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Arena Dragons

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See Dragon League for more information.

These Dragons are exclusive prizes that can only be won by competing in the Dragon League. Some are given as prizes for Trainers promoted to higher leagues, others are Limited-Time Dragon and made available on rotation basis and are given as prizes to Trainers who place in the top spots at the end of each iteration of the league.

Promotion Prizes[edit source | edit]

Promotion Prize Button.png

The Promotion Prize button displays the current league's promotion prize Dragon, its image, elements, and name. Pressing the button displays the Dragons Codex entry.

Trainers are promoted to higher leagues when they exceed the required Trophy count, if their Dragons meet the level requirements for the next league. Once the Promotion prize Dragon is obtained for a league, Trainers who are demoted and then promoted back to the league do not receive the same prize again, the only rewards given are those from the leaderboard, win streak, and milestone rewards.

League League of Fire Icon.png

League of Fire

League of Wind Icon.png

League of Wind

League of Earth Icon.png

League of Earth

League of Water Icon.png

League of Water

League of Plant Icon.png

League of Plant

League of Metal Icon.png

League of Metal

League of Energy Icon.png

League of Energy

League of Void Icon.png

League of Void

League of Light Icon.png

League of Light

League of Shadow Icon.png

League of Shadow

Legendary League Icon.png

Legendary League

Divine League Icon.png

Divine League

Ancient League Icon.png

Ancient League

Trophy Range Golden Trophy Icon.png 0-499 Golden Trophy Icon.png 500-1,199 Golden Trophy Icon.png 1,200-2,399 Golden Trophy Icon.png 2,400-3,599 Golden Trophy Icon.png 3,600-4,999 Golden Trophy Icon.png 5,000-6,399 Golden Trophy Icon.png 6,400-7,799 Golden Trophy Icon.png 7,800-9,199 Golden Trophy Icon.png 9,200-10,599 Golden Trophy Icon.png 10,600-11,999 Golden Trophy Icon.png 12,000-13,399 Golden Trophy Icon.png 13,400-14,799 Golden Trophy Icon.png 14,800+
Agent Dragon.png

Agent Dragon

Lynx Dragon.png

Lynx Dragon

Steel Dragon.png

Steel Dragon

Hammerhead Dragon.png

Hammerhead Dragon

Armadillo Dragon.png

Armadillo Dragon

Torpedo Dragon.png

Torpedo Dragon

Cosplay Dragon.png

Cosplay Dragon

Wolf Dragon.png

Wolf Dragon

Celestial Dragon.png

Celestial Dragon

Legion Dragon.png

Legion Dragon

Cockatrice Dragon.png

Cockatrice Dragon

Spectral Snake Dragon.png

Spectral Snake Dragon

Sumo Dragon.png

Sumo Dragon

See Dragon League for more information.

Season Rewards[edit source | edit]

See Dragon League for more information.

Arena Card Dragons[edit source | edit]

See Dragon Pieces for information on the Dragon League Collection of Arena Card Dragons.

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