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Campaign Map Dialogues

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First Island (Numa)

Arya.png We need at least 3 adult dragons before we try to challenge the Vikings again. Check your To-Do List to get started on that!
Arya.png Hmm, those hungry dragon cries weren't coming from this dragon. Let's see if our newest hatchling is feeling famished!
Arya.png We need the power of Lava to beat the first mini-boss. Raise a Lava Dragon to level 4!
Dunkelviking.png Let's fight!
Arya.png Dragons! Attack!
Dunkelviking.png Noooooo!
Arya.png Well done!
Olaf the Pungent.png We meet at last, Dragon Girl! I am Olaf the Pungent -- brother of the great Dunkelviking, conqueror of faraway lands, and developer of popular women's fragrances!
Arya.png Your reputation precedes you, Olaf. I could smell you from miles away. Luckily, I brought nose plugs to this battle!
Olaf the Pungent.png Appalling! My brother warned me about the Dragon Girl, but not her skilled and intimidating counterpart. I'll be ready next time.
Arya.png I have a name, you know! ... We're one step farther into Viking territory and one step closer to finding Dr. Hogwin. At least he gives me respect!
Arya.png Olaf! Let me try to reason with you one last time. There is no Dragon Codex! Now give me back my mentor!
Olaf the Pungent.png Your naiveté amuses me almost as much as a good fight! To battle!
Olaf the Pungent.png This is madness! I go easy on you and what do I get in return? I'll never prove to my brother I'm more than a man of fragrance if you keep beating me!
Arya.png Well then, I'd look out. We're about to storm that big, scary gargoyle you built. Dr. Hogwin's gotta be in there!
Olaf the Pungent.png So you've found our impressive Gargoyle Peninsula. You can beat my dragons a million times, but you'll never get Hogwin. I made a promise to my brother and I never break a vow!
Arya.png I hate to get in the way of tradition, but I hate Vikings even more. We're coming for you, Hogwin!
Professor Hogwin.png I've been saved! I'm free! How can I ever repay you, Arya and... Wait, who's your new friend?
Professor Hogwin.png Never mind that. We have to get back home and make sure the Codex is still safe.
Olaf the Pungent.png I KNEW it was real! My brother is going to have my head for dinner and my dragons for dessert!
Arya.png Hogwin is back and the Academy is open for training... but Dragolandia is far from safe.
Arya.png Most isles of Dragolandia have been abandoned and their magical mines left unprotected. It's our job to stop the Vikings from taking control!
Arya.png Ha! Take that, Viking fiends! The Dragon Academy is back and we aren't going anywhere!
Arya.png Hey, what's this? A Scroll! Let's get this to Hogwin right away!
Arya.png Another unsightly gargoyle. Great! I remember when Dragolandia wasn't decorated with these jerks' idea of art.
Olaf the Pungent.png At least now I have an outlet for my feelings. Let's fight!
Arya.png More Scrolls? Vikings are fools, but I'm happy to benefit from their lax tidiness policies.
Arya.png Let's put our lessons to work and show these Vikings that their chance of victory diminishes every day!
Arya.png That was amazing! Thanks to you, I believe we'll restore the academy and take Dragolandia back from the Vikings. No pressure or anything.
Arya.png You know, battling is fun and all, but it's been a while since I've played a good board game.
Arya.png Unfortunately, board games don't win you Scrolls!
Arya.png When I started as Dr. Hogwin's apprentice, I never thought I'd be defeating Viking armies. This definitely beats that career as a milkmaid I gave up!
Arya.png We're making progress, but don't be fooled -- most of Dragolandia is still under the control of those stupid, smelly Vikings. If they learn how to use some of the magic in our world--
Olaf the Pungent.png I've been called many things, Dragon Girl -- fetid, rank, foul, and even lovely -- but never stupid. You'll pay for that!
Olaf the Pungent.png And this time, I'm bringing out the big guns! Welcome to the Temple of Lava! Your quest to reinstate your quaint Academy and save Dragolandia ends here!
Olaf the Pungent.png How could this be possible? At first I just wanted to prove myself to my brother -- thanks for your help with that, by the way -- but now it's personal, Dragon Girl. PERSONAL!
Arya.png How many times do we have to beat these guys before they remember my name? I know I'm not legendary, like Hogwin or Shakespeare, but come on!
Arya.png I mean... good job beating that super-scary dragon back at the Temple of Lava!
Arya.png Smell that fresh air? Guess Olaf went running for the hills. I just wish he'd taken these other Vikings with him! It's not over yet, buddy!
Arya.png Freeing this town from Viking control will help reopen trade routes in Numa. And who knows? Maybe the Vikings will leave behind some Scrolls for us!
Arya.png Another amazing win! If Hogwin were here to see you fight, I bet he'd say, "Where'd I put my stinkin' glasses!?"
Arya.png Did you hear that? These Vikings think Dr. Hogwin is past his prime.
Arya.png I guess they don't remember that he wrote the book on dragons. Even they'd be lost without him! No one pokes fun at Dr. Hogwin! Um, except for us.
Arya.png That'll show 'em! A lot of people think Dr. Hogwin is a kook, even in Dragolandia. He thought we weren't using dragons to their full potential.
Arya.png Most Dragolandians have been hiding in caves since the Vikings arrived. I bet they're regretting shutting down the Dragon Academy now! Not that I hold a grudge.
Arya.png You've been amazing in the training arena, but how will you fare in a real battle?! Let's find out by giving these witches their home back!
Arya.png See ya later, Vikings! This island is starting to feel like Dragolandia again!
Arya.png Rumor has it that Vikings are making Dragolandians pay a toll to use this bridge! I guess it's up to us to collect their refund!
Arya.png Great! Now that the Vikings have been defeated, everyone can use this bridge freely! I think this calls for a celebration. Another battle, anyone?
Arya.png Hmm... This part of the island is actually strangely free of the Vikings and their foul odors. I guess this gives us a chance to relax!
Brant.png I am BRANT! The BIGGEST and BADDEST Viking of Dragolandia! Well... I'm not a Viking yet, but I bet the Dunkelviking will make me one when I beat you up!
Arya.png Well, this is new. He's cute, but I never back down from a challenge. We're about to kick his butt!
Brant.png You cheated! No one can beat BRANT! The BIG! And BAD! Me and my dragons are going to our super-secret lair to train so we can get you next time!
Arya.png Don't go, Brant! From the looks of this island, that kid is Viking-repellant!
Arya.png Our peaceful respite couldn't last forever. The Vikings are back and looking particularly grumpy. They must have discovered the quicksand. What could make them even grumpier? Us!
Arya.png I guess invading and taking over a whole new country is less fun than they thought... thanks to us!
Arya.png I hate to see a legendary place like Fairy Pass fall into the hands of the Vikings. If the Dragolandians held them off, so can we!
Arya.png Wonderful! Now the wizards of Dragolandia can practice their magic in peace. You never know when you'll need a magical ally!
Arya.png My favorite food growing up was a piece of toast slathered in Twin Arbors' sap. Ever since the Vikings arrived, my sweet tooth has been starving. It ends today!
Arya.png I can't thank you enough for helping me free this delicious sap... I mean, this economically important Dragolandic town!
Arya.png Learning about Portia Penanze was the reason I sought out Dr. Hogwin and the once-lost Dragon Academy.
Arya.png Seeing Vikings camped out here does not put me in a cheerful mood... it puts me in a fighting mood! Come on!
Arya.png Portia's legacy lives on thanks to you! Keep up the amazing wins and maybe one day you'll even have a cove of your own!
Olaf the Pungent.png Hello, Dragon Girl. I'm back! And this time I brought my secret weapon!
Arya.png I hate to tell you, Olaf, but the stench is not really a secret.
Olaf the Pungent.png No, you silly girl! I'm BURSTING to tell you what it is, but I shall contain myself.
Arya.png Luckily, you won't have to do that for much longer. Our dragons are ready to kick you off this island and Dragolandia for good!
Arya.png That's right, Olaf. It's time for you and your stinky Viking friends to sail into the sunset.
Olaf the Pungent.png I failed... and will never hear my brother say the words "I love you," despite all my efforts. Oh well... I prefer the perfume business to all this violence.
Arya.png You're a strange Viking, Olaf.

Side Quest Story

Professor Hogwin.png The Vikings held me hostage in a dank cell underneath this gargoyle. As soon as we've dealt with them, I'm tearing this eyesore down!
Dunkelviking.png The ONLY thing getting torn down will be EVERYTHING you care about until I have the Codex! Now get back in your cell!
Dunkelviking.png Grrr! You may have won this battle, but until you surrender the Codex, all of Dragolandia will be like a prison to you!
Professor Hogwin.png With that pitiful battle performance, Dunkelviking, your threats have fewer fangs than a toothless dragon that's lost its dentures.
Professor Hogwin.png These towers were used by dragon trainers to watch for dangers at sea. If only they'd been here to warn of the Viking attack...
Dunkelviking.png Then they might have warned you of THIS Viking attack, but with my superior might, the outcome will STILL be the same!
Professor Hogwin.png It appears your "superior might" is no match for the teamwork of me and my new protégé. Victory is ours!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, it's you again, Dunkelviking. Back for another lesson about how to properly battle with dragons?
Dunkelviking.png Out of my way! Olaf may be no match for you, but after I join him in Steam City, we'll CRUSH this ridiculous Numa Island rebellion.
Professor Hogwin.png Don't let the Dunkelviking get away. If he reaches Olaf in Steam City, they really might be unbeatable!
Dunkelviking.png This excitement can't be good for your ancient heart, old man, and I'd hate to have anything happen to you... before I find the Codex.
Professor Hogwin.png Your concern for my well-being is touching, but it'll do this ancient heart good to see your face when we destroy you in battle!
Dunkelviking.png Keep your silly little island! I've more important business to attend to on Arto than battling some old fool and his foolish follower!
Professor Hogwin.png Huff! Puff! Dunkelviking was right -- I am ancient! Hmm, why don't you take Ned to Arto and help him conquer his fear of dragons!

Second Island (Arto)

Dunkelviking.png I hope you're done celebrating your success, Dragon Girl. Olaf was weak and useless -- nothing like my cohort Melvin the Malevolent.
Arya.png Melvin, eh? You guys gotta get more intimidating names. Hey -- I thought we got rid of you jerks!
Dunkelviking.png Numa may be back under your control for the time being, but it proved to be the distraction we hoped for.
Arya.png Distraction? What have you been up to...?
Dunkelviking.png And now I'm to reveal my whole dastardly plan? Ha! I'd rather see your dragons on the battlefield.
Dunkelviking.png The Dragon Academy has done you well, trainer, but nothing can prepare you for Melvin and HIS dragons.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Please tell me this isn't the team of intimidating dragon trainers I've heard so much about. My pinky fingers would strike more fear in the hearts of children.
Arya.png I'm guessing you're Melvin. Care to tell us why the Dunkelviking sent you to Arto?
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'd rather eat rancid poultry.
Arya.png OK. Well then, we have no choice but to fight!
Melvin the Malevolent.png You fight well... for a non-Viking. I'll be sorry to lose such a worthy opponent once we rule Dragolandia and force you out.
Arya.png Thanks... I guess?
Melvin the Malevolent.png We'll meet again, I assure you. In the meantime, enjoy disciplining our deserters. I appreciate you saving me all that work.
Brant.png Hey! What are you doing here...? I'm on a sacred mission.
Arya.png Arto was abandoned a long time ago... along with its wonky religion. How sacred could your mission really be?
Brant.png Sacred enough that I'd risk my dragons to complete it!
Brant.png You're the worst! A big, scary Viking finally, FINALLY gives me a job and you ruined it! Give me back that tribute!
Arya.png Hmm... I don't think so.
Arya.png Ancient myths say the god of Arto collected tributes from his believers. I have a hard time believing that the Dunkelviking sent Melvin here because of some ancient superstition.
Arya.png You're right. We should hypothesize after we take care of these Vikings' dragons.
Arya.png You're getting better every day!
Arya.png While you were fighting, I took a closer look at the Vikings behind those dragons. They looked more like miners than deserters...
Melvin the Malevolent.png What are you two doing here? Getting bored with Viking deserters, are we?
Arya.png Nah, we just missed you. Plus, we came across some miners on our way here. So, you're after Arto's precious natural resources after all...
Melvin the Malevolent.png Once again, Dragon Girl and her undeniably talented companion, you're one step behind. All I need from this island now is to leave it.
Arya.png Well then, all we need is to stop you!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why must you THWART my plans? Don't you UNDERSTAND? I don't get to go home until I collect all the tributes...
Melvin the Malevolent.png AND I WANT TO GO HOME! And I hate it here! What's with all the sand? Sand in my ears. Sand in my EYES! SAND IN MY BEARD!
Arya.png Are you sure your name's not Gary the Griper? So, these tributes you're collecting, do they look like this?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Ah, you thief! I may have shared too much, but what are lackeys for but to clean up your occasional mess. I'll get that tribute back in no time!
Arya.png These guards are a lot tougher than the Viking deserters who settled on Arto. I guess Melvin really does want the tributes we took from him.
Arya.png I just wish I knew why he needed Arto's precious resources. No one but accomplished Dragolandians know how to use them! Uh oh, we got company.
Arya.png Ha! There's no stopping us.
Brant.png Stand back, enemy! The force of the Bob is behind me!
Arya.png Oh no! Not you again. Brant, the Bob isn't real. It's just some old Dragolandian legend.
Brant.png If the Bob is just a legend, why would Melvin be collecting tributes so he could finally get off this, and I quote, "terrible, sandy pit of a land mass"?
Arya.png Hmm... better safe than sorry. If anyone's getting off this island, it's us. So we're gonna need that tribute you got... now.
Brant.png Hey! C'mon, you don't need that tribute. I thought you said the Bob was a legend.
Arya.png Yeah, but I'd rather not take any chances.
Arya.png Now that we have more of Melvin's tributes, he's gonna have a hard time getting the Bob's blessing to leave the island. You know, if you believe that the Bob is real.
Arya.png I'd feel bad, but all these guards kind of sour my sympathy!
Arya.png Melvin's gotta be nervous now!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Right on time. My tribute delivery is here!
Arya.png We'll give you these tributes, but only if you hand over the resources that the Dunkelviking wanted you to mine.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Oh, foolish girl, this goes beyond the Dunkelviking. You still think you and your lauded Hogwin matter in all this. The Dragolandians were right to lose faith in him.
Arya.png Is that so? Well, deal's off. I'm taking that tribute whether you like it or not.
Melvin the Malevolent.png NO! Please! I'll do anything... Just don't leave me here on this island to rot!
Arya.png I may be a foolish girl, but I'm not an idiot. We may not matter to the Vikings, but Dragolandia matters to us.
Arya.png Enjoy the rays, Melvin!

Side Quest Story

Ned.png My dad sent me to watch you battle because he thinks I'm afraid of dragons? Please, I'm not afraid of anything!
Olaf the Pungent.png I discovered an island where all the materials needed for my perfumes naturally grow, and you want to ruin it too?! I won't let you!
Ned.png Ahhh! A Viking! Save me!
Ned.png S-S-See! If I was a-a-afraid, I wouldn't have even made it through that battle... Let's never do that again, though...
Olaf the Pungent.png I won't let you crush my dream of developing fragrances for the sensitive-and-yet-manly dragon trainer! I'll crush you first!
Ned.png That odd Viking makes perfume? Methinks his talent could be put to good use in wooing a certain fair maiden...
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm going to call my first scent "Loser's Tears" in honor of those you're about to shed when I beat you in battle!
Ned.png Wait! If it's tears you need, I have plenty after watching that terrifying battle. Just please give me some perfume!
Brant.png Halt, you man-mouse!
Ned.png Ha ha! Who is this goofy little kid? I bet if we show him our dragons, he'll run home to mommy.
Ned.png Where did that little kid get those scary dragons?! And why do they listen to him so much better than mine listen to me?
Brant.png When you lose, I'm gonna strap you to the backs of my dragons and deliver you to the great Dunkelviking as an offering!
Ned.png And when you lose, we're going to pinch those cute little cheeks!
Brant.png I lost? Initiating time-out evasive maneuvers. Dragons away!
Ned.png The ruins in this desert were once inhabited by an ancient civilization. Much of their history is probably buried here in the sand...
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm going to bury YOU in the sand if you don't stop following me and trying to sabotage my liquid bouquets!
Ned.png Come on, we can't let him get away! That weirdo's bouquets may be my only shot at romance.
Ned.png This old port was used to ship goods grown on Arto, before the Vikings shut it down. I wonder what interest Olaf has in it.
Olaf the Pungent.png Hey! I won't let you take these forest flowers I discovered. They're essential to the production of my limited-release body mists!
Ned.png Wait, Olaf, come back! I have your flowers! You'll need them to make body mists for me... Well, not for me, but... it's for a girl!
Ned.png Why are you on this tiny sandbar, Olaf?
Olaf the Pungent.png You won't get my beauty essence secrets without a fight!
Olaf the Pungent.png Seawater adds a unique note to dull perfume. Once I get some, I'll name the scent in your honor -- "Eau de Ew!" Because you stink!
Ned.png This forest used to be full of many more trees, but it looks like those Vikings have been cutting them down. What a tragedy!
Olaf the Pungent.png I told them to save the palm oil for making aromas, but they wouldn't listen. Hopefully you will when I say "get out of my forest"!
Olaf the Pungent.png My family wasted the trees on building warships. What's the point of conquering the world if you can't even conquer your own body odor?
Ned.png Do you think the Vikings understand that if they cut down all the trees, they won't just magically grow back?
Olaf the Pungent.png I bet if I cut you down, you won't magically grow back either. Let's find out!
Olaf the Pungent.png The Vikings only enjoy destroying nature, but IF I can finish my colognes, it'll prove to them it's better to create something with it.
Ned.png You must leave an offering at this shrine to the forest spirits, or they'll play tricks on you. How about we OFFER not to fight here?
Olaf the Pungent.png Offer not accepted! Those spirits getting you off my back is the best thing I can imagine!
Ned.png Maybe we could tell the forest spirits our offering was winning that battle? They've got to give us points for chasing Olaf away.
Ned.png There used to be a forest guardian who kept watch from this tower in order to raise the alarm if any fires started.
Olaf the Pungent.png Too bad they're not here to raise an alarm when I burn you in battle!
Ned.png When the Vikings invaded, they threatened to burn the forest to keep the guardian from sounding an alarm, and they were bluffing too.
Ned.png I heard this pyramid is haunted by forest spirits, and if you go inside, you'll never come back out. Let's not go in!
Olaf the Pungent.png Ooo-wooo! I'm a forest spirit... Go away!
Ned.png Aw! Now we have to go in to fight Olaf!
Ned.png I guess those stories about the forest spirits aren't true, since Olaf got away... Unless he was just too irritating for them to keep.
Olaf the Pungent.png Enough of your meddling! I'll never finish collecting the ingredients to make my toilet water if I have to keep fighting you!
Ned.png Then stop fighting us and just make me some toilet water... I mean perfume!
Olaf the Pungent.png All right, you win! I'll leave the island for good and find somewhere else to manufacture my line of fragrances.
Ned.png He got away! Now I'll never be able to get that perfume for Arya!
Arya.png What's that about perfume? I hope you're not planning on wearing it, Ned -- that stuff makes me sneeze!

Third Island (Industria)

Arya.png Hey, Dunkeldud! Great to see you again! Melvin says "Hi."
Dunkelviking.png So, you've bested Melvin. I suppose you think I should be intimidated. I'M NOT!
Dunkelviking.png I'M ANGRY! It's time to end these squabbles, Dragon Trainers. You're flies in my ointment that have become an unnecessary risk!
Dunkelviking.png I have wasted too much time on you two as it is. Take your win to the streets and celebrate. You won't last long -- not in Vikolandia.
Arya.png Vikolandia? What happened to Industria?
Dunkelviking.png Us.
Arya.png Uh oh, it's just as I feared! While we chased after Melvin, the Vikings set up shop here in Industria -- I mean -- Vikolandia.
Arya.png Combining resources from the different isles can have dangerous results...
Arya.png There's something I need to tell you -- hold that thought!
Arya.png Now that's what I call dragon training!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I call that lackluster... Did you know tyrants used to rule Dragolandia hundreds of years ago? Of course, then a brave man -- enter Hogwin Hogvanhog -- used his talent for training dragons to lead a rebellion.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Dragolandia was finally free and protected by Hogwin's brave dragon trainers. Dragolandia was so safe, in fact, that dragon trainers started to become irrelevant... unnecessary.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Even the Prime Minister of Dragolandia stopped encouraging young ones to go to the Academy. As a result, Hogwin's life's work became a joke.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Watching you, I see he's earned this reputation.
Brant.png We meet again, Arya!
Arya.png Hey! You learned my name!
Brant.png I will never forget it! Because of you, I failed my sacred Viking mission! You'll pay for that!
Brant.png It's not over, you two!
Arya.png If you insist... Hey, how'd you get off the island anyway? Did you discover that the whole "the Bob" thing was just a legend, after all?
Brant.png The Bob is more powerful than a goat is hungry!
Arya.png On that note, we'll just be leaving.
Arya.png As long as we're in Vikolandia, we may as well figure out what the Vikings are up to. You go pick a fight at this tavern while I question a few of its loyal patrons.
Arya.png You're going to go down in history, Dragon Trainer!
Arya.png I couldn't understand much of what those Vikings said, but they mentioned something about an invention.
Arya.png What a relief! I thought they might have found Dragolandia's secret isle.
Arya.png I told you about that... right?
Arya.png Heinrich! Why am I not surprised to find a brain like you is behind "the invention"?
Heinrich the Hideous.png You know not of what you speak. What I am creating is not a mere invention; it's a path to true love.
Arya.png Is this about to get weird?
Heinrich the Hideous.png That Dunkelviking refuses to entertain my request for his sister's hand in marriage, but once he finds out I am the mastermind behind his "precious weapon," he'll have to approve of our union.
Arya.png I'm less interested in your love story and more interested in that precious weapon. Hand it over!
Heinrich the Hideous.png You may have won this battle, but you haven't won my life's work!
Heinrich the Hideous.png My dragons might not be able to crush you... but soon you'll meet the cold, hard taste of steel power.
Arya.png Heinrich may not be the most intimidating Viking I've met, since most of his threats start out as history reports, but he's still scary -- nothing's more frightening than someone dictated by love.
Arya.png Although, the Vikings headed this way with their dragons come pretty close!
Arya.png Well, they got out of here fast! If only they'd stuck around to talk about that invention that's in the works.
Brant.png Aha! Bet you didn't see me hiding behind these rocks.
Arya.png You know, the surprise attack only works if you surprise your opponent with an actual ATTACK.
Brant.png Make fun all you like, but I know the Dunkelviking wants to keep you far away from Eliza's Factory.
Brant.png Lucky for him, me and my dragons are on the job!
Brant.png You enjoy crushing dreams, don't you?
Arya.png Not particularly. So, I'm guessing this invention is being made at Eliza's Factory. Who's Eliza?
Brant.png It's the name of Dunkelviking's sister.
Arya.png Oh, Heinrich. Such a romantic.
Arya.png I can see that factory in the distance. It smells... kind of like chocolate.
Arya.png Oh no, that's just these Vikings. I almost feel bad for their dragons!
Arya.png What a win! Now we have a chance of breaking into the factory!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What are you two doing here?
Arya.png You know, just seeing the sights. I've never been to Vikolandia before.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Then I'm glad you saved the most exciting stop for the end. MEET... THUNDER WOLF!
Heinrich the Hideous.png All those other beefhead Vikings obsessed over the Codex and Hogwin's creations... but I am the only one who decided to create a breed of dragon all its own! Ready to face it?
Arya.png I have to hand it to you, Heinrich. That invention is impressive. I can't wait to tell Hogwin all about it.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Ugh! I KNEW I should have gotten a patent.
Arya.png So how did you do it? Mix a few Dragolandian resources to make the inanimate animate?
Heinrich the Hideous.png It's slightly more complicated than that. I don't actually have the magical capabilities to-- Hey!
Arya.png Thanks for the info, Ricky!

Side Quest Story

Ned.png The history of Industria is fascinating... The tyrants built factories here to produce warships with materials mined from Arto.
Ned.png There's almost an industrial beauty to its skyline -- Hey, is it just me or does it look like someone's stuck to the side of that tower?
Ned.png Ha! You thought you lost me, but I clung to the back of your vessel all the way here JUST to beat you up. Then it's home to mother!
Melvin the Malevolent.png You may have bested me this time, but I'll make mother -- I mean, uh -- the Dunkelviking proud yet!
Ned.png I'd tell him to give up and run home to mommy... but it sounds like he already has enough mommy issues.
Ned.png These factories were abandoned by the tyrants when they were overthrown by my dad. I bet they're still full of old ship parts.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Finders, keepers! If you want any of these ship parts -- the rigging, the oars, or EVEN the sails -- you'll have to fight for them!
Ned.png That defeat knocked the wind out of Melvin's sails, but he still got away with all that junk. Guess he has mommy AND hoarding issues.
Ned.png Ew! This scrapyard reeks of rotten fish... Oh wait, that's just Brant hiding in that trash heap.
Brant.png It's called "method," Ned. You must BECOME the trash heap. Hey! You're distracting me from my secret mission... You're gonna pay for that!
Brant.png You didn't win... I'm just saving my best moves for my secret mission so Melvin can get the wheels turning on his plan.
Brant.png Wow! You must really want to know what my secret mission is for Melvin. I'll tell you... but only if you beat me first!
Brant.png My secret mission is... to keep you distracted long enough for Melvin to get the wheels he needed from the scrapyard. Hah hah HAHHH!
Ned.png Brant, I don't think you were supposed to tell us what Melvin wanted from the scrapyard, but I appreciate your candor!
Ned.png This cool dome would be the perfect place to throw my role-playing-game parties. It's like a villain's hideout!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Get away from my secret lair, you nerds! My creation isn't ready to fight you yet, but I will!
Ned.png What could Melvin be making? All I see in this dome are some rusty gears... and a braided wig. I'll hold onto it for my next party!
Ned.png This old lighthouse was used for guiding supply ships from Arto. I wonder who could have left the light on...
Melvin the Malevolent.png The same Viking who's going to knock your lights out!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I was waiting on a shipment of magic metal screws, but my creation will have to do without them. Time to wake it up to punish you!
Ned.png Melvin REALLY should have waited on that shipment. He's got a few screws loose himself.
Ned.png The tyrants of Dragolandia may have been mean, but they were very smart. These towers they built are powerful electrical generators.
Melvin the Malevolent.png A jolt of electricity is exactly what I need to bring my creation to life. Stand aside so I can reach the taller tower!
Ned.png Melvin dropped something... It looks like a flowery apron. What kind of horrible monster would wear such a thing?! We've got to stop him!
Ned.png Stay away from that tower, Melvin! I don't want to fight you, but I REALLY don't want to fight whatever creepy thing you've made.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Wha-ha-ha! My creation was charging up during our fight. Soon it'll give you a good scolding for all the trouble you've caused me!
Ned.png A scolding? That doesn't sound too bad; Arya gives me those all the time.
Ned.png I bet Melvin is hiding in that abandoned inn up ahead!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Wrong! Melvin is hiding in these bushes to ensure you never reach the inn. My dragons will see to that!
Ned.png Melvin is on the run! We'd better chase him to the inn and stop him escaping with his creation.
Melvin the Malevolent.png I won't let you bother my creation! She finally found a bed in this ratty inn that's up to her standards... and she REALLY needs her beauty sleep.
Ned.png "She?" Could Melvin have dressed up his pile of scraps as a woman? He must be even more desperate for a girlfriend than... me.
Ned.png Look at this huge dragon skull! Hey, I think I'll take a closer look. Since this dragon is dead, it won't attack!
Melvin the Malevolent.png But if you'd looked even MORE closely at it, you might have seen someone who WILL attack you!
Ned.png Melvin is right that I didn't look closely enough. If I'd seen that enormous footprint on the ground, I would have stayed FAR away!
Ned.png You've had us in suspense long enough, Melvin. Now show us this weird female creation you've been building, or... or we'll fight you!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Good thing she didn't hear you call her weird, or she would have washed your mouth out with soap.
Melvin the Malevolent.png My amazing Mom-Bot is complete! But she told me I have to grow up and fight my own battles... and then give her a foot rub.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Oh no! Mom-Bot will ground me for life when she finds out I lost to you again!
Ned.png Poor Melvin, so homesick. And so very weird.

Fourth Island (Alma)

Arya.png The good news is we beat Thunder Wolf, but the bad news is there aren't many dragon trainers out there who could do the same. If we don't stop the Dunkelviking now, he could get exactly what he wants -- Dragolandia and its magical capabilities.
Arya.png More good news... Unbeknownst to the Vikings, Dragolandia's most populated and important Isle -- Crysto -- has been cloaked by magic ever since the Vikings arrived. They don't even know it exists!
Arya.png More bad news...
Dunkelviking.png The Dunkelviking has heard everything you've said?
Dunkelviking.png You've bested me yet again, Dragon Girl. Of course, that won't stop me from finding Crysto.
Arya.png Good luck with that. Only the pure of heart can break the cloaking spell.
Dunkelviking.png Is that so? Good thing Alma Isle is full of Dragolandian Monks. While I go acquaint myself with them, I hope you enjoy the company of my brother Eli.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop there, dragon trainers! Your journey ends here.
Arya.png Says who?
Eliza the Masculine.png Eli, brother of the great and powerful and wonderful and amazing and brave Dunkelviking.
Arya.png Man, he has self-esteem issues. Speaking of... brother? Eli, you're a lady.
Eliza the Masculine.png If Dunky finds out I'm not his long-lost brother, I'll have to marry that horrible scientist. So I plan to make sure you don't get a chance to spread the word.
Arya.png I would love to gloat about our amazing win, but I'm still kinda stuck on "Dunky."
Eliza the Masculine.png If I see you again, trainers, you're gonna regret it!
Arya.png You know what? I believe you.
Arya.png Hey! Get out of here. Why are you rifling through all these monks' things?!
Brant.png Oh, not you again. Can't a kid try to climb the ladder of success without society constantly holding him back?
Arya.png Huh, you're working for the Dunkelviking again.
Brant.png If you call reading monks' diaries work... and I do. It's pretty dry. Lots of passages about soy. Unfortunately for you, a little battle is just what I need!
Arya.png I think looking for someone pure of heart has made you soft, Brant.
Brant.png Stop it! That's not why I'm crying!
Arya.png Eliza's story saddened me. Maybe she doesn't want to marry Heinrich enough that she'd fight against the Dunkelviking and his archaic rules.
Arya.png Uh oh, Vikings are approaching the monks' meeting hall. We have to stop them!
Arya.png Way to go! But, oh no! Despite our win, it looks like one of the monks is missing!
Arya.png Eliza! I'm so glad we found you. So, right now the Dunkelviking is looking for someone true of heart to break down the spell cloaking Crysto.
Eliza the Masculine.png What did I tell you about saying my name?
Arya.png Help us stop your brother and you could live in a world free of arranged marriages, free of fake names... free of Heinrich.
Eliza the Masculine.png How dare you suggest I turn on my brother! Wretched trainers!
Eliza the Masculine.png You fought bravely, trainers. You might stand a chance against my brother, after all.
Arya.png Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am! My brother can accept his defeat once and for all! Meet me at the Cave of the Beyond. I have a plan!
Arya.png Meet her at the Cave of the Beyond? Easy for Eliza to say! She's not fighting the Dunkelviking's lackeys along the way.
Arya.png Speaking of...
Arya.png One step closer to saving Crysto from Viking invasion!
Brant.png Dragon trainers! Try to pass this bridge and you will face ultimate defeat.
Arya.png Then I guess we're facing ultimate defeat!
Arya.png We faced ultimate defeat... and we won!
Brant.png You know, maybe being a Viking isn't for me. I've started to consider monkhood.
Arya.png We're almost to the Beyond! With Eliza on our side, I'm sure we'll keep Crysto and the people of Dragolandia there safe.
Arya.png Of course, first we have to make it past these wild dragons!
Arya.png As always, you impress me with your constantly improving talent!
Eliza the Masculine.png You made it. Finally, this blasted uncloaking spell can begin!
Arya.png Huh? I guess I should have expected a betrayal... but you should have expected this: I can't perform the spell, Eliza. I don't even know how to use magic.
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, it turns out there's a little loophole in that spell. We've got a monk who'd be happy to uncloak Crysto in exchange for his freedom. Turns out his heart isn't so pure, but we just need that pure heart present in the room--
Arya.png Well, that's definitely not you, Eliza... Oh no! It must be us! We gotta get out of here.
Eliza the Masculine.png Not so fast!
Eliza the Masculine.png Muahahaha!
Arya.png Why are you laughing? You lost!
Eliza the Masculine.png I may have lost, but the spell was cast! Crysto has appeared from the beyond! Muahaha!

Side Quest Story

Ned.png Heinrich?! You look surprisingly good for someone whose dream to marry the woman of his dreams was just crushed...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Oh, I've got a NEW plan to win Eliza's hand -- earn the Dunkelviking's respect by becoming a monk and uncloaking Crysto. Out of my way!
Heinrich the Hideous.png You may have won, but you can't stop me from seeking spiritual guidance with the monks at the inn up ahead! Soon I'll have my Eliza!
Ned.png If we let Heinrich uncloak Crysto, then Arya will never respect me enough to stop calling me "lil' dragon trainer." After him!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why do you want to keep me from bettering myself by becoming a monk? I've nearly reached the men who can help me do it!
Ned.png I'm glad you want to better yourself, Heinrich, but we can't let you unless you do it for a BETTER reason!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Fine, you can have the monks! Their methods for achieving enlightenment are inefficient anyway. I'll find a means to do it faster!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Now that I've got the book "Shortcuts Down the Path of Enlightenment," I'll be a monk in no time! Go away so I can meditate!
Ned.png I doubt you can become a monk JUST by reading a book... but we can't take any chances. Let's follow him!
Brant.png Ah hah! I bet you never thought you'd see me again.
Ned.png Brant, if you didn't show up to ruin our day, I'd be worried something had happened to you.
Brant.png Well... you're not as bad as you used to be. Hmph.
Brant.png When the Dunkelviking learns of my efforts to capture Hogwin's son, I bet he'll be impressed!
Ned.png Yes, impressed at the lengths you go to get the attention of someone who doesn't know you exist.
Brant.png Dragon dung! Why can't I beat a mouse-man like you?
Ned.png Didn't your mother teach you better than to swear...? Well, I guess if she actually taught you better, you wouldn't want to be a Viking.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Dragon's breath! Another distraction? How am I to clear my mind for meditation when you keep showing up?!
Ned.png Distracting Heinrich may be the only way to stop him from uncloaking Crysto.
Ned.png Luckily, it's the one thing I learned to do from my dad's dragon-training lessons.
Ned.png Do you hear whispering from that cave? And I think I see something scuttling around in there... Ahhh! It's Heinrich!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I thought this would be a good place to meditate, but it echoes ALL the sounds of the island. It also attracts annoying dragon trainers.
Brant.png I'm not letting you move any farther unless you surrender. You're too small and puny to be in the presence of Vikings.
Ned.png Hey! You've got limbs like sticks too!
Brant.png Grrr! You may be good in battle, but your slightly bigger muscles don't impress me.
Brant.png I refuse to accept defeat!
Brant.png At least Arya is intimidating... but you... I'm ashamed!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Grrr! I swam all the way out to this sandbar to seek inner peace, and you're already here to throw it into discord. I won't allow it!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I feel at peace after our battle. I'm ready for the next step -- sacrificing my ego... That should be simple for someone as clever as me!
Ned.png Guess we're not in any hurry to distract Heinrich now.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I realized it's my ego that wants the Dunkelviking's permission to marry Eliza. I should let her choose... then she'll definitely want me!
Ned.png Uh-oh, Heinrich is close to having a moment of true self-reflection. We need to act fast!
Dunkelviking.png I thought your becoming a monk was a joke, Heinrich, but with that poor performance in battle, it must be true. I'm impressed!
Ned.png Well, you've won the Dunkelviking's admiration, Heinrich... but you do know being a monk means you've vowed never to marry, right?

Fifth Island (Crysto)

Arya.png Crysto is the most populated place in Dragolandia! Its underground tunnels span for miles... You just have to know how to access them.
Arya.png My family lives here, my friends live here, not to mention the Prime Minister of Dragolandia!
Arya.png Let's see if these dragons up ahead belong to Vikings or trainers-in-training.
Arya.png Those Viking dragons prove the Dunkelviking is already here.
Dunkelviking.png I am! I could have intervened and finished you both for good, but I'd rather make you watch the complete downfall of this home you so adore.
Dunkelviking.png The only thing in my way now is that legendary Codex. As long as it is in Hogwin's hands, there will always remain a threat from the Academy.
Dunkelviking.png If his own life is not enough to trade for the Codex... maybe someone else's will be.
Arya.png If I'm not mistaken, the Dunkelviking is planning to kidnap someone ELSE to force a trade for the Codex. But who?
Arya.png Let's brainstorm after we defeat these Viking dragons. I guess the Dunkelviking changed his mind about keeping me around!
Arya.png Another Viking team down! But how many to go?
Brant.png Arya, you tattle-tale! Why would you tell the Dunkelviking about this island?! My parents live here!
Arya.png I'm glad you've come to your senses, Brant. Being a Viking is nothing to aspire to--
Brant.png What if they see me? The whole part of running away was getting AWAY. If the Dunkelviking really wants to rule from Crysto Castle, we're going to be here for a while.
Arya.png Any more crucial info you want to share before we beat you... again?
Arya.png That's what I'm talking about! Sorry, Brant. You just can't stop us!
Brant.png Whatever. I'm going home for some fresh-baked cookies.
Arya.png Old habits die hard.
Arya.png This orphanage could be a prime target for the Dunkelviking's kidnapping.
Arya.png Let's go check it out.
Arya.png Whoa! That may have just been the orphanage's backup security system, but you got 'em good!
Dunkelviking.png Arya, may I ask you a question?
Dunkelviking.png What was so great about Dragolandia before we came? Your beloved Academy was a joke -- in ruins. Hogwin was just a crazy old man to these people. Thanks to us, all that's changed.
Dunkelviking.png Why would you want to go back to that world, Arya?
Arya.png You know, I preferred it when you called me Dragon Girl. You're going down!
Dunkelviking.png I admit it... You won!
Dunkelviking.png But just think of where your training, where Dragolandia would be, if I never brought my Vikings to your shores.
Arya.png Our dragons would still be ours, our mines would not be barren, and our people wouldn't live in fear.
Dunkelviking.png Well, when you say it like that...
Arya.png Word on the street is the Dunkelviking is sending his guards up to the castle. What if he plans to hold the Prime Minister hostage for Hogwin's books?
Arya.png Let's stop them before they get the chance!
Arya.png Nice! Hopefully, that gives us a head start!
Arya.png Brant? What's wrong?
Brant.png The Dunkelviking told me I don't have what it takes to be a Viking. Now I'll never get to call him Dunky.
Arya.png Aw, Brant, I'm sorry! At least you tried your best.
Brant.png Not yet... I got one more trick up my sleeve. Look out, trainers!
Arya.png Brant? Man, the little guy just couldn't handle another loss, I guess.
Arya.png Crysto really is the most beautiful island in Dragolandia. We need to do whatever we can to save it from Viking demise.
Arya.png Let's treat these Vikings up here like they treated our formerly lovely islands!
Arya.png Ha! Take that, Viking scum!
Arya.png So, where's the Prime Minister?
Dunkelviking.png How should I know? I bought this castle from him and I haven't heard from him since.
Arya.png So you weren't planning on kidnapping him? Then who...?
Professor Hogwin.png DUNKELVIKING! I have the Codex... Just don't hurt Arya.
Arya.png Hogwin?! No! It's not worth it!
Dunkelviking.png Oh, we could haggle all day about what is more valuable -- the girl or the guide?
Dunkelviking.png But maybe I can get both!
Professor Hogwin.png That's right! Scamper away, little Dunky.
Professor Hogwin.png Hey... where is everyone else? Arya?
Professor Hogwin.png Arya?
Professor Hogwin.png Who could have taken her?!
Brant.png They call me Big Bad Brant.

Side Quest Story

Eliza the Masculine.png I'd hoped your instinct for self-preservation would keep you from meddling in my brother's plans, Edward Bartholomew Hogvanhog!
Ned.png J-j-just call me, Ned. Every instinct I've got is screaming at me to run away in terror, but I can't let Arya down! Let's f-f-fight!
Eliza the Masculine.png Let me make this easy for you: If you don't turn tail and run home, I'll wake the legendary dragon Amethost and destroy the island!
Ned.png Legend has it that Crysto was formed from crystals growing on Amethost's back. If Eliza wakes him, he'll shake us into oblivion!
Ned.png Waking Amethost is a pretty cool evil plan, Eliza... How did you say you were going to do it?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hah! Do you suppose you can flatter me into divulging secrets? I'm not as weak-minded as those other Viking fools. Now get out of my way!
Ned.png We've got to follow Eliza and figure out her plan for waking Amethost. Let's just hope she doesn't find out about my dad's thesis...
Ned.png What brings you to the Crysto University library, Eliza? Doing some research on waking the legendary dragon?
Eliza the Masculine.png I threatened those puny book-readers with my muscles, but they knew nothing about Amethost. I will formulate a new plan... after this fight!
Ned.png Whew! I'm glad Eliza abandoned that plan. If she'd found my father's thesis on waking Amethost, we would have been in trouble!
Eliza the Masculine.png Aha! I knew I couldn't battle the answer out of you, but if I played dumb you'd let it slip. Now where's the thesis?!
Ned.png I'll never tell... THAT secret! Run! If we let Eliza catch us, then Crysto will be doomed!
Ned.png They framed my father's thesis here on the wall when he got famous. Let's burn it before Eliza finds us!
Eliza the Masculine.png The only thing getting burned, Bartholomew Edward Hogvanhog, is you!
Ned.png Well, Eliza got the key to wake Amethost... Let's hope the college was right when they said my dad was crazy and didn't let him graduate.
Eliza the Masculine.png Perhaps I underestimated you, young Hogvanhog. Swimming out to Amethost's tail to pursue me took courage.
Ned.png Amethost's tail? What are you talking about...? W-w-we're st-st-standing on it?! Forget the thesis, Eliza -- just let us get out of here!
Eliza the Masculine.png You've disproved your father's theory about pulling the dragon's tail to wake it. You tripped all over it in battle and it never moved. Hmm...
Ned.png I'm glad for that! Catching a tiger by the tail would be bad enough, but a dragon the size of an island... that's my worst nightmare!
Ned.png Olaf? What are you doing here on Crysto? I thought you'd left the Vikings to start your perfume business.
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm in the middle of making a delivery to my best customer. Stand aside!
Olaf the Pungent.png You've wasted enough of my time -- if I don't get this to Eliza soon, then I'll have to give it to her for free... and she also might punch me.
Ned.png Eliza?! Could Olaf be delivering something to help her wake the dragon? We've got to stop him!
Ned.png Ha-choo! Ha-chooo! What's that horrible smell, Eliza?!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's a new scent from Olaf's smelling salts line called "Rancid Resurrection." It should be smelly enough to wake the dragon, don't you think?
Eliza the Masculine.png How dare you drink all my smelling salt, Hogvanhog! You'll pay for this... Olaf's listing price, plus the cost of delivery!
Ned.png Hack! Hack! Hack! If I die... please tell Arya I said... I like... her... hair.
Eliza the Masculine.png Mmm, this Twin Arbors sap smells delicious!
Ned.png Where are you going with that sap, Eliza? You aren't planning to feed it to the dragon, right? I won't let you -- it's Arya's favorite!
Eliza the Masculine.png Humph! You may have gotten my jar, but I've got plenty more stashed up ahead!
Eliza the Masculine.png About my stash of sap... I lied, but I bet the dragon would enjoy eating you instead! Now get in its mouth!
Ned.png Ugh! How could I have been such a sap?! We'd better win this battle so I don't end up dragon dinner.
Ned.png Aha! I was too big to fit in the dragon's mouth. I'm glad all my practice balling up into the fetal position came in handy.
Eliza the Masculine.png Grrr! I've tried every theory in your dad's endless and boring thesis, and not one of them has worked!
Ned.png Thank goodness! He really IS crazy! Now hand over that thesis!
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait! There's half a page here: "After much trial and error, this trainer learned how to wake Amethost..." Where's the other half of the page?!
Ned.png Oh right! I forgot; they told my dad he wouldn't graduate because of the thesis, so he ate part of it in protest. I guess all this battling was for nothing...

Sixth Island (Gloamis)

Arya.png No time for breeding right now! We need to go to battle!
Arya.png Ew! Let me GO, Brant! Your hands smell like CHEESE!
Brant.png That's "Big Bad Brant" to you! Call me by my proper Viking name now that you're my PRISONER!
Ned.png No one's going to call you by that RIDICULOUS name! Now free the fair damsel, or... or we'll make you!
Arya.png This kidnapping has been really fun and all, but it's time for me to head back to the Academy. I'm sleepy, and after helping end the Viking invasion, I've DEFINITELY earned a nap.
Brant.png A NAP! Naps are for BABIES, and I DON'T kidnap them! You'll stay my prisoner till I find that thing Gunhilda wants. Now stay back Ned, or I'll tell Arya you like-like her!
Ned.png Gunhilda? That name makes my knees tremble in terror, but I can't remember why. Come on; let's catch up to him and make him spill HIS secrets instead of mine!
Arya.png Tell the truth, Brant. Is Gunhilda your imaginary Viking friend?
Gunhilda.png I think you'll find I'm all TOO real when I CRUSH you in battle!
Gunhilda.png You've won THIS battle, but the Viking conquest has only just begun... AGAIN! And you won't humiliate me like you did my son; all of Dragolandia will bow before the might of my battle axe!
Brant.png YEAH! Once we have the Lunar Rock, you'll wish you'd NEVER defeated the Dunkelviking. ... Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell that part, was I?
Arya.png Good thing Brant can't keep a secret; I was getting REALLY sick of pretending to be kidnapped to learn his plan.
Ned.png PRETENDING?! What about my brave rescue mission, Arya?! Fine, I'm leaving; I can tell when I'm NOT needed!
Arya.png Ned, WAIT! *sigh* I'll have to make it up to him later. We need to stop Brant from finding that Lunar Rock; such a powerful magical item could do A LOT of damage!
Arya.png It wasn't enough that the Dunkelviking's mom decided to invade Dragolandia; she HAD to bring along all her cronies to slow us down. Guess we'll do what we do best and battle our way through!
Arya.png Watching the Vikings fall all over themselves to flee was ALMOST enough to cheer me up. Catching Brant and giving him a LONG time-out should do the trick!
Arya.png Gloamis has been abandoned since the Lunar Rock crashed down and radiated shadows that covered the island in darkness. The Vikings haven't taken the hint to leave, but maybe we'll convince them with THIS battle!
Arya.png I've heard rumors the island isn't completely abandoned, that some "Shade Folk" live in secret tunnels and caves. If they're real though, why haven't they shown up to help us fight back?
Arya.png Do you hear that strange sound...? Like whispers echoing out of the cave underneath that stump! If the Shade Folk are down there, then we've GOT to battle to protect them!
Arya.png Listen to that crowd of people cheering and clapping! The Shade Folk must be happy we chased off the Vikings.
Arya.png What do you think you're DOING throwing those poor frogs into that hollow stump, Brant?!
Brant.png Trying to make a deal with the Shade Folk for a piece of the Lunar Rock, but I guess they don't like pet frogs. Maybe they'd like a pet Arya INSTEAD!
Arya.png Too bad Brant ran away before we could see if the Shade Folk wanted HIM... Pet frogs are probably less messy and noisy though.
Arya.png The Vikings have been digging holes all over this marsh looking for fragments of the Lunar Rock. Let's end their search with a battle!
Arya.png Yuck! We should have made the Vikings fill in these muddy holes before they ran off! Now I need to find my shoe as WELL as the Lunar Rock.
Arya.png I hope Ned's all right! I should really find him and apologize for pretending to be kidnapped... After we deal with these Vikings!
Arya.png I find this island a little spooky, so I can only imagine how Ned is feeling! He'd HATE for me to tell you this... but he still sleeps with a night-light because he's afraid of the dark.
Arya.png Why are those Vikings rolling giant boulders around? Maybe a battle will convince them to share their secret!
Arya.png They say Gunhilda told them to leave no stone unturned in their search for the Lunar Rock... I had no idea Vikings took everything SO literally!
Arya.png There're SO many different kinds of mushrooms growing in this swamp. Looks like the Vikings have been helping themselves to the fungus banquet; let's stop them coming back for seconds!
Arya.png Do you think any of these mushrooms are poisonous...? I guess my culinary curiosity will have to be sated AFTER we've saved Dragolandia.
Arya.png Brant's just up ahead, but these Vikings are blocking the only path across the river. Ready to battle your way through?!
Arya.png Those Vikings were NOT happy to be going for a swim. Maybe next time they'll wait an hour after eating before they try and challenge US!
Brant.png Luminous lunar LANDING! Luminous lunar LANDING! Stay back; I need total focus to cast the spell that will lead me to the Lunar Rock!
Arya.png If it's total focus you want, then I know exactly what you'll get... That's right, a BATTLE!
Brant.png That battle RUINED my spell! ... I don't think it was working anyway, though; I've been out here chanting for hours and all I got was tongue-tied.
Arya.png *yawn* Darn those Vikings for ruining my nap; this whole island is making me sleepy. Let's see if a battle will wake me up!
Arya.png Nothing like a battle to shake off the sleepies! Now I'm RARING to go; let's get some Vikings!
Arya.png Did you see something move in the water? I've always wondered if there were dragons unique to Gloamis; I'll have to come study the question with Hogwin after we've gotten rid of these Vikings!
Arya.png I've tried to get Hogwin to bring me on a research trip here before, but he always makes excuses. You don't think HE could be scared of Gloamis too, do you?
Arya.png When the Lunar Rock crashed down on the island, it caused a massive earthquake that destroyed all the buildings. We'd better stop these Vikings searching through the rubble for it!
Arya.png That ought to teach those Vikings it's not safe to hang around in ruins, ESPECIALLY when we're around!
Arya.png Ugh! This swamp is crawling with BUGS, but I can barely see them through the shadows. Luckily the Vikings should be easier to swat!
Arya.png We've got the Vikings on the run, but if there's one thing I've learned it's that they're the only type of pest that CAN'T be squashed. After them!
Arya.png Look at these ancient tombstones... Could this be the burial ground of the Shade Folk? We'd better teach the Vikings it's a grave offense to go digging around here!
Arya.png Someone's been leaving fresh flowers on these tombstones. I'm glad we were able to get rid of those Vikings so the Shade Folk could come and pay their respects.
Arya.png All right Brant, I'll bite. Why are you dancing around in front of this strange totem?
Brant.png I am NOT "dancing"! I'm performing the sacred celestial rites to earn a piece of the Lunar Rock. Good thing you showed up because THIS totem demands a sacrifice!
Arya.png Where are you going? Don't you want to find out what happens when we offer YOU to the totem? No...? All right, no human sacrifices today I guess.
Arya.png I can see Illumina shining just across the water. *sigh* Why couldn't Brant be searching for something over there; it'd be a GREAT excuse to do some sightseeing. Maybe Hogwin will let me visit after we stop this invasion!
Arya.png On second thought, I'm glad Brant is nowhere NEAR Illumina. He'd just find some way to ruin it TOO!
Arya.png Gloamis may be a wasteland, but artifacts like this ancient stone wheel are part of our cultural history. We've GOT to stop the Vikings from destroying them in their hunt for the Lunar Rock!
Arya.png I'll take this wheel as a sign that our efforts to capture Brant are finally on a roll... Get it?!
Arya.png The mist is SO thick I can barely see my feet! We'd better proceed with caution in case Vikings are lying in wait for us. AHHH!
Arya.png Good thing those Vikings are better at surprise attacks than they are at battling, or we'd have been in trouble!
Arya.png There's probably a REALLY good reason this place is called "Forbidden Pass," but if the Vikings are going to ignore it, then I guess we'll have to as well. Let's get them!
Arya.png I'd forbid these Vikings from causing any MORE trouble, but they'd probably just ignore that too!
Arya.png The Vikings added beards and battle axes to all the stick figures in these wall paintings. Let's show them they can't get away with vandalizing art!
Arya.png Wait a second -- is that a painting of you and I battling Vikings?! We'd better not touch it; the paint's still wet...
Brant.png You're TOO late, Arya! I've got a piece of the Lunar Rock, and youuu CAN'T have it!
Arya.png If you REALLY have it, then I'm SURE you can show it to us. That is... if you didn't make the whole thing up!
Brant.png I do SO have it! Or I will... right after I get it from the bottom of this pond.
Arya.png The only ones going for a swim will be us, and it'll be a victory lap for having beaten you in THIS battle!
Brant.png HA HA HAAAH! I got you! I got you SOOO good! One of the Vikings is already on his way to deliver the Lunar Rock to Gunhilda on Illumina.
Brant.png Ahhh! *splash* Oh, it's COLD! Arya, how could you throw a little kid like me into a pond?! What if I didn't know how to swim?!
Arya.png We would have saved you, but I was pretty sure you could swim. After all, you've already made SUCH a big splash with the Vikings!
Arya.png Come on; we'd better hurry over to Illumina! I have a bad feeling Gunhilda is after the Solar Rock too...

Side Quest Story

Ned.png I can't believe Arya was pretending to be kidnapped; I must have looked like SUCH a fool running to her rescue! I wish for ONCE she'd take me seriously!
Dunkelviking.png She'd probably take you more seriously if you didn't wander off muttering to yourself, but it's left you wonderfully open to THIS sneak attack!
Ned.png What's the Dunkelviking doing here? I thought we'd driven him from Dragolandia for good! Come on; we'd better see what he's up to!
Ned.png We've got you cornered; now tell us all the details of your NEW evil plan! ... Wait, are you crying?!
Dunkelviking.png Only tears of laughter at you falling into ANOTHER of my traps!
Dunkelviking.png How could I lose AGAIN! I'll NEVER make mother proud; I don't know why I even try!
Ned.png Aw! Don't give up; I'm SURE you'll find a way to make her happy!
Dunkelviking.png You're right; I can't give up at the first sign of failure. Mother always said, "If at first you don't succeed, lay siege to your enemies till they concede."
Ned.png I was trying to be encouraging, but maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut. *sigh* We'd better follow him and make sure he doesn't stir up trouble for Arya... Not that she'll notice!
Ned.png If you drop something in the waters of this lagoon, it'll be coated in shadows that NEVER come off. Would Arya like me better as a shadow man? I've heard her say tall, dark and handsome is her type.
Dunkelviking.png One out of three isn't bad; let's see what she thinks after I PUSH you in!
Ned.png On second thought, tall, dark and handsome has to get old after a while. Then I'll make my move!
Ned.png I've heard the Shade Folk built Lunarhenge to tell time by the patterns of shadows creeping across the stones. I wish I could tell time via shadows!
Dunkelviking.png I'll tell you what time it is: BATTLE O' CLOCK!
Ned.png We finished that battle in the nick of time! ... Wait a second; the Dunkelviking's stolen my coin purse -- after him!
Dunkelviking.png Surrender now or your coin purse will be swimming with the frogs!
Ned.png We HAVE to save that purse! I couldn't care less about the coins, but it contains my ONLY portrait of Arya. Get him!
Dunkelviking.png You fought fiercely enough for that portrait of Arya, but I bet you'll be only TOO willing to surrender when I kidnap the REAL thing!
Ned.png I never thought I'd say this after the way Arya humiliated me, but we've GOT to protect her! Come on; let's go find her!
Ned.png Stand back, fair lady. We're here to rescue you!
Arya.png There you are, Ned. I wondered where you'd run off to. What is it you're trying to rescue me from?
Dunkelviking.png ME! You dragon trainers NEVER learn, always rushing to each other's aid with no thought for the consequences. Mother will be pleased when I capture you ALL!
Dunkelviking.png I QUIT! I'm SICK of always putting mother's happiness before my own. It's high time I followed my dream of becoming a bard. I'll rock the citizens of Dragolandia until they beg for mercy AND an encore!
Arya.png You're a true friend, Ned -- you came to my rescue EVEN after I lied about being kidnapped. I hope you're not TOO mad about that.
Ned.png Me mad? Of course NOT! How could I ever stay mad at such a fair lady?!
Arya.png I'm still feeling grateful, Ned, so I'll let that slide, but if you call me a "fair lady" ONE more time, I'll drape you in fruit and tell my dragons it's dinnertime!

Seventh Island (Illumina)

Arya.png Hand over that Lunar Rock, Gunhilda! I've got a firm policy AGAINST letting Vikings play with powerful weapons!
Gunhilda.png So little Brant has failed me too? Ah well, I'll cheer myself up by taking over the Tower of Light, right after I'm done playing with YOU!
Arya.png I was right: She IS after the Solar Rock! Come on; we've GOT to stop her from entering the holy city of Illumina!
Arya.png Now that we've made Sunrise Port Viking-free, anyone wanting to flee in terror can conveniently charter a boat. *sigh* I wish WE had that luxury, but if we don't stop the invasion, who will?
Arya.png The Solar Rock radiates a heavenly light many Dragolandians believe to be a blessing from the gods. I'd consider it a blessing if the Vikings felt the same so we could enjoy Illumina together, but I guess we'll enjoy a battle instead!
Arya.png If Gunhilda gains control of the Solar Rock, its followers will be hers to command -- and we'd NEVER stand a chance against such a fanatical army. Come on; let's stop her from reaching the Tower of Light!
Arya.png Listen to that beautiful organ music coming from the cathedral... but somehow I don't think those Viking battle cries are part of the hymn. We'd better investigate!
Arya.png Well done! If these Vikings are SO eager for something to worship, then we'll keep making them worship at the altar of defeat!
Arya.png Why are these tourists fleeing the museum...? Oh dear, looks like the Vikings have invaded the gift shop. Let's go show them there are no FREE souvenirs!
Arya.png Huh. They ignored the display of gemstones and took the Light Dragon dolls instead. They probably want them for their Viking kids back home, right...?
Arya.png The postmaster looks REALLY upset. I guess he never expected his shop to be invaded by Vikings. We'd better make sure they're not tampering with the mail!
Arya.png I'm not sure what's funnier -- that they made sticker books of the stamps, or that they opened the mail to read it and then got bored when it didn't have any pretty pictures.
Gunhilda.png You AGAIN?! Your immature rebellion reminds me of the phase Dunky had as a young Viking when he shaved off his beard and claimed to be a bard. A few good battles soon cured him of that silly notion; let's see if the same discipline works for YOU!
Arya.png You'll NEVER cure us of our rebellious nature with a battle -- we LOVE to battle! Now hand over that Lunar Rock, or we'll go for round three!
Gunhilda.png Round three will have to wait; I've got a little party to ruin!
Arya.png A party...? She must be talking about the Festival of Lights! It's Illumina's yearly celebration where worshippers of the Solar Rock make a pilgrimage to the Tower of Light to pray. This is NOT good!
Arya.png Mmm! The smell of this roasting meat is making me SO hungry! Let's stop and treat ourselves to a little snack... right after we deal with these Vikings!
Arya.png What do you mean "the Vikings ALREADY ate ALL the meat"?! Now they've ruined my nap AND my snack... This will NOT stand! After them!
Arya.png Look at those Vikings ignoring the big "Do Not Swim!" sign to steal the gold coins at the bottom of the reflecting pool. We CAN'T let them get away with stealing other people's wishes... not EVEN if they wish it!
Arya.png Now that we've rescued the coins, it's MY turn to make a wish. If I tell you my wish is that the Vikings start taking baths ON PURPOSE, do I risk it not coming true?
Arya.png The Vikings have thrown all the festival garments out into the mud of the street. Come on; let's show them it isn't fashionable to ruin someone else's party!
Arya.png I'll NEVER be able to burn the image from my brain of that Viking wearing a skirt around his neck! C'mon; let's get out of here!
Arya.png The Luminous deliver their yearly address to crowds gathered in this square to celebrate the Festival of Lights. No one will be able to hear them, though, UNLESS we get rid of these noisy Vikings!
Arya.png Listen to the cheering of that crowd! If they're happy with us now, just imagine how loudly they'll cheer when we rescue the Festival of Lights!
Arya.png Illumina is known for the tapestries and paintings made here in the Artist Hall. The Vikings must want to try their hand at arts and crafts, so let's remind them WHY they should focus more on training than needlework!
Arya.png Huh. I guess I don't have much of an appreciation for art; this tapestry of Gunhilda sitting on a throne does nothing for me. Maybe Hogwin will enjoy it!
Arya.png How fitting we found you at a monument to the Tyrant's defeat; maybe we'll build a statue for YOU here after this battle!
Gunhilda.png I'd prefer a statue showing the look on your faces when my NEW dragon arrives on the battlefield. Now say "FEAR"!
Arya.png Looks like your plans for that victory statue just crumbled into rubble!
Gunhilda.png No matter; the Tower of Light will make a MUCH better location for a statue. Then ALL of Dragolandia can worship at the feet of my glowing likeness, and if any DARE displease me, the shadows of my wrath will creep across the land!
Arya.png It's even WORSE than I thought! Gunhilda plans to use the Lunar Rock to eclipse the Solar Rock, then all of Illumina would fall into darkness. After her!
Arya.png The Vikings are trying to slow our chase by destroying the river path; let's slow THEM down with a battle!
Arya.png Just in time. I see Gunhilda up ahead running through the Festival Square. Let's get her!
Arya.png The dancers have been practicing for the Festival of Lights for weeks, and now their feet are being stomped all over by clumsy Vikings. Let's show them they've stepped right out of line THIS time!
Arya.png Amazing how much MORE graceful the Vikings are running away than dancing!
Arya.png The Luminous use this printing press to produce all the informational pamphlets given to tourists visiting the Solar Rock. Somehow I don't think the Vikings are in there lending a hand. Let's get them!
Arya.png The Vikings HAVE been printing something. "Gunhilda's Guide to Conquering Friends and Enemies -- Keep a sharp beard AND battle axe, because you never know when you'll meet someone you want to frighten or impress." This won't be making the bestseller list!
Arya.png The MOST important part of the festival is the pilgrimage up to the Tower of Light. Let's clear out these Vikings so everyone can pass through here safely!
Arya.png I NEVER imagined my first pilgrimage to the Tower of Light would be in pursuit of an angry Viking mother. We'd better catch her, or this'll be my LAST pilgrimage!
Arya.png I've heard SO much about the garden of the Luminous, but it's even MORE beautiful than I'd imagined. It'd be absolutely perfect, if not for the Vikings pulling up flowers. Let's get them!
Arya.png I hope these Vikings have learned by now that we'll NEVER stop being a thorn in their side!
Arya.png You can't fool us by hiding in those dark catacombs, Gunhilda. I can see shadows from the Lunar Rock creeping across the ground. Now hand it over!
Gunhilda.png Over my dead body! Or wait... Make that YOURS!
Arya.png There she goes AGAIN! She sure can run for a lady her age. Luckily, I'm not in such bad shape myself after all these battles. Let's go!
Arya.png The Luminous grow their year-round supply of food in these hothouses, but if we don't stop the Vikings from gobbling everything up, there won't be enough left for winter! Get them!
Arya.png The Vikings ate all the fruit, but they didn't touch the vegetables. How did they get SO big and strong without eating them?
Arya.png *ugh* The Luminous will probably have to drain all the water from these baths to get rid of the smell from the Vikings bathing in them. Oh well -- we can at least help by getting rid of the source!
Arya.png Now these Vikings are REALLY all washed up! Hah!
Arya.png The Vikings have invaded the school and are interrupting ALL the students' classes. We'd better teach them a lesson!
Arya.png The teachers were grateful for our help, but the students looked disappointed. I guess a Viking invasion is a bit more exciting than a lecture.
Arya.png The Luminous are fleeing their barracks. Let's go see what trouble the Vikings are causing NOW!
Arya.png For all their training, you'd think the Vikings would know better than to jump on beds. Good thing they were so preoccupied with their pillow fight -- they never saw that battle coming!
Arya.png We're almost there! I can see Gunhilda at the top of the hill starting to climb the Tower of Light. CHARGE!
Arya.png We did it! I'd love to take a little rest here, but there's NO time. After her!
Gunhilda.png Stop right THERE, or I'll throw the Lunar Rock into the Tower of Light and plunge this WHOLE island into darkness!
Arya.png You're bluffing -- if you do that then you lose control of the Solar Rock and all its followers!
Gunhilda.png Whether or NOT I'm bluffing, what choice do you have other than to do EXACTLY as I say?!
Arya.png We're not the giving-up type, so I guess the only choice you've left us is to gamble everything on THIS BATTLE!
Gunhilda.png NO! How could I LOSE?! I've FAILED Dunky by not leading by example!
Arya.png FINALLY! The Viking invasion is OVER and Dragolandia is saved, just in time for my nap!
Rathorn.png I wouldn't advise it unless you plan on sleeping through the Tyrant's invasion! I'll take my revenge against Dr. Hogwin, and then ALL Dragolandia will be ours ONCE MORE!

Side Quest Story

Ned.png What are YOU doing here, Eliza? You... haven't coincidentally come here for the Festival of Lights, have you?
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I thought I'd take in the sights now that my conquest dreams are all over. Any recommendations for places I should visit?
Ned.png There's the Tower of Light of course, and I've heard that a lot of people enjoy the Festival Square... Wait a minute -- I'm just making you a list of places you'll help your mother invade, aren't I?
Eliza the Masculine.png Ah, Nedders, you get smarter every time I see you -- which isn't saying much. Let's make the first stop on my invasion YOUR last stand!
Eliza the Masculine.png *grrr* I guess the first stop on my invasion will have to be this pretty little church instead!
Ned.png Not the church! Come on; we've got to protect those poor people from Eliza!
Ned.png Stop right there, Eliza! We can't let you enter that church!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh really? Then I suppose my dragons will have to change your mind. ATTACK!
Eliza the Masculine.png What could you POSSIBLY have against letting me light a candle and say a prayer for my mother's victory?!
Ned.png Wait... what? We thought you wanted to take the churchgoers hostage.
Eliza the Masculine.png ME?! Take hostages on the holy island of Illumina? I would NEV-- ... Actually, that's a really good plan. I'll definitely try that one next time!
Ned.png The radiance of this island is making me see EVEN the Vikings in a better light. I don't think anything could ruin my good mood!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Let's see how you feel about that after a humiliating defeat!
Ned.png Nope, seeing your grimace of defeat is doing nothing to wreck my mood, Melvin.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why couldn't you let me make Mother happy and LOSE?! I'm going to tell her ALL about how you picked on me!
Ned.png That's right, Melvin -- run and tell mommy! ... Wait, if we let him catch up to Gunhilda, then our enemy will be EVEN stronger. Come on; after him!
Ned.png All right, Melvin. That's enough! Time to surrender and leave the island quietly.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Quietly? I never do ANYTHING quietly! Let me show you what happens to anyone who DARES to get between me and Mother!
Melvin the Malevolent.png WAHHH! How could I LOSE? Mother will put me in time-out again for sure!
Ned.png There, there. I'm sure she'll let you out once you finally grow up! Thankfully for us, that should take a while.
Ned.png Heinrich?! Don't tell me YOU'RE here to help Gunhilda's invasion?! I thought you gave all that up when you became a monk.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I can no longer fight for something as petty as conquest, but I CAN still fight for something as noble as love, and my heart has been ensnared by the beauteous Gunhilda. Now let me show you my NEW battle technique. Ommm...
Heinrich the Hideous.png My motivations were pure, but I STILL lost! I guess my efforts would be better suited preparing this empowerment charm for my lady love.
Ned.png EmPOWERment charm?! Anything that makes Gunhilda more powerful is bad news for us. After him!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Have you come to help me with my charm? How kind!
Ned.png If by "help" you mean ruin, then yes! Let's battle!
Heinrich the Hideous.png The energy from that battle was EXACTLY what I needed to power up my empowerment charm. Thanks for your help!
Ned.png What have we DONE?! How much stronger did the charm make Gunhilda?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Stronger? No, no -- an empowerment charm doesn't strengthen the body, it empowers the spirit! Now my sweetheart's confidence will NEVER falter in battle.
Ned.png Huh. I don't see her confidence wavering with or without your empowerment charm, so I guess... no harm done there.
Ned.png *sigh* All right, Brant, what do you want THIS time?!
Brant.png To capture you and earn my rightful place as Gunhilda's newest Viking son, of course! This battle oughta settle it!
Ned.png So, have you changed your mind YET about becoming a Viking?
Brant.png I'll ALWAYS be a Viking at heart, whether or not Gunhilda's clan will have me. In fact, I'll just start my OWN Viking gang. So what do you think, Ned -- want to join? There's plenty of Dragolandia left to conquer!
Ned.png Sure, why not. How about you start by conquering your parent's house, by which I mean -- GO HOME!
Ned.png Dunkelviking! How has your new career as a bard been going?
Dunkelviking.png That name is DEAD to me! Call me "The Battling Bard"! My dream of merging dragon training with music will be realized with THIS battle!
Dunkelviking.png A truly epic defeat -- I will immortalize it in verse! Then, axe in hand, I'll travel the land one battle and one ballad at a time!
Ned.png *sniff* I've never seen him SO happy! It almost makes this whole invasion worthwhile... almost.
Ned.png Thank goodness we're FINALLY done dealing with Gunhilda's goons. I haven't forgotten anyone, have I...?
Olaf the Pungent.png Hands off MY treasure, dragon trainers!
Ned.png How could I have forgotten Olaf, or more specifically, Olaf's stench? Wait... *sniff* Olaf, you actually smell kind of... nice!
Olaf the Pungent.png A minor setback with my current fragrance! As soon as I add some of the sea slugs and slime I found on this treasure chest into the mix, I should be back to my malodorous self! I'll save you a sample.
Ned.png Nah, don't bother. Somehow I don't think Arya is the sea-slug-and-slime type.

Eighth Island (Glacios)

Rathorn.png Dragolandia will always be the home of the Tyrants, and now we've come to reclaim it. First, I'll just need to eliminate my nemesis: Hogwin!
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn?! I knew I hadn't seen the last of you when I drove you into exile decades ago, but I didn't think you'd be back looking for a battle SO soon. Fortunately for you, I'm happy to oblige!
Rathorn.png This is just the beginning! Nothing you or your dragons can do will stop me once I reclaim my power with... this fragment of the Solar Rock!!!
Professor Hogwin.png The Solar Rock?! Come on; we've got to recover it from Rathorn, or all of Dragolandia could fall to the Tyrants!
Professor Hogwin.png This is Glacios; a mountain of ice and snow that's been abandoned ever since the Tyrants were forced into exile. Let's keep it that way!
Professor Hogwin.png I've kept watch for the Tyrants ever since they fled Dragolandia, but it never occurred to me that they'd try to re-invade by way of Glacios. What power could they still hold here? We'd better find out!
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants invaded Dragolandia long before I was born. They ruled with an iron fist until I discovered that the wild dragons could be tamed and used as allies to fight back against them. Just like now!
Professor Hogwin.png The Vikings were a terrible threat to us, but the Tyrants are even worse. Their leader, Rathorn, is a brilliant inventor who applies his genius to the creation of war machines. Much of his work is left in the ruins of Industria.
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn, stop right there!
Rathorn.png But how can I stop when I'm only just getting started?!
Professor Hogwin.png I think it's about time you told us your plan; we're going to thwart it anyway.
Rathorn.png I wouldn't dream of spoiling the surprise... but let's just say you'll soon be reuniting with an old friend.
Professor Hogwin.png Any friend of Rathorn's is an enemy of mine. We'd better get to the bottom of this surprise before it takes US by surprise!
Professor Hogwin.png Glacios was once covered in trees, but the Tyrants chopped them all down to use as fuel for the furnaces of their war machines. Let's cut THESE Tyrants down to size so they can't do the same to the rest of this forest.
Professor Hogwin.png I never would have guessed that the trees were beginning to grow here again... Maybe we can bring back the forest if only we can keep the Tyrants from interfering.
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants used this island as a base of operations for building some of their most complex machines; the icy conditions kept their circuits from overheating. A nice battle ought to heat things up for them, though!
Professor Hogwin.png Rumor has it that Rathorn built a secret laboratory on this island's peak. Could he be planning to use the Solar Rock to power some sinister machine hidden there? We'd better find out!
Professor Hogwin.png Look at the size of this boulder! It must have tumbled down from the mountaintop during the great battle fought here decades ago... But enough about that. We've got our own battle to deal with right now!
Professor Hogwin.png The last time I set foot on Glacios was during my battle with Rathorn here decades ago. I find it more than a little ominous that he's chosen this island as the site of our next great struggle...
Professor Hogwin.png Our dragons are happily frolicking in the snow. Perhaps it was wrong of me to keep them from this island all these years; they might have helped defend it from enemies like these!
Professor Hogwin.png No time to live with regret. We're all here now, and we'll have to work together to defend this island from Rathorn and his cronies.
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn's men are looting that old warship for supplies. I think it's about time we play pirates ourselves and claim it!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh dear! Some of Rathorn's men are getting away. Come on; we can't let them deliver those important supplies into the hands of their ruthless leader.
Professor Hogwin.png Hand over those ship supplies! You're no match for our dragons, no matter how much time you've had for training in exile.
Rathorn.png Allow me to surprise you with a battle to the bitter end!
Rathorn.png Grrr! Fine, the ship supplies are all yours, but I still have plans for the Solar Rock. You'll find out what I mean soon enough. Ha hah HAH!
Professor Hogwin.png His evil laugh stinks almost as much as our treasure; these ship supplies are just cans and cans of smelly sardines! Too bad dragons only eat fruit.
Professor Hogwin.png These naturally occurring icicles are really quite stunning... All the more reason to stop these Tyrants from smashing them up for fun!
Professor Hogwin.png These icicles are so lovely I just want to reach out and touch them. *crack* ... Oh dear. Very lovely, and very brittle. Let's be on our way, shall we?
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants are throwing snowballs at those poor snoozing penguins! Let's go tell them to pick on someone their own size by challenging them to a battle.
Professor Hogwin.png I think the penguins are pleased we drove those Tyrants away... but it's hard to tell since they've just gone back to snoozing in the sun.
Professor Hogwin.png Brrr. The wind whipping up from the ocean is quite brisk! Those coats the Tyrants are wearing look nice and warm... Let's go borrow them with a battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Mmm. These coats are nice and toasty, and I doubt those Tyrants will be hanging around Glacios much longer in nothing but their shirt sleeves.
Professor Hogwin.png Clever of the Tyrants to stage an ambush for us by hiding in this hill's snowbanks, but they won't look so smart when we best them in THIS battle!
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants have abandoned the element of surprise now that we've beaten them; their footprints in the snow should lead us straight to Rathorn.
Professor Hogwin.png What could you hope to accomplish by bringing the Solar Rock to Glacios? There's no one left on this island to bow before your threats.
Rathorn.png I'll only bother answering that question if you can best me in THIS battle!
Rathorn.png With this fragment of the Solar Rock, I'll melt the snows of Glacios to free my Malevolent Machine from its icy tomb. Then we'll take to the skies and claw back Dragolandia for the Tyrants!
Professor Hogwin.png The Malevolent Machine?! No! It can't be! We've got to stop Rathorn before he can power up that monstrosity or we're all done for...
Professor Hogwin.png I never told anyone the details of my battle with Rathorn here decades ago because I didn't want the whereabouts of the Malevolent Machine known. I thought it might fall into the wrong hands... and it WILL unless we stop it.
Professor Hogwin.png I damaged the Malevolent Machine enough in my battle with Rathorn that he was forced to abandon it here on Glacios. Over there, lying submerged in the snow, is one of the parts that fell off it during our fight. I never thought he'd be able to salvage it...
Professor Hogwin.png This gate is one of the island's natural ice formations. We'd better stop those Tyrants from trying to destroy it!
Professor Hogwin.png ... Huh. On closer inspection, this gate appears to be made of metal with just a thin coating of ice over it. Still, we kept the Tyrants from using this metal to repair the Malevolent Machine, so that's for the best.
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants are trying to bar our way. Let's go give them a dragon's cold shoulder to break through their blockade.
Professor Hogwin.png There's nothing more satisfying than watching a bunch of Tyrants flee their posts in fear. ... Unless you count our dragons' very comical imitations of them.
Professor Hogwin.png *huff* *puff* I'd like to take a little break from climbing this hill, but Rathorn's just up ahead. Come on; let's fight our way through to him!
Professor Hogwin.png Did you get the feeling those Tyrants were... kind of happy to lose that battle and get away from here? That can't be a good sign...
Professor Hogwin.png There it is -- Rathorn's mechanical menace frozen into the ice. We must recover that fragment of the Solar Rock so he can't thaw the beast out!
Rathorn.png How about instead we begin the thawing process by heating things up with a battle!
Rathorn.png Never fear; you'll still have a chance to visit my mechanical marvel. First, though, I'll need to climb to the top of the ice cavern surrounding it and use the light of the Solar Rock to drill it out.
Professor Hogwin.png That plan is just mad enough to work. We'd better stop it from happening!
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants weren't SO bad when they first invaded; they united Dragolandia, and some of their inventions were quite useful, but then they got greedy... Just like these fellows here lying in wait to rob us!
Professor Hogwin.png I hadn't planned to fight back against Rathorn until I learned of the Malevolent Machine. Then I knew I had to do something, or the Tyrants would build an army of the beasts and strip our lands of all their resources to keep them running.
Professor Hogwin.png Those Tyrants might cause an avalanche with all their messing around here. Let's show them it's not fun to mess with Mother Nature or a pair of dragon trainers!
Professor Hogwin.png Huh. Perhaps I was wrong about it not being fun to mess with dragon trainers -- that battle was VERY fun!
Professor Hogwin.png A lone evergreen tree. This circle of stones must have protected it from the Tyrants. Let's help protect it from them, too!
Professor Hogwin.png If trees like this can survive at such a high altitude, then maybe there really is hope for Glacios to become habitable again.
Professor Hogwin.png Wow. What a stunning view... or it would be if only these Tyrants weren't blocking it. Let's do something about them, shall we?!
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, much better. I could stay here all day admiring the beauty of our natural surroundings, but first we'd better rescue them from Rathorn.
Professor Hogwin.png Your plan will never work, Rathorn. The Malevolent Machine was too damaged during our battle to be salvageable even IF you manage to thaw it out from the ice. Surrender now!
Rathorn.png My Malevolent Machine's processor may have overheated in battle, but the ice should have cooled it down nicely by now. A few repairs and it will be good as new. The same won't be said for YOU after this battle!
Professor Hogwin.png What's a processor? Drat! I should have paid more attention in technology class at Crysto University instead of spending all my time daydreaming about dragons.
Professor Hogwin.png I thought the Malevolent Machine was irreparably damaged during my battle with Rathorn because my dragons tore out many of its parts and scattered them in the snow. We've got to stop Rathorn from repairing it... after this battle!
Professor Hogwin.png We're already vulnerable after the Viking invasion; if Rathorn is able to rehabilitate the Malevolent Machine, then all of Dragolandia could fall to the Tyrants.
Professor Hogwin.png This icy cavern is so deep I can't see the bottom. Let's throw a rock into it and see if we can hear it when it hits... ... Oh dear.
Professor Hogwin.png How was I to know that the Tyrants were lying in wait for us just inside the lip of that cavern? They didn't seem at all pleased to have rocks thrown at them, did they?
Professor Hogwin.png The Tyrants are camped just up ahead enjoying a hot meal. *grrrumble* It's been hours since I had something to eat. Let's see if they'll share some grub if we ask nicely with a battle.
Professor Hogwin.png *munch* *munch* That victory was delicious, and so is this food!
Professor Hogwin.png These strange flickering lights that appear over Glacios are lovely. I wonder what causes them? Perhaps these Tyrants will know...
Professor Hogwin.png How rude! Those Tyrants could have just told us they didn't know what causes those lights either.
Professor Hogwin.png Even IF you're able to power up the Malevolent Machine, my dragons will just battle it into submission again.
Rathorn.png Not if I battle them into submission first!
Rathorn.png *hmph* Well if you want to stop me, you'll STILL have to catch me first!
Professor Hogwin.png Brrr. The temperature keeps dropping the closer we get to this island's peak. Let's try warming up with a battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Much better. Nothing like a good dragon battle to get the blood pumping.
Professor Hogwin.png My, this hill is getting steep! I propose that the next time someone invades Dragolandia, they pick one of our flatter islands. Let's see how these Tyrants feel about that suggestion.
Professor Hogwin.png Those Tyrants didn't like my suggestion at all... I suppose SOME people just can't take constructive criticism.
Professor Hogwin.png I'm a bit concerned that the first battle I won against Rathorn and the Malevolent Machine may have been, in part, due to luck and not skill. Nothing like this next battle!
Professor Hogwin.png Back then everyone thought I was batty for believing wild dragons could be trained, and Rathorn wasn't expecting my attack. Now he's expecting it AND he's got all my dragon-training methods to use against me!
Professor Hogwin.png How cute! The Tyrants have paused long enough in their conquest to build a snowdragon; I had no idea they were so creatively inclined. Too bad they're more predisposed to battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Which dragon do you think they modeled this snowdragon after? I hate to say it, but it looks a little bit like the Malevolent Machine, only in miniature...
Professor Hogwin.png All right, you've made it this far, but we'll be taking that Solar Rock back before you can thaw out the Malevolent Machine.
Rathorn.png Ha hah HAH! You fool; you've played right into my hands. I never intended to resurrect the Malevolent Machine. I just wanted to lure you to the top of the mountain so you'd be forced to fight my newest invention. It's waiting just up ahead.
Professor Hogwin.png I don't like surprises, but if Rathorn has built some new mechanized horror, than we can't leave this island without doing everything in our power to stop it.
Professor Hogwin.png What could Rathorn have built this time? Let's see if we can get these Tyrants to spill the secret!
Professor Hogwin.png Drat! They ran off without even dropping a hint... Maybe they're even more afraid of it than of us.
Professor Hogwin.png Careful! This stretch of road is quite slippery... Oh dear; it looks like these Tyrants want to try and push us off it.
Professor Hogwin.png Wow. The road was even more slippery than I thought! I didn't expect those Tyrants to slide all the way to the bottom on just one good push.
Professor Hogwin.png Ah! A hailstorm! ... Oh wait; it's just those Tyrants over there throwing balls of ice at us.
Professor Hogwin.png There, that ought to teach them it isn't nice to throw things!
Professor Hogwin.png This blizzard is raging so fiercely I can barely see a foot in front of my face... Wait. Did you see that shadow up ahead moving toward us?
Professor Hogwin.png I think that Tyrant may have just been fleeing through the blizzard from Permafrost Peak... but what was he running from?
Professor Hogwin.png We finally made it to the top of the island. Let's deal with these Tyrants blocking our way so we can find out what Rathorn's created.
Professor Hogwin.png Well done. I can see the Tyrant stronghold just up ahead. Come on!
Rathorn.png Meet my Malevolent Mini; half the size and twice the power! Are you prepared to surrender and cower in fear before my might?
Professor Hogwin.png No, but we are prepared to fight to the finish!
Rathorn.png My Malevolent Mini! NO! How could it lose?!!! This isn't over, Hogwin. Our war has only begun; once my Tyrant cohorts arrive it will be all over for you!
Professor Hogwin.png We'll be waiting, Rathorn. No matter how many of you and your cronies flood our shores, we will always be here to protect Dragolandia!

Side Quest Story

Arya.png Don't just stand there shivering, Ned! We've got to help Hogwin catch that rascal Rathorn.
Eliza the Masculine.png The only thing you two will be catching is a cold shoulder from my dragons in THIS battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's sad how you underestimate me, Nedders. Our fight won't be finished until you and all of Dragolandia kneel before me as your warrior queen! I have a feeling Rathorn will be a powerful ally toward that end.
Arya.png We can't let Eliza team up with Rathorn or we'll have an even MORE powerful enemy on our hands. Hurry up, Nedders... er, I mean Ned.
Ned.png Arya, quit trying to scare me by making those creepy whispering sounds. This place is already spooky enough in the shadow of that old abandoned ship.
Arya.png ... I'm not making any creepy whispering sounds!
Eliza the Masculine.png Sorry, that was just me rehearsing my next battle taunt, but the moment has passed. Let's fight!
Ned.png These trees are enormous; I had no idea anything like them was growing here on Glacios. Dad always said it was just a barren wasteland that not even the dragons liked to visit.
Eliza the Masculine.png Funny, my dragons seem to love it here... Or maybe they just love the opportunity to crush you in battle.
Arya.png You're right, Ned. Hogwin always told me Glacios wasn't worth the trip... but it's not like him to be so disinterested. Could he have been hiding something from us?
Ned.png The only way to find out is by pressing on... but it's pretty slippery here. Maybe you should hold my hand... Okay, or maybe not. There's no need to glare at me like that!
Eliza the Masculine.png I hear the mine up ahead is full of precious stones; I'll bet Rathorn would be glad to have them to power his war machines. That mine will be mine... just as soon as I get rid of you two!
Arya.png We've got Eliza on the run, but we need to stop her from claiming that mine. Come on, Ned; charge!
Ned.png *huff* *puff* Sure, you run on ahead. I'm right behind you... as soon as I catch my breath.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop following me you two. I already told you, this mine will be mine!
Arya.png Not if it's mine... I mean ours, first!
Eliza the Masculine.png Fine, you can have the mine. Warrior queens are too important to be digging in the dirt anyway. I'm sure there's something ELSE I can do to win Rathorn's favor... like helping him defeat Hogwin.
Arya.png *sigh* I'd admire Eliza's unbreakable spirit more if it wasn't always being used against me. We'd better follow her and keep her out of trouble.
Ned.png But I thought we'd at least stop and pan for gold since we went through all that trouble... No? Okay, next time then.
Arya.png Another mine, Eliza? I thought you'd given up on trying to conquer one for Rathorn.
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I see now that I was thinking too small with that plan. I have a feeling he'll be far more impressed if I take you two out of commission by sealing you up in this old abandoned mine shaft!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grrr! Why can't you, for ONCE, just cooperate with my diabolical plans so I can have a turn at winning?!
Ned.png WAIT! Are we taking turns? If so, I would like a turn... at not having you try to take over the world.
Arya.png Give it up, Eliza! There's nowhere left for you to run.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, but there will be... as soon as I battle my way through you two!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* All right, fine. I can see I'm not going to emerge victorious here today. But DON'T think that means I'm gone for good! I just need a little time to brainstorm my next diabolical plan... and have something to eat... and maybe a bath.
Ned.png YEAH! That's right! Go take a bath... because you're all washed up.
Arya.png ... Good one, Ned. Remind me to add battle taunts to your list of dragon-training exercises.

Ninth Island (Champion's Island)

Arya.png I know you've been on the lookout for Tyrants, Professor, but there don't seem to be any here...
Professor Hogwin.png You may be right, but -- like anything that suddenly pops out of the ocean -- this island is worth investigating!
Ned.png With mysterious islands come dragons. Of course. *sigh*
Professor Hogwin.png And very unique dragons, at that! A one-of-a-kind ecosystem and rare dragons... I'll have my studying cut out for me!
Arya.png Say, is it just me, or are the dragons here acting a little strange! Why do they wanna fight us so bad?
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm. Perhaps they're trying to protect the island. Let's try to better understand their behavior, shall we?
Ned.png I don't need to "understand" anything about this dragon's behavior! It wants to fight, and I wanna leave!
Ned.png And now they wanna... nibble at my clothes? Hey, guys, wh-what's going on here? Why're the dragons so into me...?
Ned.png Arya...? D-Dad? I think these dragons are-- YAARGH!!!
Professor Hogwin.png B-by the Divines!!! They've taken Ned!!! Don't worry, son; it'll be okay! All dragons are peace-loving creatures! ... Or so I thought...
Arya.png Hang on, Ned! We'll save you as soon as we beat this dragon... and that dragon... and ALL its friends...! Yikes, Professor, there sure are a LOT of dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png And STILL no sign of Ned. Whew -- Arya, I'm getting a little old for this... We might need some help.
Arya.png These dragons are tough, even for me! But I've got an idea, Professor: I think I know somebody who can help us out...
Arya.png How about YOU, Trainer?
Professor Hogwin.png Great idea, Arya! Trainer, it's clear to me you have some seriously impressive skills. Won't you help us find Ned...
Professor Hogwin.png ...and discover the mysteries of this spectacular island?
Arya.png C'mon, Trainer, help me take on these dragons!
Arya.png Nice one! Hehe, it's great to have another powerful trainer around!
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, I hope Ned is all right... I'm sure the dragons won't harm him; it's just that he's so FRIGHTENED of them...
Arya.png Don't worry, Professor! At the rate we're going, we'll find Ned in no time!
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I should have raised Ned to put more trust in dragons. I did everything I could, but... how will he EVER trust them now?
Professor Hogwin.png What's that? I should have more faith in Ned? Perhaps you're right...
Professor Hogwin.png This one looks tough. But I wonder why the Divine Dragons are sending their followers to fight us! Why not just battle us themselves...? Most interesting...
Professor Hogwin.png Great job, everybody! The going is tough, but if we all band together, I daresay we can make it through. In the meantime, I've got some pondering to do...
Olaf the Pungent.png Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Dragon Girl and the loony professor?
Arya.png Your eyes don't deceive you, and neither does my nose! I'm all for a reunion battle, Olaf, but we've got bigger fish to fry and dragons to fight!
Olaf the Pungent.png You and your friends are still as terrifying as ever, I see. I saved myself a few grey hairs getting involved in perfumery instead of conquest!
Arya.png First things first: You need to practice your perfumery. Second, what are you even doing here?!
Olaf the Pungent.png What are we doing here? It's a funny story, actually, but let's take care of these pesky dragons first.
Arya.png ... Hold on, did you say "we"?
Olaf the Pungent.png There, now that that's out of the way, my brothers should all be around here somewhere...
Professor Hogwin.png This is all becoming one big headache!
Arya.png Every smelly Viking dweeb in one place! Well, we'd love to deal with you, but we really don't have time -- Ned's been flown off by dragons!
Melvin the Malevolent.png No need for insults, Dragon Girl -- we're just here to rescue mother. Now, less chat -- more fight!
Arya.png Rescue? What happened to Gunhilda, besides a serious attitude problem?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Enough of YOUR 'tude! Mother's been... *sniff* Get it together, Melvin... You see, strange dragons took her away to this island -- to the icy summit!
Arya.png If the dragons took Gunhilda to the top of the island, there's a good chance Ned is there, too... Come on; let's climb!
Professor Hogwin.png I never expected to fight on the same side as Vikings... but family trumps rivalry, I suppose!
Arya.png Hey, Dunkelviking! How's your music career going? Write any hits? Wait, never mind; tell me after this battle...
Dunkelviking.png No hits yet, Dragon Girl, but this adventure is BOUND to produce a face-melting rock opera!
Arya.png Get ready, everyone... a horde of Divine Dragons want to say hello! Hey, Eliza, we've been through this before, haven't we? Wanna help us out?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am NOT "helping" you, fool! Our allegiances just HAPPENED to cross... AGAIN...
Arya.png You know, I haven't really had a chance to think on it, but doesn't this place look familiar, Professor? It's like Dragolympus, but-- Whoa! Incoming dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png You're right, Arya, and the dragons are the same as well! Hmm... We saved them, so why are they fighting us? How puzzling...
Arya.png Dunkelviking, I thought your mom ruined your career dreams. Why are you trying so hard to save her? Seems like she's not the best parent...
Dunkelviking.png I don't expect an ex-milkmaid to understand my complicated feelings -- but I DO expect you to help me fight off these incoming dragons!
Arya.png So? What's your answer, "Dunky"? I'm curious! It would be way easier for everyone if we let the dragons play volleyball with her for the rest of eternity.
Dunkelviking.png Well, if mother hadn't stalled my bardic dreams, I never would have realized how strongly I wanted to chase them! Also, I mean, she's my mom...
Arya.png Family is complicated, I guess. But you know what's not complicated? Battling dragons! Woo!
Arya.png Ahh, battling's the best -- I almost forget why I'm doing it in the first place! ... Oh, right, Ned!
Arya.png Poor Ned... If the dragons had taken me instead, I probably would've been having a blast! I don't really understand it, but if he's scared, we gotta help him.
Arya.png Hey, dragons! Kidnap me next time! Heh... just kidding. Maybe.
Arya.png Looks like we're almost at a new part of the island. Do you recognize it, Trainer? Well, I know you recognize these feisty dragons!
Arya.png Great job! Hey, we should go head-to-head one of these days!
Professor Hogwin.png One more obstacle; and it's our old friend, Arya: the Medusa Dragon! Just because it's not a Divine doesn't make it any less fearsome!
Professor Hogwin.png We're a bit closer now... Hold tight, son -- just remember your happy place and breathe into your paper bag!
Arya.png This place looks familiar, too... Ah, I know -- it's like the Island of New Beginnings, just in miniature! And check it out: The dragons are the same, too!
Arya.png What could it all mean...? Agh, thinking makes my brain hurt -- I'll leave the hardcore thoughts to Professor Hogwin.
Arya.png I remember battling a ton of super-powerful dragons here with Ned. He was scared, but he knew so much about each one! Like, THIS dragon was... Uh...
Arya.png OK, so I can't really memorize facts like Ned... but I remember having a lot of fun with him...!
Arya.png Eliza, you remember when we battled on the Island of New Beginnings, right? I hope you battle a little better today!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... Arya, I'm not here for a trip down memory lane -- and I think you'll find I've VASTLY improved!
Arya.png Aww, Eliza, I know Ned and I beat you last time, but we all make mistakes... Except me, when I battle dragons like this!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're getting awfully full of yourself for someone who couldn't rescue her little boyfriend!
Arya.png Huh? Boyfriend? I don't get it!
Professor Hogwin.png That's an awful lot of dragons coming for us! If only I could work out why they seem so intent on battling...
Professor Hogwin.png I might have a theory after a few more battles. Let's keep forging on!
Professor Hogwin.png It's odd. The dragons don't seem aggressive -- just... sporty? It's almost like this is a tournament! Come on now, beasties, let me study you a while longer!
Professor Hogwin.png If we understand these dragons, we don't need to fear them!
Arya.png Olaf, have you gotten over trying to impress your brother, the Dunkelviking? Maybe this next battle will make him love you!
Olaf the Pungent.png I mean, the battle WAS impressive, but ever since Dunky picked up his music career, he's been a lot more... manageable. What's the word? "Nice"?
Dunkelviking.png "Nice"? Did somebody call me "nice"? Olaf, you smelly nut, was that you? Or was I mishearing some approaching dragon's roar...?
Olaf the Pungent.png What? "Nice"? All that lute playing's made you hard of hearing, Dunky. But, hey, did you see how expertly I strategized during that battle? Did you?
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, why don't you go home and let me take on this fight, huh? I know you've got some, uh, perfume-y stuff to do, or something like that...
Olaf the Pungent.png B-but... I CAN fight...!
Olaf the Pungent.png Hey, Trainer, help me take on this super-powerful Bamboo Dragon and I'll give you a free sample of my newest perfume line, OK? Just make sure Dunky's watching...
Olaf the Pungent.png Ha HA! We did it! Take THAT, crippling self-esteem issues! And take THAT, familial expectations!
Dunkelviking.png Er, Olaf, brother... I told you to go home so you could get back to your REAL passion, right? I know you don't like battling like this!
Olaf the Pungent.png Well, I CAN battle, so I WILL battle! Hmph.
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, listen: I like writing songs about adventures; you like making perfume. I don't understand it, but I support it. Just like I support battling these dragons.
Olaf the Pungent.png Does this mean... Dunky, do you love me?!
Dunkelviking.png Of course I love you! You're my brother, you dumb oaf!!!
Arya.png Hmm. Professor, do you think the dragons are trying to get us to work out our emotional baggage by kidnapping our loved ones and battling us?
Professor Hogwin.png It's a good guess, Arya! You're probably not that far off...
Olaf the Pungent.png I DO love making perfume -- well, it's more of a necessity, really -- but... I think I'll stick around and help rescue mother. Do your worst, dragons!
Dunkelviking.png That's awfully... NICE of you, Olaf. (Mighty claws, what a strange word to pronounce!)
Professor Hogwin.png Across this bridge is one of the island's summits. Let's be sure to stop and smell the roses -- and appreciate the view -- before the next battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Yes indeed, nothing more relaxing than that!
Arya.png Don't get TOO into your sightseeing, Professor -- there's a huge gang of dragons headed this way... and it looks like they want to play!
Professor Hogwin.png Well played, dragons, but we've won this round!
Arya.png Wow, we're so high up -- I can see the whole island from here! Heeey, Ned, can you hear me?! Oh, no, but a couple of dragons did.
Arya.png It was worth a shot! I guess we'll have to find Ned the good ol' fashioned dragon-battling way.
Arya.png I remember a lot of these temples from adventuring with Ned. It was so cool fighting the dragons inside! I guess these other dragons will have to do for now...
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps we could all visit the temples once this adventure is over!
Arya.png What's the matter, Eliza? You've been awfully quiet. Dragon got your tongue? Let's pry it off!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm FINE, thank you very much! I just don't like remembering my embarrassing defeat at the hands of you and that weakling, Ned!
Arya.png Hey, he's not weak -- he's just gotta work on his self-esteem!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... I WON'T let these dragons embarrass me here again! Come on, you scaly ninnies -- let's have a rematch!
Arya.png Eliza sure is fired up! It's even MORE fun to see now that we're on the same side!
Eliza the Masculine.png *blush* Stop having fun this instant!
Arya.png I think I see a familiar dragon face up ahead... But first, time to battle these small fry!
Arya.png Okay! Now, Guan Di Dragon, here we come!
Arya.png Hello again, Guan Di Dragon! Remember me? I fought you with my friend Ned, but I've got a few more friends with me this time around!
Arya.png Thanks for the battle, Guan Di Dragon! I'm your biggest fan!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ack! Here again? I thought I'd left the Golden Pyramid in the past -- literally!
Arya.png But aren't you excited to see the Golden Pyramid again, Eliza? We had such a blast battling dragons in the desert!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich, if you're lurking around here like last time, just watch how I battle these dragons and imagine that happening to your FACE!
Arya.png Don't worry, Eliza; I think we're safe!
Arya.png I know our desert adventure was kind of hectic, Eliza, but wasn't it, y'know, fun in the sun? Didn't we totally beat the heat? Now, let's beat this battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's almost like you WANT me to have fun. What's that all about?
Professor Hogwin.png Arya, I see you and your Trainer friend are getting along quite well with our unlikely Viking teammates. You haven't been... influenced, have you?
Arya.png Professor, the only things that "influence" me are DRAGONS and BATTLES!
Arya.png See? My head is clear, Professor!
Arya.png Besides, those Vikings aren't half bad if you give them a chance to do something... good?
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh, we've fought all of these dragons before -- a few more of them is no big deal! C'mon! Let me at 'em!
Eliza the Masculine.png Thanks, dragons! You've made me THAT much stronger! Wahahaha!
Professor Hogwin.png Whew, it sure is hot on this part of the island! Amazing how multiple climates exist side-by-side in the same small land mass... I've GOT to keep studying!
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, every dragon is perfectly suited to each ecosystem. Fascinating!
Dunkelviking.png Urgh... It's so... HOT. No wonder Heinrich seemed to do so well in the desert -- that lack of hair kept him cool. HEY, dragons! Singe off my beard a little, won't you?
Arya.png Dunkelviking! Dragons don't give out trims or haircuts unless you ask REALLY nicely.
Olaf the Pungent.png Eliza, didn't you have a "thing" going on with Heinrich when we all went to the Golden Pyramid?
Melvin the Malevolent.png No, no, Heinrich had a "thing" going on with mother. That's why she sent him back in time to the desert; probably so that dragons like these could scare him straight.
Eliza the Masculine.png ARRGH! I did not have a THING with Heinrich! And neither did mother!
Eliza the Masculine.png Maybe if you spent time TRAINING instead of gossiping, you'd have beaten that meathead Arya and her Trainer friend back when it counted!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I mean, it's just that we thought you'd be married by now, Eliza. Don't you want to make mother proud when we find her?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey! Melvin! Shut up! And help us fight this dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll impress mother with my battle prowess alone, thank you VERY much.
Melvin the Malevolent.png *muttering* I wish I could impress mom with battle prowess alone...
Arya.png Look, Eliza! It's the Golden Pyramid! Aww, I wish somebody had a disposable picture-box so we could pose together! Maybe this dragon knows where to pick one up?
Eliza the Masculine.png Well... Maybe we could get a picture later. I mean... If I feel like it...
Arya.png Remember this dragon, Eliza? Hey, Dile Dragon, you're far from the Dile River! I wonder what could have made it come so far...
Eliza the Masculine.png Something strange is going on here, that's for sure...
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, Arya! You and Eliza fought with some tough customers... But it seems like you had a great time while you did! That's my protégé for you!
Professor Hogwin.png Now if only I could get Ned to follow Arya's example...
Dunkelviking.png So, you DID have fun when you explored the Golden Pyramid, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, it was nothing, Dunky. Dragon battles are way more "fun" for me...
Eliza the Masculine.png Actually, yeah, I did have fun. I had a lot of fun kicking Heinrich's butt... battling with Arya...
Eliza the Masculine.png B-but it was all in the name of duty, of course!
Dunkelviking.png Oh, not you too, Eliza! You KNOW you don't need to impress me. I'm not about that life anymore -- it's all rock ballads and friendly battles. Come, sister; aid me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh -- a heart-pounding battle, brother! Well done!
Arya.png Looks like you're getting along better with your brothers, Eliza! Let's celebrate with a battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey, my brothers are still a bunch of losers, and don't you forget it! Except for Dunky, of course...
Professor Hogwin.png What do you think of all this "togetherness," Trainer? I wonder if this is what the dragons had in mind... Only one way to find out!
Arya.png Another amazing battle! Go on, show off your war cry!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Arya, I might need your help on this one. We're talking a SARCOPHAGUS-full of desert Divines!
Arya.png High five, Eliza! We did it! And we got to see all our old Divine friends again!
Eliza the Masculine.png No high fives! ... Okay, maybe one high five. Or two. That's fine.
Professor Hogwin.png What a battle that was! This one should be a piece of cake in comparison, Trainer.
Professor Hogwin.png Just as I suspected. Great job!
Professor Hogwin.png I think I'm starting to put it together -- the secret of this mysterious island and the behavior of the dragons that have come here...
Professor Hogwin.png Your expert battling skills have helped me study the dragons -- so, thank you!
Professor Hogwin.png The temples all over this island suggest ceremonial significance! Then, of course, there's the presence of the Divine Dragons... and others...
Arya.png Taking notes, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I don't think the dragons would have gathered here without an important reason... Hello dragon, won't you tell me your secrets?
Professor Hogwin.png Alas! I'll have to keep studying Dragonese...
Arya.png You made that up just now, didn't you Professor?
Arya.png Have you got any ideas about what's going on here, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I do! And I'll tell you after this battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Divine Dragons have assembled themselves and their strongest disciples... to test us!
Professor Hogwin.png Something very big is about to happen... I'm just not sure exactly what.
Arya.png Apep Dragon! If you like discord so much, then you won't want to hear how we've been kind of getting along with Vikings!
Professor Hogwin.png Even the Apep Dragon didn't seem to be able to cause infighting within our ragtag group. Interesting...
Arya.png We're nearing the summit of the Island! It's getting icy, but all of this fighting makes the cold feel refreshing! Let's battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I do hope that we find Ned soon... Poor boy isn't great with heights...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I think I hear mother! I'd recognize her battle cry anywhere! And if I find her first, I'm sure she'll read me bedtime stories, just like old times!
Eliza the Masculine.png I see the years haven't made you any less ridiculous, Melvin...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned might not be the best battler, but he's smart. Perhaps he's already figured out this island's mysteries... Trainer, please, help us find him!
Arya.png You've got great stamina, Trainer. Hmm, what's that? I think I hear distant whimpering... Ned?
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait until mother hears about all of our breakthroughs. She'll be so... so...! You know what? Let's not think about it -- we'll just battle this dragon instead.
Olaf the Pungent.png If only she would wear the perfume I made for her -- we would know EXACTLY where she was from miles away! (But nooo, "too sulfurous," she said...)
Arya.png I thought I'd heard the rumble of an avalanche, but it looks like it was the rumble of a pack of dragons! C'mon everyone; less searching and more battling!
Arya.png I never thought I would enjoy fighting alongside Vikings, but... Hey, that was a great show, everyone!
Professor Hogwin.png It does seem like this island has brought out the best in everyone. I hope the same is true with Ned and Gunhilda... It would be nice to put conflicts behind us!
Professor Hogwin.png Fantastic battling, Trainer. It seems like this island has brought out the best in you, as well!
Arya.png Don't worry too much about Ned, Professor. I'm sure when we find him, he'll have already figured out what this island is for -- maybe even without trembling!
Professor Hogwin.png It's true. I'm looking forward to finding Ned and hearing his thoughts! We need to compare notes! Hm, is this what fatherly pride feels like...?
Dunkelviking.png Arya, I don't like to admit it, but you would probably make a good Viking! You're hardy, you're brutal, and you can even make Eliza listen to you!
Arya.png I definitely don't know how to feel about that, so instead, um... Let's battle more dragons!
Eliza the Masculine.png Dunky! Don't tell her stuff like that! Argh! (She WOULD make a decent Viking though...)
Dunkelviking.png These temperature changes aren't good for my vocal chords! And just when I was about to try a yodel to find mother...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'll try a yodel too! YODELAYHEEHOO-- *COUGH COUGH*
Dunkelviking.png Decent effort!
Arya.png Cheers to us -- and cheers to another great dragon battle!
Arya.png Hey, I think I found some thread from Ned's coat... Not that I usually notice what Ned's wearing. Let's follow this trail!
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, the Eikthyrnir Dragon! If it's here, we must be nearing the Great Tree -- and, hopefully, Ned!
Professor Hogwin.png The Great Tree! There it is, in the distance! Oh, Ned would be so excited to see it...
Arya.png Hey, I see them! I see Ned and Gunhilda, riiight past all of these restless dragons! I guess it's time for a daring rescue! Whee!
Arya.png I thought the Vikings would be happy to see their mom... But they all look nervous!
Professor Hogwin.png Families are complicated, Arya...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned, my boy! We're so glad you're okay! Not that we ever worried; Arya and I both believed in you.
Ned.png Y-you didn't even worry a little bit...?
Ned.png Whew! Dad, Arya... It's so great to see you again!
Ned.png Wait until I show you this tablet that Gunhilda and I put together! And um, maybe let the others fight these dragons.
Professor Hogwin.png Did you say you and Gunhilda -- THE Gunhilda -- actually worked together? I'm stunned... and VERY impressed!
Gunhilda.png What took you so long, useless children? I had to mother this other poor whelp in your absence. Stop hugging me so hard, Melvin!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I found mother! I'm the one that saw her first. Someone write that down!
Professor Hogwin.png Ned and Gunhilda assembled a tablet that foretells an ancient prophecy? You'll have to show me after this battle, son. Your mind works in beautiful ways, my boy!
Ned.png The prophecy's written in an ancient language I've been studying, dad. The studying's been a lot like battling dragons! Just with... more books.
Ned.png Listen, everyone. The prophecy reads: "Champion's Island will rise from the ocean when a great cataclysm is set in motion..."
Ned.png "... The Divines and their flock will arrive here to nest, and gather strong Trainers to put to the test." And speaking of test... here come TONS of dragons! Ack!
Professor Hogwin.png Champions Island, you say? The dragons must be gathering the strongest hearts, minds, and bodies in the land. That must be why we found YOU, Trainer!
Arya.png So the dragons ARE testing us! I knew they had a good reason for all their silliness! The only thing is... What exactly are they testing us for?
Ned.png Arya, do you know what "cataclysm" means...?
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I have an idea about this "cataclysm," everyone. I knew it was coming, but I thought we'd have more time...
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Tyrants are returning -- sooner than we'd hoped, and STRONGER than ever!
Gunhilda.png Hmm. If the Tyrants are returning at full power, we Vikings might be in danger, too... Well, useless children, we'd best get prepared! Show me your strength!
Professor Hogwin.png Amazing! A lasting truce between Trainers and Vikings?! I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime!
Gunhilda.png *grumble* Don't hold your breath, Hogwin... The enemy of my enemy is my TEMPORARY ally.
Professor Hogwin.png The dragons are testing our strength, but Ned, I believe they also targeted you for your smarts!
Gunhilda.png And ME for my POWER, obviously! En garde, dragon!
Ned.png Jeez, dad, do you really think so...? I don't know how to feel... Maybe good?
Professor Hogwin.png You SHOULD feel good, my boy -- good and smart! You might not be a Dragon Master, but... you're a researcher, a historian! That's something to be proud of.
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh, enough with the chitchat! Let's keep battling until I'm strong enough to beat Arya ten times over!
Arya.png You're on, Eliza!
Gunhilda.png You've gotten tougher, Eliza, but when are you going to find a good husband?
Eliza the Masculine.png *grumble* Not now, mother...
Arya.png Look! The Great Tree is right in front of us. We're almost at the top of the island... It's been fun, hasn't it? Now c'mon -- one last battle before the end!
Ned.png You know, even though I'm literally shaking in my boots, I almost don't want today to end! ... Haha, who am I kidding -- I WANNA GO HOME!
Arya.png Champion's Island, huh? Once we defeat the Nidhogg Dragon, we'll be champions of this island! What do you say, Trainer? Let's give it our all!
Arya.png We did it, everyone! But if the Tyrants really are returning, we'd better take the dragons' advice and stick around to train some more!
Arya.png If we keep training with these super-powerful dragons, there's nothing we can't do together!

Side Quest Story

Ned.png Arya? D-Dad? Argh! I'm separated from everyone, LOST in a strange place, and surrounded by powerful Divine Dragons! HEEEELLLLP!
Ned.png Pull it together, Ned. I just need to breathe, and shake, and breathe... At least things can't get worse-- Wait. Is that Gunhilda?!
Gunhilda.png Ugh, is that Hogwin's spawn? PLEASE refrain from whining. I thought I'd at least enjoy some peace and dragon-fighting here.
Gunhilda.png Okay, weakling, I guess you helped out a little. Maybe if Hogwin did a better job raising you, he'd have a tough kid who could PROPERLY protect us!
Ned.png What did you say about my dad? Oh, like YOU'RE parent of the year! You're lucky these dragons are coming toward us, otherwise I'd-- Eek!
Gunhilda.png You'd better find some books to hide behind, boy! YOU'RE lucky I'm so mighty!
Ned.png Ugh, I wish we could find Dad and Arya. Maybe one of these dragons will show us where they are! N-nice dragon...
Ned.png Holy moly! These dragons are tough. Like, REALLY tough -- tougher than anything Arya and I have faced! *sigh* Arya...
Gunhilda.png Ahh, this reminds me of raising my kids. I used to tuck them in at night and whisper, "TOUGHEN UP!" Now let's fight!
Ned.png These mythical dragons must have some deeper purpose, and no childhood trauma! If only I could find a library to hide in-- I mean study in!
Gunhilda.png You're gonna need to stiffen that wobbly upper lip unless you want to be stuck here forever, kid! Now, let's deal with these dragons!
Gunhilda.png Hmph. Fortunately, I can think on my feet! You're lucky you got stuck up here with me, bookworm!
Ned.png Oh! ... No. I thought I saw Arya up ahead, but it was just a particularly lovely flower. Gosh, what if she's in trouble? I must fight on!
Gunhilda.png Ugh, you've got pep, but you're going to make me gag with all that lovey dovey-- Oof! What's this? I've tripped on... something?
Ned.png Gunhilda, are you okay? You took quite a spill tripping on this... strange and mysterious stone! Let's investigate after this battle!
Ned.png It looks like you stumbled on a clue -- literally! This stone has a bit of ancient writing on it, but it's broken. I can't make it out...
Ned.png I wonder if there are more clues... up ahead in the even scarier part of this island...
Gunhilda.png Your stone seems to have the dragons even more riled up! Maybe we should throw it away.
Ned.png I can't believe I'm saying this, but no. We should keep the stone if we want to get ourselves out of here in one piece. We've got to... *shudder* ... keep going.
Ned.png Ah! I recognize the writing on the stone! It's an ancient language I've been studying! If only I could remember the ancient word for "ESCAPE"...
Ned.png Look! It's another stone. They must be part of a bigger tablet. I bet if we find all of the parts, we'll know what these dragons want!
Gunhilda.png Tablet-schmablet! It looks like a throwing stone to me! Let me use it to handle these dragons!
Gunhilda.png Hm. The tablet does seem to have their attention. Fine. I'll help you gather tablet pieces. Just in case you might be right...
Ned.png Greetings, dragons! Um. I'm just looking for some stones. No need to even notice me...
Gunhilda.png It must be hard for you to think while shaking so much! You better translate that tablet fast, boy!
Ned.png My research on these dragons tells me that we just need to be very respectf-- Ah! Why are you running at them?! Gunhilda!
Ned.png Gunhilda, I realize how tough you are... but we need to try to work together. These dragons can sense discord. And they don't like it!
Gunhilda.png Dragons respect toughness. That's what I was taught. And that's what I think. Oh! Another piece of your tablet-thingy. Behind that dragon!
Gunhilda.png You're lucky, puny boy. I'm both battle-hardened AND good at spotting bits of treasure!
Ned.png Hm, you're actually being helpful, Gunhilda. AND mean. No wonder your kids are so... um... Look! More dragons!
Gunhilda.png Ha! Finding pieces of tablet under dragons reminds me of a Viking game: Find the pickled herring under grandma. Look! There's another piece up ahead.
Ned.png I still can't figure out what the tablet says. We need more pieces, and I guess that means... *gulp* ... climbing higher. Ladies first!
Gunhilda.png Mountain air is good for the lungs. Now stop whimpering and let's get going!
Ned.png I'm starting to figure it out. This tablet seems to be referencing a prophecy. I'm sure glad I don't believe in curses...
Gunhilda.png Were you hiding behind me for that whole battle, boy? You better work out that tablet puzzle quickly!
Ned.png The Divine Dragons like order, and so do I! Gunhilda and I working together is probably making them stressed. (I know I am...)
Ned.png Where did you find that piece of tablet, Gunhilda? On second thought, I don't want to know.
Gunhilda.png You talk too much! Do more ancient puzzling. I'm going to use my ancient lady wiles on these dragons.
Ned.png I hope I solve this quickly. The closer I get, the tougher these Divines are getting!
Gunhilda.png Maybe this tablet will reveal a prophecy about how to harness the Divine Dragons' power! Make sure you check for the phrase "rule the world," boy.
Ned.png *sigh* Just when I think we might see eye to eye, you get greedy. Let's stay focused!
Ned.png We need to go higher! Uh, Gunhilda, m-maybe you can go ahead and check things out and I'll just keep translating...
Gunhilda.png Hey kid, when you hid behind that tablet, it seemed to have calmed the dragons. I think they like it. Keep going!
Ned.png W-whoa. I never thought I'd be nearing the summit... I bet it's a great view. If I could just open my eyes, I'd see-- DRAGON! ACK!
Gunhilda.png You have an interesting fighting technique, boy. Do you call that the "duck and cringe"?
Gunhilda.png Oho! I see the last piece of the tablet. It's over there behind those super-tough dragons! Hooray!
Ned.png Gunhilda, you did it! You found the last piece! And-- Ow! Why did you push me?!
Gunhilda.png Sometimes it's good to get a push. I pushed all of my children. I think I read that in a book! Now come! Help me with these dragons!
Gunhilda.png See, boy? I pushed you all around just now and you never fell down. I'm helping!
Ned.png I think you're supposed to push YOURSELF, Gunhilda. And I'm glad to hear that you HAVE read a book. (No matter how poorly written...)
Gunhilda.png So tell me! Is the prophecy a treasure map? A taming manual? I'm on the edge of my throne, here!
Ned.png Hey, I can read the tablet now! It says... "Champion's Island will rise from the ocean when a great cataclysm is set in motion..."
Ned.png "... The Divines and their flock will arrive here to nest, and gather strong Trainers to put to the test." Wait. What?! Hey, dragons, what does this mean?!
Gunhilda.png Fascinating... and foreboding. But I make and break "great cataclysms" on a daily basis!
Gunhilda.png Also, no treasure? Try to read the prophecy one more time. Just in case it mentions treasure.
Ned.png I never thought I would say this, but... I couldn't have solved this mystery without your help, Gunhilda. Now let's take on this dragon!
Gunhilda.png You're right, boy! I WAS very helpful to you! And all of your dragon knowledge made me even more helpful...
Gunhilda.png Now that you've solved your word puzzle, why are the dragons still restless? This one can't WAIT to have a tussle.
Ned.png I think they want us to get along... because they know that something even BIGGER than our fight is about to happen. Oh, my nerves...
Gunhilda.png After we find your friends, I bet you'll miss me. If you want, I can find you and give you more advice. Like, "LOOK OUT! MORE DRAGONS!"
Ned.png Well, I for one appreciate your help, Gunhilda... And I'm sure you appreciated mine. Right? Right?!
Ned.png These majestic dragons knew we needed to work together to appreciate both of our strengths! Life is all about balance!
Gunhilda.png I don't usually like giving compliments to people, so I'll just say this: Goodbye!

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