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Standard Dragons

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Standard Dragons are Dragons that can be obtained and taken into battle, which excludes Boss Dragons, Clan Dragons, and Chronos. They can be bred, rewarded in Events, purchased, or obtained in various other ways. A Standard Dragon can always be placed in a Habitat, Fed, leveled, and can earn Gold.

Methods of Obtaining[edit source | edit]

Icon Method Type Method Details
LTD Icon.png Limited-Time Dragon Various Events
Meta Collection Icon.png Dragon Collection Rewards Collect and place groups of specific of Dragons in Habitats
One-Card Pack.pngThree-Card Pack.pngFive-Card Pack.png
Castle Event.png
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png
Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Daily Tasks Icon.png
Divine Chest (Mount Dragolympus).png
Five-Card Pack.png
Hot Air Balloon.png
Gift Icon.png
To Arms! Card Pack.pngHug Them All! Card Pack.pngSnow Special Card Pack.pngWinter Finale Card Pack.pngEnchanted Card Pack.pngFright Night Card Pack.png
Card-Segment Dragon Collect pieces from:
Card Packs
Castle Events
Clan Events
Calendar Events
Completing Daily Tasks
Divine Chests
Otto's Lotto Week
Weekly Dragon Pieces
Promotional Card Packs
Bottomless Dungeon Icon.png
Dungeon Chest - Epic.png
Special Offers Icon.png
Bottomless Dungeon Dungeon Shop Dragons
Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon
Dungeon Shop Special Offers
League of Fire Icon.png/League of Wind Icon.png/League of Earth Icon.png/League of Water Icon.png/League of Plant Icon.png/League of Metal Icon.png/League of Energy Icon.png/League of Void Icon.png/League of Light Icon.pngLeague of Shadow Icon.png/Legendary League Icon.png/Divine League Icon.png/Ancient League Icon.png Arena-Prize Dragon Get promoted to a higher league
Place in the Top 5 on the Elite League Leaderboard
Daily Login Reward Icon.png Daily Login Reward Log in a specific number of days
Friendship Point Icon.png Totem of Friendship Reward Collect a certain amount of Friendship Points
Recruitment Code Icon.png Recruitment Code Reward Successfully recruit a certain number of friends
Enchanted Breeding Icon.png Enchantment-Breedable Dragon Upgrade the Breeding Den to required levels, then successfully
breed Dragons that meet specific Enchantment requirements
Campaign Map Reward Icon.png Campaign Map Reward Successfully defeat certain Quests on the Campaign Maps
Daily Tasks Icon.png Daily Tasks Reach the third Milestone each day performing tasks to collect
all the pieces for one of the Reward Dragons
Breeding Token Icon.png Permanent or Recurring Breeding Tokens Obtain Breeding Tokens for an opportunity to breed these Dragons
VIP Dragons Icon.png VIP-Exclusive Dragon Reach various VIP levels to unlock breeding for each VIP Dragon
Other Icon.png Other Methods Purchase for real currency

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