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Scrolls Scrolls Icon.png are a resource used to purchase specialized training for Dragons in the Dragon Academy. The training obtained allows Dragons to learn and upgrade their Skills.


Scrolls Scrolls Icon.png are primarily obtained from Main Quests Icon.png Main Quests, Side Quests Icon.png Side Quests, and Mines Icon.png Mines on the Campaign Map. Scrolls are also awarded as prizes in Events, and appear in various Shops, bundles, or for trade.

Method Amount Notes
Main Quests Icon.png Main Quests Scrolls Icon.png 1 1 per quest when 3 Battle Stars Icon.png Battle Stars are earned.
Side Quests Icon.png Side Quests 1 per quest each time they refresh.
Mines Icon.png Mines 1 per mine the first time conquered.
Daily Rewards Icon.png Daily Rewards Scrolls Icon.png 1-3 Certain amounts are given on certain days.
To-Do-List Icon.png To-Do-List Scrolls Icon.png 1-6 Amount depends on VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status.
Dragon League Icon.png Dragon League participation Scrolls Icon.png 1-3 Amount depends on Level Modifier, league, level bracket, and Win Streak.
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png Dragon Collector Points Milestones Scrolls Icon.png 5-50 Certain milestones give Scrolls.
Max Level Reward Icon.png Max Level Reward Scrolls Icon.png 5 At random after reaching the maximum.
Whale-Mart Icon.png Whale-Mart or
Sale Whale Icon.png Sale Whale offers
Variable Amount depends on the offer.
Events prizes Scrolls Icon.png 1-5 Amount depends on the final ranking or milestone reached.
Clan Chests 5 Earned by opening a specific chest.
Shops Variable Offered in bundles or trade.


Scrolls Scrolls Icon.png cannot be bought in packages as some In-Game Currencies can, rather they can only be purchased in small mounts in exchange for variable amounts of Gems Icon.png Gems when needed. The option to purchase appears only when no scrolls are possessed, and their use is required by another feature, such as Skills Training in the Dragon Academy.

Quantity Cost
Scroll Icon.png 1 Gems Icon.png 10
Scroll Icon.png 2 Gems Icon.png 18
Scroll Icon.png 3 Gems Icon.png 26
Scroll Icon.png 4 Gems Icon.png 33
Scroll Icon.png 5 Gems Icon.png 40
Scroll Icon.png 6 Gems Icon.png 46
Scroll Icon.png 7 Gems Icon.png 52
Scroll Icon.png 8 Gems Icon.png 59
Scroll Icon.png 10 Gems Icon.png 71
Scroll Icon.png 12 Gems Icon.png 83
Scroll Icon.png 14 Gems Icon.png 94
Scroll Icon.png 15 Gems Icon.png 100
Scroll Icon.png 16 Gems Icon.png 105
Scroll Icon.png 20 Gems Icon.png 127
Scroll Icon.png 25 Gems Icon.png 153
Scroll Icon.png 30 Gems Icon.png 179
Scroll Icon.png 40 Gems Icon.png 228
Scroll Icon.png 45 Gems Icon.png 252
Scroll Icon.png 50 Gems Icon.png 275
Scroll Icon.png 60 Gems Icon.png 321
Scroll Icon.png 75 Gems Icon.png 388


Scrolls accrue as they are collected, and the amount currently possessed appears in the overall count Scrolls Icon.png5  on the Skills Training screen.


See Skills Training for information on how scrolls are typically spent, and Skills for quantities required for training.

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