers Icon.png 1,500,000 Flowers Icon.png 10,000,000 Flowers Icon.png 15,000,000 Flowers Icon.png
Reward Aloe Dragon Egg.pngCarmine Dragon Egg.pngMurano Dragon Egg.png Sunfeather Dragon Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png Food Icon.png 3,000,000 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 75 Wraith Dragon Wraith Dragon Icon.png Gems Icon.png 4,500

Participants[edit source | edit]

Stronger Together (19.04.08) Promotion.jpg
YouTuber Dragon Elements by rarity Final rarity
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
50 M Flowers Icon.png 250 M Flowers Icon.png 500 M Flowers Icon.png 2,500 M Flowers Icon.png 5,000 M Flowers Icon.png
Annie LeBlanc Aloe Dragon Icon.png Aloe Dragon Plant Plant Metal Plant Metal Plant Metal Energy Legendary Metal Energy Legendary
Bobby Duke Arts Carmine Dragon Icon.png Carmine Dragon Energy Energy Plant Energy Plant Energy Plant Metal Legendary Plant Metal Legendary
quackalakes Murano Dragon Icon.png Murano Dragon Metal Metal Energy Metal Energy Metal Energy Plant Legendary Energy Plant Legendary

Leaderboard[edit source | edit]

1-10 Dragon Egg Icon.png Sovereign Dragon
11-20 Gold Icon.png 750,000     Food Icon.png 150,000   Gems Icon.png 3
21-150 Gold Icon.png 600,000     Food Icon.png 75,000    Gems Icon.png 2
151-500 Gold Icon.png 450,000     Food Icon.png 37,500    Gems Icon.png 1
501-1000 Gold Icon.png 225,000     Food Icon.png 15,000
1001-2000 Gold Icon.png 75,000       Food Icon.png 3,750
2001-5000 Gold Icon.png 7,500

Earning Flowers[edit source | edit]

Earning Flowers.png

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